Amnesia- Chapter 5
Published Oct 2, 2013

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Hope you all enjoy this chapter :D

Hope you all enjoy this chapter :D My body stiffens, I feel faint. Right in front of me is the man from my flashback, my… fiancé. The three of us stand in silence, I am lost for words and don’t know what to say. Suddenly the man steps forward and draws me into his arms and kisses me. I stand there limp, still in shock and confused. I hear Dillon clear his throat rudely. I can only imagine what’s going through Dillon’s mind.
“Arabelle, I’ve missed you so much” the man says.
I pull away from him awkwardly.
“Belle, do you know who this is?” Dillon asks.
“Belle?” the man looks back and forth between Dillon and I confused.
“No” I reply to Dillon’s question.
Dillon steps in “There was an incident, Arabelle is suffering from Amnesia.”
“Yes I know, that lady Mandy informed me of this” he replied.
I heard Dillon say something rude under his breath at the mention of Mandy. “But now I’ve found you and I’m going to take you home” the man continues.
I step back into Dillon’s chest. His hand curls around mine protectively and our fingers intertwine.
The man looks down knowingly at our hands “Oh, I see.”
“No. I’m not going anywhere with you” I tell the man and his expression is slightly hurt. I feel bad for him. Apparently we were engaged to be married, this situation must also be tough on him.
“I’m sorry” I say gently “But I don’t even know your name.”
“It’s Michael” he tells me. “We have a lot to catch up on. I’m sure you want to find out about your past.”
As much as I didn’t want to talk to this man he was right, I did want to know who I was.
“Yes, but first let me get changed” I reply.
When I come back downstairs I see Dillon and Michael talking. Their body language informing me they aren’t talking about candy. They stop awkwardly as soon as I walk into the room.
“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes” Michael beams.
I notice Dillon’s body tense and his fists clench.
“Umm…Michael?” it feels weird saying his name. He looks at me with a smile. “Shall we go to the coffee shop?” I suggest.
“Sounds great” he replies.
“I’ll meet you outside” I tell him.
Dillon and I stand alone in the room; I don’t quite know how to talk to him about this.
“Dillon…” I start, but my voice crumbles away.
He steps forward and draws me into his embrace. His eyes boring into mine. “You don’t have to do this alone you know” he tells me.
I nod, “I know, I want to talk to him alone though.”
He kisses my forehead and holds onto me tight “I don’t want to let you go” he tells me.
I slide out of him arms though and walk out the door.
We sit down at a table. I don’t know what to say to him so I just sit there. I notice that he looks comfortable around me, he isn’t nervous. Well that makes one of us.
He leans back in his chair and smiles at me. He is quite an attractive man, at least I was doing well for myself before the accident.
His eyes stay on me, observing everything about me. I begin to feel uncomfortable and my cheeks blush.
“Sorry” he says smiling “I don’t mean to stare. I just haven’t seen you in such a long time, I thought I lost you.”
“This is hard for me, I don’t know you. But this must be equaling as hard for you” I tell him “Your fiancé doesn’t remember who you are.”
“And is with another man” he adds.
I begin to blush again.
“Who is he?” Michael asks, his voice strained.
“Hey, I’m the one who’s meant to be asking the questions” I tell him.
He grins “Even after your memory is erased you still have the same temper” he flirts, “Well I can’t blame this guy for falling for you.”
This is unbelievably awkward so I change the subject.
“Tell me about my accident” I ask.
“I wish I knew” he replies.
“How can you not know!” my voice raises “can you at least tell me what happened leading up to it?”
His face hardens “It was our wedding day. I hadn’t seen you that day, we were following tradition. You never turned up to the alter. I thought you stood me up” he let out a small laugh “So my guess is as good as yours.”
“Great, more mysteries” I sigh.
He leans forward and takes my hand in his naturally. I look down in shock.
“Arabelle, I will help you find out what happened.” His voice sincere.
We stayed at the coffee shop for a long time talking about family and friends.
And suddenly something pops into my head ”Michael, what did I do for a living?”
He smiles “You were a concert pianist.”
I smiled “I suspected as much. I’ve been playing on Dillon’s piano.”
Michaels smile washes off his face at the mention of Dillon’s name.
“How about I tell you how we met?” he suggests.
“Ummm…no, I don’t want to know that” I tell him.
“Sure” he agrees “Maybe after spending time with me you will remember for your self.”
“I haven’t decided on whether or not we will be spending time together yet” I tell him.
I see his expression and then remember that we were together once. He still loves me and I am being completely rude. I feel terrible about the whole situation.
“At least let me take you back home to your family” he insists.
I walk through the front door and find Dillon playing the piano. I remember him telling me that he plays music to relieve stress.
“I’m sorry” I tell him.
He stops and looks at me confused.
“For being such a complicated person” I finish.
He stands up and brings me into his arms kissing me gently on the lips.
“Where’s your fiancé?” he says sarcastically.
I laugh back and rest my head against his chest.
“This is all so so messed up” I tell him. “His staying in town at a motel”
Dillon looks down at me “Things can change so quickly Belle, last night was the happiest I’ve ever been and now…I feel like I’m about to lose you.”
I look up at him, it makes me upset to think I am causing him pain “This doesn’t change the way I feel about you” I assure him.
We move towards the bedroom and I lie in his arms “He wants to take me back to my friends and family” I tell Dillon “I want to meet them but I will only go if you come with me.”
His face is uneasy “Of course I’ll come, I wouldn’t let you go on your own” he tells me.
“You’re afraid once my memory returns I wont want you anymore” I state.
“I won’t lie, the thought has definitely crossed my mind” he replies.
“Nothing will change” I tell him.
Dillon holds me in his arms and I drift off into a deep sleep filled with vivid dreams.
I walk through the library searching for a book for my assignment when I see him; his standing in the other isle reading something. What a handsome man I think to myself. My eyes stay on him and I let out a small giggle. He looks up at me and I dart out of sight, but its too late he has already seen me. He follows me around the corner of the bookcase. He looks at me and raises an eyebrow.
“Sorry, I couldn’t help it” I smile.
He smiles back “I’m Mike.”
Suddenly the scene changes.
“Arabelle, what’s wrong?” comes Mike’s voice gently.
He holds my hand and chills run up my spine at his touch. He turns me around to face him.
“Don’t cry” he comforts me.
I look into his eyes, how is the person so kind to me?
Suddenly he moves forward and our lips touch. Fire runs through my body, I feel so alive. I can’t believe this handsome man is kissing me.
He pulls away “Sorry I shouldn’t have done that. You’re upset. I just couldn’t help it.”
I smile and pull his lips back to mine.
My dream changes again. I have just finished performing a concert in front of 1000 people. I stand up and take a bow. In the corner of my eye I see someone walking towards me. I turn to face them and realize its Mike. My expression is full of shock, what is he doing on stage? He has the most amazing smile on his face and I can’t help but return one to him. As he gets closer to me he holds my hands and whispers into my ear “Arabelle, you are the most amazing person I have ever met.”
He pulls back and I look at him questioningly.
“I love you with all my heart” he says as he lowers down onto one knee and pulls out a small box “Will you marry me?”
I gasp out of shock and tears come to my eyes. At this point the crowd is cheering and going wild.
“Yes!” I shout as I lean down and kiss him; this is the most incredible moment in my life.
Suddenly I wake in a cold sweat breathless. Everything had come back to me. I remembered who Michael was and all the special times we had spent together. I look beside me at Dillon sleeping peacefully and I begin to cry. I love Dillon so much and I don’t want to put him through any pain. He stirs slowly and wakes. He sits up beside me and realizes I’m upset “Belle, what is it?” he asks affectionately as he takes my face into his hands.
I sit there pathetically and cry. He gently wipes away my tears and asks me again. I don’t want to tell him anything but he deserves the truth.
“I remember…everything” I begin but I can’t look at Dillon as I speak the next part “And I love him.”

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MarijaJOct 5, 2013

This is great \:D waiting for the next chapter. \:wub\:

AlessaFayeOct 3, 2013

I don't know who to feel worse for \:\( but great chapter! Looking forward to the next one!

blackrose538 VIPOct 3, 2013

what, it's over already! \:\(
will be waiting for the next chapter \:\)

meredithia20Oct 3, 2013

I need more! This story is perfection! Seriously! \:wub\:

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