The Wicked Enslave-CH 8
Published Oct 6, 2013

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Hi everyone!

I have no idea what to write on here anymore.

XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone!

I have no idea what to write on here anymore.

XOXO Alessa
We couldn't get more answers out of her that night. She refused to sleep in her room, but claimed it was because she still felt sorry for the shadow man. We were more angry than ever. Who was this shadow man, and why was he telling his worries to our daughter? We asked ourselves those questions again as we started on breakfast.
"You think she meant that I'm the one who broke his heart?" I ask Aiden, who shrugs as he opens the fridge.
"I don't know. It's all so messed up. Why doesn't he show himself to us instead of to a little girl? Damn coward."
"How do you know he hasn't tried?" I ask him as I pour milk in a bowl.
"Cause I felt him that one time, all his anger was suffocating me, and I haven't felt him since. Why does he show up at night anyways? You think he's confusing ghosts with vampires?"
I knew he was making a joke but I couldn't help a groan that escaped in my frustration. "I'm getting really tired of him, I want him gone and away from Meena." A knock on the door brings our conversation to a halt, and an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I wonder who that could be, I think sarcastically. Looking back at me of course, is Dominic.
"Hello Evie. You look tired. Problems in paradise?" He gives a startling grin that widens as he sees Aiden approaching us.
"Hi sir! Can I go on the bus with Meena?" He asks in a cheery tune, and my jaw drops. I can't believe this kid!
"How did you get here Dominic? Where are your parents?" Aiden asks him instead, holding me by the waist.
He eyes Aiden's hands on me, and I could've sworn I saw his tiny fists clench, but he only smiled. "They dropped me off. Can I have some waffles too?" We all sit down to eat, Aiden never taking his eyes off of Dominic, who didn't seem too happy about it. He was holding onto his fork a little too tightly. As Meena rushed to brush her teeth, I give Aiden a kiss goodbye before he leaves to work.
"Love you," he says, and I tell him I love him too while watching Dominic's reaction. He wasn't a happy camper this morning.
"Why do you love him?" He asks, as soon as Aiden was out the door.
"Why do you care?" It was a little rude, but the brat deserved it.
He only cocks his head to the side, and his eyes sparkle brightly, fueled by something wicked. The next few days pass exactly like that. Dominic with his questions, and eerie smile. The shadow man refusing to show itself around Aiden and I, but continuing to appear to Meena. She claimed he slept in the ceiling above her bed to protect her from the monsters. She was trusting him, and was no longer scared of him. We'd find her in her room laughing nightly. We didn't know what to do. Serena was no help. Her phone was off whenever I tried reaching her, and I couldn't call her when Dominic was around. I couldn't shake the feeling that he was much more than he appeared, especially when he showed a great interest in my personal tastes. "What if you meet someone else?" Dominic joins me outside as I tried to catch up on some reading.
"Someone like who Dominic?" I sigh, putting my book down. Reaching his parents, and trying to get them to stop bringing their creepy child to my house wasn't happening. He always had an excuse as to why I couldn't talk to them.
"Tall, dark and handsome," he replies with a giggle that didn't fit with his chilling eyes. "Someone who's charming, and tells you exactly what you want to hear."
"Doesn't matter who it is. I'm with Aiden."
"We'll see," he mutters so low, I wasn't sure I heard him correctly.
Luckily, he goes home early, leaving Meena and I to have a girls' day. We decide to eat lunch at a cute little bistro downtown, when someone approaches us. "I'm sorry to interrupt," he apologizes in a velvety smooth voice, and I gaze up at him, getting lost in two honey brown eyes staring back at me. "I just had to tell you how beautiful you are," he grins, revealing a perfect white smile. Although Aiden was the most beautiful man in the world to me, and I still found myself blushing at times whenever he said something so sweet that it took my breath away, there was a charming quality to this handsome stranger that made my stomach flutter.
"Thank you," I reply, getting lost in his pretty eyes.
"Your daughter?" He mentions to Meena and I nod. "You're just as beautiful as your mother. What's your name sweetheart?" He asks, pulling up a chair. Meena just looks at him as if she caught a whiff of something rotting. "You smell funny," she blurts out, and I gasp in embarrassment, mumbling an apology. The man glances at Meena with a strange curiosity, but before I can study his expression, he turns back to me with a smile. Meena continues frowning at him like if he was a math problem she couldn't solve.
"Well, I better be on my way," he says, then leaning closer to me he adds, "I'll be counting the seconds until we meet again."
I find myself blushing like an idiot, and almost squealing despite his cheesy line. I watch him leave, before asking Meena what that was all about. "That wasn't a very nice thing to say."
She wrinkles her nose, repeating that he smelled weird. "What do you mean weird?" Because I had thought he smelled pretty good.
"I dunno. Like when I eat too much candy on Halloween and my tummy hurts just being around it."
Nauseatingly sweet.
A thought so absurd occurs to me, but I immediately push it way. Meena is now rubbing her nose, shaking her head as if trying to shake off the scent. I stare at her in worry until she grins and asks, "Can we go with aunt Dez and Lydia now?"
We arrive back home after spending the rest of the afternoon with Dez and Lydia, and find Aiden playing soccer...with Dominic. I tell Meena to change if she wants to play outside, scowl at Dominic, and grab Aiden aside. "What's going on?"
"He arrived alone. I was mowing the grass, and when I turn he's just standing there. I didn't see his parents or anyone drop him off. He's been asking a lot of questions."
"I'm so tired of this," I mutter, looking over at Dominic who was watching us eagerly.
"Well I'm going to be gone this weekend," Aiden says startling me.
"I've been telling you this for the last few days remember? A client wants to build a hotel in Sunset Valley, so I have to get started on the blueprints, but I don't want you and Meena to stay here alone while I'm gone."
"That's right. I forget about your trip. Where do you expect us to go? My parents or yours?"
"Nope. With our old friend," he whispers with a mischievous smile, and that's all he has to say for me to understand what he's getting at.
Serena can't avoid me once I'm in her house. I'll finally find out the truth about Dominic and the shadow man.

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#4martoeleOct 7, 2013

Geez... I don't know... but if I were Evie, I wouldn't invite the boy in. I know her daughter wouldn't like that but you don't have to look at your children's eyes always. \:rolleyes: Now... Evie is pretty dumb as well with this strange man... \:D

#5fruitopiaVIPOct 7, 2013

Tall, Dark & Handsome is death himself and it is Dominic. Also he resembles Aiden, but with a medium skin tone.

Loving this series.

#6JennC32Oct 7, 2013

Hey now...who told you that you could add another guy into the mix! I am wondering where this is going now. I thought I had the shadow guy figured out and now I'm wondering if stranger guy and shadow guy are one and the same. Dominic is Death no doubt...possible working together with Shadow guy, but they are definitely two different entities.

#7NisukiOct 7, 2013

ALESSAAA, YOU ARE MAKING ME DROOOOL. Oh, that ain't ladylike.. O_O Whatevs! It's Sukilike. xD Anyways, another superb fantastic I'm eagerly waiting to see what happens next! \:wub\:

#8tristen_love23Oct 7, 2013

omg amazing like usual! \:P u know its a good story when u actually have distinct feelings about a character in it, love where this is going, cant wait for the next one! impatiently waiting! lol \:\)

#9AnchieTkd Oct 8, 2013

Sweet chapter,I thought James would appear \:D

#10MarijaJOct 8, 2013

Amazing chapter Alessa, I just can't wait to read more, I have a lot of questions like Dominic haha. \:D But Dominic is really one creepy kid, and I want to agree with the comments above, I think he's Death or something. But maybe I'm wrong, just assuming. Anyways, I enjoyed this chapter, rated 5/5 \:wub\:

#11SifajerfOct 9, 2013

Dominic is the devil! I'm like almost certain of it! ALMOST.
Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!

#12PralinesimsOct 9, 2013

amazing chapter!\:wub\:\:wub\:

#13Sky5Oct 10, 2013

What happened to James? I bet he's the shadow man!

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