Sudden End - Chapter 9 Finale
Published Oct 16, 2013

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Or is there a thing that lasts forever?

Sudden End ended with a sudden end in chapter 8. What's going to happen in this last chapter?

... Yea..

Somehow I have a feeling that I kind of rushed in chapter 8.. Maybe it's just me.. xD

Anyways, massive thanks to EVERYONE who has been reading Sudden End. Huuuge thanks to all the CC-creators!


Or is there a thing that lasts forever?

Sudden End ended with a sudden end in chapter 8. What's going to happen in this last chapter?

... Yea..

Somehow I have a feeling that I kind of rushed in chapter 8.. Maybe it's just me.. xD

Anyways, massive thanks to EVERYONE who has been reading Sudden End. Huuuge thanks to all the CC-creators!

Big brown eyes smiled at him.
"What are you looking at?" He asked.

"Me marry uncle!" The little girl giggled.

One year and a half has passed after they went to Saumore for a two weeks trip, which ended up to be a three days trip.

Back in Isla Paradiso, it was hectic time, but gradually everything was back to normal.
Drew lifted the little one year 4 months old girl up, while she was literally bouncing with energy in his arms.
"If I would marry you, they would sue me."
"Suuee?" She said with a silly face.
"Police take uncle."
The girl started yelling and patted his face.
"Nononono! Bad police!"

"Where are you getting all this energy from.. Definitely not your mom."

"Hey. I heard that!" A woman's voice said, directed to Drew.
"Mommy mommy! Me marry uncle!" The girl squealed again.
"Jane, no! Uncle is too old and ugly for you." Desira said to her daughter.
Drew grumbled and handed Jane to Desira. "That hurts Des. That hurts. Hey is that the dress you guys will be wearing? Looks good."
"Thank you! Yup this it is. Wah, I never knew she could choose her own clothes so well." Desira giggled and covered Jane's ear and whispered to Drew. "And hey, I was just kidding, but I think Jane's in love with you." She laughed and Drew shrugged. "Well, uncle's going to the hospital."

"Hospital! Me go too!"
"No Jane you're not going today." Desira said. "We still have to do a lot for the wedding."

"Wedding! Me marry?" she squealed and bounced in Desira's arms. Desira tightened her grip "Drew.. I don't know either where she get this energy from."

Drew patted Desira on the shoulder and gently stroke Jane's face. "Good luck with that thing. I will see you at the wedding."

Drew quickly went away. "Hey! She's not a thing!" Desira shouted to him "Say haai to her from me!"
Soon Drew Arrived at Hospital Kindheart.

"I hope she's doing good today."
Drew murmured to himself.
He entered the right room and saw a man sitting on the bench.

"Ah! Mr. Carmel." He was surprised. Drew didn't think that he would be here.

"Drew.. You know you can call me Henk."
"Ya.. Sorry sir."
"Cut that sir away too."
"..." Drew stared at the man, to be exact, Sylvie's grandfather. He didn't look bad for his age, but you definitely saw that it was hitting him.

"How's she doing today.. sir." Drew just couldn't help it to talk so formal to him.
A loud laugh filled the room.
"Drew, Drew.. Anyways, in the morning the doctor called and told me that she had woken up at night, so I immediately went to see her. Too bad, she isn't giving any sign of awakeness now."

"Hmm.." Drew sighed. "That's a pity.. I had heard too that she had woken up. Anyways Mr. Henk, you know we are expecting you at the wedding.. And maybe if she still wakes up you can take her with you.."

Again Henk's loud laugh filled the room and he patted Drew on his shoulder.
"I'll definitely come, don't worry. Let's cross our fingers for hoping that she'll awake. I'm sure she would have loved it to see it."

"I would have loved it if she saw it too.. sir."
Drew quickly made his way out while a sudden heavy feeling made his way to his chest and head.
When he was outside he took a deep breath. In and out. He didn't had time to worry.

Today's his wedding day.

"I better go and prepare myself.. Before Lance is going to break into my house." He thought and with his car he drove home.
While Drew was driving to his house,
others were already in it..
In the living room of Drew's house,
someone was sleeping on the bench.


"Ey, Lance, wake up! Drew might be here any moment!"

"ZzzZz.. No.. Mommy, I want to sleep.."

It was no use. Nika couldn't wake him up. "Pfft, why did they let him work at night!" She mumbled to herself.
Nika walked up to one of the photos that was hanging in the room.

'D'aww.. Cute..' she thought. 'It's been a while since I saw this picture for the last time..'

Nika shocked up and looked at her right.
It was Drew.
"Why.. no. How did you get in my house again!"

"Hahahaha! That's a secret Didi!"

"Ugh.. uh? He's sleeping?" Drew asked while he was looking at Lance.

Nika sighed, "Yes, it was a late night. Anyways, come I will help you prepare, since that lazy idiot is sleeping."

"Oke.. But.. aren't you supposed to be with Desira and.."

Nika cut Drew off and hummed, "no no no! I'm here because .." She pauzed for a moment... "Because I knew Lance would be too sleepy to be of any use!"
She quickly moved away from the photo and gestured Drew to follow her.

"C'mon! There's not much time left and a groom's not allowed to be late!"

Nika went upstairs and Drew followed her.
'Weird..' Drew thought. 'Or there's a reason why she doesn't want to be with them?'
Nika nodded "Great! We're ready to go, but first, do a nice pose!"

".. I'm not going to pose.. You and Desira are unbelievable.. Last time.. Putting me in a bunny suit and Lance in a.. Let's not talk about it again."
Drew stared at Nika and noticed that she was daydreaming again.

"EH? Oh, I'm sorry, I was thinking about something. Let's go!"

"Alright.." Drew said. "Hey, the dress looks good on you too. A while ago I've seen Des in it too."

"Thanks! Yea, she picked nice dresses. Oke, let's wake up that lazybutt first.
"LAAAANCE, IDIOOOOT, WAKEE UP!" Lance immediately woke up and screamed
"PEANUT BUTTER!" Then he realized what was actually happening. "Oh.. ooh.."

They laughed at him and Nika said. "I don't know why you said that, but hey, we have to go now!"

And so they went off.. To the location of the wedding.
At the wedding location..

"Ah! Nice to meet you, so you are our new lady? I'm Drew's aunt, Ariel!

"N-nice to meet you Miss Ariel.."

"Aw, what a shy girl! You look gorgeous."

"Thank you miss!"

"Honey, call me Ari and we're fine! That miss is making me feel old!"

"As you wish, hihi."
Desira approached the two.

"Hey Ariel! Hey soon-to-be-married-beauty!"

"What's that kind of name!"

Desira laughed "It's the truth! Anyways we need to prepare and hide! Drew's coming!"

Desira took the hand of the bride and quickly went into one of the small buildings.
And indeed, soon Nika, Drew and Lance arrived. Everyone was preparing for the wedding ritual.

"So Drew, you're sure about the marriage? You'll stick to her forever!"

"I don't mind being sticked to her."

"That sounds.. Weird."

"Lance you're weird, anyways, talking about weird, why do you have a pink bowtie?"

"Because I'm cute!"

".... No comment." Drew said.

'So this it is?' Drew thought. 'Argh, why am I feeling so anxious now? Oh no, maybe I'm just nervous.. Everyone's staring at me.. Do I have a stain in my suit? I hope not on my butt..'

And so on and on, Drew thoughts were scattering everywhere in his brain.

Suddenly a sweet melody was playing and everyone watched behind them.
They arrived.

Daughter and Father.

Wait, not father, but Grandfather!
I waved frankly with my free hand to everyone I knew. I don't know what I had to feel right now! It was my wedding day!

Wow, I don't even know half of these people! That's probably what you get when you're the heiress of Isla Paradiso and Hidden Springs and on top of that, the groom's an important person in Bridgeport!

"Oi Sylvie, stay like a lady. There are cameras everywhere." Grandpa Henk said to me.

"Yes yes pa, but I'm so happy!"
"Sweetheart.. That's good, stay like that." He said and smiled.

We walked up to the wedding arch, where I saw Drew waiting. 'Aw he looks good!' I thought.

"Yes Sylvie?"
"Is Grandma doing alright?"
Grandma was again in the same state as two years ago in the autumn when she suddenly was in the hospital.
"Yes, she's doing good, no need to worry.
Now go there and be a happy girl." He teased and left me with Drew.
I stood in front of Drew.
"H..Haaaai.." OH MY GOSH! I felt so nervous.

"Sylvie, you look.. amazing."
I smiled "Thank you!" I wasn't the only one who was nervous. Drew always smiled silly when he was nervous.

"Sylvie Rose, you're the most beautiful person I know and I'm glad that I'm standing here with you."

Before I wanted to say something back, the ceremony started.

"Today, we're here with Drew Clyde and Sylvie Rose. Thank you to everyone who attended."

The officiant talked for a while, untill we had to do our vows.
Drew began..

"Sylvie Rose, you were and have always been my best friend, but today, it will change.
Today, I will give myself to you. Through the pressures of the present and the future, I can promise you, that I will show you my fullest devotion, my deepest love and my most tender care. I promise to love you and always to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle.
I promise to love you in good times and in bad times. An easy life or difficult one.
It doesn't matter!
I promise you, that I will honor you and I will always hold our love in the highest regard.

These promises, I pledge to you today, and with all these coming days, I want to enjoy our life together.

I love you, Sylve Rose."

I was speechless. What he said .. was amazing! But it was my turn now!
I had to focus!!!! I said to myself in my head..

"Drew Clyde, thank you, thank you so much. From the moment that we met as children, to this moment right here. I've always loved you, because you were always beside me. I promise to love you, laugh with you, cry with you and embrace every chapter that our future holds.

I promise that our love will last forever. You make me smile when I'm sad, you make me laugh when you're in trouble and act silly. You kiss me when I don't even expect it! And you were there with me, when I needed someone to hold. No words can express how much I love you, not only because you are my love, but my best friend too.

I promise you that I will look into your eyes everyday and I will simply say..

I Love You, Drew Clyde"
Everyone clapped when we ended, said or yes and the officiant allowed the groom to kiss the bride!

"Woo hoo!" Nika screamed
"Hooray!" Others yelled too.
I heard weeping and aw'ing and flashes from the cameras were endless!

But I, I didn't realized all of it. I was with Drew. I only felt his pressence, as he passionately kissed me and embraced me tight. I wanted to hold this everlasting feeling. His embrace, his kiss, just him!
But too bad, it ended, but that didn't matter!

"Psst, Drew!" I whispered.
"What is it Sylvie Clyde?" He smiled.
I giggled and wanted to say it, but I kept laughing.
"Sylvie?" He questioned and frowned.

"Drew.. Did you know that there's a fleck on your pants near your butt!?"

"You have to be kidding me.."
TA DA ! The End.

I hope you've enjoyed 'Sudden End' just as much as I enjoyed writing it!

And yes indeed.. This will be the end to Sudden End! I first thought about making one extra comedy chapter, but my game.. how do you say that? I had to re-install it and I kind of lost my CC.. *SADFACE*
At the moment I have to recreate everything for my story "Dear You".. Why didn't it happen, before I finished Chapter 1!

Anyways, hey, you
Thank you, thank you a million times for reading.

Huge hugs and love from Nisuki, Nicole. :)

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maddiecoathupMay 23, 2014

Awww perfection. And that ending was super funny lol

martoeleOct 23, 2013

Very romantic ending to this story! \:\)

evoletOct 19, 2013

Amazing work! Quick question; How did you get that Collage picture Anika is looking at on Page 12? Thanks x

megumiRikazukieOct 19, 2013

hahaha~ Lance really tickles me! that "..because I'm cute" sentence really makes me wanna laugh! and I do laugh~ XD. \:D hahaha. and one more,"...I hope not on my butt" \:P . That was Drew, the one's to talk~ they both are good in sense of humor~

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