Lost and Found- VIII
Published Oct 14, 2013

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The crowd cheered and some stood clapping and whistling as Nick ended his show.
Announcer: Let's hear it for Niiiiiiiiiiiiiick Stooooooooone!
Nick came out for one last bow and thank you to the crowd.

The crowd cheered and some stood clapping and whistling as Nick ended his show.
Announcer: Let's hear it for Niiiiiiiiiiiiiick Stooooooooone!
Nick came out for one last bow and thank you to the crowd.
Waiting for him back stage was Nellie. She had watched the show from there and was able to get a behind- the-scenes experience of what goes on during his performances. Everyone was so nice to her as she sat there as his special guest. Afterwards, she sat in the distance staring as all the people were passing by her in a rush, closing down and taking things off and on the stage. Nick came to sit next to her. He still had his performance make up on and was a little sweaty from the stage lights. His assistants were attending to him when he motioned for them to wait in the dressing room.
Nellie: It's amazing how people just cater to your needs.
Nick: Yeah but they are just here because I pay them. Did you like the show? Did everyone treat you right?
Nellie: I felt like a queen. You'd think I was the celebrity back here. Everyone has been so nice.
Nick: Good. So what do you want to do tonight?
Nellie: It's so late. What do you do afterwards.
Nick: Well there is always someone hosting a party. But we don't have to go if you don't want to.
Nick: We can just get a burger or something. I just want to spend time with you.
Normally those words would not have meant anything to Nellie than just that. But the way he said it, and the way he looked at her, there was something there. Something a little more. This was the second time his words were having a different effect on her. Was she just imagining it?
Nick: Tell you what. How about tonight we just grab a few burgers and fries, and call it a movie night. Just like old times.
She didn't respond. She was still lost in her thoughts.
Nick: Hello! Nellie.
Nellie: huh?
Nick: Did you want to call it a movie night.
Nellie: Yeah sure!
Nick placed his hand on top of hers and left to go change for the night. Nellie watched as he walked away. People were still scrambling around but as he walked through the crowd to his dressing room, they all parted like the Red Sea.
Nellie had not realized how much things hadn't changed with him. He was still warm and caring. Always catering to her as he had before they left. Only he was now famous.
She remembered when they first met years ago. He was her knight in shining armor, saving her and her unborn from becoming homeless and introducing her to Ms. Carol.
She remembered his smile and how welcoming it was. She remembered how calm she was when he was near, never having to worry about anything because he always took care of it. He was and still was her best friend.
Ms. Carol: So how was the show?
Nellie: Fine. It was the first time I had seen it live. I had seen his performance on tv a few times.
Ms. Carol: Well you know he dedicated every show to you and Loni.
Nellie: Really.
Ms. Carol: Well of course. When you left he worked harder almost every day perfecting his skills. And now look at him. He said you and Loni were his inspiration.
Nellie: I hadn't realized we made such an impact.
Ms. Carol: Oh come now baby. You two made an impact on us all.
Nellie: Sorry I didn't keep in touch as much as I should have.
Ms. Carol: It's alright. There was a time when Nick forgot about me too. But now look at all of us. Under the same roof again like a family.
Ms. Carol and Nellie continued to eat. Every now and then Ms. Carol would stop eating. She wanted to say something to Nellie. She was never good at keeping secrets and Nick was moving as slow as molasses.
Ms. Carol: So are you staying a few more days?
Nellie: I promised Nick I would go with him to the awards banquet and stuff next week. But we have to leave right after.
Ms. Carol: I am so happy.
Nellie walked upstairs to her room again. She heard a splash and walked outside to her balcony to see Nick swimming in the pool. She watched as his body glistened in the water and his arms stroked the water as he swam to the other side of the pool. Nellie watched a little closer as his back flexed when he swam in the other direction. She took another deep breath and exhaled slowly. She didn't realized she was watching him that closely until he looked up and waved to her from the pool. She waved back embarrassed and took as step back out of view.
Nellie: What are you doing Nellie?
Nellie: And they both lived happily ever after.
Loni: Mommy, Hannah Allen says her parents were best friends before they got married.
Nellie: Yeah?
Loni: Well aren't you and Nick best friends. That means the two of you are going to get married.
Nellie: Well Loni that doesn't work out like that.
Loni: Well don't you love him.
Nellie: Well of course.
Loni: And he loves you. So you will be married.
Nellie: Not everyone who are friends marry.
Loni: But you and Nick are best friends.
Nellie: I know.
Loni: And you told me a long time ago that when two people are friends and decide to be best friends that they get married. That's what Hannah and her parents did and
Nellie: Why don't we talk about this another time. When it is not your bedtime. Right now, you can just sleep and worry about what you and Ms. Carol are going to do tomorrow when she takes you to the movies.
Loni: I almost forgot about that.
Nellie: And how much candy she is going to let you have because I won't be there.
Loni: Oh boy! I forgot about that too!
Nellie leaned over and kissed her daughter goodnight. She pulled the blankets over the child and rubbed her back before the little girl quickly went to sleep.
Nellie thought to herself: Your mouth has gotten you into a lot of trouble this time. It's amazing how a simple conversation about explaining marriage to a little girl would come to bite me back.
Nellie: Either that or my daughter is just too smart for her own good. It was the night of the Starlight Hills Awards banquet. It was he night that the community came together to honor their who's who of celebrities. Everyone from the veterans of the film industry to the up and comers were going to be in attendance.
Nick had invited both Ms. Carol and Nellie as his dates. This was his first time attending and he was not going to choose one over the other since he felt both of them had an influence on his career.
It was held at the Grande Hotel and it was filled with celebrities fans, and the media who stood outside the hall waiting to get pictures of the celebrities as they exited their vehicles.
Nellie, Nick and Ms. Carol stood holding hands outside of the large banquet hall. The cameras flashed on Nick as he and the two ladies walked into the building. But before they could fully get into the building Ms. Carol excused herself to meet with her friends that were across the walkway area, leaving Nick and Nellie to enter into the atrium together.
Before either of them could say anything to her the flashes of paparazzi and media turned their attention to Nick and Nellie.
Those that saw him enter the room wanted to know who was this woman on his arm. As the reporters called out to him with their microphones trying to get him to come towards them, Nellie stood there frozen for a second. She had never experienced so much attention on her.
Both of them, put on their biggest smiles as they walked through the entrance and into the party area. Nick made sure to keep Nellie close to him. He could feel her body begin to tremble from nerves. While smiling he whispered to her.
Nick: I won't let you go.
Nellie felt her heart skip as she felt his words hit her.
He waved again to the crowd and continued to lead Nellie into the party.
At the after party Nick doted on Nellie, making sure she never left his sight. By this time Ms. Carol had excused herself again to go home and sleep. Nelly was a little shy with big crowds and so he made sure to never leave her alone longer than 5 minutes. Both of them danced all night. And when they were not dancing they were mingling with the other party-goers and couples. Nick: So aren't you glad you came.
Nellie: Oh my goodness. I met so many celebrities. I felt like such a groupie. Thanks for taking those pictures. I didn't want to feel like some star struck school girl, taking pictures of everyone.
Nick: No big deal. First time I came to one of these I think I even took pictures with the bathroom attendant.
Just then the music changed to something slow. They both stood there for a moment.
Nick: Shall we?
Nellie: Why not!
Nick wrapped his arms around Nellie's waste as they both began to slow dance around the room. At first there was small talk between the both of them as they danced through the first song. But as the music continued Nick became more comfortable holding Nellie in his arms. She also became more comfortable dancing in his arms. Allowing her cheeks to set on his as they danced.
He began to slowly pull her into him closer. She could feel him looking at her more deeply but she was too shy to look at him. Nellie could feel his heart beep racing although his breathing was steady.
She finally looked up at him. But when she did she couldn't stop returning his gaze. He ran his hand down the center of her exposed back. The softness of his touch gave her chills. She took a deep breath and exhaled nervously as his hand went down her back.
He moved a strand of hair that was on the side of her face. And as he did, he rubbed his thumb on the side of her cheek. She closed her eyes, enjoying his touch again.
To Nick, she was more beautiful standing there in his arms. He wanted to caress each part of her face. He softly raised her chin to him and lowered his head to her. His lips barely touched hers, giving her a soft peck.
Just as he did, she quickly moved away pressing her hands on his chest.
Nellie: Wait.
Nick didn't let her go but did loosen his hold around her.
Nick: Nellie.
Nellie: No. I can't do this.
Nick thought about the last time he kissed her long ago. He didn't want to let her go afraid she would run away again.
Nellie: Just take me home.
The ride home seemed long and tense. Nellie refused to talk to him. She stared out the other side of the window clinching her fists. She wasn't angry, only nervous. She didn't want him to say anything. To make things worse. As soon as the limo parked in front of the house she got out and walked towards the door with Nick quickly behind her.
Nick: Nellie!
She tried to get to the stairwell but Nick was too fast and cut her off.
Nick: Nellie wait a minute.
Nellie: I just want to go to bed. This is like the last time we went out together.
Nick: I'm sorry. I was caught up in the moment. I don't want things to be different between us now.
Nellie: Look Nick, I just want to forget about what just happened tonight. We had a good time dancing and meeting people and that's it. We're friends. I'm going to bed. I'll see you in the morning.
Just as she was walking towards the steps again, Nick grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.
He pressed it against his chest.
Nick: But I can't.
Nellie stared at her hand and looked back at him. His chest moving fast and his heart was beating faster.
Nick: I can't be just your friend anymore Nell.
Nick: I've waited so long, wanted you for so long and....and I couldn't help it. I just couldn't help it. I know I said I was sorry but really I'm not. I'm tired of pretending Nellie. Tired of pretending that being a friend is alright with me because it's not and it never was.
Nellie legs wouldn't move.
He pulled her quickly into his arms. And without thinking he kissed her. At first he realized that he was the only one. Her mouth stiff to his touch. The longer their lips touched Nellie eventually gave into the pleasure. But it only lasted a few minutes. She pulled away from his hold. Nellie: Oh my goodness!
She placed her hand over her mouth. She looked as if she had seen a ghost.
Nick tried to come towards her again, he reached for her hand but this time she took a step back.
Nellie: No, no!
Nellie ran up the stairs almost tripping as the length of her dress became snagged under her heels. She hadn't realized that she was beginning to cry. Nick ran after her but she slammed the door before he reached her bedroom.
Nick: Nellie! Nellie please open the door.
Nellie I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier how I felt. I always was afraid this would happen. That you would run away like you did the last time.
He tried to open the door again.
Nellie: Just go away Nick. I just want to be alone.
Nick: Nellie please. Let's talk.
Nellie wiped the tears that had begun to fall down her cheeks. She leaned against the other side of the door making sure he was not going to come in.
Nellie: Just go away Nick. I want to be left alone.
Nick: Don't be mad with me.
Nick knocked on the door a few more times but she would not open it. He sat on the floor on the other side of the door.
Nick: I just don't know what to do when I am near you. I wanted to tell you everything. To tell you how I've felt for so long. I just couldn't. We always said we would be friends and I didn't want to ruin that. But I can't be that anymore Nellie. Nellie?
Nick: Nellie I love you.

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Oh my gosh.. Nellie! T-T Amazingly written, I could feel it.

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About time \:D

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Nellie! n_n I think he loves him too. \:wub\: Can't wait for the another chapter \:rah\:

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