Message in a Bottle- Chapter 8
Published Oct 9, 2013

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-Message in a Bottle:CHAPTER 8-

A sudden change came because of an unexpected confession and realization.
Is this change for better? Or not?

Thank you all CC artists and ‘YOU!’
Happy reading!

-Message in a Bottle:CHAPTER 8-

A sudden change came because of an unexpected confession and realization.
Is this change for better? Or not?

Thank you all CC artists and ‘YOU!’
Happy reading!
Jasper and I went home a bit to grab some food. He even made me wear swimsuit at a weather like this?

The wind was now cold because it’s getting late and it’s autumn.

I have no idea what he was thinking but I followed him anyway.

He drove the speedboat to a place I did not recognize. It’s a small island.
“Oh, is it okay to go here?”

I ask, we can get in trouble if this is a private lot. The law here about private islands is pretty strict.

“Of course, it’s safe. Do you think I’m going to get you into trouble?”

He chuckles and I nodded.

Of course, he isn’t going to do that. Silly me.

“So, what island is this?”

“So far, It wasn’t discovered yet… until me.”

He smiles and I gasps.
“So it means, it’s yours? How do you know it wasn’t discovered yet?”

I exclaimed. It’s the law here, if you found an undiscovered island first… it automatically becomes yours.

He laughs happily.

“Something like that, but I need to go to city hall tomorrow. I asked Elvira, she’s famous for her knowledge about islands here, right? Being a steward and tourist guide in our hotel’s best cruiser… what do you expect?”

He smiles a soft smile and my mood suddenly shifts.
“Why are you making that face again?”

He asks now, with a very serious voice. I can’t see the playful Jasper now.

It made me nervous, I didn’t realize I am frowning.

What is wrong with me?!

I bit my lip.


What should I tell him? I have no reason to be mad at Elvira…
Then he suddenly splashed water on me.

The cold water surprises the hell out of me and made all my hair stand up. An ocean water at a time like this!

“What are you doing?”

I squeal in response, my hand automatically covers my face.

I can’t help myself from giggling. I tried to shield myself from the cold water with my hands and arms but it has no use.

Playful Jasper is back!

“You’ve been frowning the whole day! That’s a punishment!”

He laughs his carefree laugh and continues to splash me cold sea water.
Oh, what am I thinking?

Serious Jasper is just so impossible. The thought makes me laugh and I splashes him back.

Once again, my anxiety fades away as we play along the beach. I forgot my uneasiness towards him. You really can’t resist a carefree Jasper.
My heart felt lighter after we laughed.

My mind was clearer.

I think that was the reason why he bought me here, to clear my mind.

I sigh.

I should learn to get myself together and learn not to depend on him too much.

I can't be like this forever.

I need to be strong for him…
“What are you thinking?”

Jasper suddenly pops out from nowhere at I jolted in surprise.

Where did he go, anyway?

“Nothing, I’m just thinking about things that we did these past few months.”

I said instead, smiling while looking at the sea. My eyes full of wonder as I reminisce the last months with him.
He sat down beside me.


He prompted with a funny eager face and I giggled at his expression.

“Well, It’s the best thing in my life.”

I sigh, smiling. I shrugged my shoulders and I suddenly felt warm and soft.

“You know, in my past life. . . I have never been so happy like this. I have never been so free, so carefree. It's all thanks to you.”

I said softly and slowly while looking at the setting sun. I still can’t believe I am here… sitting carefreely beside the beach with a wonderful guy… with Jasper.

“You’re welcome. But let me thank you too, I had the best adventure in my life.”

He said softly with a smile on his voice.
I felt giddy. The wind blows softly and only the heat of each other’s presence makes us warm. It felt perfect with him.

Sighing contently, we watch the sun goes down through the ocean.
After the sun goes down and after we ate our packed dinner, we decided to stargaze. The night is perfect to go home early.

“Wow, It’s a full moon tonight!”

I exclaimed while looking at the huge moon and gazillion stars. It’s a great spot here! Wow…

Jasper chuckles.

“Yeah, I’ve been planning to bring you here at full moon. It’s a great place isn’t it?”

I smile at the starry sky. He’s. . . Sweet.

My heart warms in response.

How can you not fall for him?

I sigh sweetly, enjoying my private thought.
“Hey, that’s your star sign.”

I said, pointing at the Taurus star formation.
“Wow, you also knew about zodiac sings?”

He asks, amazed.

“Of course! That’s what I do all the time when I was young, looking at the starry night. You know what, you really are a Taurian.”

I said as a matter-of-fact.

He chuckles.

“Taurus… a loving and sympathetic nature. Not to mention, appreciative. It’s so like you.”

I smile and continues.

“You have a stubborn nature. The one who will stand in your ground even to the bitter end.”

I giggle and Jasper shake his head amusingly. I think it was true.

Then, I’ve felt my face softens.

“On the other hand, Taurus sign is very understanding and they said that when you need someone to unburden yourself to, it was perfect to share your deepest fears with Taurians."

"Taurians are very patient, practical and efficient They are compassionate, down to earth, dependable, Independent, Warm-hearted, loyal, reliable, and also being strong both physically and emotionally.”

I said then laughs. It’s really so like him. He laughs along with me.
“You sure know a lot about zodiac signs. Well, you’re not the only one. You’re a Capricorn right?”

He said and pointing my zodiac sign’s stars.

“Capricorns like you is responsible, hard-working, patient, ambitious, resourceful, loyal, sincere. At work, they are very independent because they know their capabilities and therefore they rarely trust others to finish details, they like to do it all themselves."

"You love taking responsibilities and will carry them out meticulously. But you are also Shy, Pessimistic, Negative in thought, Gloomy when something’s bothering you.”

He laughs and I blush. Well, yeah… I’m kinda like that.

“Though, a Capricorn will come across as an extremely sweet person, who is shy, harmless, trustworthy and perhaps, a little obstinate. Hey, it's really you!”

He laughs at me and I snorted shyly.

I can't believe I am talking about zodiac signs with someone besides my astronomy teacher before. I never met someone who is interested in star stuffs, it made me happy.

We talked about zodiac signs while staring at the sky.
After a few minutes talking, we stare silently at the sky comfortably.

There’s a question that was lingering and irritating inside my head.

I need to ask about it, I hope it wouldn’t ruin this perfect night…
“So, how are you with Elvira?”

I asked before my courage waves-off. It’s a painful question but I have to face it.

It’s making me… out of sorts, I am not my usual self because of it.

“Me and Elvira?”

He asks, shocked.

“Yeah, she confessed right?”

I said flatly, Hiding my uneasiness. I try to look anywhere else but him.

“Oh, that. Yeah she did. It surprised me.”

He said with confuse in his voice.


I tried to fish further details, wishing it sounded so oblivious.

“So what?”

I can almost see his eyebrows knotted and his face with comical quizzical expression.

“What happen?”

I said while trying to make it sound so normal.
I gulped the growing lump in my throat.
He sighs and chuckled.

“Well, I said I’m flattered she liked me but I said I only sees her as a friend.”

He said simply and a relief came over me... wow, I’m really relived.

“But. . . If you weren’t together, why are making a soft face when talking to her?”

I sounded like I’m interrogating him. I shift uncomfortably

Er, maybe that’s too forward…

He laughed and surprises me.

“What?! You thought we were together?! Hahaha! You’ve got to be kidding me!”

He laughed like what I’ve said was the most hilarious joke ever told in the whole universe.

“Well, what do you expect me to think? You look so happy after you told us she confessed. Plus, that face!”

I snapped, irritated and embarrassed that he’s laughing at me because of that matter.
“What? Happy? And.. What face?”

He continues to laugh off.

“That face… when you were talking with your family, your expression softens . . . It’s like an expression expressing love.”

I muttered glaring at the sea.

Why am I so mad talking about Elvira?

What is wrong with your head, Erin?

“Ohh, no. God, Erin... You’ve got it all wrong.”

He chuckles before talking.

“Well, this past few days I’ve been asking her for... um special places and I didn’t expect her to work that hard to get me the complete list of the finest islands and places around here up to the next town."

"She even pulled a nightier just to give it to me the next day. It’s just that, It took me by surprise, well… I’m nothing but a carefree idiot, I didn’t expect her to do that just for me.”

He explained simply but clearly.
Oh, so . . . He just owed her?

Now I understand why he has that face. . .

Talking about faces… my face suddenly twisted in a sour expression I never had before.

Huh? Just carefree idiot, you say? How can you be so dense? He doesn’t realize how handsome he is… does he?

“Hmp! Of course she’ll do that. She likes you anyway.”

I snapped, irritated at the poor Elvira. I know it’s bad to feel ill towards other people but… I don’t know why I’m irritated at her!

Why is that?!

I think my head’s screwed up after I talked to Alex.
“Hey, why are you frowning? Is there anything wrong with Elvira?”

He asks and I can feel him looking at me. I scowl even more, hearing him saying Elvira’s name like they were close.

“Don’t talk about her!”

I said getting mad at him.

“Whoa! It’s my first time hearing you like that. I don’t think Elvira did something wrong with you becau---“

“Why don’t you go to her, instead?”

I mutter without thinking.

Gah, what is happening to me? Why am I even mad at first place?

Jasper gasps at my reaction.

He pauses a bit.

“Erin . . . Are you…”

He hesitates.
“Are you jealous?”

He whispers softly in my ears.

Erin asked the worst question ever to Jasper but, boy… she didn’t expect Jasper’s heart shocking question in response.

How can Erin answer that?

Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

-Message in a bottle: Chapter 8-


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Katherine1091 VIPOct 12, 2013

Can't waaaaiiiiiit \:D Awwww this Chapter was so great! \:D I love it! \:wub\: You're an awesome writer \:\) I love this story so much! \:wub\:

FiyaaOct 11, 2013

You are so dense Jasper! Of course she is jealous!\:D Wow, I love it as always! Next please? \:wub\:

martoeleOct 11, 2013

Jealousie is the most horrible character trait one can have... When she is jealous now... how will she be when married? \:\)

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Jealousy does great things sometimes. Good job love it \:wub\:

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