Message in a Bottle- Chapter 9
Published Oct 16, 2013

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-Message in a Bottle: Chapter 9-
*These Feelings…*

There are things that can only be realized if some big thing pushes you to learn.
Will Erin finally realize her true feelings?

-Thank you CC artists and ‘YOU’~! :D

-Message in a Bottle: Chapter 9-
*These Feelings…*

There are things that can only be realized if some big thing pushes you to learn.
Will Erin finally realize her true feelings?

-Thank you CC artists and ‘YOU’~! :D
“Are you jealous?”

He whispers and I can feel the smile in his voice.

The realization came flying through my head and I seem to wake up.

Jealous? Me?

I pale.

“W-what?! No! W-why would you think that?”
I stammered nervously. My heart started to beat hard and my breathing starts to get heavy.

“I never saw you act like this. You were usually sweet and doesn’t snap like that. Plus…”
I felt he shifted closer to me.

My tummy twisted when I felt his face in my shoulder.

“...You sounded like you’re jealous.”

He teases.

I can hear the amusement in his voice and could imagine his brows moving up and down, teasing me.

I blush straight on.

“No, I’m not!”

I exclaimed vehemently, shifting away from him and he laughs at me.

Then I paused.

Jealous? Am I…
From the corner of my brain… a familiar soft voice of an important person to me whispered inside of my mind.

“….There are many kind of jealousy, some of them normal and some are bad. There is also an abnormal jealousy but, remember…”

“…Everyone gets jealous occasionally.”

“….two different kinds of jealousy in a relationship are:

Romantic jealousy and Suspicious jealousy…”

 “Suspicious Jealousy is the bad one, it is when you are too suspicious that you think of nothing but negative towards your partner even though there is nothing to be jealous about. You would get jealous of everything that are keeping you away from him, even the very slightest reason like a hobby, a job, a friend or even a pet. That is a horrible trait to have.”

Romantic Jealousy is… well, romantic. If you love your partner and if you feel someone is threatening to take your partner away, especially when that person is being open and proud about it, you will automatically feel a pang of possessiveness. It is very normal… one that's usually sorted out in a second with a bit of reassurance.”

 “It means you care about them, you care so much that it hurts when someone will take them away from you… and it’s very alarming if this kind of possessiveness is not visible on a certain romantic couple because it is a special thing that could make you feel assured. That you love each other.”

“…you will understand this when you grow up, the time when your heart will ready to fall in love. If you meet the person you will love, you will surely feel this romantic jealousy.”

I gasped as I remember ‘her’ words and advice.

Romantic jealousy…

Alex is right… I just don’t like him.

I… I love him.

That is the reason why I’m feeling a sharp pain in my chest because I thought Jasper and Elvira are together.

Oh my…
Thank God, we stayed quiet and got myself together.

We just watch the stars and listens to the waves of the night ocean.
After a few minutes, I peeked at him and saw an ear to ear smile on his face.

For some reason, I felt so embarrassed that I wanted to throw him to the ocean for making that face after he just teased me...

He was teasing about being jealous.

I want to go home and buried my face in my pillow. What happened just a few minutes ago is very embarrassing. I’m not even his girlfriend to act like that.


My subconscious is laughing at me.
Then, I felt his warm hand touched mine. My body goes still and my stomach twisted again.
He sighs with a smile.

“You know what? I never thought that I would be right here, right now, holding your hand like this.”

He says looking far away.

Whoa… change subject.

“You see, I am a guy who always on to go. Always going from place to place, never really settled down like a restless bug that can’t even keep its toes in the same place.”

He held my hand tighter.

He paused a bit.

“Come, I’ll show you something.”
He said with a soft smile on his face as he pulls me to stand up.
I kept quiet and followed him through the small hill on this island. He doesn’t let go of my hand.

My heart is jumping out of my rib cage. I never felt this self-conscious and embarrassed at the same time. Just him, holding my hand like this makes butterflies in my stomach.
The moon was closer to us and the view was so beautiful, it was breathtaking.

I just stare at the view, amazed.

Just when I am losing myself at my dreamland, he talked.

“See how huge the ocean is? It’s so funny that a guy like me was able to find someone like you who just popped out randomly at a deserted island.”

He chuckles and I can’t help to laugh a silent laugh.
“Amazing, isn’t it? How can a two person inside this huge, huge earth with wide, wide ocean can possibly meet?”

He said with wonder as we stare through the ocean, letting the soft salty air touch our skin as we held hand in hand together.

The crickets are singing and the waves are whispering.

The sky was full of glittering stars and the full moon staring softly at us.

Everything around us is so… magical.

“Maybe the reason why you had found me is because you can’t get your toes in the same place.”

I mutter, smiling and he grins.

“That may be the reason and I can never be so glad that I became an adventurer.”
We grin at the sea, watching the waves.
Looking back, there was only 99.9% chance we can meet up. My hometown is way too far from here.

If I hadn't jumped from that cruiser ship, I will never be here.

Everything was perfect with Jasper.

This is a life I’m wishing for.

Jasper held my hand tighter and gently rubs my fingers with his thumb. It was so comforting and touching at the same time.

No one has ever touched me the same way Jasper does. With those simple gestures of care, he moved my heart in every way I had come to develop this feeling for him.

The wind blows a soft hymn that could soften even the hardest stone heart on the planet.
“I love you, Erin.”

I think my heart just stopped.

Jasper whispered those words softly and warmly… it shook my heart and soul from the insides.

I think my body trembled from the shock of his sudden confession.

He chuckles and squeezes my hand.

“You’re shocked? You should be. I am too.”

He chuckles nervously then sighs.

“It never even crossed my mind that I would find someone like you.”

He says with a serious voice. It was my first time hearing his tone like that.
“All these years of doing my dream and goals, I discovered many things, I’ve seen the extraordinary but boy, and would I expect that one innocent scuba routine day could lead me to you?”

He chuckles, amuse in his voice but still serious.
“When I saw you… I felt that, you carry a whole world of weight in your back. Looking at those eyes breaks my heart. I don’t know why but I thought... ‘This girl needs help.’

There are so many emotions filling my heart as I listen to him. It was like; he was telling an important story of his life.

“You really looked like you came out running from a jungle and with that beautiful face of yours? It says, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ Your eyes are full of pain. I can’t leave a person like that so, I talked to you.”

He sighs.

“And it was the best of the best decision I made in my life. And you… coming into my life was... the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.

I bit my lip as I try my best not to cry because of the emotions I’m feeling.
“You are sweet, innocently funny, smart, caring and you have a heart made of gold.”

He smiles.

“Made of gold?”

I whisper.

“Yeah, I can always see you giving the little tom food every morning he drops off our newspaper. You know he’s a poor kid with uncaring family to even feed him well. I also knew you are also giving half of your salary at the charity without my knowledge… yes, I know that.”

He said teasingly as he sensed that I was surprised he knew my doings.

He sighs and continues.

“You always help others and don’t ask anything in return. You just… smile that sweet smile and being so happy after they said ‘Thank you.’ Heart of gold, indeed.”

He smirked and shakes his head in amusement, like… he was so fond of me.
"It was impossible not to fall in love with you.”

He said with a very serious tone that I would doubt that it was Jasper who is talking.

“I can’t stop looking at you… You are so beautiful in every way."

"I love how your eyes stare into mine. I love how your pretty lips make a sweet heart-melting smile."

"I love hearing your sweet small voice with that soft British accent of yours."

"I love how simple you are, you don’t fuss around with how you look, like some other women at your age do."

He chuckles with great affection on his voice and here I am, having a huge lump in my throat.

“I love everything about you, even though you are shy and timid… the one who easily gets embarrassed and blushes."

"Whenever you feel down or having negative thoughts, you always look so gloomy that I can see some mushroom growing beside you. You look so cute when pouting.”

He laughs at the memory of me and I think he was talking about the moment I’m having doubts about my job.
“But no matter how gloomy you are, you always try to hide it. That, you should avoid because I am always here to help you. “

He whispers softly.

“I know and I’m also here for you…”

I whispered back, keeping my voice at check. I’m still overwhelmed.

He chuckles nervously and exhaled sharply.

“So many things happened these past 3 months with you… and every day I gets closer to you, I just knew that. . . There is something blooming inside of me. With all the good things about you, it’s impossible not to fall for you, and for a person like me. . . I know I don’t deserve you but. . . I just. . .”

He sighs a heavy breath.
“. . . fell so deep. . . with you.”

He squeezed my hand and tries to let go but I held him so his hand would stay on hold in mine.

He looked at me suddenly with surprise.

I feel so overwhelmed, it made me so strong. My doubting and weak personality just ran away from the strong feeling I am feeling right now.

I must be strong, enough hiding…

“Why do you think you don’t deserve me?”

I said, surprising us both. My voice is stronger and sterner than I had thought it would be.

“Well… look at you. You have the looks that can catch an eye of a prince. You have the personality of an angel… and me? I’m nothing but an idiot who fools around the sea, looking for lost island or something. I’m just a carefree-idiot guy who doesn’t even have a decent job for—“
I pulled his hand to face with me and to stop him from talking. I clasps his face with my hands angrily.
I glare at him in the eyes.

“Please don’t talk like that about yourself. I don’t want to hear any ill comments towards you even though those insults are coming straight from you.”

I muttered, mad.

He just stared at me with wide eyes of confusion and shock.

“You… are… the… MOST… important… person… TO ME.”

I said, emphasizing every word and looking closely at his eyes.

“You mean the world to me, so I will not allow anyone to insult you... even you.”

I whisper softly and closes my eyes.

Emotion filled me that I felt like crying.

“It is me who does not deserve for you. I came out of nowhere, like seaweed in the sea. I was a stranger but you took me home. You GAVE me home.”

I said while opening my eyes.
“You are the most wonderful person I ever met and will be. You are so carefree, so active, always happy and always on to go. You made me breathe, you set me free. You had no idea how much you’ve helped me.”

I whisper, touching his cheeks softly.
“You are silly and funny; you made me laugh more than my 22 years of my life. You are so hard working and doing what you love at the same time. Every girl will fall in love with you because you are . . . Perfect in every way, inside and out.”

I sigh while looking down but still holding his face.
“And yes, I am jealous of Elvira because I know she likes you--no… more like I become afraid… afraid to lose you when I had just realized how… “

I swallowed and bit my lip trying to think of the exact words I am feeling right now.

“…how deep my feelings are… with you.”

“It broke my heart when I thought you two are already together. I never felt like this before… I…”

I swallow, biting my lip to stop myself from crying because of the strong feeling inside my chest.
“… I love you too, Jasper…”

I whisper and an emotional tear fell on my cheek.
I felt Jasper’s hand touches my cheek, wiping the tear that fell down from my eyes.

His touch was so soft and very comforting.

I put down my hands and held his warm hands.
“I’ve come to love you every minute, every second I got to know you… but I was afraid to admit it. I’m… a coward. I think the worst first… and I’m sorry about that.”

I sigh.

“It was then, Alex talked me about it. I realized that I need to face my feelings before I’ll regret it all my life. Alex made me realize about the reality and . . . It took me aback. I didn’t know what to do…”

I swallowed before talking again.

“But now that you said you loved me… I will fight for my feelings all my heart because I love you too.”

I said looking straight in his eyes and suddenly…
He hugged me tight.

I hugged him back.

There are so many emotions and words that are filling soul right now, I think I’m going to explode from inside out.

Then, I am startled when I heard him laugh.

“Am I…”

He trails off breathlessly.

“…Am I dreaming?”

He whispered to himself like he can’t believe what is happening.

“Do you want me to pinch you?”

I ask sweetly, giggling happily.

“Please, if you may.”

He says and I pinch him on his shoulder. He yelp.
“Ow! Alright, I’m awake,.. Thank God!”

He said and laughs carefreely.
“You love me?”

He said, holding me a shoulder's length. His face is beaming with joy. I blush out of embarrassment but his face is just so… infectious. I can’t help myself but to grin like a silly love-struck fool.


I said laughing.

“Say it!”

Jasper says laughing happily, his eyes are grinning too!


I shout gleefully and the air echoes my voice.


Jasper woot  happily and I felt my feet lifting in the air.


He shouts back and it echoes around the place too.

He twirls me in the air as we both laughing.

We’re like two people who won worth §10 billion. But for me, what we had obtained tonight was much more than 10 trillion of stars.
He stops twirling me in the air and we just stared each other, panting; Breathless from our laughing.

“I love you, Erin.”

He whispers, his eyes are soft and genuine.
He smiles his crooked heart-throbbing smile. I could feel his warm minty breath in my face... in my nose.

“I love you too, Jasper.”

I whispered back, breathy.
Dazzled by his boyish smile... That boyish smile I always loved... That smile that saved me.
He gently tugs me close to him and held me so close, I could feel his heart beating fast.

I close my eyes as I melt into him.
“Can I kiss you?”

He asks softly. I stare at him in his eyes. Those cobalt blue eyes are heated and soft at the same time. His breath brushed through my nose and my lips.

I melt.


I whisper so softly, I don’t know if he heard me…
… but he did. With the gazillion stars and Full moon as witness… our lips met softly.

Shooting stars sparkles through the sky.
The first touch and the warmth of our first kiss created a life-changing emotion through me.

Jasper’s soft lips and warm minty breath are one of the things I will never forget in my whole life.

The Ocean sings a song just for the two of us.

These feelings… are my most precious thing in the world for me…

With the moon as a witness, two hearts finally become one.
Erin and Jasper had finally overcome the doubts in themselves.
How can Love will change their adventure?

-Stay tuned!

Nisuki are itching to make them kiss, I hope this will satisfy you. xD
Sarah, Luna, Marija’s comments always make me laugh.
And for those people who are leaving kind comments, It’s very encouraging. Thank you so much!

-Message in a Bottle: Chapter 9-
*These Feelings…*-



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#1FiyaaOct 17, 2013

OMG!! Perfect and perfect! It makes me cry a bit\:D cuz that was so beautiful, full of emotion! Woww\:wub\:\:rah\: Rated 5 of course! Oh yeahh!\:rah\:

#2Katherine1091VIPOct 17, 2013

OMG! Sooooooo amazing!!!! I can't stop grinning! \:D It was soooo sweet and cute. \:wub\: It was really beautiful, as they have confessed their love to each other. These emotions.. It was stunning, fabulous, gorgeous, sweet, cute... I could go on for hours \:wub\:
I'm sooo excited what you'll write in the next chapter \:D I CAN'T WAIT! I'm addicted!!! \:wub\: \:rah\:

#3NisukiOct 17, 2013

AWW, HELL YEA, I WAS THE WHOLE TIME LIKE. When's the kiss when's the kiss. =w=. Then I saw it, WOO HOO~ and when I read your last message in page 39.. \:D Hahahaha! I laughed out loud. =.=' My gosh, I could feel every single word with its meaning in my heart. *wipes a tear away* T_T Beautiful, brilliant, fantastic chapter. \:wub\:

#4AlessaFayeOct 17, 2013

finally! They kissed! \:wub\: Love your screenshots!

#5MarijaJOct 17, 2013

Finally THE KIIIIISS! T^T I've waited like 36 shots for it haha \:D
OMIGAWD, it was perfect. I'm in love with them as a couple. ^w^
And, AWIIII, I'm so honored that you've mentioned me on the page 39, love you so much honey. ^o^
Perfect chapter, that I've waited so long, can't wait to read more of you. =w=

#6martoeleOct 22, 2013

That was really a very romantic end to this story! Well done... \:wub\:

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