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Night Crawlers INTRO
Published Oct 16, 2013

Written By

Ambient Sachs


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Far away deep in a forest there was an old woman working hard on her potions. She was a seer and lived a very enchanted but dangerous life.
"I figured you would come running here again." She muttered under her breath as a young woman burst through her door.

Far away deep in a forest there was an old woman working hard on her potions. She was a seer and lived a very enchanted but dangerous life.
"I figured you would come running here again." She muttered under her breath as a young woman burst through her door.
"Witch, the potion you gave me doesn't work. I still feed off the humans but it never satiates me. My skin rips open in welts should a sun beam greet me! I feel weaker and am exhausted when I never uses require sleep.

Yet, if I get a cut or scrape I never bleed, if I drown I simply float back up to the surface and cough up the water my lungs reject. Why is it that I am immortal yet I still have these weaknesses?!" The young woman was exasperated.
"Look at this!" She lifted up her blouse, along her abdomen was a thin crack from her bellybutton to her ribcage, giving her the look of a cracked porcelain plate.
The old woman took Eva's shaking hand in hers, and flipped it over to trace her palm's lines. She immediately let go in a hiss.
"The brightest sun will pierce your heart and will leave your body in colors slowly vanishing everyday."
"What?! What do you mean?"
"Eva, I cannot say more for that is all I saw...As for your questions I cannot give you the answers you want to hear. Why not go back to that school that you were born in, perhaps you will find answers there."
"Never!" Eva shot up in anger, "I will never go back to that wretched eugenics place." She breathed heavily, "I saw this before, the cracks, on the other children, they ended up breaking into fragments, their blood ran cold and hard like rubies. I don't know why there is a crack on my flesh now, but it grows slowly over time."
"Then I will help you with a transmutation spell to stop it from spreading."
"I warn you child, that you must do EXACTLY as I say, or there will be drastic consequences." With a wave of her hands the witch murmured chants.
Eva looked in awe as sprites began shooting out of the witch's ring. "That must be the source of her power!" She thought, "I never noticed before".
"This potion will separate the soul from the body. The candidate must be a virgin, be it a child or young person, it doesn't matter, so long as you inhale their orb of spirit and perform the proper incantation." As the glow of the sprites returned to the ring, the witch caught Eva's hungry glance at her ring. "Keep in mind dear, your powers of persuasion and heightened senses will help you reach this goal."
As the witch turned to make the final preparations Eva growled, "I want your ring, I know that's where you get your powers from. Give it to me."
"I know you do, but I don't think you can handle it's power. Pay attention! There's a family in the town north by the mountains, their name is Goldschmitt, they can help you find the perfect candidate. Tell them my name and they will offer you aid."
"You will give it to me." Eva said softly, not changing the subject, her eyes began to flicker. The witch brushed her away, "You know that won't work on me."
Already seeing how tense the atmosphere became she calmly spoke, "I remember when I found you and nursed you back to your health, all you wanted was to find someone who was just like you."
"That was long ago I wasn't in the right state of mind! My memories didn't come back to me then, when I escaped that laboratory and was vulnerable."
"Alright, I know how stubborn you are, I will LEND you my ring but for a price."
"Anything! I don't care!" Eva said excitedly.
"Good, you will return my ring when this is all over...You will also give me your firstborn child, afterwards I want nothing to do with you ever!"
Eva snorted, "I don't even know if I can bear any child! What if I can't? What if I just return the ring to you?" She put the finished potion into her pockets.
A fury of lights overwhelmed Eva, she choked from the pressure on her windpipes and chest.
"The contract is now sealed, should you not follow with your promise, you will turn into the mindless beast your empty soul harbors."
Eva bolted out, grabbing the ring from the witch and cursing. "The ring will speak for you, when it's powers need to be summoned!" Chimed the laughter from inside.

"I will get my revenge on that forsaken school that gave me this life and I will break the contract you witch, you'll see!" Eva thought as she walked into the night.
Hello! This is my first story, I took a giant leap and had the courage to share. Feedback is appreciated, this is only the intro. :)

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Ambient SachsOct 23, 2014

Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate feedback. Sadly, my hard drive died and finally a year later I re-installed the sims. I lost all my characters, but that won't stop me! I will work on this story again and share soon..

martoeleOct 23, 2013

It's a very interesting Intro. I hope you can keep that suspense during the whole story... \:\)

taj39759 VIPOct 19, 2013

very good intro! congrats

MarijaJOct 17, 2013

Oh my, this is really interesting \:eek\: \:wub\: Can't wait to see what happens next. \:D

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