The Blood House : The final chapter
Published Oct 30, 2020

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The final chapter : where all things end !
Please read the chapters 1 to 5 before this one. They all are on this site. ;)
The french version will come later !

The final chapter : where all things end !
Please read the chapters 1 to 5 before this one. They all are on this site. ;)
The french version will come later !
I didn't sleep well that night. I kept on hearing voices saying : "Help this guy !" So I made my choice ! I decided to help him.
While I was on my way to have breakfast, I heard noises in the "potion room." I was sure it was Joanne or Kitty preparing another potion. I had to talk with them, so I entered the "potion room". But nobody was there !
Some new potions were on the table and I wondered what they were really supposed to do. Again, I heard noises. They were coming from a corner of the room. I came closer to take a look of what was making those noises.
"GOD !!!! What is that... thing ?"
"Oh no ! This can't be true !" "...a ... a dead guy ???" I run away, trying to find someone ! I found Joanne in the library. As I entered, completly panicked, I scared her ! "What is wrong my dear ?" she asked softly.
"I found a guy... a dead guy... in the potion room !" I mumbled.
"He's not dead." she explained. "He is an... experiment that... didn't go too well !"
"What ?" I said.
"Yes !" she continued. "I have to test my potions on living beings. I found a way to resurrect dead people and I use them to test my potions ! So you see, I don't kill them ! I offer them another change to live !" I could not believe what I was hearing ! Resurrecting people to kill them again ! That was... insane ! "My dear, you look puzzled ! " she said. " Come upstairs with me. I'll show you !" "There is nothing to be afraid of ! He can't harm us, he'll do everything I tell him !" So we came upstairs and Joanne ask the poor guy to drink one of the potion. And that's what he did ! Joanne was looking at him, expecting something to happen. Well ! He seemed to be fine... ... for a moment... ... and then, he collapsed ! ... and stayed there, on the ground... dead... again ! "What have you done ?" I asked Joanne. "You've killed that poor fellow !" "And then... what ?" she shouted. "Tests have to be done ! The result is my main concern !" "What would you prefer ? Killing all the neighboorhood ? The police has started to suspect me, so I found this new way !" "Now, if you don't mind, I have some work to do ! That 'poor fellow' as you said, has to be buried ! Will you help me ?"
"Oh my god !" I said. "No, I can't !"
She left the room pulling the poor guy. I had to talk to someone ! But who ? Maybe Vlad ! Did he know what his wife was doing ? I had to wait for the night to talk with Vlad. Before leaving the room, I looked at the book again. What about burning it ? So many bad things came up with this book ! But if I burn it, I probably won't be able to help Vlad. As the night came down, I went and see Vlad in his room. He was painting as usual. He came to me, smiling, and I was happy to see him smile ! I told him everything : the dead guy, the tests of potions on the neighboorhood, the police that started to suspect Joanne. "Oh !" he said. " I suspected that my wife had to test potions, but I didn't know it was that bad ! She has to be stopped. Leave it to me ! I'll talk to her." "... but anyway !" he said smiling. "I had an idea ! We could do something for your face !" "What ? My face ?" I said.
I brought him awfull news and he was talking about my... face ?
"You could be beautiful" he said. " There a lot of potions in the book. One could bring you beauty !" "A potion ?" I asked. "And I suppose Joanne will make this 'beauty potion' for me ! I don't trust her anymore !"
"No !" he said. "There is someone else ! You can trust Kitty. She will help you. Tell her what you've learned on Joanne, she probably doesn't know. And ask her to make that potion for you !"
"Please, Horrora." he whispered. "Do it for me !"
I could not resist his charming smile and I said :
"Ok ! I'll do it !"
"Great !" He said while taking me in his arms. Well, after all, if a potion could do something for my face... why not ? So I came and see Kitty. She was alone in the library. Again, I told everything : the dead guy, the tests of potions, the police... and the beauty potion ! She listened to me, and I saw on her face that everything was new to her ! She didn't know. "Are you sure ?" she asked me. "Maybe you could..."
"I am sure !" I replied. "I saw everything with my own eyes !"
Then she felt very sad.
"So, she did it " she whispered.
"She talked to me about testing potions on people." she continues. "But I thought she could never do it for real !" "What are you going to do now ?" I asked. "What do you want me to do ?" she said with anger. "She's my cousin and my best friend ! I can't go and see the police !" "I just can try to make her understand that her behaviour is awfull !" "... but for you, my sweet, Vlad told you the truth ! There is a potion indeed ! We can make it together. Do you want to ?" "Of course !" I replied. So, we went upstairs. While Kitty was giving me instructions, I followed the best I could. I don't know what I was doing exactly. I was just hoping not to mess this beauty potion ! And then, I filled a bottle with the strange liquid. Without thinking too much, I drank it. Well, nothing happened for a moment... ... and ... I suddenly failed unconscious ! I stayed unconscious during the whole day. When I woke up, Kitty was there in my bedroom. She was smiling at me. I rushed to the mirror, I had to know if the potion worked ! Well ! There was a difference ! Same old eyes, same old ears... but the rest ! Looking at myself without recognizing me was a strange experience ! But I was sure it could not last long ! "Thank you so much Kitty !" I said. "You're welcome, my dear." she replied. She was the nicest person in this house ! I didn't how to thank her properly, but she found a way ! "You must do something for me" she said. "Well, not only for me, but for everyone ! You must help me to get rid of Joanne ! I talked to her. She feels no regret for what she's done and she will go on !" "What do you want me to do ?" I asked. "I've prepared a bottle of poison." she replied. "I will go downstairs and talk with Joanne. In the meantime, put that poison in her youth elixir. She has to drink it every evening... and this evening, it will kill her !" "But ! Are you sure ?" I asked. "If she finds me ?"
"She won't !" Kitty replied. "I'll stay with her enough time to avoid her from going upstairs ! It's safe ! Remember that she killed a lot of people... including your own parents ! There is no other way to stop her and to help Vlad at the same time ! You and I will carry on the research to find a cure."
She was right. So while she came down, I went to the "elixir" room with the poison with me. ... and I mixed it with the strange green liquid. Well ! I was a murderer now ! Did I feel guilty ? No time to think about it ! I went upstairs to see Vlad. He was painting... again... as usual ! "Horrora !" he said. "How beautiful you are now !" "And you're skin is so soft !" As he came closer, I felt that my heart was beating faster. ... and... well... yes, I was looking for this ! But, as I was still delighted by that kiss, Vlad began to do something strange ! He was trying to hypnotize me... ... with success ! Then, he bited me ! I was totally helpless ! "Ha Ha Ha !" he laughed. "I DID IT !" What was happening to me ? It was awful ! Then I realized I was now a vampire ! "What have you done to me ?" I shouted. "I did exactly what I've planned to do for months !" Then, he began to change ! "Yes ! I'm finally myself again ! Thanks to you !" "Joanne discovered that the only way for me to break the spell, was to bite someone who was willing to help me ! So Joanne and I made a plan. We choosed you, the little ugly girl who was always staring at our house ! I had to seduce you ! You had to trust me, and after what Joanne did to your parents, the only way for you to trust me, was to be convinced that Joanne was on her own... that I had nothing to do with her killings !" "NOOOOOOOOO !" I shouted. "By the way, my dear ! Look behind you !" he said. "Are you surprised to see me alive Horrora ?" Joanne said. "Well, that poor Kitty had never been able to keep a secret ! Poor thing ! She's dead now !" "I"m going to kill you ! You monster !" I shouted. "Of course not, my dear !" she said softly. "Because I have another little surprise for you !" She came closer to the strange device and took the phone. What was she doing ? That was insane ! Suddenly, a green fog surrounded us all... ... and in the middle of the fog, someone appeared. "No ! No ! NOOO !" I shouted. " DAD ! "
Yes ! Joanne did it ! She woke up my dad from the dead !
"Yes !" she said happily. "So now you see my dear, I know I will sleep well for the rest of my life, because if something happens to me, or to my husband or to my son... your dad will... die ! His life is in your hands ! So be careful !" And now here I am ! Locked inside this house, painting all night long, thinking of all the things that happened... ... thinking of revenge. But I have time now... ... and they don't !

**** THE END ! ****

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#64maxi kingOct 19, 2007

\:cool\:that was a great story!!!!!!! \:rah\:

#65jadespacemonkeyJan 26, 2008

I can't believe that was the final chapter,\:wacko\: you done an amazing job....

#66ritakwolfJun 13, 2008

\:rah\: very good story with a very goos twist at the end\:rah\:

#67cutedazyOct 22, 2008


#68saturrnNov 14, 2008

I love your are really good at this

#69damnanoirNov 23, 2008

cette histoire est la plus belle et intéressante qui j'ai jamais lit!

5.0! \:wub\: \:cool\:

#70skyblue7377Nov 28, 2008

always so your work

#71fee simsDec 7, 2008

that was great, not what i expected.

#72fee simsDec 7, 2008

you should think about writing a book if it was as good as this i would buy it.\:D \:D \:\)

#73melaniecoxAug 14, 2010

Fantastic twist.
Didn't think Joanne or vlad could be trusted.
well done, very creative and original.

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