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The Legend of Hy-Breasail: Chapter 11
Published May 11, 2015

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Chapter 11: Hope

Chapter 11: Hope As the days wore on, Winter began to fade. Davis noticed it on the hills around his brother's house at first. The snow was beginning to melt away. There was a pleasant breeze in the air.

The sky was blue again each morning, instead of the murky gray he had grown used to.
Davis had found himself to be quite the talented fisher, a pass time he had never enjoyed much forever, but was now a neccesity.

It had become a routine. For the past few mornings he had gotten up early and caught breakfast in the lake behind the house, he would wonder all the while if today would be the day that Kim would finally get up from the sofa and start talking again. She had become a despondent, motionless form in a few short days, deflated and defeated by hopelessness.

Davis had no idea what he was going to do next, but he vowed to himself that he would look after her.
To his sheer surprise he returned to the house and found Kim sitting up. He noticed she was dressed in different clothes too- his brother's golfing outfit, no less, but it was progress.

"Kim" Davis said, "you're looking a little brighter today. I've just caught some more fish, would you like some breakfast?"

"Yes" Kim said, "yes, I'm quite hungry. That would be nice"
The next morning Davis was further surprised when Kim went outside to pick some brambles to light the fire with.

There was an odd new spring in her step, and he couldn't figure out quite why.
She progressed to taking short walks into the local town for five or ten minutes here and there.

Her odd clothes made her noticeable, but she wasn't bothered by that. In her old life she would have been mortified to be seen in anything less than the latest fashions, but that was then, and that life was gone.
"You're really getting good at this whole fishing thing, Davis" Kim said as she cooked their evening meal on the fire, "I do appreciate this, you know, you finding us a place to stay. Catching fish. All of this. You've been good to me"

"Are you alright, Kim?" Davis said.
"I'm good. What do you mean? In fact I feel better than I have in days" Kim said without turning around.

"It's just that you, well, you've transformed, for lack of a better word" Davis explained, "a few days ago you were a shell of your former self, and now- look at you now- what's changed? Have you finally accepted it? That we can't get our old lives back?"
"What's changed?" Kim said, rather casually, "my outlook has of course, for I've been given hope"

She continued to prod at the fire and didn't elaborate.
Davis looked at her doubtfully. "Hope? What kind of hope?" he asked.

"Well" Kim said, "I've been thinking, and I think I've been foolish to just assume that my mother and my brother's shouldn't know who I am any more. After all, I haven't actually spoken to them. How do I know for sure? I mean, I've just taken it for granted without even making contact with them. All this time I might have been worrying over something that hasn't even happened!"

Davis didn't know what to say.
He thought of what Kim said while he washed the dishes after their meal. He could hear her whistling and singing in the next room and he felt a pang of heartache.

Should he burst Kim's bubble with the cold, hard truth of reality? Or was it kinder to let her hold on to her shred of hope? After all, the phone in the house was out, along with all the other electrical appliances. She had no way of contacting her family in America. Perhaps, for now at least, a little hope could do her no harm.

He wrestled with his thoughts as Kim continued to sing merrily her mother's favourite song.
The following day she returned to the town. By now it was a frequent venture, a mission of sorts.

Something there was attracting her to the place: a public phone box.
"Are you okay?" a concerned jogger asked Kim later that day, the sun was setting and Kim had just stepped out from the phone box.

"I'm fine" Kim said, a little irritated by her prying, "why do you ask?"

"It's just I've seen you in that phone box several times over the past week-"

"And?" Kim said defensively, "it's a public phone booth". She skulked off and left the woman standing alone.

"Forgive me for interupting", a passer-by approached the jogger, "but I too have seen that young lady frequenting the phone box this week. She appears to be eager to make a call, but then she hesitates, as if she can't quite bring herself to do so. It really is the oddest thing"

"Yes, indeed" the woman answered, "and she is always wearing the same clothes, really very odd. Do you think she is homeless? Perhaps we should alert the authorities?"
Kim returned to the house.

"What are you doing?" she asked Davis, amused, when she found him staring at the TV.

"Just watching an episode of Star Trek, it's a pretty good one" he said. "I know, I know, there's no electricity. I couldn't possibly be watching TV. But I'm watching it in my mind, you know, digging a favourite episode up from memory. It's not quite as good as the real thing but it's not so bad"

"That doesn't sound so bad" Kim said, "mind if I join you?"
"I'm glad you're back to your old self, Kim" Davis said while they sat together in front of the blank television screen. "For a while there I thought I'd lost you. I have no idea what we're going to do about the curse, but I'm glad we have each other"

"Let's not talk about the curse of Hy-Breasail, Davis. Let's not think of it for a while. In fact, let's go outside"
"Outside?" Davis asked, "but it's dark"

"Exactly" Kim said, "why sit in here staring at a blank TV screen, imagining the stars and planets when we could just go outside and see the real thing?"
"They really are beautiful" Kim said, Davis nodded in agreement, "I've never really taken the time to properly look at them before"

"Nor have I" Davis said, "in fact I could sit out here all night and watch them"

"Why don't we?" Kim said.
Together they dragged a couple of sun loungers out of the garage and placed them at the bottom of the back yard overlooking the stars and the lake. The vicious chill of winter was gone now, and apart from a soft breeze the night was comfortable and still.

"Kim?" Davis said after a little while, there wasn't a sound to be heard except the light lull of the water beneath them. "Can I ask you, where is it you have been going to? You keep disappearing"

"There's a phone booth in the town" Kim said honestly. "That phone booth is where I've been going so often"
"You've been making phone calls?" Davis asked.

"No" Kim said, "I've wanted to. Every day I go there, I attempt to dial my mother's number. I just want to hear her voice I guess, see for sure that she doesn't remember me. But I can never bring myself to dial"

"I see" Davis said, he didn't need to ask why. He knew.
Kim stared aimlessly at her feet. "I've never told you much about my father" she said suddenly, "he was an avid collector of quotes. Quotes about wisdom, life, you name it. Every spare bit of space in our house was covered in yellow post-it notes, and scrawled all over them were quotes he'd heard here and there, things he'd read or saw. I don't remember much of them but I do remember this one:

"There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow"

She continued to stare at her feet. "So you see, while I have hope that my mother will recognise my voice, everything's not lost"

Davis said nothing. Kim knew as well as he did that her hope was futile, but until it was dashed she still had something to cling on to, and for now that was all that was getting her by.
The hours slipped by and the moon sank lower in the dull sky, and soon they both felt that optimism that a fresh new day brings.

Birds fluttered over the hills nearby, Davis noted with a twinge of bitterness that even they had more purpose to their day than he and Kim did. "Right" Davis said as he stood up and stretched his arms. The day was fully bright now. "I think we've sat here for long enough. I'm a little tired, I think I'll go inside and take a nap"

"Okay, I'm just going to take a walk to the town, I won't be long" Kim said, standing up too.

"Again?" Davis said.

"Is something wrong?" Kim asked

"It's just. Well, I just fear you'll go on one of these trips one day and never come back" he answered. It had been playing on his mind for a while and he decided now was the time to admit it. It felt ridiculous when he said it out loud, but the thought of being left alone after losing everyone else in his life was a serious burden to bear.
"Don't be silly" Kim said, taking him by the hands and taking one last look out over the lake. "That would never happen. I would never leave"

"You mean that?" Davis said

"Really" Kim answered, "I need you, and you me. And I think I've even come to love you" she added.

Davis blushed shyly, inside he was ecstatic. And speechless.

"I'll see you in a while" Kim smiled, and off she went.

It would be another six years before they would see one another again.
Thank you for reading this story, I hope you've enjoyed this first installment of eleven chapters.

I am going to continue the story in a new installment that will take place six years later, as I had always planned. I hope you'll like it. Thank you if you've read this far. I enjoy writing on this site aswell as reading everyone else's stories.


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I hope she make that phone call\:\)

PinkzombiecupcakesMay 14, 2015

I loved the story\:D\:wub\:please next chapter\:wub\:

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Wow, six years! Keep going, I want to know what happens next.

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