The Kirby Twins- Chapter 13
Published Jul 16, 2015

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This is Chapter 13 for The Kirby Twins. I want to know your thoughts on the 13th part of the story so feel free to comment. We still have a long way to go for this STORY to end. I'll give you a wee hint- after this chapter, I'll be making 7 more chapters, making Chapter 20 the end. I'll keep reminding newbies of this story to read the previous chapters first (it's optional to read the intro chapter).

As for the rest of you all, sorry for the wait and Enjoy Reading!

This is Chapter 13 for The Kirby Twins. I want to know your thoughts on the 13th part of the story so feel free to comment. We still have a long way to go for this STORY to end. I'll give you a wee hint- after this chapter, I'll be making 7 more chapters, making Chapter 20 the end. I'll keep reminding newbies of this story to read the previous chapters first (it's optional to read the intro chapter).

As for the rest of you all, sorry for the wait and Enjoy Reading!
NEW POV PICTURES!! I do this for every four chapters, in case you didn't notice.
Last time on Stella's scene, she encountered a man in full black again, which is a member of the P-Team. Causing her to shut out, literally again. But was she captured, AGAIN? Read to find out!
I was in danger land again once I encountered that man in black who put me into a deep sleep, AGAIN! Not to mention waking up in Redwood Land once again. I sat up from the ground and huffed. Once I heard thunder, I jumped. Then I felt a mini drop of water from my cheek and looked at the sky, which was gray. I got up from the ground the same time it starts raining. I put my hand out to feel the sparking water coming from the sky while I was looking around.

“Why is it raining?” I asked.
The sound of thunder roared, scaring me greatly.

“W-W-What's going on?!” I cried.

I'm in a bad place right now. First I get kidnapped AGAIN, then I wake up in the dream place having a thunderstorm. Dreams with thunderstorms are NOT a good sign. I don't know what's going on, but I know it's bad!
Which is why I was running through the rain, into the forest to find my spirit guardian, Annie. I believe she has the answers to this mess. I'm surprised she didn't call out to me, she did so last time. So I decided to call her myself.

“Annie what's happening?!” I yelled out to her, still running.
I made it to the big rock where I first met her, but it gets worse. Annie isn't here!

“Where is she?” I worried. Then looked around shouting out, “ANNIE!!”

This place is raining hard, not to mention the fierce thunder, and Annie is gone! This is far different from the last time I was here.
“What did that evil man do to me this time?!” I grunted.

The first time I ever encountered him was at the library. I started to get color blind seeing nothing but RED as my eyesight got bad causing me to collapse, then I woke up in this place and it was sunny. Now this time he used his powers to knock me out again, but before everything went black, I got color blinded again seeing PURPLE!
And once again, strange things were happening to me. I started to hear screeching noises causing my head to hurt.

“AAAHHH! Why is this happening to me?!” I shrieked.
Not only was my head hurting, I was starting to go blind, IN MY DREAM! I felt a bit light headed too. Why is this happening in my sleep?! Even though I was feeling literal pain, I started to run through the forest. I tried to look for Annie one more time.

“Annie where are you?! Annie! ANNIE!” I screamed.

I gotten no answer. Why is she not here?
I said this before, whenever I'm in this fake world it feels real. Because I'm suffering the same thing in the real world. My vision gets worse, seeing red again, losing my balance, AND... Shutting out completely! Collapsed to wet ground. I was knocked out once again. I slowly opened my eyes as I look up at the ceiling. Not knowing where I was, I got up from the bed looking around.

“Where am I now?” I wondered.

I was looking at the familiar things that were around me. But what I'm wearing right now, is NOT so familiar.
I turned to the corner of this room to find flowers, balloons, and A GET WELL SOON SIGN?!

I gasped, “What am I doing HERE?!”

I thought that guy kidnapped me! Why am I in the hospital? I knew he did something differently but, what did he do?
Just then I heard zappy noise. I turned to see someone appearing from nowhere. Well, transporting magically into the room. It was Annie! “Stella! Are you okay?” She asked walking up to hug me.

“Oh my watcher! I'm so glad you're here, Annie!” I said hugging her.

“I failed to protect you Stella, I'm so sorry,” Annie sobbed.

I hardly believe it's her fault that I'm here. But I still need some answers.
“Why is this happening? Do you know why I'm here?” I began asking.

She sighed heavily and answered, “The P-Team man didn't take you away this time, he just left you in the cold.”

I growled at that.
“You've been asleep for three days, as well,” She added.

“WHAT?! What else happened?” I was shocked.

“While you were asleep, the P-Team gang did something far worse than kidnap you. It also causes me to lose my powers and my ability to contact to in your sleep.” She explained with a sad look.
I was confused at that, so I asked, “What could be worse than being kidnapped by those creeps?”

“I'm afraid the they've given you The Doom Curse,” She replied sounding serious.

“The Doom Curse?” I was still confused.
“The Doom Curse reduces your lifespan,” She answered.

I was feared by Annie's words. It couldn't be true!

“I'm gonna die?!” I whimpered.

“There IS a cure, but the only ones who have the power to get rid of The Doom Curse for ANYONE are wizards and witches,” She offered.

“Can't YOU cure me?” I begged.

“I wish I could, but I'm not even a real person, remember?” Annie gave me a sad look and tone.

Suddenly we both heard chatter on the other side of the door.
Meaning that Annie had to go, but how can she leave when my life is in danger! She says not to worry and that she'll be back. How am I supposed to not worry when I'm cursed! And where am I gonna find a magical person in this world?!

I heard the door knock and I replied, “Come in!”
When the door to my resting room opened, five people came in with joy as they see me standing in front of them awake and well, at least they think I'm well. These five people are the ones I love the most and are in my life daily! My two loving parents, my twin sister, my little brother and baby sister.

I smiled at them and greeted, “Hey guys!”
My siblings hugged me at once and then my parents came up to hug me tight.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?” Mom asked hugging me.

I had a sad smile on my face and answered, “Not so good mom, I don't know what's going on!”

“The police found you unconscious at the park in this freezing weather, so they rushed you to the hospital as soon as possible,” Dad explained.

So it was true, that man DID knock me out again, but left me in the cold. That was just, COLD! The guy gave me a curse against my will, and the only thing I can do is to find a miracle to save my LIFE!
Five minutes later since my reunion with my folks and I decided to lay back in my hospital bed and Becky starts explaining some news while telling me the same thing Annie said about me being asleep for three days.

“So now I know what brought me here, were you guys the ones who sent me those flowers, balloons and the sign?” I asked.

“Actually, we bought you those purple flower and sunflowers vase and the purple balloons are from Sara, and the pink ones are from Amelia, but I don't know where that bear came from though,” Becky answered.

“What about those balloons by the TV?” Vicki asked looking at Becky.

“I looked at the tag, and they're from a girl named Clover,” Andrew told her.
I was so happy that all of my friends were thinking about me. And I was also happy when Becky told me that Clover's out of the hospital. She's my friend too, but I still need answers from her. My mood got higher when I learned that “Get Well Soon” sign was from all my classmates from school.

“Let's just say it's an apology gift from them,” Becky smirked.

“That was real nice of them to do that,” Mom commented.

It really was, what shocked me was who came up with the idea to make me that sign. I know it's not really a big deal, but Becky also said it was Savannah Richmond who told Becky about the idea that all of our classmates give me a big “get well” sign for me. I guess she felt guilty as well.
“We've seen the news yesterday about your classmate,” Dad said.

“Which one?” I asked.

“The girl named, Dona Ketterer, they announced that they found her,” My mom answered.

“Really?! That's great! How's she doing now?” I was a bit happy about this, at least they found Dona.

I noticed the look on my parent's faces, the sad expressions got me asking, “That's good news, right?”

My dad sighed heavily and answered, “Dona is not doing well at all.”

My dad also told me they found her in the lake and that she was “not breathing.” I just froze at that comment. Poor Dona, she was too young to go! I got distracted from my sorrow when I heard knocking on the door.

“Come in!” Becky shouted.
There they were, my two best friends Amelia and Sara! Even though I've known Harmony longer than them, I've met them in my childhood days. The five of us were inseparable!

“Hey Girly!” The two said in unison.

“Oh my watcher! I'm so glad you're here!” I was so happy that I shed a tear. For real, I did.
Amelia was the first to hug me and then Sara.

“How are you feeling?” Amelia asked.

“Not good!” I answered.

“You didn't feel that way when ALL of us came,” Becky smirked.

“Whatever sis,” I said.
I decided to take a glimpse at my get well gifts and then I noticed those pretty pink roses.

“I wonder who gave me those pink roses,” I said.

They all looked at them and Becky says, “Those can't be for me, I'm not much of a fan of pink.”

“We know THAT, Becky, those are for ME.” I frowned at my sister.

And none of them knows where that bear came from either. Must be from a secret admirer, or something.
I may me okay to the others, but I'm NOT. I believe I should at least tell Becky about this, since she's been through the same thing last time. I mean, Annie says this Doom Curse reduces your days in the living world, meaning I'll die soon! So this miracle I need to find is MAGIC! But where the hell am I gonna find someone who has the power to undo this curse?! My parents tell me they were gonna leave right away and go back to work. They both left their jobs early for me and I heard they scolded Becky for skipping school to come here, and they scolded me too.

“Do you guys have to go?” I pleaded them.

“You need rest Stella, you must have went through a tough mess before being admitted here, so you'll need your energy back,” Mom said.

“What happened? Before you passed out?” Dad asked.

I sighed and replied, “If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.”

“Stella!” Mom scolded.

“I'm serious mom!” I begged.

“We'll discuss this when you get out,” Dad said, then orders my siblings and friends, “Let's go kids, Stella needs her rest.”
It's been an hour since my family and friends left my room and me going back to sleep. I've had a nightmare about my grave and then I wake up from my dream. Because I heard knocking on the door. I was so glad to be awake from my bad dream. But I wasn't really expecting anymore visitors since it was 3:30 in the afternoon and everyone's probably getting out of school.

I got up from bed to welcome this visitor, telling them, “Come in!”
Once the visitor opened the door to come in, I was in a stupefied state. Only because I know this visitor standing before me. It was him!

“Hey Stella,” He greeted me.

“Umm, hey,” I replied weakly.
I can't believe David's here! But why? Isn't he mad at me for bad mouthing his mean friend. No wait! I should be mad at HIM! He was a real jerk to me the other day! He acted just like my ex-boyfriend! And just stood there by Brea's side and watched as she treated me coldly?! I feel like a fool once again! And how dare he gives me that smile! “So how are you feeling?” He asked approaching me.

Once he did, I crossed my arms and turned away from him with a small frown and I answered, “I'm not doing good at all, David.”

“That's hard to believe, you're standing up on your own, you're just fine,” He replied with positivity.

I'm not doing well at all, because I'M CURSED! Now I have a GOOD reason to hesitate dating this guy, not because he's my bestie's EXIE! I'm angry with him for defending the REAL she-devil.

“What are you doing here?” I asked still looking away from him.

“I came to see you, duh,” David said in a-matter-of-factually way.

“Well last time you yelled at me, David,” I glared at him.
David's smile faded away and sighed heavily. He looks at the ground and shakes his head.

“Well?” I asked impatiently.

He looked at me again, but he had a painful look on his face.

“David?” I asked again sounding confused this time.

“I also came here to apologize about that day. I'm going through a lot right now,” He replied still looking sad.

“What do you mean?”

“My mom, came to visit on that day, and it was the worst day ever,” He added.
“Are your parents divorced?” I asked.

“They never got married, making me an outlaw child . It's a LONG story Stella, I can also say that I don't see eye-to-eye with my mom,” David implied.

David also tells me that he doesn't believe those school rumors at all! Because he knows I'm not that kind of girl. He just had a bad day and took it out on me. But he didn't have to apologize for Brea!

“I hung out with Brea that day, and I was just miserable the whole time!” He ranted.

“Really? Why?” I perked up.

“YOU weren't there with me! I felt so guilty for treating you like that,” He pouted.

“I forgive you, David,” I nodded smiling at him.

“Thanks, Stella that means a lot! I had to come here! I had to Stella, because..........I couldn't stop thinking about you,” He confessed with that beautiful warm smile.
And when he said that I did the unthinkable. I just went up to grab the guy and KISSED HIM! That's right people! I'm kissing David Lampe! The former boyfriend of my best friend Harmony, but the guy who's shoulder I cried on when I couldn't get over MY jerk-of-an-ex! AND the guy who rescued me and my sister from the mortals of darkness! When he confirmed that he dreams of me and also telling me he crushed on me from the start, I fell on cloud nine. I can see the look on his face as I was kissing him. I was amused, but I couldn't help it! I felt the same way about him too, like that dream I shared with you guys on the last chapter. The feel of his lips are the same one's from my dream. Just look at him all puzzled up, isn't that funny? He still looked shocked at what I did once I backed away. I got a bit feared of what he might do next. I don't know what was wrong with me.

“Sorry about that David. It was just the heat of the moment, you know?” I said with a nervous smile and laugh.

David's puzzled expression turned to a you-don't-fool-me smirk saying, “Heat of the moment, huh?”

“Yeah! It's just like doing something you don't usually do. It just happened,” I laughed nervously.
To MY surprise, David grabs both of my arms, pulling me to him to him and saying, “Come here, you.” And then he kissed me back! I was hoping he would, it was in my dream after all. Even though I was shocked as he was at first but then we started to make out. My heart was pounding fast as his lips were on mine. I'm making out with Harmony's ex-boyfriend, but I didn't care anymore. We broke apart while kissing and looked into each others eyes.

“I think of you too David,” I said smiling at him lovingly.

“So, you admit it then,” He smirked.

“Admit what David?” I giggled.

“You know what! You admit that you want to be MORE that just friends,” He hinted.

I giggled at that looking into his beautiful green eyes. I got closer to kiss him again, BUT we were interrupted.

“WOO-HOO! STELLA! You go girl!” BECKY interrupted, nosy brat!
“Becky! What are you still doing here?!” I had a nervous tone as I push David away.

“Just wondering if you got those pretty pink roses that X-Man gave you!” She smirked.

I turned to David and asked, “YOU gave me those roses David?”

He nodded and replied, “You were asleep when I came, but I didn't want to ruin you beauty sleep.”

He's too sweet!

“Hey Clover! I'm glad you're out of here,” I greeted her.

“I'm glad you're okay too girlie!” She chirped.

I was surprised that Randy came, but I greeted him too, “Hey Randy!”

“Hey,” He greeted back turning away as usual. Randy may not be a criminal to me anymore, but he's still a weirdo.
“Did we miss anything? Beside you two in each others arms confessing your love to each other.” Becky teased.

“We did nothing of the sort, dear sister!” I said with a phony smile.

“I guess you seen the part where I was proposing to your sister as well?” David smiled.

“No he didn't!” I proclaimed.
“Awww, Stelly-Boo is so adorable, trying to hide her new boyfriend, it's okay to be in love!” Becky teased me and laughed.

“Like you are,” Randy said under his breath.

Becky turns to him with a smirk and asks, “What did you say, punk?”

“Nothing Becky,” He looks away chuckling.

I sighed at these two.

“Like I was saying, we'll give you two lovey-dovey birdies some time alone, okay?” Becky smirked.
Crossing my arms with an irritated expression on my pretty face, I told my childish sister to get out! And told Clover I'll talk to her later. David just made my day, but I still gotta deal with that hateful friend of his and this dark curse that will literally end me. How am I gonna break the new to my NEW boyfriend that I don't have very long in this world? I don't even know the last day of my life will be! It's Becky's turn to be the narrator. And here's her new POV intro picture. Her scene takes place a few seconds after she left Stella's hospital room. Hope you'll like the last part of the chapter. Hey guys! It's me again, Becky! I'm here at the hospital visiting my sister who was asleep for three days here! I couldn't sleep myself, not knowing if she's okay or not. She's the best friend I see daily, born to the same parents and born on the same day! Randy decide to tag along without me asking because of his secret crush on her! That's right people! My rebel buddy had liked my sister ever since we were kids, but he never showed it. My parents were waiting for us so we can go home together, but I wasn't planning to go home yet. I needed some answers of whose doing this crap to us.

“Are you ready to go honey?” My mom asked me.

“Yeah but I'll meet you guys at home, I have to go to another friend's house first,” I answered.
“Okay then, your father and I can give you a ride over there,” She replied.

“Mom, it's okay! You know the taxi service never charges or sleeps around here!” I smirked.

“None of them in this world do,” Randy added.

“Becky, it's 20 degrees out there,” Dad scolded.
“Which is why I don't want you all to get stuck in the snow, and you know how tough I am I can handle anything!” I said proudly.

“Except the dark,” Dad smirked.

I frowned at him and then I looked away turning pink.

“Just be careful in this blizzard, okay Becky? And stay out of trouble!” Mom warned me, then turns to Randy and adds, “Both of you!”

“We will, mom,” I said sounding amused. It's impossible for us to do that!

“Take care of my daughter, okay?” My dad ordered Randy.

“Yes sir!” Randy said smiling at him.
We walked out of the hospital building go to Michelle's house. Remember on our bad day at school and she said she was gonna help me catch this life ruining crook? Well she did, and when I got a call from her, she tells me I wont believe who it is. Well I WILL believe it and once I find out who it is, I'm gonna give them a beating they'll never forget! A blonde-haired girl with white sunglasses and a black long coat and boots was walking towards us and then she stops to look between us. Then she looks at me and greets me, “Hey there!”

“Hi Blondie!” I greeted back.

“How you doin?” Randy greeted in a flirtatious tone.
“I'm here to see someone, is this the hospital?” She asked in a somewhat familiar voice.

Which is why I didn't answer. Who is this chick? Why is she talking to us? And how can she not see that this is a hospital? Even though I have no interest or time to talk to strangers right now, I can't help wonder about the sound of her voice. Her voice sound a bit familiar.
“Who are you?” I asked looking at the girl with a wary expression.

“I asked YOU a question first,” She stated with a smirk.

“This IS the hospital pretty girl , but they'll answer most of your questions in there,” Randy said smiling at her.

“Thanks sweetie!” She smiled at Randy as he winked at her.

I punched him and barked out, “Quit flirting, you punk!”
We didn't even noticed the girl walking pass us while we were glaring at each other. That's rude of her! I say this because we answered HER question, but she didn't answer me!

“You never answered MY question stranger!” I called out to her which made her stop.

She replied, “I know that.......Becky.”

Randy and I gasped at the same time, shocked and a bit feared. How does she know my name?

“You know her?” Randy looked at me.

Once we made it to Michelle's house, we rang the doorbell, she tells us to come in and we do and we see that she's stretching.

“You've got some nice legs, girlie!” I said.

She turns around with an arrogant smirk and replies, “Don't call me girlie okay. And this is no flirting hour, we need to get to business.”

“Alright, whatever,” I said matter-of-factually.
Once Michelle sits down and turns her laptop on, she starts explaining, “This chick is insane and I don't know why. She's the one who's responsible for these missing people, your friend Harmony and Kenny. Oh by the way, Dona's funeral is gonna be next Tuesday.”

“I can't believe they found her in the lake, that was messed up,” Randy said with a frown.
“So have they found out anything about Harmony?” I asked.

“Nope, it's like her track disappeared, or so I heard. They say she's nowhere to be found in this town,” Michelle answered.

I looked at the computer screen and see Kenny's have you seen me sign. They just declared him another missing teen. Dona was found, but she's gone! These people are quitters! I know my girl's out there somewhere!

Michelle sighed heavily, “You ready gorgeous?”

“For?” I asked.

“This is the crook whose trashing you!” Michelle said then clicked with her mouse to the image.

Once I saw the image I was like, “WHAT THE HELL?!”

“Is that-?” Randy yelled and paused.
“BREA NOOKS?!” Randy and I said in unison.

Michelle tells me this chick has been the one trashing us. AND made that picture with her and Kenny. Michelle's been doing some detective work. She's been spying on Brea ever since our visit to the hospital with Clover. Brea's responsible for the disappearance of Harmony and Kenny and an accessory for Dona's Death. This picture was from today too.

“That little bi-!” I glared at the screen.

Michelle interrupted with a scolding playful tone, “Watch your mouth, Becky!”

“SHUT UP YOU!” I yelled.

Pricilla was right about that girl being a threat! But why Brea of all people?! She's just a typical schoolmate! Why US?! I have got to tell Stella about this!

To Be Continued...

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I really love this story \:\) it stuck n my mind well:P

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