MasterXMaid - Chapter 16
Published Nov 29, 2015

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been on a very loooong hiatus.
sorry! lots of real world stuff to attend to. gawrsh!

anyway, here's MasterXMaid rewind~~~! (which is late for like months already)

recap: (what happened again? hahahaha! even I! *flicks own forehead*)
Lora saw Xander and Aerith/Annie confessing their love for each other! Does this mean war? uh oh!

(please do check the other chapters of this story for a better recap. ehehehe. you can check em all out in my profile)

i'll keep this short, have to go~~!
i hope you enjoy reading this. :)

love lots,


been on a very loooong hiatus.
sorry! lots of real world stuff to attend to. gawrsh!

anyway, here's MasterXMaid rewind~~~! (which is late for like months already)

recap: (what happened again? hahahaha! even I! *flicks own forehead*)
Lora saw Xander and Aerith/Annie confessing their love for each other! Does this mean war? uh oh!

(please do check the other chapters of this story for a better recap. ehehehe. you can check em all out in my profile)

i'll keep this short, have to go~~!
i hope you enjoy reading this. :)

love lots,
“She’s back to the Martins' again.” He spoke on the phone.

“I already told you, that’s my daughter, Aerith Johnson. She’s hard to handle, isn’t she? But it was of great help of you to locate her for me.”

“I only did what was right.”

“You’re really good, do you know that? The moment she stepped on Bridgeport, you already know where she is. Now that’s my soon to be son-in-law!” the man chuckled, “Thanks for finding her.”
“It was nothing. I’m her fiancé.”

“Yes." he chuckled a little, "Yes. Now tell me, are you already in need of help? It’ll be difficult to get her out of there. You need my help, Devon.”

“Yes… please help me get her back.”

“You only need to say that. You’re her soon to be husband and I’ll do everything for you to be together. Now tell me where she is and I’ll take it from here.”
“Welcome home, Annie or Aerith.” Mr. Adams greeted.

“Thank you.” She smiled, “You can call me in any way you’re comfortable.”

“This time, you’re not just maid anymore, am I right?” Mr. Adams asked.

She flushed.

“She’s still going to serve me.” Alexander added. He looked at her and smirked. Aerith just rolled her eyes.

“Hey, where’s Lora?” she asked.
“Lora? Are you there?” she knocked. There was no answer. She opened the door and found Lora there, standing, looking at her blankly. “What are you doing here?”

“I came home.”

“This is not your home.” Lora answered. Her brows crossed as she rolled her eyes. Aerith was hurt to see such reaction from Lora.
“Lora… I’m sorry.”

“You think it isn't too late to apologize?” Lora uttered, “It’s too late, Aerith Johnson.”

“Lora, I…”

“Stop talking to me like you know me and I know you. I don’t know you. My friend is Annie. You’re not Annie. Annie won’t betray me. Annie won’t hurt me like this.”

Aerith’s tears fell.
“I’m sorry.”

“You think that’s enough? You stole him from me. You already know how much I love him and still, you did this? How dare you!” Lora’s voice was shaky.

“I confess… I fell in love with him even before I was found as Aerith Johnson. I’m sorry Lora… I can’t suppress my feelings. I just can’t.”

Before Aerith could finish, Lora shouted at the top of her voice “HOW DARE YOU!”

She went out the room. Her tears fell. She rubbed it and ran away.
“Lora!” Mr. Adams called Lora who ran so fast. He wasn’t able to stop her. She ran away from the house. Aerith, on the other hand, kept on sobbing in their room.
Alexander knocked on the door.

“Hey…” he called. He opened the door and found her devastated. He ran towards her and embraced her.

“I’m a monster.” Aerith, with a shaky voice, said, “How can I do this to Lora?”
Alexander, without anything to say, embraced her tighter.
Aerith was tired of crying that she fell asleep. Alexander tucked her in her bed. He walked out of her room and met Mr. Adams.

“Is she okay?” Mr. Adams asked.

“She really cried a lot. Her eyes are swelling and she even fell asleep.” He answered.

“That was expected of Lora.” Mr. Adams said.
“Lora is in love with you, master.” Mr. Adams frankly said.

Alexander’s eyes widened.
“Why me?” Alexander was perplexed, “I wasn’t good to her.”

“It’s not about that. She loves you for who you are.” Mr. Adams said, “I’m surprised of hearing those words from you. You already know what love is and yet you’re saying such.”
“What should we do?” Alexander asked.

“Interfering will worsen things. Let them be.” Mr. Adams said, “Everything will be fine soon.”
Another day came.
It was 5 a.m. when Aerith woke up. Her eyes hurt. She went downstairs and found Lora there, cooking.

“Lora…” she softly spoke.

Lora didn’t answer her. She continued cooking and ignoring her.
“Let me help you.”

Lora still didn’t answer.
Aerith went near her but she stopped because Lora glaread at her with eyes filled with rage.

“I’m sorry.” Aerith said.
That morning, the usual household routines continued.
Lora was still being tough. She was ignoring Aerith the whole morning.
Aerith tried and tried to talk to her but it was of no use.

Lora just stared at her with no emotions painted on her face.

“Can we talk?” Aerith asked.

Lora sighed “You think it’s that easy? You really think that everything’s easy and breezy to do.”

“I’m sorry Lora.”


“I’m sorry.”

“Are you done?” Lora’s brow was raised. Aerith’s tears fell.
“Lora, I want to save our friendship.”

Lora was teary eyed, “that moment you betrayed me, you already ruined our friendship. You can’t fix it anymore.”

“Won’t you give me a chance?”

“What? Why would I even do that? You think you deserve it?” Lora walked away.
Aerith ran towards her, “Lora, you’re my best friend and you’ll always be.”

Lora’s tears fell. Without looking at Aerith, she continued walking away from her.
Aerith sat down the lawn. She was spaced out. She kept on thinking about Lora. Then, Alexander came.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be cleaning.” He said.

She smiled, “are you trying to cheer me up?”


“well… still, thanks.” She said.
“I love Lora.” She said.

“I know you do. She’s your buddy, isn’t she?”

Aerith nodded.

“I'm sorry." he sighed, "You know, in some series in TV, when things like this happen, the lead releases her love for her friend. But in your case, I won’t let you do that.” He bluntly said, “Don’t let me go, okay?”

She smiled, “what are my choices?”

“Yes or yes.”

She smiled, “fine. Yes.”
“Hey, thanks for trying to cheer me up.” She added.

“I wasn’t trying to cheer you up.”

“Still, thanks for being here.”

“You were there when I was down. Now, it’s my turn to pay back.” He said with an honest smile.

“Do you even do that?” she asked.

He grabbed her cheeks and pulled them, “Stupid girl!”

“Ouch!” she groaned. He released them and they giggled.
“I’ll keep on trying to win her back. Is that a good idea?” Aerith asked.

He nodded.
She wore her maid dress and did her duties for the rest of the day.

“Annie! What are you doing?” Mr. Adams asked.

“I’m still Mr. Martins’ maid, am I?” She giggled, “Now let me do some cleaning!”

Lora happened to pass by.

“Why don’t you do some laundry with Lora?” Mr. Adams suggested.
“You know, we really should change the detergent we’re using. I think this brand contains more chalk than real soap.” Aerith tried starting the conversation.

Lora remained silent.

“I saw a TV commercial about a laundry soap. I think that detergent is really good. The commercial was really convincing. Do you remember Squeaky Clean Detergent Bar?”

Lora still didn’t answer.

“It was effective, wasn’t it?” Aerith was trying to move her mood up even though it’s already down.
Aerith was preparing the meal when suddenly, Lora passed by.

“Hey Lora!” she called, “You think shawarma is worth the try for tonight’s meal?”

Lora just stared at her.

“I’ll cook one. Please do taste it. I’d like to know if you like it.”

She walked away. Aerith ran and followed her.
“Lora!” she held her arm. Lora pushed her hand away.

“What are you doing?” Lora shouted, “Why are you acting like everything is normal? Stop pretending that everything’s okay! It’s not okay and it will never be!”

“I want everything to be okay again, Lora.”

“You’re not helping.” Lora answered.
“I’ll do everything for us to be okay.”

“Give up, will you?!”

“No, I won’t give up on you. I’ll never do that. You are my best friend and how I see you will never change.”

“You think you’re good at this?” Lora walked away, “I hate you.”

Aerith’s tears fell.
It was almost time to sleep. Aerith entered their room. Lora was there. It seems like she’s getting ready for her rest.

“So, you still sleep here?”

Aerith smiled because surprisingly, Lora talked to her first. “Yes. I’m still a maid.”

Lora just rolled her eyes. He pulled her blanket and closed her eyes.

Aerith looked at Lora compassionately, “Good night, Lora.”

Lora, hearing such, felt even more hurt. She still sees Aerith as her best friend but somehow, the pain of Aerith lying and falling for the person she loved overshadowed her love for her.
Another day came.

“Good morning Lora!” Aerith greeted, “I’m planning to make waffles for today’s breakfast. What do you think?”

Lora didn’t answer.

“I think it’ll be great. We have some flavored maple syrups. What flavor do you prefer?” Aerith asked.

Lora didn’t even dare to look at her. She opened the fridge and took out some cereal.
“Cereals? I thought you don’t like them alone for breakfast. That alone can’t fill our big tummies, right?” Aerith tried to joke around.

Lora was pissed, “Shut up, will you?” she shouted. Then, she walked away.
Aerith sighed.
Aerith was upstairs when the phone rang.

“Good morning, this is the Martins’ residence. May I know who’s speaking?”


Aerith’s eyes widened. She recognized who’s speaking.
“So it’s true that you’re still there. My sources are very accurate!” the man chuckled.

“What do you want, dad?”

“I want you back home.”

“Did you hear me, young lady? Playtime’s over.”

“I won’t go back there. It’s like chaining me back again. Dad, I want a life. Leave me alone!”

“Your life is over here.”

“There? When I return there, I’m your robot again. You control my whole life again. It’s like losing my own life. Dad, please, I want a life of my own.”

“You really are stubborn aren’t you?”
“I want you back in Hidden Springs in 24 hours or else…” he said unfinished.

“Or else what?”

“You wouldn’t want your friends in that household to get hurt, would you?”

“What are you planning, dad?” she suddenly became nervous. She knew her dad very well. She knew what he could do.

“Simple. If you’re not back here in 24 hours, I’m going to file a kidnapping case against the entire Martins household. All three of them will be covered perfectly.”

“You... can’t do that.” her voice was shaky.
“My beloved daughter, you know dad very well. He can do everything as he pleases. You know, I’ve been considerate to you for the past few months you’ve been there. Then I realized, being a nice daddy won’t work on you now. So now, if I have to use force to get you back, so be it. If I have to drag them to hell for you to behave, so be it.”

“Dad… please don’t hurt them. I beg you.”

“A favor must be paid, my dear. Tomorrow at dawn, my henchmen will be around there. Go with them. You know what will happen once you don’t. ”

“Dad, no…”

“See you soon, my child.” He hung up.

Her tears fell, “no…”

She didn’t know Lora was secretly eavesdropping nearby.
“It’s hopeless.” she thought.

“hey… You didn’t bring me breakfast. I waited and now I’m late for work.” Alexander, who suddenly appeared behind her, grunted.

“I’m... sorry.” she apologized, looking down. She ran away but he was able to hold her arm.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“You’re acting strangely.” He said.

Her tears fell. He embraced her. She knew it was her last day in the household. She will never see them again.
That evening, she pondered on what to do.

Lora was already asleep. Aerith looked at her. She became teary eyed. She dried her eyes.

“Thank you.” She murmured.
She went out and met Mr. Adams on the living room.

“It’s late, Annie. You should be sleeping.”

“How about you, sir?”

“I’m waiting for a fax to come. It’s quite important.” Mr. Adams shifted his look on the fax machine. The fax arrived.

“There it is.” She giggled.

“Yes.” He read it, “Well, I guess there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll be off to dreamland now. Goodnight Annie.”

“Goodnight, Mr. Adams.” She smiled, “Thank you.”

Mr. Adams smiled back and walked away.
She went downstairs. To her surprise, she found Alexander in the kitchen.

“Good evening.” She greeted.

“You’re up?” he asked.

“I should be the one asking that.”

“Everyone’s asleep and I have to finish my report. I’m just having coffee for a while. And I’m back to work again.” He picked up his coffee.

“That’s weird of you not to call anyone of us to prepare your coffee.”

“I’m not that mean to wake you up in the middle of your sleep just to fulfill my coffee needs which I can do myself. I’m a grown man, Annie.”

She smiled, “So, you won’t need any help anymore?”
“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“I’m glad to see that you’re already a grown man.”

“Why are you talking like a mother?” he asked, “You’ve gotten weird.”

She chuckled. “Hey…” she added, “Thank you.”

“For what?” he asked.

“For everything.” She smiled. He smiled back.
She went near him and embraced him. She closed her eyes and focused on listening to his heartbeat.

“I love you.” He said.

She on the other hand suppressed her tears. She embraced him tighter.

She looked at his eyes. “I love you, Alexander.”

He kissed her. Her eyes weren’t able to hold the tears any longer.
Morning came. Lora woke up an hour earlier than she should. Aerith wasn’t in her bed. She found a note on her table. She opened it and read it. “I’m sorry… huh?”

She immediately got dressed and went downstairs.

“Good morning, Lora. Is Annie up?” Mr. Adams asked.

“I don’t know.” Lora answered.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s not in our room.”

Mr. Adams suddenly went nervous.
“Lora, I saw a note under the door. Is this Annie’s writing?” he showed him the letter.

“I’m sorry…” Lora read. “It’s the same here. I found this on her bed.”

“This is her writing, no doubt.” Mr. Adams said. He hurriedly ran towards the master’s bedroom.
He was surprised to find another letter on the master’s door steps.

He knocked on the door. “Master! Wake up, master Alexander!”

Alexander opened the door. “It’s still early, Mr. Adams.” He rubbed his eyes.

Mr. Adams handed over the letter.
Alexander opened it and read it.

“I’m sorry…. Goodbye…” he read.

“Master, Annie is…” Mr. Adams said unfinished.

Alexander’s eyes widened. He ran out of his room.
He ran to Annie’s room, to the office, to the living room, to the kitchen. He searched everywhere. He ran out of the house.

“Annie!” he shouted. His tears fell.
Mr. Adams looked at Alexander with eyes filled with pity.

“Annie… why?”

to be continued



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