The Wicked Entice-Finale
Published Oct 16, 2015

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Hi everyone!

Sorry this one took so long. Had some problems with this chapter getting rejected and my email not working. This isn't the end, there will be an epilogue coming up! Anyway, thank you all for still reading!

XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone!

Sorry this one took so long. Had some problems with this chapter getting rejected and my email not working. This isn't the end, there will be an epilogue coming up! Anyway, thank you all for still reading!

XOXO Alessa
“She can’t be serious. She’s really running away?” Shade asks, smiling at Meena’s attempt to flee.
“Looks like it.”
“In those heels?”
“Why are you so concerned?” I ask him, but he has turned to Carreau still laying motionless on the sand. She didn’t deserve that. She didn’t deserve to be laying there so peacefully. She had called Shade Abaddon’s second. My fists clench.
“Don’t even think about it.” Shade drops to one knee, getting a closer look at the fallen demon.
“Don’t think about what?” I stoop down, only inches from his face. “Who the hell do you think you are to be giving me orders?”
“Get up,” he commands, and as I’m about to shove him, I realize he’s talking to the other demon. “Carreau, I want you to go back to my place. Wait for me there.”
He had just finished speaking when she rises and without a word, starts walking away. I felt like I was in the trance right with her. While she was leaving, I was glued to my spot, not understanding how he was doing it. Theo’s just as speechless as I am, but I could feel that something was turning in his mind.
What was that?
I turn back to Shade, but he has already begun running after Meena. I chase after him, picking up my speed, drilling holes into the back of his head. When I get my hands on him and the half breed, I’ll...I blink and Meena’s no longer in sight. I figured I had missed her, maybe Shade was blocking my view of her, but he has stopped too. I look left and right, and he does the same.
“Where is she?” I yell, and he yells right back.
“Does it look like I know?”
It doesn’t, does it?
“What did you do to her? She was right in front of you.” I storm up to him, and he takes one quick step out of my reach.
“Didn’t I tell you to not try anything?” He asks.
I force a chuckle out, not taking my eyes off of his darkening ones. Has he always been this smug? Why hadn’t I gotten rid of him before? Why did I wait until the last second?
Because you thought you could use him against Meena if she wasn’t too compliant in joining you?
Why don’t you just shut up?
“Verin? What is it boy?” Shade laughs. “Having a private conversation with Theo? Why haven’t you let him go? Are you scared of what will happen when you do? Because releasing him means you won’t have power over anyone anymore.”
* * * * * * *
Verin charges at me. His nostrils flare, arms stretch out, hands clawing for my neck. It was what I wanted. I wanted him to get a little angry, go crazy, and come at me. I wanted to get my hands on him, and do what I’ve been wanting to do to the demon, but I had my orders. As he reaches me, I grin.
“You look like you could use a nap.”
When those brown eyes open again, I slowly remove his hands from around my neck, and take a step back. Palms up, I lamely say “hey.” We didn’t have much time. Meena was gone, and I had to go to her, but I was told to be patient with him. “Are you listening?” I ask him, and he nods after looking around himself unsure. That was understandable, but like I said, we were running out of time. I couldn’t wait for him to be completely up to speed.
“How? How are you, how am I-“
“-I can’t explain right now. He’ll be back soon. Theo, I need you to listen to me very carefully.”
* * * * * * *
How? I had just been at the beach, running away from the two demons when I had a moment of nausea and I was back at my apartment.
“How the hell?“
I whirl around having no clue on who to expect to be behind me, and honestly, too mentally tired to try to figure it out.
It was Shade. Except it wasn’t. The man standing in front of me had the same smokey eyes, same dark hair, just styled differently. He was wearing something Shade wouldn’t be caught dead in, and on that thought, my stomach drops. Who was he? This couldn’t be Shade, although I guess I never really knew him at all. Did he have a twin? A brother? This couldn’t be his father, they were roughly the same age “I am called Michael,” he says. “I am here on Laima’s behalf. I was told you would know who that is.”
“Michael? Who are you?”
“Yes, you said that, I mean who exactly are you? What are you doing here? Why am I here? How did I get here? Where’s Shade? Verin?”
“There is not much time to answer all your questions.” This Shade clone was talking like a robot. A robot on a schedule. I scratch my head and ask him where Shade is.
“Where we left him.”
“We? You’re the reason I’m here?”
“In my apartment!”
“I was told you would yell.”
“Great. Who are you are? And I don’t mean your name.”
“I am here on Laima’s behalf. James contacted Her, and I was sent.”
“Why you?”
“I am Her second in command. Abaddon is on His way. I was told to help you evade Shade and Verin, for the time being. I must leave you now.”
“Where are you going?”
“You are safe now. I brought you to a safe place, somewhere familiar to you.”
“Safe?” I repeat. “How am I safe if Abaddon is on His way here?”
“I am watching over you. Laima is watching over you. This is all according to plan. My son-”
“-What plan? What...Shade? Shade is your son?”
* * * * * * *
Verin wasn’t answering. Shade was asking us if we’re listening, but Verin’s quiet. I hold my breath as..wait. I’m holding my breath. Me. Not Verin. Me. I look down at the sand, and gasp. I was choosing where to look. I was in control of my body. Shade moves closer, and I look to him, nodding. I nod. Me. Not Verin. Me. “How?” I ask him, and smile. I was speaking. The next words come out in a rush. I couldn’t get them out fast enough. How did I have control again? Where was Verin? I could feel him, not quite sleeping, but he was unconscious. He was unaware of what was happening, and just as I begin to tell Shade that I’m here, that it’s not Verin talking for me anymore, he tells me that demon will be back soon.
“I know you’re freaking out right now,” he says, “but you know what’s been going on right? You’ve been awake?”
I start nodding, but quickly stop. Why should I trust him? Verin had been wary of him, angry too. He had wanted to know why Shade was Abaddon’s second, why he had more power, and he wanted to know what else Shade could do. Seeing my hesitation, Shade screams at me.
“I need you to trust me. Verin will be back any second, and I need you to listen. I know I’m the last guy you want to hear this from, but man, your dad needs you to okay? He’s called Laima. She’s with him. If you ever loved Bree, hold on to that, you got it? I know how it sounds, but listen. Laima has Bree. Not just her body, but the real Bree. Hold on to that, and hold on to how much you love your dad. That’s the only way to get Verin out, and that’s the only way you-“ he stops, and places a hand on my shoulder. “Theo, you can’t be scared. You can’t be angry, or be holding a grudge right now. I’ll allow you as many free punches as you want after all this is done, but basically, just think happy thoughts. Don’t let Verin influence you. Don’t listen to him or Abaddon, if it comes to that. This is the only way you get out of this in one piece.”
“One piece?” I whisper. After everything I’ve been through, everything that’s come out of me falling for Meena, the guy she cheated on me with was asking me to trust him. To trust and forgive him, to forgive her, and to concentrate on how I feel about Bree. I made love to her and she never even knew how I felt. She never knew that every time my hands touched her, I wasn’t even in control. It had been Verin. It had been a demon she fell for. Not me. She doesn’t even know me. Shade asks me again to trust him. I was supposed to trust him with my life when I hadn’t even trusted him to keep his hands off of Meena?
“Trust you?” I ask, shaking his hand off. “How can you ask me to do that?”
“Theo, there’s no time to tell you how sorry I am for her, for everything. Nothing I say will make it okay, but let me help you make it out of this. You can kick me all up and down this beach when it’s done, just let me help you.”
I was going to tell him that he was right. Nothing he could say would make me forgive him, but Verin was beginning to stir. Shade sees the panic in my eyes, and tries to assure me that it will be okay, but I shake my head uncontrollably. I only have time to ask him one last thing, even if I could never entirely trust him. “Make sure you get them out of this, okay? My dad and Bree.” * * * * * * *
I only had a second to react. With Theo losing control, I made his body sleep. Verin would wake up on the sand, with not even the mermaids around him. Meanwhile, I was back at my place. James was coming out of Blythe and Alec’s bedroom. He took one look at me, rushed over and asked me about his son.
I repeat my short conversation with Theo, and tell him I had to leave him unconscious back at the beach so that I could race home.
“Blythe and Alec?” I ask, and he points to their bedroom.
“They’ll never trust another glass of water that you hand them, but they’re still asleep. I was in there making sure that the potion was still in effect. I’ve never had the chance to use it on hunters before, but it seems like the tattoo from the fairies doesn’t help you much against those of my kind. Just thought you should know.”
I thank him for the heads up and again for knocking out my sister and friend. They didn’t need to be involved with Laima. Blythe was going to give me hell for that, and Alec will just be disappointed he didn’t get to meet the goddess, but it was for the best.
“I sent Carreau over. Where is she?”
James hesitates. “You’ll see,” he says, and I follow him into my bedroom, assuring him I hadn’t given her specific orders to wait for me there. “Not my fault if she’s in there naked.” He doesn’t even crack a smile, stupid me for trying to make light of the situation, especially when I open the door and find the demon is actually nude.
James clears his throat. Apparently I had stared at the naked woman for too long.
“I swear I had nothing to do with this,” I say, and he keeps his eyes on the floor. The will power on this man was impressive.
“Then why is she standing, undressed, waiting for you in the middle of the room? She hasn’t said a word. Just came in, took off her clothes, and has been waiting for you exactly like this. I thought by the sight of you, she’d react, or maybe hearing your voice, she’d snap out of this, but still...” he motions to her, eyes still down.
“How am I supposed to know? I’m still getting used to the idea that I can control demons, and after Abaddon tried to awaken me into something I’m not, Laima shows up, and doesn’t exactly explain anything.”
“She said you’d only have to ask, and she’d answer your call.”
“She wants me to pray to Her, when She still has a lot of explaining to do. She only said that I was Hers, that I had always been Hers. Look, I’ll get the hang of this. Now let me figure out how to get this demon to dress herself.”
Once the demon was clothed, and asleep on my bed, I close my bedroom door and James stops pacing around in the hallway. “Now would be the time to pray to Laima. Ask Her to come. We have to get Verin out of my son’s body, and get Meena away from Abaddon. Where is she?”
“What do you mean where is she? Isn’t she with Laima already?”
“How would I know that? I’ve been here knocking out your hunter family, waiting for you to give me word of my son! You were with her! You left her alone? When you know Abaddon is after her? You’ve left her alone?”
I wanted to punch him just for thinking that I would really abandon her when she needed me the most. I settled for screaming at him instead. “She started running from Verin and me before I could explain what was going on. As far as she knows, I’m a demon like her. She ran from me, and before I knew it, she was gone.”
“Gone where? You’re a hunter. You couldn’t keep up with her?”
“I swear I’m going to punch the hell out of you if you keep this up,” I say, and he backs down. I pinch the space between my eyes and groan.
“She was in front of me one second, and then she was gone. I thought that Laima... She was supposed to keep her safe. She promised She’d keep Meena safe. Why did we think we could trust Her?”
* * * * * * *
I stare at Shade’s picture on my phone, my thumb hovering over the screen, wanting to answer his call. He hangs up, and I curse. What am I doing? Why would I be answering him when I don’t even know who he is anymore? Him having been a demon would’ve been a shock, yes, but how could I turn him away if I was the same? No. He was something much more. He was controlling demons. What he did to Carreau... had he done the same to me? Have I ever been in control of myself when he’s around? Did I ever really love him? Do I even know what that is?
Shade is calling again. I shake my head as if he could see me, and turn off my phone. “Not going to fall for it again,” I mutter.
“But I haven’t even said a word,” a voice answers.
“Abaddon?” That shouldn’t have been a surprise. I had already been told He was going to drop by for a visit. Why had I decided to stay? Why didn’t I just take off..where? Where was it safe for me to go?
“Meena,” He replies with a smile, and outstretched arms. He’s got to be kidding me. He expects me to just embrace Him? He lets His arms fall, but the smile lingers. “Meena, you’re not coming to me. Why?”
“You, you just showed up out of nowhere.”
“Is that really why? Well, this is just how I get around. It’s not always so easy to catch a cab that will lead to hell and back.” He was still smiling.
He makes to move closer, and I automatically step back. His smile finally disappears. I didn’t know which side of Him to find more frightening. Him smiling at me, as if I was amusing, or Him frowning, as if I was disappointing.
“You’re scared of me?” He asks, and how would I lie? His full attention is on me. He’s listening to my heart pounding furiously in my chest.
“You don’t need to fear from me. Close your eyes.”
“What?” What did he want me to do that for?
“Your eyes. Close them.”
“I don’t unders-?”
“-Don’t make me ask you again.”
He was blocking my exit. He was blocking my way out. What did that matter when while my hands were shaking, my legs wouldn’t move?
“It’s one simple request,” Abaddon says, impatiently now.
I take a deep breath, still not looking at Him, and hesitantly close my eyes. What was He going to do to me? My stomach sinks as I fight the urge not to cry. What didn’t He want me to see?
He starts laughing and I flinch. His voice was closer than I had expected it to be. My eyes shoot wide open, and I scream back in fright. He’s now directly in front of me, wide smile on His face.
“I’m sorry,” he laughs. “Really, I am. What did you think I was going to do to you? I’ve told you, you have nothing to fear from me.”
My heart rate has rocketed, and I can feel my pulse all over -- pumping in my throat, thundering in my head, my heart smashing against my ribcage, and he tells me I have nothing to fear?
“You trust me, don’t you?” He asks, and this time, when He places His hands on me, it wasn’t like before when I was seeking His approval, I wanted to rip the skin His hands were touching. I wanted Shade to come bursting through the door, and save me. Where was he? What was he? Why couldn’t it be like before? Why couldn’t I be happy? I start crying, and Abaddon releases me.
“You need to trust me,” He says, “and trust that as long as I’m happy, you will never be hurt.”
I wipe my tears with the back of one hand, but I’ve begun to sob again.
“Stop it,” he orders. “You’re a demon. You need to let go of your humanity. Stop crying.”
I choke out some version of sorry, and he tells me to try again.
“S,sorry.” I repeat. “Sorry.”
“That’s better. You have nothing to fear from me.”
“Then why I do I feel afraid?” I ask him, trying to hold back the tears.
“Because uncertainty is a part of being human. Once you join me, you won’t ever feel that way again. No more fear when everyone will fear you instead. But first, we make you immortal.”
“Of course. How else will you stay by my side for ever? I’ve already delivered the needed souls to the fairies. They help me, I help them. We’re all winners.”
“The specific ones I’ve had Verin collect.”
“The ones Verin collected? Bree? Maia? Maia! She’s going to be so mad that her soul is being used to make me immortal.”
“Feeling better? Good. Let’s go on our way.”
“Go where? Where’s Shade? What did you to do him?”
The temperature in the room seemed to drop a few degrees. Either that, or Abaddon’s eyes alone chilled me.
“I wish you wouldn’t have brought up the boy,” He sighs.
“I love him,” I whisper, and again, say it louder. “I love Shade.”
“You don’t get to love,” He replies. “Isn’t it enough that I’ve let him live?”
“You made him into something.”
“Something like what? Like what you should be? Like what I had hoped and prayed you would be? I have so much hope for you, and all you care about is him. Which reminds me, he hasn’t brought Theo to me. I don’t think Verin is in his cage either.”
“-ordered him to fix a little problem I had with Verin. He was going behind my back, but that doesn’t matter anymore.”
“Of course it matters! Shade has replaced Verin!”
He starts laughing again. “You have to find the humor in this. The one you love, the one who loved you, can’t even stand the sight of you anymore. He will answer to me, and only to me. He will hate you for taking even a second of my time, and you will see that hatred, that oh-what-could’ve-been, every day for the rest of eternity. I want you, Meena. You will not fail me like Laima has. Because if you think having to look at Shade everyday, and having him hate you for it is punishment, wait until you see what I have planned for the goddess.” Seeing my reaction, he chuckles. “So dramatic. Shade’s alive. Isn’t that what you wanted? You can have it all. I only want you to be happy with me. We’re family now.”
“You’re not my family.”
“Yes, I am. I know you. Better than you even know yourself.”
“You don’t know anything about me.”
“I know how you’ve felt so out of place all your life, and that’s okay. You never belonged amongst the humans, you were meant to rule them. With me. By my side.”
“I’m not-“
“-You are. I’ve been watching you since you were brought into this world. First, it was simply because of your father and mother. How Laima took pity on them, how they were able to get away. Then, I noticed you. Growing up. Lost. Confused. I know you. And you’ll join me. You’ll want to.”
* * * * * * *
James asks me to calm down again. I ask him how he could ask me to do that when the man who just appeared out of thin air has my face. My face, and my lack of style. This man talked like a robot and kept referring to me as his son.
“You are my son,” my robotic clone says.
“I don’t see a resemblance,” I mutter.
“You do not?”
“He was making a joke,” James explains. “Shade, give him a chance. You can’t deny it’s not killing you to know how this man is your father.”
“Man? He’s not a man. He’s... what the hell are you anyway?” I ask my clone, who hasn’t stopped staring at me since he appeared.
“It is strange. We look so much alike, but I see some of your mother in you too. You have her-”
“-You don’t know anything about her. You left as soon as you knocked her up!” I yell at him, and James has to once again explain what I mean when I say “knocked up”.
“Leaving her was not my choice. I had my orders. I never meant to abandon her. I was not even allowed to meet you.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Poor you. I’m the one had to grow up with a man who I thought was my father, and when we found out the truth, I was...I had to watch watch my mother..but I only got Blythe out in time.”
“I am sorry. I was not allowed to interfere. I am not a guardian angel. I could have saved them both, but I had my orders. Laima comes first...I am sorry.”
“And leaving Meena behind? That was an order too? You just left her with Abaddon, and you won’t even let me try to get to her? I know you never cared about my mother, and you failed to save her, but I love Meena. I won’t let some stupid order stop me from going to her.”
“I did care for your mother. As much as one of my kind can. I watched her from afar. I met you once too. It was right after you and your sister were sent to your grandmother’s. You were sitting in the park. You had run away. You were alone, and I was told to stay away, but I could not stand by as my son was crying and-“
“-shut up.” I growl at him, and head for the door.
James calls me back, but it wasn’t Michael who had blocked my path. It was Laima.
When Abaddon had thought He had awoken me as one of His own, he had only succeeded in making me remember who I really was. When He had left after giving me my orders, Laima had appeared. She didn’t explain what exactly She had done to me, what exactly I was, but She told me of Her plan. I was to get Verin, as Abaddon had ordered, and I was to leave Meena out of it. Verin had ended up being with her, and I had to pretend I was something I wasn’t. Laima had promised to keep Meena safe, just as She had promised to send help, and had promised to give Theo his body back. Michael bows his head at Her sight, and James and I awkwardly glance at one another. She smiles and in that sing song voice of Hers, asks where Carreau is.
“Uh, in my room,” I answer. As much as I wanted to give Her a piece of my mind for leaving Meena behind, I could not not answer Her.
“Will you call her please?”
“Okay. Also, not my fault, but she assumed I wanted her to be waiting in my optional.”
“Demons,” She sighs. “Just bring her out.”
Carreau stood in front of Laima, face still blank.
“As soon as I do this,” Laima says, “Abaddon will be made aware of where we are, and that we are all here.”
“I just want my son back,” James says, and She smiles.
“I know, James. We will do what we can.” She turns to me. “Shade, you’re in control of the demon now. When I tell you to, you command her to wake up. We will only have a second to get her out, and get Bree back in her body. Souls are a delicate business, and a bit tricky, so we must move fast. Michael, hold the body so she won’t fall. Questions?”
“Yeah, why do you have Bree when she was Verin’s?”
“Does it really matter?” James asks. “He will be here any second.”
“I have Bree’s soul because she was in love with Verin. Despite being what he is, Bree died because she loved him, and because without knowing it, she fell in love with Theo too. There were many times when Verin would, or wouldn’t do something Theo did, or didn’t want to do to Bree. Now may we continue?” Laima grins.
“Yeah, sorry.”
* * * * * * *
Verin was knocking on my balcony door. Not exactly the savior I had in my mind, but at least Abaddon’s attention was on someone else for the time being. Verin looked just as surprised to see Him.
“What are you doing here?” Abaddon asks and knowing it was too late to run, Verin enters.
“I was looking for Meena. She left so suddenly, and I thought that someone else had been responsible.”
“Who? Where’s Shade?”
“Shade? What does he-“ Verin stops talking and glares at me.
“That’s right,” I answer his silent question, forcing a grin on my face for Abaddon, who glances down at me with an amused smile. “He knows all about your betrayal.”
* * * * * * *
“What do you feel now?” Laima aks me as I lay a shaky hand over Bree’s heart.
“A human soul. Bree’s.”
“Good. When Michael returns from giving Carreau the tour of her new home, we’ll only have to wait for the rest of the gang to get here.”
“What should I do with Bree?” I ask. The wolf was sleeping on my couch for now. I was worried about what would come later. What would happen to her?
“Let her sleep. Poor child will need therapy after what she’s been through, but we’ll get her the help she needs. With any luck, all this will be a bad dream for her.”
“What if this doesn’t work?” I ask her. “What if we can’t help Theo?”
“Why wouldn’t it work?” James yells. “You told him what he needed to do didn’t you?”
“Yes! I just meant, what if Verin overheard, what if he convinces him-“
“James,” Laima interrupts. “The soul has to act on it’s own free will. They have to cooperate in their own destruction. The demons start to poison their spirit, making them feel worthless, bad, and non deserving of life. The weaker Theo gets, the stronger Verin will become. With Abaddon, well, He might be able to convince Theo that He is the way. That he should accept Him. You need to be ready for that possibility.”
I apologize to James, who like his son, shrugs my hand away.
“We’re just going to sit here and wait for them to come?” James asks Laima as Michael reappears.
“We’re not going to be waiting for long,” she replies, looking over her shoulder back at us. “They’re coming.”
* * * * * * *
After the room managed to stop spinning, I slowly became aware that Abaddon had brought us to Shade’s apartment. I didn’t have time to wonder where Alec and Blythe were, why James was being held back by Michael, or why Carreau was napping on the sofa. Shade was in the room, that was all that mattered. One look at him, and I wanted to run into his arms. This was my Shade again. Somehow he was back and he appeared to want to be my side too, but there was another there. She was beautifully terrifying, and by the way Abaddon’s eyes widened at the sight of her, I knew it was Laima.
“I never would’ve known you had it in you,” Abaddon says, His eyes seemed to glimmer as He looked at Her. There was a hint of a smile on His face.
“It’s why I was able to get away with it for so long, darling.” Laima answers. Her face, Her voice was beautiful, but there was something menacing in Her grin.“Oh, I’m sorry. What are you referring to? To Michael or to Verin’s betrayal?”
“Michael? Am I supposed to know who that is?” Abaddon chuckles.
Michael steps besides Laima, and now Abaddon laughs.
“This is one of the lesser demons. I’m surprised he even has a name. What are you doing with him?”
“Lesser demon? No. You really should start paying more attention. He’s one of mine. You have your second, and so do I. Speaking of seconds in command, Shade is also mine. Listen to me, I sound as spoiled as you. Mine. Mine. Mine.”
“And just what the hell are they?” Abaddon scowls, ignoring her mocking laugh.
“Remember the rules we set up centuries ago? The ones about balance? You didn’t obey them, darling. You made your demons, so many in fact that I got fed up. I decided to make my own,” she smiles.
“Angels?” I ask, and immediately regret saying anything but I mean, angels? Really?
“Not quite,” Laima answers, without looking my way . “I have to first apologize to you, Shade, for the way Michael and your mother met. She wasn’t my intended target, but she crossed paths with my young creation, and he was too strong. I’ve already made some changes, but I’ll get to that later.”
“You’re telling us Shade here is a little angel?” Verin laughs.
There was a noise in the back of Abaddon’s throat that sounded like a growl, and Verin immediately closed his mouth. I tried to take a tiny step away from them both, but Abaddon pulls me back, and Shade stiffens.
“Michael at the time, was more of Cupid-like.” Laima smiles, and Shade now groans before cursing loudly.
“I’m a cherub? One of those fat baby things?”
“Will you let me finish?” Laima silences him. “I protect the innocent, and those in love. I wanted to create the opposite of the demons Abaddon had created. His demons feed off weakness and fear. They deceive love, and hope, which if truly felt would hurt them in return. My creations feed on love and with it, wash away that fear, despair and evilness. They mend the soul, offer salvation, and not damnation like others do.” She frowns at Verin before turning to me.
I didn’t know who was scarier from the two. Abaddon or Laima. Abaddon was fuming with rage, but she was so calm and that was terrifying as well.
“Meena, the reason you didn’t take Shade’s soul was because it’s far too powerful to be taken out by a demon, especially one as inexperienced as you. No offense sweetheart.”
She turns to Shade. “As you might’ve guessed by now, your supernatural side was awakened when you fell in love with Meena, but I had it made dormant until Abaddon forced you to awaken. Don’t you just love the whole balance of this?” She squeals. “It’s so romantic.”
“What have you done?” Abaddon yells. “You made these things! I thought he was one of mine! That his demonic side was stubbornly hidden, but he’s been some cherub freak!”
“Woah, I’m right here big guy,” Shade mutters.
Abaddon turns to him, ready to unleash hell, pardon the pun, but Laima’s giggles brought His rage back to Her.
“I haven’t told you the best part,” She beams. “Since my little cherub freaks can deceive even the King of Hell, imagine what they can do to your demons? My angels can make your demons fall in love with them! That’s when the real fun starts.”
I had been too wrapped up in Laima and Abaddon’s conversation that when Carreau screams I actually jump back. Verin was reaching for her. Shade, Michael and James move towards them, but Laima commands them to stop. They all come to a halt, and she informs them that it’s not Verin in control.
“Son?” James calls out, and Theo smiles at him. It was in that one smile that we all knew it was him. You had to smile in return. Theo always had had that smile that made you feel like you were important. He had a way of making you feel special, and this time was no different. Carreau saw this too. She had stopped screaming and trying to get away, but when Theo called her by Bree’s name, she stepped back.
“I, I don’t even know who you are,” she says, and looks at all of us, at me, for help. This wasn’t Carreau. It was Bree, and she had never even known Theo.
“Remember what I told you,” Shade tells Theo who was looking at Bree so completely heartbroken.
“Son, look at me. Theo?” James joins Shade in moving closer. Michael hovers nearby to offer help if needed, and I couldn’t bring myself to look when Abaddon releases His hold on me to study the scene before us. Laima was repeating what Shade was saying.
“You love her, you need to tell her that.”
“She doesn’t,” Theo answers. “She doesn’t even know who I am.”
Bree’s hands were spread out in front of her. She was afraid of him.
Theo was running out of time. Shade kept telling him to remember what he told him, to look at his dad instead.
“Why would he look at his father when the one he wants is in front of him?” Abaddon chuckles. “Oh I’m sorry.She doesn’t even know who he is. Aww, did you love her Theo? Bree, did you know he was there everytime you thought you were alone with Verin? Isn’t that some sort of invasion of privacy? It’s sickening, isn’t it?”
Laima tells Him to shut up, Shade continues to plead with Theo, James begs his son, but all the while Bree kept shrinking away from them all.
* * * * * * *
“Bree, honey, tell Theo how disgusted you are with him.” Abaddon was laughing and the more I tried to reach out to Bree, the more she screamed at me to leave her alone. I just wanted her to see that it was me. That I wouldn’t hurt her, that I never wanted to hurt her. I wasn’t Verin. Why couldn’t she that? Why couldn’t she see me?

Because we are the same, Theo. She will never be able to look at you, and not see me staring back at her. She will never let you hold her, love her, because all she will see is me. She’ll never see you.

“Ignore him! Theo!” Shade calls out.
“Listen to me son! Look at me!” Dad.
“Theo, please.” Meena.

All this is her fault. Like she cares what happens to you. She just cares about Shade. It’s always been him. And you hate him for it. Hate her. You’re angry that they’re going to end up together no matter what happens to you. They’ll forget about you. They’ll be together and everyone will forget that you loved her before he did. That she broke your heart to be with him. Everyone will forget you. But not your face. I’ll be wearing it.
* * * * * * *
“What do you think you’re doing?” Laima screams at Abaddon and I try to control my body once again. Theo was back where he should be, for now. Imprisoned.
“I’m just helping to speed this whole thing up. Theo had to get out of the way. Now, what are we going to do about Verin? We have no use for betrayers. Do what you want with him.”
Wait. What?
“We were in this together!” I remind Laima. Shade was holding back James. Meena looked as if she was going to cry. She was never going to change. Another disappointment.
“I was only using you the way you thought you were using me,” Laima answers as Michael reappears beside Her. “And I’ve been thinking of your punishment for a while now.”
“Oh, really?” I scoff. She was the worst at this kind of thing. She should’ve just let Abaddon take over this one.
“Oh yes, and I’ve come up with something rather fitting. Your new host is terminally ill. No family or anyone to pray or mourn for him.”
“That doesn’t sound too bad,” Abaddon complains, and I have to agree.
“The only way to free yourself,” Laima continues, “is by falling in love and being loved.”
“But that will kill me,” I remind her.
“You’ll die being in love, and having the love of another. It’s far more than you deserve.”
“So he dies in the body or dies trying to get out?” Abaddon chuckles. “Laima, love of my life, you can do better than that.”
“You are free to stay with Abaddon of course,” Laima smiles. “You only did betray him. Now make up your mind. The body is decaying. Less than a few months.”
“Stay with me,” Abaddon grins. “I’ll be gentle.”
I grit my teeth.

This is all just temporary.
I’ll see you soon.
But then again, you won’t know what I’ll look like will you?
* * * * * * *
Time stopped. At least it seemed like an eternity as Theo convulsed on the floor. His body was shaking rapidly and uncontrollably like something was crawling under his skin. James screams at Laima again to help him. To help his son. She explains that this is up to Theo. He had to fight. He had to force Verin out.
I shut my eyes when Theo’s land on mine. I couldn’t bare to look at him. I was scared of what I’d see in them. Theo was losing. This was on me. This was my fault. I was the one who had approached him in the first place. I should’ve left him alone. I should never have gone up to him when I had seen him that day, playing pool with his friends. I shouldn’t have ever looked into those caramel eyes, never fallen for that sense of familiarity, of safety. It was selfish of me to have wanted so much from him. To have wanted his love. Because I had it once, for a brief moment, and I lost him. My fault. It was all my fault that he was here, that we were all here watching helplessly as he thrashed around, screaming in agony. I had never wanted this for anyone, but especially not for him. He stops moving, and I hold my breath.
“Michael, take Verin to his new home.” Laima orders and with a nod, Michael is gone. What did that mean? Was Theo..but why wasn’t he moving? James calls out his name. “Is he-is my son alright?” He asks Laima.
Shade looks back at me, his face unreadable before he turns to Abaddon snickering besides me. His eyes were not on Shade but on Theo. I glance back at Shade, and he realizes it at the same time I do.
“He's physically fine, James. But now your son is mine.” Abaddon grins.
I must’ve lunged for Abaddon because Shade’s arms were suddenly around me, screaming in my ear to not give in to what He wants.
“But I want her to,” Abaddon sneers, his dark eyes glaring into me. “That rage? That anger? Use it. Give in to it. Fight me. Give into what you really are. Join me.”
“Join you?” Laima forces a laugh. “You’ve pushed her too far. As always, Abaddon, you never know when to stop. And just where do you think you’ll be?”
“What are you talking about?”
“The Cage,” she says without any amusement on her face.
For once, Abaddon hesitated. “But I designed that to-“
“-that is exactly why you’ll be in there,” Laima says. “Michael?”
Michael shows up again, and Abaddon bursts out laughing.
“Honey, I’m bored anyway,” He tells Laima. “Wake me up in a few hundred years. Maybe by then your angels will truly be a challange. Maybe my demons will surprise me again. Maybe I’ll come back once I’ve learned these two are dead.” He motions to me and Shade with a grin. “For your sake, you better hope you never fall out of love. Or you’ll have me to deal with, but won’t that be fun?”
* * * * * * *
As soon as I release her, Meena rushes over to Theo. James held a
hand out to stop her, and her voice broke as she called out Theo’s name. My heart broke with her.
“Not him,” she chokes out, and James pulls her besides him. Tears threatened to fall from his own eyes as Meena tried and failed to bring herself to touch Theo’s face, who was now sneering. Even when Verin had been in control, that face had never seemed so malicious and cruel. Theo, or whatever he was, was snickering at his father’s misery. “I’m sorry,” Meena says to James before burrying her face in his shoulder. “I didn’t mean, I didn’t want. Theo? Please don’t-“ she starts crying uncontrollably now, and while the last thing I ever wanted to see was her crying, her in pain, it was James who made my eyes burn.
Tears streamed freely down his face. He looked helplessly at his son and then to the goddess that wasn’t doing anything about it. “Please, no. Not my boy. Not Theo. Son, please?” His hand was on Meena’s, the other reaching toward his son who took a step forward, sadistically studying the man that had done everything he could to protect his son. The son he had tried to keep from suffering, from becoming whatever he was now.
“I can’t,” James wails out. “I can’t do anything to- I’ve never done anything right.”
James didn’t even have the strength to accuse Laima of not helping, of not keeping her promise to help his son. Meena was the one that did it for him. “Why didn’t you do anything? Why Theo? Look at him! What did Abaddon do? What are we supposed to do now?” Laima had apologized and said she’d do her best to fix this, but she had to first find out what Abaddon had made him become. He wasn’t a demon. He was something new. Meena was now laying motionless on my bed. Every few minutes she would sob, and my heart would break with her again. I failed her. I failed James, who still clung to his son’s body. I failed Theo. I didn’t, if only I had-what? If only I hadn’t fallen for Meena? If only I had been strong enough to stay away from her? I should’ve done more to help Theo, help James. Im supposed to be a hunter. Im supposed to make sure that humans survived against the monsters.
Was I just one of them now? Even if I don’t feel any different? In fact, I feel weaker than ever before. I failed. I didn’t protect them.
* * * * * * *
“On the sofa,” I tell Michael, “please.” He does as he’s asked, and apologizes once more for Laima’s swift abruptness.
“Please stop. Take care of Meena, of your own son, and let me figure out how to help mine.”
He nods, and when I glance up, he’s gone.
I take a deep breath to clear my head. No more crying. Time to get to work.
Theo was lost, but I had to find a way to help him. He was my son, and I’d do anything to get him back from wherever he was now. I would never accept that this was really him. It had to be another one of Abaddon’s minions. This wasn’t Theo. It couldn’t be.
“I’ll get you back,” I promise, not even looking at the sleeping body of what was once my son. “This time, I’ll keep you safe.”
* * * * * * *
She woke up in the middle of the night, trembling, and I wrap my arms tighter around her.
“It’s okay,” I whisper. “I’m here. We’re okay.”
“Shade, what is he? What did we do to him?”
“We’ll help him.”
I repeat that I love her over and over again, caressing her cheek. She’s crying again, and I try to kiss her tears away. “I’m so sorry,” I breathe between kisses, and she trembles under me, the only sound her sobs. I apologize once more, holding her, and kissing her until she falls back asleep.

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#1taj39759VIPOct 18, 2015

Magical...It can't be the end.

#2loryram2VIPOct 21, 2015

AMAZING!!!! \:wub\: Can't wait for the epilogue! \:wub\:
Oh Theo \:\(

#3freerealmsOct 23, 2015

EPILOGUE! Does Theo come back!? I still like Verin a little more than Theo but part of me was cheering on Theo. I kinda wanna cry right now... also Shade's dad is hot and I can't wait to see Shade and Meena's kids. A demon/human/angel? I reeeeaaally wanna epilogue to explain all this.

#4WintersmithVIPNov 12, 2015

Yay, finally found some time to read this final(?) chapter, and as always it got me from the very first word. The Theo part made me sad and I feel so sorry for James. (You see, you made us believe they are actually real people!) Can't wait to find out what Theo has become. No demon? Is there something worse than a demon? O well, waiting patiently for the epilogue!

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