Jazmine - Chapter 3 "The Answers"
Published Jan 15, 2007

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Hello , thanks again for reading my story. This is the chapter 3 of my story "JAZMINE". If you haven't read the chapter 1 and 2, please read it first before you continue to this chapter.

Once again I would like to thanks everyone who has supported me by posting wonderful comments on my story, I appreciate it very much. Thank you all.

JAZMINE -- Chapter 3 "The Answers"

Hello , thanks again for reading my story. This is the chapter 3 of my story "JAZMINE". If you haven't read the chapter 1 and 2, please read it first before you continue to this chapter.

Once again I would like to thanks everyone who has supported me by posting wonderful comments on my story, I appreciate it very much. Thank you all.

JAZMINE -- Chapter 3 "The Answers"
Jay salvaged the situation by again shaking Edgy's hand and leading him to the basement past Jack. Edgy eyed Jack strangely, but allowed Jay to push him toward the stairs. Jack was obviously still busy processing the information his brain was taking in, and from the looks of things, he wasn't happy about where the evidence was leading.

Jay, after taking a look at his brother, patted Jazmine consolingly on the hand. "I'll be seeing you," he said, and left in a hurry.
Jazmine was left to face the storm alone.

"You've been busy," Jack commented sarcastically after several tense seconds. "Is there anyone else in there that I should know about?" "No," Jazmine responded softly, figuring she had that one coming. "Would you like to come in?"

"Well, not before I hear your explanations," Jack crossed his arms, his challenging gaze never leaving her face.
Jazmine's mouth twisted in irritation, but still determined that she wanted to explain the situation, she said nothing. Taking a step back, she gestured that he should enter.

Jack uncrossed his arms and took a step into the apartment. Though he didn't speak further, Jazmine didn't miss the way he gazed around the room with studied intensity, as if he were looking for evidence of obscene behavior.
"Have a seat?" Jazmine gestured him toward the sofa, then settled across from him in the opposite chair.
"I'm glad to see you're moving around better," she tried to make polite conversation. Jack simply looked at her, unspeaking.
"Okay." Jazmine's irritation level rose another notch. "Would you like something to drink, or eat?" Jack remained rudely silent, continuing to watch her.
Jazmine had enough. "Aren't you going to at least say something?!"
Jasmine moved to her feet. "I don't have to take this from you. If you have something you want to say to me, just say it! If you are here to make me feel bad, don't bother. So either speak up or get out!"

Jack spoke up, "What is your game?" I presume that 'that' was the same guy from 'work' last night at the restaurant. And Jay. How in the world did you manage to get Jay mixed up in this?"

"You know him?" Jazmine was surprised to hear the word 'from work'. She never remembers introducing Edgy to Jack. "You sure fooled me Jazmine," Jack said.

"Oh yeah, then why didn't you call me when you were discharged from the hospital?" Jazmine shot back. "I did, you never take the call, I tried many times and I left so many messages but you never replied," Jack said.
" phone.....I......I lost my mobile few days ago, I am sorry," Jazmine humbly said.
Jack pulled her infront of him and then pinned her onto the couch. "I want the truth out of you," he said, breathing heavily.
"Let me go first," Jazmine demanded.
"No," he said quietly, his anger lessened. "Not until you tell me the truth."
Sighing, Jazmine let the story come out. She told him everything, even of the way she had felt after disappointing him. She told him about Edgy and Mr. Eduardo and the kiss as well. The hands that held her upper arms gentled. "I'm sorry I accused you," Jack told her. Jack offered her a smile. "You're forgiven."
Jazmine smiled, I forgive you too. Then, "Are you going to let me go, now?"
"I don't want to, no." Jack gave a slight shake of his head.
Jazmine looked back, mesmerized by their depths. "You don't have to."
"Jazmine, may I kiss you?" Jack asked, exerting slight pressure on her arms, urging her closer.
"I thought you'd never ask," Jazmine replied as her eyes slipped shut.
When he pulled away, it took a moment for her brain to convince her eyes to open. Jack wrapped his arms about her and draw her close to him. "I love you, Jazmine Walter," he said. Jack then requested the honor of her presence at his home at seven-thirty on Friday evening. "Let's call it a date," he said. The sentiment sounded so sweet and old-fashioned that Jasmine couldn't help the goofy smile that planted itself on her face.
Seeing her smile Jack said, "So it's a yes then?"

"Yes, of course yes," Jazmine shouted with joy.
* At Jack's House *

"Hello Jazmine," Jack opened the door as he smiled at her. "You look very lovely tonight." He added.
A table had been set near the fireplace and candles illuminated the room. Strategically placed lamps allowed additional lighting.
Jazmine was awestruck. "Oh, this is wonderful," Jazmine breathed.
"You didn't do this for me?"
Jack smiled, enjoying her pleasure. "I'm glad you like it. And yes, the candles and the rose petals are for you. I thought that they would suit you."
"It's beautiful," Jazmine whispered as she settled into the chair Jack proffered.
Jack watched carefully when Jazmine took her first bite of her food. "This is delicious," she said, examining the exotic looking lobster.
"Thank you," Jack smiled, beginning to eat his own meal.
"You cooked this?" Jazmine asked in amazement.

Jack's eyes fairly beamed back at her. "Didn't think I could cook because I'm a man?" he asked. Both laughed.
"What about your family, well I know your mum but what about others, tell me about them," Jazmine asked. She wanted to keep him talking.
"What is this? Am I in an interrogation or something?" Jack asked, laughingly.
"Sorry," she said. " I didn't mean to come off like a reporter on the trail of a story. I just curious. I wanted to know more about you."
Jack looked across at her, an unreadable expression in his eyes. He seemed to mentally shake himself and then smiled. "I'll make a deal with you. I'll tell you about me, but you have to tell me about yourself also."
"Okay," Jazmine replied. "It's a deal."
He explained that he was an engineer by profession, and that his mother was a secondary teacher at Plumville Simcity. He also explained that his father was a principal at the Plumville Simcity and that's how they met and were married. Also he explained that his younger bother Jay is doing his law studies.
When he had finished speaking, he smiled in Jasmine's direction. "Okay. Your turn," he said.
Jazmine gave him the encapsulated version of her life. Mentioning her sister is in college and her younger brother has died of brain tumor when she was fifteen and her parents living in a small town in New Yorz City. When she returned home her apartment door was open once again. Suddenly feeling very vulnerable, she turned and cast a look around her apartment. She remembered vividly the feeling of invasion that she'd experienced when she'd thought that someone had been inside and gone through her things. What if someone really had? What were they looking for anyway? Worse, what if they came back? Jazmine was overwhelmed with fear. She quickly rang Jack. While she waited for Jack she changed her clothes and settled on the couch when her eye caught the disk that should be returned to Tyler on Saturday. It looked different somehow, the company's brand was not on it. She wondered what's in it. Deciding that as the disk was in her possession as well as in her apartment all bets were off. It wasn't as if the thing was going to cause her computer to explode. There were several files, none of which looked familiar, but she was fairly certain that the disk only contained portions of a larger program. Then one file name caught her eye. Where had she seen that file name before? And then it hit her, with the force of a freight train. She'd seen it while helping Connor Systems clean up their accounting server. It'd stuck with her because she'd found it in almost every one of the damaged databases. As the implications began to sink in, her blood ran cold. Could something in the code that her company had written for Connor caused the crash? But as she looked more deeply at what information was available on the disk, she became convinced that not only had someone from her organization caused the Connor crash, they'd done it intentionally. Urgency flooded her sense as she snatched the disk out of the drive and then grabbed her bag and slipped her feet into a pair of shoes. She had to get out of there, and she had to get out fast. Jack came right away to her apartment. She told him about the disk and both went straight to the police station. * At the police station *

Jazmine couldn't believe what Officer Sparky was telling them. After having been in the police station for several hours and having been shuffled from one office to the next, a man entered the room.
It was Mr. Eduardo. What is 'He' doing here? What has he do to with this?

"From what you've told us," Officer Sparky was saying, "You aren't sure that your co-worker, Tyler Hinkle, is actually the person that gave you the disk." Officer Sparky distracted her.
"Err...yes," answered Jazmine.
Detective Sparky introduced Eduardo to her. "This is Detective Eddie Springfield, he came to your company as undercover," he said. Jazmine came to her conscience.
"So he isn't a bussinessman? Was he watching me all this while?"
"I just can't believe that Tyler could be involved in some ring of hackers under investigation by some special task force." Jazmine couldn't believe Detective Eddie.

"I'm not at liberty to give many details about the case, but Tyler has had extensive contact with an individual that is high on the suspect list. Unfortunately, we have not been up to turn up much evidence. The fact is, Ms Walter, you're our best chance of getting information that could lead to arrests in this case." Said Detective Eddie.

"What?" Jazmine asked bewildered. "How? I've already given you the disk."
"You can find out where it came from? You're already on the inside. You'd simply ask Hinkle if the disk belongs to him. He'd likely tell you if he suspects you don't know anything." Suggested Detective Eddie. Jack spoke up. "Hold on, Hold on. If this guy is a criminal, couldn't this be dangerous for her? She isn't some undercover police woman." "We'll be nearby," Springfield said. "We can protect her if anything starts to go sour." Jazmine felt as if he wasn't willing her to go along with the plan. She turned hesitantly toward Jack. "I don't think Tyler is dangerous. He's really just a sweet shy guy." Jack frowned. "A sweet shy guy who showed up at your apartment acting agitated and strange that night. A sweet shy guy who maybe part of a crime ring. A sweet shy guy who may have broken into your apartment last night." Jazmine couldn't argue with his logic, but she needed to know. And she truly wasn't afraid that Tyler was capable of hurting her. "I have to do this Jack," she said softly. "It'll be easy, I'll just ask him if it's his. I would do that anyway." "I don't want you to do this Jazmine." Jack's eyes locked with hers. "I think it's too dangerous. They can get a real police person to do it." Jazmine sighed. [ Love Bears All Things ]

"What about me? I could do it. He hasn't met me." said Jack.

"That wouldn't work, Mr. Sullivan." The detective cut in. "We need the element of trust here."
Jack grimaced, and then his expression turned earnest. "Jazmine. I love you," he whispered.

"I do too," she replied. "But I can't go on being afraid to go back to my own apartment. I don't want to live in fear."
"She'll be wearing a wire," Detective Springfield added helpfully, and I will be in the building with her. She won't be alone."

Jack didn't acknowledge Springfield's statement, but Jazmine could see the struggle in his eyes. She knew he wanted to argue further.
"I don't want you to be afraid, I'll be fine," Jazmine said.
Springfield broke the moment. "Are we settled?"

Jazmine turned toward him and nodded. "Yes. I'll do it."
Jack wasn't sure what to think. Going to the police had seemed a good idea several hours earlier -- before they'd met Detective Springfield who, it seemed to Jack, only wanted to put Jazmine in harm's way. It scared him. After Jazmine had agreed to go along with the man's plan, everything had changed. Where she had looked to him, and mentally leaned on him while making her statement, she now seemed more a part of the group that had appeared when Springfield led them to a small conference room. Jack had been relegated to the background. He felt useless. As Jack watched her talking with the rest of the team comprised of three women and two other men, he saw a bit of excitement on Jazmine's face. Though she was still frightened of the unfamiliar territory that lay ahead of her, she had a sense of control and that gave her strength. It was that strength that he saw that confounded his emotions. On the one hand, fear and worry gnawed at his gut. What if something happened to her? What if Sparky or the Springfield couldn't protect her? What if Tyler were a psychopath who was willing to keep his little hacker side-business a secret? What could he do? How could he save her? How could he live with himself if he couldn't? On the other hand, he was so proud of her. She was strong, and smart and that made pride grow in his heart right alongside the fear. What was he supposed to do with that? He ran a frustrated hand through his hair. He just wasn't any good at this relationship business. But he was in too deep to back out now. Jazmine was a part of his heart, and for her, he would learn. He was drawn out of his thoughts by the group breaking up -- he'd completely missed the last portion of the conversation. Everyone was standing, gathering gear and notes and headed out of the small room. Detective Springfield said a few more words to Jazmine, pointed out of the doorway then turned to leave with the rest of them. Jazmine, nodded, drew in a deep breath and turned her gaze on Jack. He smiled as though he agreed of her decision.

Jazmine's eyes filled, silently thanking him. The hugged for a little while.

"I'll be here waiting for you when this is all over," he whispered.

Jasmine smiled. "I love you," she said before kissing him softly and then slipping from his arms and out of the room. Jack watched her go, taking his heart with her.
Jazmine tried to stand very still as Sarah Richmond, one of the members of the task force, attached electronic monitoring equipment to her body and clothing. Sarah repeated the plan that Officer Sparky had laid out in detail during the conference.

Minutes earlier the call had been made to Tyler, setting up a meeting at Jazmine's apartment. He had seemed almost obscenely enthusiastic, not being privy to the number of ears that were listening in on the connection. And after having been surrounded by the members of the team for approaching two hours, Jazmine almost felt comfortable talking to Tyler while being taped. Almost, but not quite. The little adrenaline rush that had run through her system after the connection was severed was steadily escalating to outright nervousness.
Jack adjusted the headphones that the team had provided him. His heart pounded so furiously he could barely sit still. Jazmine were at her apartment and there was a knock at the door. He knew it was Tyler as Springfield muttered the coded phrase along the communications link. The team had two way communication as well as video. The setup that Jack had been given was audio only. Jack heard Tyler enter the apartment. He could hear the slight breathlessness to her voice.
He held his breath as Jazmine entered into the rehearsed dialogue about the disk. Tyler gave
text-book responses, answering just as the team expected him to. Everything seemed to be going exactly as planned.
Then, Springfield spoke the coded words to Jazmine that alerted back up to close in.
Then Jack heard the expected knock. He pictured Jazmine moving toward the door as expected.
He then heard Springfield introducing himself as a Dectective. Hinkle was shocked to find Mr.Eduardo standing there introducing himself as Detective Eddie Springfield.
Jack heard Tyler's anguished response, followed by the sound of the big man's wavering voice as he began to cry.

Jack sure hoped the tape was still rolling, because Tyler spilled the beans of everyone who was working with him, insisting that his girlfriend had driven him to do it. For the first time in 4 hours, Jack felt the tension beginning to leave his body. He felt as if he were finally able to breathe again. It was over.
Forty-five minutes later, Jazmine stepped out of the police van and rushed into his arms outside of the precinct. She had never felt so good to him. Being alive had never felt so good. "Everything is over," Jack exclaimed. But, who came to Jazmine's apartment? Who placed the disk in her apartment? Could it be Tyler Himself ? Could it be Edgy? No one knows how and who. So, the mystery remains unsolved. No one ever knew and the case was closed after Tyler and his friends including his girl friend was arrested. Detective Springfield thanked Jazmine for her guts and for solving the case once and for all. Three days later, Jay was returning to his studies.

"So, you're Jazmine, Oh I heard a lot about you. No wonder Jack......" smiled Johnson (Jack's father)
"Hello uncle, nice to meet you. Jack told me a lot about you." Jazmine replied.

"Goodbye bro and Take care." Jack hugged Jay.
"Goodbye sis Jazmine, I am going to miss ya, " Jay almost cried when he hugged Jazmine.

"Oh my dear Jay, I'm gonna miss you too."

"Sis Jaz, don't forget to invite me to your wedding someday." Jay shouted.

Everyone laughed and then waved at him.
Jazmine would not be returning to work for another week, having taken vacation -- at Edgy's request to allow the office uproar to die down.
For reasons completely removed from what had happened with Tyler, she was happy to have the extra time off from work.
She and Jack had done a lot of talking and a lot of loving. She felt secure in the new life that they would share together. Well hopefully.....
* One beautiful evening at Jack's resident *

"Jazmine, I've never ever in my life got the girl I loved. She always went to someone smarter, or more available. I'm not going to lie and say that doesn't bother me, but it's in the past. You're the present, and I really, really need you in my life. Because I love you, and I don't want to know what my life would be without you in it."
He went down on his knee and said, "I love you, Jazmine Walter. With all my heart. With all that I am. I want nothing more than to share my life with you until the day I die and I need you like I need my next breath. Marry me?"

Jazmine paused and then shouted saying, " This time You're getting the girl, you're getting the girl."
Then that night, they had a special dinner, just the two of them.

Jack made a toast, "To me and my future wife."
Jack's wife? A feeling of unreality washed over her. Was this really true? Could she be so lucky? So happy? God Knows!

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#41Small Town SimJan 22, 2007

thanks for sharing

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That was a great series. Your writing has very much improved. I found it to be completely absorbing, and moved at a very good speed. (I have a tendency to skim and did not do this at all during your story.) Oh yes, great use of custom content, great pics, I liked the split screens. 5.0

#43okadokaJan 22, 2007

I really enjoyed this series. I look forward to more reading more stories from you. \:cool\:

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Beautiful shots! I'm jealous!\:rah\:

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Terrific ending to the story. Very interesting. \:D

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Wonderful ending to a wonderful story. Your English has improved so much! Beautiful images and fantastic scenery. Well done! \:\)

#47Jan 28, 2007

A wonderful ending to a wonderful story! Thank you! \:\)

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Another great story!\:D \:rah\: Sorry I missed it! Been busy with walls and floors! Also having internet problems!But your stories are wonderful! You'll always get a 5 from me!\:rah\: \:rah\: \:wub\:

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\:wub\: good story\:wub\: thanks\:\)

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Great story ! Thanks !\:\)

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