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MasterXMaid - Chapter 17
Published Dec 1, 2015

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so here's the 17th chapter of MasterXMaid Rewind.

recap: Aerith ran away after being blackmailed by her father. What's gonna happen to the Mr. Adams, Lora and more importantly, Alexander now?

i hope you enjoy reading this chapter (and this is the last chapter before the finale btw. ohohoho!)


sending you warm hugs,


so here's the 17th chapter of MasterXMaid Rewind.

recap: Aerith ran away after being blackmailed by her father. What's gonna happen to the Mr. Adams, Lora and more importantly, Alexander now?

i hope you enjoy reading this chapter (and this is the last chapter before the finale btw. ohohoho!)


sending you warm hugs,
“Good morning, Hidden Springs; Good morning, Sim Nation; Good morning, Sim World! This is the Morning News and I am your news anchor, Jessica Sunfield. Our headline for today is: Heiress returns home. Aerith Johnson, the heiress of the well-known Johnson family, returned yesterday after months of being gone. Rumors scattered around Hidden Springs that Miss Johnson ran away because of family issues but this rumor was countered by the Johnsons. According to the family, her being gone for a couple of months was just for vacation and independence training. She didn’t inform her family about her leave because she wanted to spice up things. Indeed, a very adventurous young woman. We weren’t able to get a personal response from Miss Aerith Johnson herself but the family assures that she’ll be ready to answer all the questions the people will ask of her but for now, she needs rest. And also…”

“Sandy, please turn that off” Aerith requested, pointing to the television.

“As you wish, Ma’am.”
“Good morning sweetheart!” Aerith’s mom greeted her with a kiss and a sweet embrace.

“Good morning, mother.” she answered. She still seemed lifeless.

“Aerith… Please cheer up for mom.”

Aerith smiled back. But from the looks of it, she was just pushing herself to do so.
“Aerith, how long will it take you to eat your food?” Her father asked her.

“I’m not hungry, father.”

“There you go with your stubbornness again.”

“Harold… please…” Rita calmed her husband.

“Eat, Aerith, or you’ll get frail. And I don’t want you to look weak in front of the media later.” He ordered.

“Yes, father.”
“She’s back in Hidden Springs, sir.” Mr. Adams told Alexander.

“Mr. Adams, help me find her contact number there. I need to talk to her.”

“Yes sir.”
“Miss Aerith, a phone call for you.” Sandy said.

“From who?”

“From a man named Alexander Martins.”

Aerith was shocked. She paused for a moment. She felt a sharp stab on her heart.

She heaved a huge sigh, “Tell him, I’m not around.”

“Yes, ma’am.”
“Sorry sir, but Miss Aerith is not around at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?”

“No, but when will she be there?”

“I’m not certain, sir.”

“I’ll be calling again some other time today. Thank you.”
“Aerith, you’ll be having an interview today. Prepare yourself. We’ll be leaving in 30 minutes.” Her father suddenly entered the room.

“Yes, father.” She looked down.

“I don’t want you to look lifeless in front of the camera, do you understand? And I want your answers to be those answers that I expect from you. You know that already.”

“Yes, father.”

“Good.” He left.

Her tears fell. She tried to hold back all her frustrations. She dried up her tears.

“Ma’am… are you okay?” Sandy approached.

“I’m fine, Sandy.” She answered.
“This is a lot of media than expected, honey.” Rita said.

“A conference it is.” Harold said.

“Will Aerith be okay?”

“She’s prepared for this.”

“But you haven’t told her that this interview will be shown worldwide.” Rita worriedly said. Harold just grinned and fixed his eyes on Aerith.
“So, Miss Johnson, is it true that you ran away because of freedom issues?” a reporter asked.

“That is not true.” She answered.

“Miss Johnson, is it true that you stayed in Bridgeport?”

“Yes, I was in Bridgeport.”

“Miss Johnson, is it true that during your stay in Bridgeport, you became a maid? We had a reliable source who said you became a maid in Bridgeport.”

“Yes, I became a maid in Bridgeport. I want to try something new, like a new experience.”

The media chuckled upon hearing such. “So, who was your boss?”

“That will be too confidential to mention. I’d like to keep his identity as a secret. I hope you respect this. But he was a good boss.”
“Mr. Adams! Aerith is on T.V!” Lora called. Mr. Adams immediately responded. Alexander, who was with Mr. Adams, also went to watch.

“He? You mean a man? Well, this may be a little bit wild but it is still possible. Did you have a relationship with your boss?”

Aerith paused for a while. She looked at her father. After a while, she answered, “No. That’s ridiculous.”

Alexander’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Last question…”

“I won’t entertain any more questions for I am out of time already. But what I can tell you is that whatever happened to me in Bridgeport was nothing major, I assure you that. I can compare it to summer camp; it taught me to be responsible and to stand up on my own. But unlike summer camp, what happened to me there was…” she paused for a while.
“just a memory…” she added, “a memory not worth keeping.”

Alexander felt paralyzed. He didn’t know how to react upon hearing such words from Aerith.

“Now I’m back home after summer camp. Back to the real world, where I belong. That’s it. Thank you.”

Mr. Adams turned the T.V. off. Alexander’s tears fell.
“Very good, Aerith!” her father patted her back, “that’s for the whole world to know!”


“that was shown live all over the world, including Bridgeport. Nobody minds right? Now, let’s go home.” he walked away.

Aerith’s eyes widened. She was chasing her breath. Her tears fell. Her mother immediately embraced her.
“Master…” Lora and Mr. Adams chorused, looking at Alexander with worry.

Alexander heaved a deep sigh. After that, he walked away without giving any reply to them.

Lora felt like crying. Mr. Adams placed his palm over his closed eyes. He felt sorry for the master.
Aerith was roaming around the garden, trying to comfort herself.

“Sandy… I need time alone. Will it be okay for you to leave me for a while?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Sandy immediately left.

Aerith stared at the flowers. She placed her fingers near one to touch it. When she touched it, a petal fell.

“I’m sorry, delicate flower.” She said. She remembered how she used to play in such garden, how she loved to look at the flowers and how she avoided touching them even though she was dying to touch them.

“Mother told me never to touch you because you’re too delicate. Now, I understand. I should have not intruded. I ruined you; you who was once perfect without me.” Her tears fell as she spoke. She remembered him. “I’m sorry.”
She felt a hand touch her shoulders. She looked back. “Daniel?” she said in disbelief.


“Wha... what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to tell you something.”

“What? Wait! How did... what...”
“Aerith my child! That’s not how you treat your fiancé.” Her father suddenly bumped in.

“Fiancé? Wait, what are you talking about?”

“Oh! I thought you’re already acquainted to Mr. Devon Coleman, your fiancé.”

Aerith’s eyes widened in shock.

“Aerith… I’m sorry.” Devon added.

Her tears fell even more.
“What is happening? What are you talking about? I don’t get it.” She said.

“I am Devon Coleman and not Daniel Calgon. I’ve been watching you all along. The first time you stepped on Bridgeport, I already knew it and your father also did. I had been looking after you. So, every moment we met was not and never a coincidence. It was all planned. Everything was planned.” Devon said.


“I’m sorry Aerith.” Devon apologized.

“I thought I was the only one trying to lie, and now I know, the whole world has been lying to me ever since.” She ran away.
She ran to her room. She broke down and wept. Her mother knocked on her door.

“Aerith?” she opened the door and saw Aerith so desolated.

“I don’t know who and what to believe in anymore. I can’t tell which is true. I thought I was already able to escape my cage and live freely, but I didn’t know I remained a marionette even after I escaped. Mother, I hate how the world can be so cruel to me.” She embraced her.
3 days passed. Aerith remained numb and lifeless. She rarely talked to anyone. Her mother was extremely worried for she might get crazy with such condition.

On the other hand, Alexander’s condition was similar to Aerith. He rarely talked to anyone. Most of the time, he locked himself in his room. He was lifeless and closed.
One afternoon, Aerith was in the garden, just looking at the flowers. Suddenly, Sandy arrived, panting.

“Miss Aerith, someone’s looking for you. The guard has been trying to stop her because your father forbids any visitor of you to see you, but she’s very persistent!”

“Who is it?” Aerith asked. She remained emotionless.
Then, Viviane came, looking so angry. She slapped Aerith.

“Miss Aerith!” Sandy shrieked.

Viviane glared on Sandy. Sandy was scared.

“Sandy, please leave us alone.” Aerith ordered.

Sandy immediately ran away.
“How... dare... YOU!” Viviane was teary eyed.

“This is how it is supposed to be.” Aerith answered.

“Supposed to be? I can’t believe I’m hearing that from you, Annie!” Viviane’s tears fell.

“I apologize.” Aerith was still impassive. Viviane became even more pissed. She slapped Aerith again.
“Stop looking at me like that!” Viviane shouted, “I gave up Alexander for you. I thought you will never leave him. Now look at what you've done! You left him alone! Shame on you!”

“I’m sorry.” Aerith remained impassive.

“I regretted that day I gave up. I shouldn’t have entrusted him to you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I hate you.”

“I’m sorry.” Aerith’s face remained impassive but tears started rolling down her cheeks.
“Why?” Viviane’s tears were overflowing, “You’re not that Annie I knew. Bring back that Annie I knew, that Annie who will never leave Xander.”

“I’m sorry, Viviane. I’m sorry but I’m too weak to bring her back. I can’t go back anymore. I can never.” she closed her eyes and more tears fell.


“I’m sorry.”

Viviane bit her lip. Her fists were clenched. She was pissed off on how the girl she knew changed a lot. “I’m not going to let you hurt him again.” she walked away.

Aerith broke down.
“Master?” Mr. Adams knocked on the door.

“What do you want?”

Mr. Adams opened the door, “I don’t want to see you down like this, sir.”

“What can you do then?”

Mr. Adams was speechless.
“I don’t believe on what she said on TV”

Alexander stood up, his eyes filled with rage, “What was that then? Tell me!” his face turned gloomy again. He was clearly suppressing his tears. “That was her, Mr. Adams.”

“Yes, that was her alright, but what she said wasn’t her.”

“Those words came from her mouth and you expect me to believe that…. AAAH!” His tears fell.

“I know deep in your heart, you don’t believe those words came from Annie herself.”
“She ran away, what should we expect then? Everything that happened was just a game for her and now it’s over. Game over, Mr. Adams, do you understand?” his voice was raised. He broke down.
“Aerith, dear, food is served. Your father will get mad if you miss tonight’s dinner.” Rita knocked on Aerith’s door.

“Yes, mother.” She went out looking so dull. Her eyes were swelling.

“Aerith! child! are you sick?” Rita exclaimed.

“I’m okay, mother.” suddenly she collapsed.

“Aerith!” Rita shrieked, “Rowanne! Sandy! Michael! Harold! Anyone! Help!”
“aaa…” Aerith woke up, “mother?” she was still feeling dizzy.

“Aerith, dear! Thank goodness!” She embraced Aerith.

“what happened?”

“You collapsed. The doctor said you’re extremely stressed out. What are you doing to yourself, young lady?” her father, who had just arrived, scolded her.

“Harold, please!” Rita said.

“I’m sorry, father.” she apologized. Her face was impassive again.
“Rest and don’t show me such impassive face, young lady. I want you to be well. Your engagement party will be in a week and I don’t want you to look like a vegetable during that special party.”

“Engagement party?” Aerith was caught off guard.

“Engagement party, of course. This will formally confirm your being fiancée with Mr. Devon Coleman. And after that, preparations for your wedding will begin immediately. Do you understand me, young lady? I want you to behave well, is that understood?”

“Yes, father.” She looked down, her eyes fixed on the floor.

“Come, Rita, the night is not getting any younger. And let our daughter rest.” Harold commanded.

“Yes, dear.” Rita followed Harold.

They left Aerith in her room, alone. She closed her eyes. Tears didn’t fall. It seemed like she ran out of them. She sighed deeply. Her fists were clenched.
“Lora, go get the master’s food upstairs. I doubt he ate it.” Mr. Adams said.

“Yes, sir.”
Lora knocked on the door. “Sir, I’m here to get your food.”

“Come in.”
She was teary eyed upon seeing Alexander so miserable. He’s not taking care of himself.

“Master…” she murmured.

“Please… leave immediately.” He said.

Lora took his untouched food and left the room. Her tears slowly fell.
“Good morning, Lora.”

“Good morning, Mr. Adams.”

“Your eyes are swelling. What happened to you?”

“Mr. Adams… I can’t stand seeing the master like this.” Her tears fell.
“We can’t do anything but just to stay here near him. He’s extremely hurt of what Annie did.”

“Do you believe that she really ran away because she doesn’t see us as significant anymore?”

“I can’t believe that Annie can do it but…”

“Annie didn’t run away from us.” Lora said.


“Mr. Adams… I have to confess something.”
“I know why Annie ran away. I heard it.”

“what?” Mr. Adams was surprised.

“Annie was blackmailed.”

Mr. Adams’ eyes widened in surprise, “what do you mean?”
“Mr. Adams, Annie’s dad pushed her to go back home. In return, he will leave us alone. Annie wanted us unhurt.”

“She ran away in order to protect us.”


“Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”
“I was overpowered by my anger. I’m sorry.” she cried.

“Master Alexander has to know this.”
“What stories are you making up this time?” Alexander told them.

Lora felt like crying once more. Mr. Adams tried to explain everything but Alexander wasn’t listening anymore.
The next day, Mr. Adams found a letter on his desk. It was from Lora.

“Mr. Adams,

I’m sorry. I am at fault. I realized, I don’t have any reason to get mad at Annie. Who am I to get mad? That’s so childish and selfish of me.

I’m off to get Annie. She’s the only solution. I can’t stand seeing the master so miserable. I can’t do anything about it but I believe Annie can.

I remember, once I told Annie, no matter who the master falls in love with, as long as he’s happy, I’ll be happy. I totally forgot it when I knew Annie fell in love with him and him with her. I should be happy but I was angry. That was so stupid of me. So, I’ll mend my ways. I won’t give up until Annie goes back to Master Alexander. They belong to each other. I’ll do whatever it takes to mend what I broke.
I hope you forgive me. I’m being selfish and childish again, but I have to do this.
to be continued.



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