The Wicked Entice-Epilogue
Published Dec 3, 2015

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Well, better late than never. Sorry this one took so long. I was having a really hard time trying to figure out how exactly I wanted the story to end. Still not sure how I feel about it, but I hope you guys like it. Good news though..I'm planning on redoing this story. It won't be quite the same, so check my blog posts for more info but in the mean time, I do have a new story called Witch, Please so be sure to look out for it. Thank you all for reading! Really means a lot to me :)

XOXO Alessa


Well, better late than never. Sorry this one took so long. I was having a really hard time trying to figure out how exactly I wanted the story to end. Still not sure how I feel about it, but I hope you guys like it. Good news though..I'm planning on redoing this story. It won't be quite the same, so check my blog posts for more info but in the mean time, I do have a new story called Witch, Please so be sure to look out for it. Thank you all for reading! Really means a lot to me :)

XOXO Alessa
I’ve woken up to her for the past four months. She’s the first thing I see every morning, and last thing I see every night and I still get those butterflies flapping around in my stomach. I still get nervous to find her laying beside me. Not that I’m complaining. I like feeling this way. I like watching her sleep. Nothing creepy, it’s not for hours. Just for a minute before kissing her, morning breath and all, and jumping out of bed. Sometimes though, she’s the one being a creep, and I get to wake up with her gazing at me, and stroking my back as if she’s the lucky one to have found me. As if running my hand over someone else’s back, grazing my fingertips over someone else’s skin, would be enough, but it wouldn’t be without her. I love her. Everything from smelling her hair before it’s washed, when it smells like her, not the shampoo that reminds me of her, but actually her, to making her smile with a half-asleep word. Holding her, having her in my arms, before the rest of the world catches up with’s just amazing waking up to her and knowing she hadn’t just been a dream. “You were doing it again, you weirdo,” she says as she hops off the bed. I pull her back into me and order she at least tuck me in before she gets up. She kisses me and those blue eyes of her hold me in place. I mean, I love looking at the rest of her as well but those eyes especially always draw me in. I see something in them that I’m not used to seeing. I see her as only I get to see her, and see a bit of myself in them too. Maybe I’ve always been a little part of her, or I’ve just started becoming a part of her, but I’m a part of her now, and she’s a part of me too. It’s why the idea of getting her a ring had been more than just crossing my mind. “Shh. Don’t make so much noise,” Blythe’s voice is right outside my bedroom door.
“Sorry. I can’t control my weight.” Alec replies as the door opens, and Blythe stiffles a laugh. I roll over, and place the pillow over my head. Meena had no doubt told them I was still asleep, so I know what they must want.
“Good. He’s still sleeping. I wouldn’t want to wake him up,” Alec says.
“I am awake,” I groan. “And I know what you’re up to so leave me alone.”
“You think he woke up yet?” Blythe asks.
“Leave. Me. Alone,” I repeat.
“No way,” Alec ignores me. “Look how peaceful he looks.”
“When you’re right, you’re right,” Blythe sighs. “But seeing him like this does remind me of something.”
“But what could that be, my love?” Alec approaches even though I give him the stink eye.
“Well, let’s take a good look at him,” my sister smirks.
“Ah, I’ve got it,” Alec snaps his fingers for emphasis.
“Dear me, do tell,”Blythe says.
“Yes, please get on with it,” I sigh.
“Well,” Alec clears his throat. “Our sweet Shade here, he looks like...a little angel.”
They burst out laughing and I throw them the pillow. “All that for another angel pun? It wasn’t even a good one.”
“Oh, but we’re just getting started. We’ll go work on some more,” Blythe says, and Alec blows me a kiss before they finally leave.
By the time I join them in the kitchen, they had finished eating. Meena had left to pick up some of her remaining things even though she had moved in three months ago, and Michael was pouring me a cup of coffee as he did every morning. I still wouldn’t call him father. Even though he now had free reign to come and go wherever he pleased, he chose to spend his time with me, but I wouldn’t call him father. Not now anyway.
“Good morning,” I tell him, and he smiles, offering me a cup.
“You don’t have to keep doing this, you know,” I remind him. “I don’t need you to take care of me.”
“I know,” he replies. “But I want to.”
I take a sip of the always amazing coffee. Who knew angels could make something so heavenly? Ha. “Thanks. For the coffee.”
“You are welcome,” he replies. “Are you picking up Meena? I made her some coffee as well. She took one to go, but she says she needs at least two cups to be normal. Would you like a ride?”
“Nah. No thanks. No ride. The last time I couldn’t stop throwing up. No more teleporting for this guy.”
* * * * * * *
“He’s none of your concern. I’ve told you time and time again. Stop calling, little girl.”
“Sorry. I just wanted to-“
Maurice hangs up, and with a sigh I turn back to Lydia. Benny was just making his way out of the bathroom, still rocking some serious bed head.
“I know you feel responsible, but honestly, what can you do to help?” Lydia asks. “He’s with his own kind right now. If anyone can help him, it’s gotta be them.”
“I know that,” I answer with a sigh.
She gives my hand a squeeze and smiles at her boyfriend who was kissing the top of her head. “But just think about letting him go. Isn’t that what Mr. Trouble asked you to do?”
“You guys okay?” Benny asks.
“We’re fine. Just me worrying again,” I answer.
“About school? I thought you were doing fine, nerd.”
“It’s not school.”
He frowns. “Thought you and Pretty Boy were getting serious. Need me to beat him up?”
“Nope. Things are great with him,” I grin. Shade. All bad feelings left when I so much as thought of him. “But thanks. Anyway I have officially packed up all my things, so the place is all yours guys.”
“’re not ditching class again are you?” Lydia asks disapprovingly.
“I need to go to the psych ward. She’s getting out today.”
“I thought you said visiting her wasn’t a good idea.”
“It’s not like she ever sees me,” I explain. “I just need to make sure she’s getting better.”
By the time I had taken another last look goodbye of the apartment I had shared with Lydia, Shade had showed up. He made it his job to make sure I got to school on time, but being a demon meant learning things right away. School had never been difficult for me. I could get away with skipping a class or two in the mornings. That was when I usually headed off to the hospital. If Shade knew where I went, he never mentioned it. I feel my face split into a giant grin as I throw myself at him, and the butterflies stumble around in my stomach when I see him smile in return. He wraps himself around me, holding me onto his chest. One of his hands cups the back of my head, the other across my back, pulling my hips tightly to his. I had just enough time to say “hi” before his lips cut me off. I was locked to him from head to toes, possessed by his mouth, his hands, all of him. There was no Benny. No Lydia. No time to feel guilty about Bree, Ezra, Theo. A fire ignited as our mouths moved together, and as his hands travel down my sides, causing me to press against him in response, Benny clears his throat. I attempt to ignore him but Shade chuckles, and ends the kiss by rubbing his nose to mine.
“You have to get to class,” he reminds me.
“I can skip it.” I say, my hands clasped behind his neck, reaching up for another kiss.
“Skip class? Again?”
“Uh oh.”
“Yeah. Busted.”
“So you’ve known all this time, huh?” I ask him after he greets Benny and Lydia who were shamelessly eavesdropping.
“I just want to know why you didn’t want me to go with you.”
“Because I feel responsible for her being there. But like I told Lydia, Bree hasn’t seen me. I don’t visit with her. I just ask how she’s doing, and she’s doing good. She’s supposed to be getting out today, you know.”
“I know. Laima sent some new angel to help her. He’s been putting up this wall inside her head. All that happened will be like a bad dream to her. She’s coming to terms with that.”
“She’ll be okay then?”
“Yeah. Are you going to stop cutting class now? She’s fine, Meena. We don’t have to worry about her. She’s a wolf remember? She’s strong. She’ll be okay.”

* * * * * * *
“Tate, you shouldn’t be out of bed.” Nurse Judy shakes her head, but smiles.
“Sorry. I just wanted to look somewhat presentable for a friend. She’s supposed to be dropping by soon.”
“A friend? Or a friiiend?” Judy asks knowingly.
“I’m hoping for maybe more,” I admit. “Do I look okay? For a guy with cancer, I mean.”
“You look as handsome as always, but I need you to get back to bed. When your friend shows up, I’ll be sure to let you know.”
“Okay, okay. I’m going. Don’t forget to give me a heads up. I don’t want her seeing me looking like Death.”
“You and your macabre sense of humor. You know you’re making a miraculous recovery.”
“I know,” I grin. “I have my friend to thank for that.”
* * * * * * *
We were told Bree wasn’t in her room anymore. She had checked out a few minutes before we got there. Shade reassured me that she was going to be okay. Her pack was waiting for her to return. They all missed their sister, and friend. Reluctantly, I sit in class. It was pointless really, when I wasn’t even paying attention. In a few hours, Shade was going to pick me up to check on Theo together. It was the part of the day that I dreaded. Not that I wasn’t grateful that James even allowed me to see him. James had actually been really welcoming. In losing his son, he said he had gained a daughter in me. He did ask me not to tell my parents about him. So much had happened between them, that seeing them would never be a good idea. My parents continuously asked me about him, if he was doing fine, well at least my mom did. They knew about Theo, but like everyone else, had no idea how to help him.
The Mother had seen him. Laima dropped by every so often, and after every time She interrogated him, She was left more at a loss to what was happening. After giving up hope in Her, who were we supposed to turn to? The thing was, that we knew it was Theo. He cooperated with everything and everyone in trying to figure out what he was. He has answered every question thrown at him, and willingly lets the hunters and his dad do tests on him in the search for what he could be. Not once did he complain, or get annoyed, angry. In fact, he never showed any emotion at all. He hasn’t yelled, screamed, laughed, cried. Nothing. Nothing we do makes his expression change. That in itself was terrifying, but there were those rare moments when he went silent as if listening to something not even my demon ears could pick up, and he would just tense up until whatever it was he heard, would stop. What did he hear that we didn’t? Why not just tell us what it was? He was helping us help him, so why not tell us what we heard? I was done with my classes for the day, and as Shade walks up to me, I stop.
“What’s wrong?” He asks me, immediately looking around for any threat.
“I was thinking-“
“-that’s never a good idea,” he jokes.
“I want to talk to Theo. Alone.”
“Nope. Not gonna happen,” he says stubbornly.
“We haven’t left him by himse-“
“-for a good reason. We don’t know what he is. There’s no way I’m letting you talk to him without someone with you.”
“Can you please just trust me?”
He rubs his neck and I know I have him. “I hate when you do that. What are you going to say or ask that we haven’t thought of already?”
“I was thinking that he doesn’t hide anything from us except for when he tenses up. You know what I mean? It’s like he’s somewhere else, but with us at the same time. We haven’t thought of asking him why he’s so willing to help us help him, and where he goes when he’s with us. When he stops what he’s doing to listen to something we can’t.”
“You’ve noticed that too huh? Look, I don’t understand why you have to do this alone.”
“Because it’s my fault. No matter what you guys say. He let Verin in because of me, and all signs point to him being himself now, but he’s not. We know there’s something wrong with him, but it is Theo. James can’t reach him, but I think I can.”
Shade is shaking his head already. “No. I know what you’re thinking. You want to do some Wicked thing to make sure it really is Theo in there,” he whispers. “Well, it is him. It makes sense that there would be some side effects after being possessed, but James refuses to get him medical help.”
“Because he knows it won’t work! I know it’s Theo, we all know it. He knows things he couldn’t be able to know unless he’s being possessed again, and we’ve all made sure that’s not the case. I need to talk to him, and alone.”
* * * * * * *
“Who have you been praying to?” Doctor Peters asks.
“No one. I sold my soul actually,” I grin, and she laughs.
“Well, whatever you’re doing, keep it up. Every time I come to check on you, you seem to be better. I can’t explain it. It’s really a miracle. At this rate, you’ll be out of here in no time.”
“Thanks doc. I’m not giving up. Now, I hate to kick you out but I have a date.”
She laughs again. “That’s the spirit. You know when we first met, you had given up entirely. I’m glad to see you've decided to fight.”
“I’ve always been a fighter,” I smile. “And I have even more to fight for now,” I say as Judy knocks on the door to let me know my long awaited visitor has arrived. Bree lingers at the door, and I grin. My new body was recovering nicely and it was either due to being a demon and the healing powers that entitled me to, or it was because of the little wolf. When giving me my punishment, Laima hadn’t specified with who I had to fall in love with to be free. She assumed I would do my best to meet someone new, to make them fall in love and to fall in love in the few months I had left to live, but hadn’t I said that she should leave the punishments to Abaddon? The Wicked didn't want redemption. She really didn’t think things through. She was so good at being the goddess of love or whatever She was going as now that Abaddon was comfortably locked in The Cage, that She was going to badly realize She needed Him to carry out the punishments. She was not going to have fun trying to remain "good" when She needed to be more like Abaddon. She was too busy trying not to sink Herself into a deeper hole that She hadn't sent anyone but some new angel to check up on me. The idiot hadn’t even made sure I wasn’t placed in the same hospital as the recovering wolf. It was too easy to lure her back in. Even as a dying man, I was able to make her fall again. It really was her own damn fault for being stuck in this mess once more. She had already told me that it was thanks to me that she was getting a grip on reality. I was apparently the one who would remind her that what was happening between us was real. Not the nightmares that she had been having nightly. Not the ones which not so long ago she thought had been real. Something about falling in love with a cunning demon who had tricked her into selling her soul, which caused her to end up in a hell she could only get glimpses of now. I caress her cheek, and she smiles, asking me how I'm feeling today. I respond like I always do. That I’m better when she’s around blah blah blah, and she smiles, quickly looking away. She was maybe not in love with me yet, but she would be. Or maybe she just loved me as a friend. Whatever the case, it wouldn’t matter. Laima hadn’t specified what kind of love. She hadn’t specified who I was meant to love either. I chose to love myself. I mean, I always have, and it’s never hurt me doing so. I loved myself as selfish as that made me, and I loved the body I was now in. The body that grew stronger every day. I had never been in this position before. Building something from the ground up, if you will. I was helping the body heal. It was helping me out of this punishment. Would this make me die? No. This was setting me free. “I guess this means I won’t see you again?” I ask Bree.
“Why would I stop visiting you? I’m not crazy you know,” she winks, and I refrain from rolling my eyes.
“No. That would be me. Caring about someone new, not wanting to leave said person, when I don’t even know if I’ll be here tomorrow.”
“Don’t talk like that. I hate when you talk like that. Everyone says you’re doing so good. You’ve helped me so much, Tate. You’ve listened to all my nonsense without judging me, and you’re the reason I have accepted that my ex went insane- and I couldn’t handle it, and I made up this demon thing to help me cope with reality and-“
“-hey, it’s okay,” I hug her. “You’re okay now. Remember what I told you? You’re not a victim. You’ve survived this, you can handle anything.”
“Thanks. For everything. It’s why I’m going to help you too.”
“I know you will,” I hug her tightly. What would she do, I wonder, when she sees my old body? I mean, Theo’s? What would she do when she sees Theo? What would he do knowing that I have his little wolf again? That she’s going to help me out of this punishment, and that when I’m good and ready, I’m going to get her to make me her mate?
A wolf like her.
A demonic werewolf.
I wonder what that would be like?
* * * * * * *
“I can’t believe you’re still scared of Zillah,” I tease Shade as we walk towards the car.
“Don’t say that so loud or she’s going to hear you.”
“She loves you. She’s just happy that whole seeing-your-death vision her and The Mother had just meant you bumping into Death.”
“Right. Only bumping into Abaddon,” he rolls his eyes. “You say that like it’s no big deal.”
“It isn’t, my little angel,” I tease him again, this time throwing an arm around him protectively.
“Not you too," he groans. "Blythe and Alec have been going nonstop with this whole angel thing.”
“I know. They recruited me into helping them come up with some new angel puns,” I smile. “ Alec said something about me being a demon and how making fun of angels should come naturally.”
James looks worse than he’s had for the past three months. He greets Shade and me with a weak smile, and leads us to where Theo was just finishing his meal. Looking at him always had my stomach in knots. He looked the same as he’s always had, but that was also the case when Verin was in control. Theo greets us with a nod of his head, finishes his last bite, and puts the plate in the sink as we watch him, always studying him, for any sign of what he might be.
“How are you?” I ask, and he shrugs.
“Fine. Did you have any questions today or are you doing some more tests?”
“No tests,” Shade answers, hovering protectively as usual. “Meena just wanted to ask you something.”
“Alone?” Theo asks. “And you’re okay with that?”
Shade shakes his head, but before he can answer James asks, “What do you mean alone? What are you going to ask that we haven’t already?”
“That’s what I told her,” Shade mutters.
“I just want to speak to him,” I tell Shade and James. Theo cocked his head to the side, “You really think that’s a good idea? Why are you so sure I’m not going to hurt you?”
“What the hell did you just say?” Shade grabs him by the collar, and Theo just blinks at him.
“What you’ve all been thinking. How can you trust that I won’t hurt any of you?”
“I told you, James, we should have him chained up. How can you even sleep with him under your roof? Leave him to me, I’ll-“
“-let go of him! You’re not taking him anywhere,” James yells and I grab Shade’s hands, forcing him to release Theo. He reluctantly does, and when I look back at Theo, he looks unfazed as always.
“Where did you have in mind?” He asks me.
“The angel always follows the demon. He’ll do as you say, and you say you want to talk to me, so where do we go to be alone?”
Shade looks like he wants to lunge at him again, but I hold him back.
“It’s okay, “ I assure him. “I’ll be fine. It’s Theo.”
There was no way that Shade and James were letting us leave. They both paced outside the front door as Theo patiently waited for me to speak. I couldn’t even look at him, much less open my mouth. How was I supposed to ask him what I suspected? It couldn’t be possible if what I suspected was true, but every part of me knew the answer already. Laima knew it, Michael knew it too. Why they hadn’t said anything wasn’t clear, and why Shade hadn’t said it either, I don’t know. Maybe he couldn’t see it yet.
“What do you really want to know?” Theo asks me when it was obvious I had no idea how to start interrogating him.
“I want to know where Theo is,” I sigh.
He looks unimpressed. We had been through this already. “I’m right here. I’m not possessed. I’m me. This is Theo.”
“We know you’re not possessed, and you know too much about Theo to not be him, or be a part of him.”
“A part of him? What do you really want to know?” He was studying me again. “What do you want me to verify? What do you already know?”
“I know Theo. We dated, we were friends. James knows Theo. He’s his dad, of course he knows him,” I say. “And I know you look like Theo. You know everything about him, you can talk like him, act like him, but you’re not really him.”
He waits for me to continue.
“Where do you go when you’re not here?” I ask.
“I’m always here. I’m not allowed to leave this house.”
“I don’t mean physically leave. I mean when you tense up, when you’re listening to something the rest of us can’t.”
“I go somewhere else,” he answers.
“Where do you go?”
“Somewhere I am.”
“What does that even mean?” I ask him angrily, and he still remains expressionless which reminds me of something else I’ve been wanting to ask him. “Why don’t you ever get mad?”
“You want me to be mad?” My question makes him smile.
“I think you should,” I say. “We’ve been keeping you basically locked up in this house for the past four months. You haven’t even asked to be let out. You don’t want to leave, but you don’t want to stay either. You don’t want to see Bree? Know how she’s doing?”
“I know what you’ve told me. That she’s getting better, she’s getting help in forgetting all this, so why do I want to see her?”
“Because you-don’t you love her anymore?”
He thinks for a second. “No. I don’t love her. I don’t really care about her.”
“What about me? Do you care about me? That I’m here every day trying to help you, or do you just want me to leave you alone?”
“I don’t really care what you decide to do. If you want to help, help. If you want to leave, leave.”
“What about Shade? You want him to go?”
“He doesn’t trust me, but that’s understandable. He’s only trying to protect you. He loves you, and while he knows you love him too, he doesn’t like you spending so much time with me.”
“You think he’s jealous?”
“But he doesn’t have anything to be jealous about. There’s nothing going on between us,” I say, and when a thought occurs to me I add, “Or do you want there to be?”
“Is this why you wanted to get me alone? To seduce me?” He smiles again.
“Is it working?”
“If you want to go upstairs and sleep with me, that’s fine.”
“After everything I did to you? Is it because of Shade? Because you want to get back at him?”
“No. I don’t care if he walks in on us, or never finds out. I don’t care what happened between me and you once either. Are we going upstairs?”
“Will you be mad if I say no? If I lead you on, and then change my mind?”
“No. Like I said, I don’t care.”
“I know, Theo. You don’t care about anything. You don’t feel anything, do you? If I cheat on Shade with you, if tomorrow I decide to leave him for you, if I fall in love with you, if I die because of you, you won’t care. You don’t care about your dad either.”
“Do you feel anything at all?”
“What if Verin comes back? Are you scared that he might? That Abaddon might come for you?”
“No. And to answer your next questions about scenarios that require me to feel, no. I don’t feel anything. Not joy or sadness or guilt or fear or jealousy or anger. I don’t feel. I don’t care.”
That answered only part of my question, and while that was really disturbing to hear, I have to keep it up. “What do you hear that we don’t?”
“I hear myself screaming.”
My stomach drops. That hadn’t been what I expected at all.“What do you mean?”
“I hear myself screaming,” he repeats. “That’s why I stop and listen, to try to figure out where it’s coming from, but I know I’m here, while at the same time, I’m not. I know there’s something wrong with me. I don’t feel anything that I should. What you just tried right now, should’ve made me happy that Shade might’ve walked in on us, and that he would know what it’d feel like to be betrayed by you, but I really don’t care.”
“And seeing my dad suffering, should make me feel bad, “ he continues. “It should hurt seeing him like that, trying to figure out what’s really wrong with me, but it doesn’t. He tried to keep me from all this, and I still got caught up in it. I let him try to diagnose me, I let you all try to help, but you will fail. You haven’t even figured out that I don’t sleep.”
“What do you mean you don’t sleep? Like at all?”
“No. I don’t need to.”
“But you can if you want?”
“Yes. Just like eating.”
“For survival? So if I were to come at you with a knife, would you fight back? Kill me?”
“Yes,” he answers without a second thought. “Now ask me to verify what you already know.”
I take a deep breath. “You don’t have a soul anymore, do you?”
“No,” he answers. “And somewhere, I can hear it scream.”
* * * * * * *
James and I pace around the living room now. Meena had just told us what she had suspected and what Theo himself had said was true. We finally found out what was wrong with him, and we didn’t know where to go from there. Why hadn’t Laima figured it out? Michael? Or did they know already and hadn’t wanted us to figure out? Why keeps us in the dark?
James stops in front of Theo and asks him why he hadn’t said he was soulless. Theo answers that he wanted us to figure it out. He had wanted to see who would figure it out first. As if this was all just a game for him.
“We’ll get it back,” Meena promises them. She still felt as if she owed Theo. No matter what anyone said, she still thought she was to blame.
“How?” I ask her. “How are we supposed to get his soul back? He didn’t exactly sell it. There’s no demon. Verin doesn’t have it. Abaddon is locked away. Where are we supposed to start looking for it?”
She looks at me at so helplessly that I turn away and apologize. “Sorry. I just don’t know where we’re supposed to start. I’ll call Blythe and Alec. Michael, The Mother. Someone has to know something. Or hell, maybe even Maurice or one of the Light Children will know.”
Meena gives me a small smile. “Seems like you know where to start.” She turns to Theo again and says, “We’re going to need your help in-“
We all look to Theo and I ask, “What do you mean no? All this time you’ve been helping us, and now when we know what’s going on, you say no?”
“I don’t want it back,” he answers.
“Theo, you don’t know what you’re saying,” James says.
“Yeah I do, and I’m better off without it.”
“Don’t say that, son.”
“Why ? Cause its something you don’t want to hear?”
“I don’t want my soul back.” Theo’s voice was more inhuman than when Verin had be in control.
* * * * * * *
Alec, Blythe and I watch as Shade struggles to not lose his temper with Michael. We all wanted to know why he and Laima had forgotten to mention Theo’s soul was missing. Michael had had his orders. Laima wouldn’t answer us. She didn’t answer to anyone. With Abaddon in The Cage, she was now taking over His position too.
Alec had his arm around Blythe and she laid her head on his shoulder. “This is never going to stop,” she was saying. It was nerve-racking seeing Blythe look so defeated. Alec squeezed her shoulder, and kissed her reassuringly. “We’ll get through this like we always do. Don’t make me be the strong one here. I don’t like going to the gym.” Blythe chuckles and kisses him deeply this time before they head into their bedroom. Michael was gone by the time I turn back to Shade. Shade glares at the spot his dad had just been in. “I can’t believe this is the way it’s always going to be. Him just following Her orders. What happens when She turns into the next Abaddon? Am I going to follow Her too?”
“Hey,” I grab his hand, “I didn’t follow Him. You don’t follow Her.”
“What if I do? What if I can’t say no to whatever She asks of me? What if I-“
“-you’re going to drive yourself crazy if you keep thinking like this,” I say.
“But what if I hurt you?” He pulls me in to his chest.
“Stop worrying about me. I’m not helpless you know.”
“I know you’re not,” he says, sweetly placing a kiss on my forehead.
“So you’ll train me?”
He laughs into my ear. “Nope. We’ve been through this.”
“-you’re not going to drop this are you? Just tell me why you really want to do this.”
“Because of how we all feel right now. Because of what happened to Theo, Ezra, Bree, Maia. They’re where they’re at because of Verin. Because of me. Because of demons.”
“I don’t want you to get hurt,” he says, holding me tighter.
“I won’t. We’ll be together,” I say and I can feel him smile.
“That was so lame.”
“Is that a yes? You know I can help.”
“I know you’ll just ask Blythe or Alec instead-“
“-I already did-“
“-so alright,” he kisses me. “You know, you’re always making me do things I don’t want to do, and I still love you. You are as Wicked as you are beautiful.”
“Yeah well, Im a demon,” I grin, “and I’m going to hunt the rest of them down.”

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#1loryram2Dec 4, 2015

Verin, I just can't wait for more of him. Love himself to save himself XD he is the best villain ever. Poor Bree. Those Angel puns are so worth it lol. Love all of this. I sure will be looking out for the next story. \:wub\: \:wub\: \:wub\:

#2WintersmithVIPDec 4, 2015

OH THEO and poor James! This is so sad! But then again I'm glad you didn't chose for a Disney ending, somehow that wouldn't feel right.
Thank you so, so much for this story, I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward for your next one and the other version of this story!

#3freerealmsDec 5, 2015

I LOVED IT! I like how my baby boo love Verin is still alive and I really like Theo without a soul. Shade will always be my number one though and his baby boo love for Meena is perfect! I especially like Alec's way of thinking that because Meena's a demon it should come natural to her to pick on Shade.

Still can't get over soulless Theo. I might be the only one who likes how Theo has turned out in the end but I'm proud of it! Tbh I think it makes Theo more attractive! He's on Verin's level for me. I'm sad for Abaddon. I loved him too and now he's in hell jail \:\(. I'll break you out Abaddon don't worry!!

I'll support Meena's demon hunting but if she comes across Verin and goes to kill him I'll be torn because if either of them die I'll cry for a week.... but MEENA THE DEMON HUNTER YAAAAAAAS!

I can't wait for what you decide to do next. I personally hope it's Shade and Meena having a son and he becomes the next main character. I also want to see Alec and Blythe's child and Lydia and Benny's child. But I'm more excited about a demon/angel/hunter child.

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