Young & the Resltess V II:No One stays Faithfull i
Published Feb 1, 2007

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The evening after new neighbor Mathew's funeral, Jeff spends what seems to be a peaceful night bathing his new daughter Leah and watching Karla's other kids while Karla rests and Harris is at work.

The evening after new neighbor Mathew's funeral, Jeff spends what seems to be a peaceful night bathing his new daughter Leah and watching Karla's other kids while Karla rests and Harris is at work. ...Un fortunately, Harris was not as clueless as Karla has suspected...

"Karla, come here for a minute?" He calls out as he walks into the bathroom. "I think we need to talk. From the time our new baby was born, I haven;t held her once, and Jeff spends all the time with her. She has a name very similar to his sisters names, and she even looks like him....So tell me, this my child, or does it belong to that've been sleeping with him haven't you?"
"Let's bring this conversation away from the kids and into the nursery" Karla objects...once they reach the nursery, Karla begins to cry: "Yes, you are right, I did sleep with Jeff, and the baby is his. But it was only once. Please know that it was a mistake and that nothing is happening between us. Jeff is still inlove with his wife."

Harris turns to his wife: "But if he wasn''d chose to be with him." And he walks out and into his room.
The next morning is chaos in the Lemage household. Jeff and Harris spend the entire morning in battle. Karla even calls Jessica to come over, as she doesn't know what else to do.

"I'm glad you can make it! I tried calming Harris down Mrs. blake...but he just won't listen to me when I tell him that Jeff and I was a mistake, and that I want to work on repairing my marriage. What should I do?"
"Maybe I can talk to him" Jessica suggests... But the second Jessica is alone with Harris, all she can do is belittle him and insult him.

"You are pathetic you know...why would you want to stay with a woman who loves another man. Leave her. Be a man and let her be happy."
" I AM being a man." Harris replies. "That is why I am going to attack your son again and again, and win each fight. Then eventually, I will forgive my wife...after all, I will never break up my childrens' family the way your son did...but for now...I cannot look at Karla and I want you to get out of my face!" Harris once again storms off and into his room upstairs. When finally Jessica leaves and all is calm. Karla and her kids sit down for dinner with Jeff. None of them notice that Harris never came down for dinner.... ...Or that he was lying upstairs, holding his stomach until the reaper came to take him away. Once again, poison claimed the life of another victim, and this time, the police do not believe it was an accident. When Karla and her kids finally find Harris' urn upstairs, Karla is overcome with guilt. She did not love him in a romantic way, but she was fond of Harris, and if it weren't for her selfish actions, he would still be here, and her kids would still have a father. Jeff is feeling very guilty as well, and tries to focus his time on his new daughter, to get his mind off of the terrible events taht have just unfolded.

***I don't know what I would ever do if that happened to Jupiter. I miss her so can one little hug between Karla and I have done so much damage. And how can I love this baby so much and regret that she exists all at the same time.***
That Night, Karla tries to seek comfort in Jeff, but he informs her that he is going to try to fight for his marriage and his life.

"I wrote Jupiter a long letter about how much i love and mis sher and the kids, and how what happened between you and I was a bad mistake..and telling her about Leah. I asked her to come by tomorow so that we can talk, cath up and work things out. I hope she shows up because I won't stop fighting for my marriage" he says. "I won't give up until she forgives me..."

Karla finally agrees that it would be best.

***After all, I'm sick of hurting all the people around me even though I am scared to about raising 5 children alone. From now on, I will try my hardest to do what is right.***
Karla spends the next morning playing with Alana, Andrea,Andrew and Ricky. And caring for the baby...she feels that she needs to compensate for the children losing their father. And later that evening, Jupiter finally agrees to come over to talk. And Aqua comes with her. She misses her dad. " Oh wow... oh my god! I know I was there at your birthday, but i still cannot believe how much you have grown" Jeff hugs his daughter in tears.

"I missed you to daddy" Aqua hugs him back.
While Aqua and Jupiter are in the livingroom, Jeff goes to the nursery to get Leah, who was upstairs in her half brother's crib.

"I know that Jupiter isn't to thrilled about you right now, and you are the one thing that might jepordise my chances of saving my marrige...but I have to make this work. For all of us."

But as Jeff begins to carry Leah out, She fies into the air and turns into an adorable toddler. Jeff feels guilty that he didn't remember her first birthday, with all the drama that is going on.
"Hi." Jupiter says ackwardly.
"Hi." Jeff replies.
"Where is the baby?" She continues neutrally. "I thought you wre bringing her out."
"Um, she actually, just..grew up" He chuckles ackwardly. "Caught me by surprise! ...Karla has her in the room now.
"Oh. Ooh..Congradulations I suppose".
"Yeah, thanks" Jeff replies, not knowing what else to say.
...but the rest of the evening wasn't this ackward. Eventually, Jeff started to explain himself. for the first three hours or so, Jupiter seemed to remain furious, but eventually began to calm down, and listen to Jeff's reasoning. By 2:30 in the morning, Jupiter realised that getting divroced was a mistake, and that she wanted her husband back.

"I love you and I missed you sooo much" was all she could say.
"Will you marry me? Again?" Jeff asks. To which a tearful Jupiter replies yes. " Wow, I can't believe it...back together...again" Jupiter laughs through her tears.
Jupiter says bye to Jeff for the night.
"I'll be home tomorow...after I say by to Leah and the other kids. But please, stay here with me tonight!"
"No, I can't. I don't want to. But I'll give you your time to say goodbye. I'll see you tomorow."
Jeff spends the rest of the night/early morning caring for Leah and teaching her to walk and talk. But suddenly Karla walks in with an unexpected suggestion.

"I've been doing alot of thinking lately" she starts "and I...I think it would be best if you took Leah with you when you leave...I mean, Who am i kidding...I can't take care of five kids on my own...not until I find myself somebody please? I hop eJupiter won't mind."
Jeff calls Jupiter immediately to tell her what just happened, and after a long sigh, Jupiter agrees that it won't be too bad having a new toddler around the home. She's wanted another kid for a while. Jeff is relieved, and picks Leah up to cuddle her. They are already very close and he cannot imagine leaving her here, with a romance-obssessed mother and no father at all. As Jeff was walking towards the bathroom to bathe Leah, he thought he saw something...It looked like a ghost...almost like Harris. But no, i coudn't be. Ghosts do not exist. The next after noon, Jeff remanied at the Lemage household for the birthday party of Alana, Ricky and Andrea. He promised them that he would atleast stay for the party. After all, they wanted their little sister there... All three kids grew up well despite the horrible year that they had. Finally, that evening, Jeff was returning home to his wife and children. The Blake wedding took place two days later. Jupiter woke up early that morning to take a morning jog and prepare herself. Meanwhile Jeff woke up early to warn his mother not to do or say anything stupid or hurtful before, after or during the ceremony....especially to his wife. All Jessica could do was comment on how BEAUTIFUL hiw new baby with Karla was.

"Proof that you should have been with her from the beggining" Is all she could say.
The Blake kids were happy for the first time in a lond time, and were even doing their homework!! And JJ invited a date to the wedding with him. He was glowing and in love. Finally, the happy couple takes their vows as family and friends watch on. Once again, Jeffrey Blake and Jupiter Walters are maried, and they couldn't be happier. Leah, who has now grown into a child, was teh flower girl and already like Jupiter alot. Leah and Jupiter hug.

"I happy that you are marrying my daddy, and that I live with you!"

Jeff has never been happier that after he witnessed the hug.
Everything seems to be peaceful and happy with the Blakes. but more drama is yet to come for the families of Hillton. Especially when the identity of the serial poisoner is revealed...the citizens of Hillton will be shocked!

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nice\:D \:D

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I like it!

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Good job!

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Good history \:wub\:

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Can't wait for the next installment! Very good screenshots!
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\:wub\: Ah! I'm happy it all ends well! I hope the psycho granny goes to prison or something! I can't believe Jeff still had her around the house after all she's done! I'm looking forward to more more MORE!

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I LOVE IT! Must read more!

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LOL, very funny! I haven't been on here in ages and I had forgotten about this series! Well done!

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