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The Rhodes Family
Published Feb 6, 2007

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Dusty couldn't understand what had gone wrong. Mum and Dad couldn't bear to be in the same room together. Dad spent his time at work or chatting to people online and Mum, well she spent her time cooking and cleaning or reading about cooking and cleaning...

Dusty couldn't understand what had gone wrong. Mum and Dad couldn't bear to be in the same room together. Dad spent his time at work or chatting to people online and Mum, well she spent her time cooking and cleaning or reading about cooking and cleaning... ...neither of them would help Dusty with his homework and the results were a D report card, a pile of uncompleted assignments and a Dusty who was just to depressed to do anything. Dusty decided that no one was going to help him, so after given himself an hour of watching the Kidztube he set himself down and started on those assignments.
He had just completed 1 and a 1/2 of them when he was overcome by a wave of exhaustion and just fell asleep right where he was standing.
Dusty couldn't believe it, he had been so tired that he had just collapsed into his bed barely being able to put on his pyjamas. He had woke up the next morning and...well to put it bluntly, wet himself. He felt so ashamed and embaressed. Thankfully nobody had been around at the time. Dad was earning good money and Mum was at home teaching herself how to run a good home, but each one of them seemed to think that the bills were the other ones responsibility. With no civilised communication going on the result was...the Repo Man. OK this was getting beyond a joke. Dusty knew that the pile of rubbish was his fault...he had been taking the trash out when he'd realised the school bus was about to pull off and had just run for it...but surely Mum or Dad could have picked it up. Now there were all these disgusting bugs. Dusty had now reached the age where he could take more responsibility for himself. His first act as a teenager was to find himself a decent job, to prepare himself for adulthood. Dusty was beginning to think that a higher power had it in for him. There he was searching for a good job when he remembered (a little to late) that he had decided to cook dinner for everyone.
Was anything going to go right for him??
Dusty didn't want to repeat his first cooking fiasco and had switched the TV over to his Mum's favourite cooking show. He was so engrossed in learning how to make grilled cheese sandwiches that he failed to realise that he was about to miss the carpool. Just after Dusty got home from school he got a phone call from Tiffany Sampson, a college student at SSU which was where Dusty was hoping to go and train as a doctor. They were chatting about courses and life in general. Once again the ill fortuned Dusty failed to see the work car outside his front door. That evening Dusty received the message that he had been fired from his job. What was the point of even trying when everything just went so badly wrong? What had he done to deserve such a rotten start in life?
Dusty was starting to believe that the Somebody had it in for him
OK looking back now it hadn't been a good idea. Dusty decided to throw a party to meet a few more people and cheer himself up.
The first thing that went wrong was only two guests turned up.
Then his totally tone deaf Dad decided that he was going to be the DJ
When his Mum started making googoo eyes at the handsome young Bartender Dusty thought that that was the worse that could happen...
...Except dear old Dad decided to prove him wrong and started to chat up Tiffany Sampson, right there in front of everyone... ....Mum totally broke down and started acting really weird, clucking like a chicken and crying, Whilst dad just completely ignored her and continued to flirt with Tiffany.... Dusty saw red and threw his drink straight over his father, he wanted to attack Tiffany as well but she had left... When his Mum attacked his father Dusty had to conclude that this had been the lousiest party ever. Dusty had had enough, without bothering to stop and pack his things he fled from the house vowing never to return... Rainee was distraught...what had they done? Sunny was equally guilt ridden... He decided to use his contacts in the Force and see if they could track Dusty down. Boy those police are good, within a few hours Dusty was standing outside the house with his Mum crying and begging his forgiveness... His Dad added his apologies and vowed that things were going to change... Starting right now. The first thing that Sunny did was to hire a maid so that Rainee could have the career that she wanted. He then made the breakfast omelettes... ...Which they sat down and ate as a family for the first time in forever. This time when Dusty asked his dad for help with his homework, his Dad didn't make excuses about being to tired or bored and answered all of Dustys questions. Finally Dusty knew the secret to doing his homework, no more agonizing for what seemed like hours over the simplest problem With all the petty disputes out of the way Rainee and Sunny just fell in love all over again. Dusty couldn't believe it when he got an A+ the following day and then landed a job in the Medical career. He immediately applied to SSU and was told he qualified for two scholarships: The Sim City Scholar grant and the Quigley Visual Art Stipend.
Suddenly Dusty felt as though the Powers that Be had decided to cut him some slack and anything was possible...
...Although who could know what could happen when he arrived at College!!

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MissIlly666Sep 17, 2008

Poor Dusty. Well, hopefully it wont be too much of a bumpy ride for him. \:P Good story.

Apr 21, 2008

Nice story \:D

Dec 16, 2007

Good Story

Feb 11, 2007

The story was good, but the screeshots need some work. It would really help if you put the walls up and zoomed in more. Most of the time it's really hard to see the characters in the pictures because you're so far away. Your story is well written, but the screenshots just don't do it justice. Thanks for sharing. \;\)

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