The enchanted garden - Final part
Published Mar 29, 2007

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Hi everyone! Here's the conclusion of The enchanted garden. I hope you all enjoy it! :)

Credits: Furniture can be found at and clothes at

Hi everyone! Here's the conclusion of The enchanted garden. I hope you all enjoy it! :)

Credits: Furniture can be found at and clothes at
Our last chapter ended when Theodore found his wife Penelope lying motionless in the garden and was overcome by his grief. He thought he had lost her forever without having the chance to express his true feelings for her. Theodore was still crying when Gael appeared in the garden. He seemed to be living his worst nightmare and couldn't wake up.

"Theodore, stop crying, your tears won't bring her back" Gael said.
Theodore got up in one swift motion, surprised to see Gael. He looked into the creature's eyes and, for a moment, he understood why Penelope was so connected to him. Gael had a pure heart, like Penelope.

"I lost her forever... and it was my fault!" He cried feeling miserable.
"Listen to me, Theodore" Gael said, trying to explain "Penelope is not safe yet... You have to help her."

"What do you mean? Can't you see she's..." His voice trembled with emotion. He couldn't say the word.

"She's not dead, Theodore, but she will be if we don't act quickly!" Theodore warned.
Meanwhile, Jack appeared in the kitchen, much to Lolly's surprise. Why did he never listen to her?

"What are you still doing here? The plan will be ruined if someone sees you! Get out!" Lolly hissed.

"Lolly dear, I think I'm in trouble" Jack said, looking quite flustered.
Why did Jack always had to be like this? Lolly was very angry at this point.

"You better not ruin anything this time...." She hissed. "Well, come on. Start talking!"

Jack mustered all his courage and began to explain...
Meanwhile, as Gael had suggested while they were in the garden, Theodore brought Penelope to her room. She seemed to be breathing now, but continued immersed in a deep sleep.

"Why doesn't she wake up?" Theodore asked. Although he was still aprehensive, the horrible pain inside him had subsided, now that he knew he could do something to save Penelope.
"Theodore, the garden was protecting her spirit from the person that was trying to harm her. By doing that, it took away her physical strength as well... But the garden doesn't know she's too weak to ask for her strength back, so you'll have to ask it yourself."

As he listened to Gael's explanation, Theodore watched his wife sleeping and a feeling of dread was starting to take over him. What if he couldn't save her?
"Leave your clothes behind. The garden has to feel your vulnerability. Only then, it will trust you."

"I'll do everything you ask Gael" Theodore said taking off his clothes. "But why can't you talk to the garden yourself? Why me, who only caused her harm?"
"Because she loves you above all else" Gael said with a smile. "Plantsims are loving people, it's in our nature. Penelope loves me for what I represent and I love her the same way I love all living beings. But she chose to love you, despite your differences. And from what I can feel, so have you." Mrs. Finnigan decided it was finally time to give up her plan, considering what had happened to Penelope in the garde. She was quite surprised when she entered the kitchen.

"I'm telling you Lolly, I didn't do anything to that girl! But the trees, the trees were trying to hurt me!" A man was saying.

"I'm the one who's going to hurt you if you don't get out now!" Lolly was growling. "If the old bat finds you here, she'll find out we're togeth-"
"But Lolly, I just wanted to see how Penelope looked like up close." Jack tried to defend himself. "I barely touched her and all of a sudden there was a flash and a scream and she was falling to the ground. I think the trees were trying to attack me, Lolly!" They were so engrossed discussing what had happened in the garden, that they didn't saw Mrs. Finnigan until that moment.

"Mrs. Finnigan!" Lolly exclaimed looking mortified. "I.. it's not what you're thinking!"

Jack seemed to have lost his ability to speak and just gaped at her like a fish.
"I don't really need to hear anything else..." Mrs. Finnigan said degectedly "Lolly, I thought you were better than ...this. I can't believe I wanted *you* to marry my son!"

"But Mrs. Finnig-" Lolly tried to explain, but Mrs. Finnigan was not stupid.

"I advise you to leave now before I decide to call the police and have you both arrested" Mrs. Finnigan said coldly.
Meanwhile, Theodore and Gael were back at the garden. They needed to ask the trees to give Penelope her strength back, so that she could at least wake up. Theodore was very aprehensive, but he didn't know what else to do.

"Are you sure about this, Gael?" Theodore asked "I can't feel a thing... "

"Be patient Theodore... get rid of your doubts and fears." Gael whispered.
At first, Theodore couldn't understand what Gael was saying. But then, something weird happened. He heard the tree branches moving with the wind. It was as if they were whispering, talking to him. It was different from everything he knew, but somehow it all made sense to him. A sense of peace invaded his mind and it was then he knew Penelope was going to be all right. Back at the house, Mrs. Finnigan was feeling awful with herself; in fact she had never felt so guilty in her life. For the past few months she had tormented her son and his wife and for what? So her friends would stop humiliating her and laughing behind her back. All of that seemed so insignificant compared to what had happened in the last few hours. Penelope could actually die and now his son would never forgive her for trying to break them apart. When Gael and Theodore finally returned from the garden, they were both quite pleased with themselves. Theodore, in fact, was feeling more at peace with himself than he ever did in his entire life.

"Now I just need to perform the ritual to wake her." Gael said smiling.
Gael stood beside Penelope's bed and concentrated. He had never used his powers on a human before. He started to perform the ritual and spores of love started to fill the room. He heard Theodore gasp before he closed his eyes. After a few minutes, Theodore was thrilled to see Penelope waking up. The ritual had worked! She was safe! Now he just hoped she could forgive him for the horrible things he had said. "Theodore, what happened?" Penelope asked confused. Theodore stood silent. He couldn't speak, words seemed to have deserted him, so Gael had to tell her everything she needed to know. After he finished explaining, Penelope was crying with happiness.

"And you've done all this.. for me?" She asked smiling at them. When she gently touched his cheek, Theodore finally understood she had forgiven him.
Lolly and Jack had decided to flee, of course, before Mrs. Finnigan changed her mind. They didn't know they were about to face a life full of adventures, lies and deceptions together, but as far as we're concerned, their part in this story ends here. After Theodore and Gael left the room, Mrs. Finnigan went to see Penelope. She told her everything she had done and asked her forgiveness.

"I know I don't deserve it," She said sincerely "you probably are going to hate me for the rest of your life. I know I will never set foot in this house again, so I just needed to tell you the truth. I'm so sorry, child."
"Mrs. Finnigan... I don't hate you" Penelope said "You always took care of me since I was a child and you did all this thinking it was the best for us. I'm happy that you finally accept me for who I am."

"R-really?" Mrs. Finnigan was so surprised she couldn't believe her own luck. How could she not have seen before how perfect Penelope was as a daughter in law?

"In fact, I need your help. I want you to help me pick up my dress for the party tomorrow. I'm entertaining a special guest." Penelope said cheerfully.
While Mrs. Finnigan helped her to pick her dress, Penelope couldn't help smiling. So many things had happened in one day. Her dreams and her nightmares, all at once. She was glad the day was over... tomorrow everything would be different. When Penelope saw everyone gathered at the party the next day, she knew she couldn't be happier. The first thing she saw was Theodore hugging his mother, which meant he had also forgiven her for the things she had done. And Gael... Gael seemed a bit lost, but looked happy to see her. Penelope saw his surprised face when Theodore offered him exotic seeds from faraway lands. He examined them closely and suddenly his face changed drastically.

"These are Plantsims seeds!" He was smiling broadly "I can plant these, it means I'm not alone anymore!"
It was the best days of their lives, everyone was happy. No one knew for sure if this was because of Gael, who couldn't stop spreading the love, or if it was because they had finally found love inside themselves. Later that day, when the party was over, Theodore decided to take his wife for a walk outside in the garden.

"Why did you bring me here?" Penelope giggled "Planning on becoming a Plantsim too?"

"No, not exactly..." Theodore laughed, blushing a bit.
"You see, I'm a bit shy..." He said in a low voice.

"Oh, I see... And will that stop you from kissing me?" She asked, biting her lip.

"No, I believe I can work things out this time..."
- The end -

Credits: Furniture can be found at and clothes at

Well, this is it! I hope you all enjoyed my first story. It was fun to write, but it was even better to read your comments. You guys are fantastic, really and a great audience, too! :D

Oh, I almost forgot to say, I uploaded some pictures of this story that didn't make the cut. You can see it in my profile if you're curious about them :)

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#55eva hanstvedtMay 6, 2007

\:\) good\:\)

#56egoswickMay 30, 2007

Bravo! Wonderful story! (I wish Mrs. Finnigan had seen her son in the garden naked though hehehe.)\:P

#57trilbyfayOct 12, 2007

Great ending, loved the story. \:wub\: \:\)

#58Lovelylulu01Nov 9, 2007

Wow absolutely fantastic story you are extremely talented!\:D \:rah\: \:wub\:

#59qvisnJan 27, 2008

Wonderful ending, cry with happiness\:\( \:o Awesome writing, thank you \:D

#60khr1996Oct 19, 2008

HI!I just read your story. Awesome pictures. Wonderful wording. Brilliant plot. elievable story-line. Any advice on making such great stories? (out of 3. won't let me have more TT-TT)
\:D \:D \:D

#61SunrunnerJynxApr 9, 2009


#62ninadgvirgilioMay 11, 2009

amazing story

#63melaniecoxVIPJul 31, 2009

a truly amazing story!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
You have a very good imagination
I havn't explored the sims properly yet, I think I still have a lot to learn, How do you get a plantism and plantism seeds, I have yet to encounter aliens vampires robots and zombies as well.

#64madeaAug 27, 2009

Very good story. I quite enjoyed that.

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