The legend of Arash
Published Apr 4, 2007

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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy reading "The legend of Arash". For those of you who don't know, English is not my native language, so I apologise for any grammar mistake you might find.
Credits: Custom content can be found in TSR, Modthesims, Parsimonious, Reflexsims and Insimenator.

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy reading "The legend of Arash". For those of you who don't know, English is not my native language, so I apologise for any grammar mistake you might find.
Credits: Custom content can be found in TSR, Modthesims, Parsimonious, Reflexsims and Insimenator.
Our story begins many years ago, when a group of rebels settled on a small moon, far away from the centre of the Universe. Arash was made of rock and ice, so few Sims ever visited it. For this reason, our heroes had decided to take refuge there, hoping to escape the evil clutches of Lord Theseus, the supreme ruler of the galaxy. Lady Gaia, the leader of this group, was concerned about Captain Phoenix and his team, as she had not heard any news from them in several days now. They had gone to explore the mysterious planet of Chloris, and so far, no transmissions had been made. "My heart grows weary." Lady Gaia said. "Something tells me we're not safe anymore."

"Lady Gaia, I too shared your concern these past few days, but I have good news." Medea said happily.
"You see, Captain Phoenix has just contacted us and he wishes to speak to you at once!" Medea said smiling.

"Oh, at last!" Lady Gaia said, feeling more relieved. "Put him through, please..."
"Captain Phoenix, your silence was becoming unbearable." Lady Gaia said. "How was your mission?" "Lady Gaia, I'm pleased to announce the mission was successful." Captain Phoenix said. "As you predicted, planet of Chloris has the rare metal you were looking for. I brought a few samples so you can carry on with your research. We may now have a chance to defeat Lord Theseus once and for all!" "Well, that is indeed good news!" Lady Gaia said. "I'm hoping you and your team will join us later this evening. Should I ask Medea to make the necessary arrangements or will you be staying in your starship?" "Well, as much as we love this ship, the truth is we haven't got a decent meal in days. I hope it's no trouble for you, milady." "Not at all, Captain Phoenix." Lady Gaia replied "Medea and I will make sure you won't regret your stay. We miss you and your team and we can't wait to have you again with us!" "Did you hear that, team?" Captain Phoenix said excitedly. "We'll be eating real food today!"

"What do you mean real food?" Crystal asked, looking upset. "What's wrong with our cooking?"
"You're right, we're being unfair..." Gunnar said, trying to keep a straight face. "I mean, it was only you that incinerated our supplies of food ...twice!"

"Well, I already told you I thought it was toxic waste!" She pouted, feeling a bit hurt. But Gunnar could not hold it any longer and was now roaring with laughter.
Meanwhile, back at Arash, Lady Gaia and Medea were quite happy with the news. At last, they were going to be able to carry on with their research! "Do you know what this means, Medea?" Lady Gaia grinned. "Maybe there's a way to defeat Lord Theseus and his Durgas!"

"Oh milady, we've been waiting so long for this!" Medea said "I'll go prepare everything for Captain Phoenix and his team."
Their conversation was interrupted by a familiar, but very disturbing sound.

"Wait, did you hear that?" Lady Gaia whispered. "I think someone is in the elevator. Did you give permission to anyone to access this floor?"

"No, I didn't..." Medea was pale now.
And then, to their surprise they saw someone stepping out the elevator... Lady Gaia recnogised the intruder at once. It was one of the Durgas, the evil robots constructed by Lord Theseus. They were his soldiers and his ultimate weapons to control the galaxy.

"I am here to inform you that Lord Theseus wishes to see you." The Durga said with a cold, metallic voice as he entered the room. ?I hope you?re reasonable enough not to decline his invitation...?
Captain Phoenix and his team arrived later that day. They did not suspect what had happened, as they not detected any signs of violence. "By Solaris, I'm starving..." Aella said rushing ahead of everyone. "I hope Medea prepared food for a whole fleet!"

Gunnar chuckled. "As long as isn't burn-"

"Shut up, Gunnar." Crystal spat, as she too was starving and not in the mood for his banter.
When they arrived, they were quite puzzled to see Medea alone. Where was Lady Gaia?

"You had your comunications cut off" Medea said quietly, not willing to face them. "Why?"

"Did you try to contact us?" Crystal asked. "You know we couldn't afford the risk to be intercept-"
"She was taken!" She suddenly burst out crying. "The Durgas took Lady Gaia and you didn't respond to my call! I couldn't do anything to save her!" Medea looked desperate now.

"Medea, calm down." Captain Phoenix stepped forward. "You need to tell us everything you can remember. We will rescue her, but we need your help."

The Captain's words seemed to convince her and she started explain what had happened in the past few hours...
Meanwhile, Lady Gaia was being held captive in one of Lord Theseus dungeons. She wasn't afraid to die at his hands; but she dreaded the thought that he could find about her plan to destroy the Durgas. "Well, well, well..." Lord Theseus approached Lady Gaia's cell. "I'm so glad you accepted my invitation, milady. I hope you find my dungeon... comfy."
"Cut the sarcasm, Theseus. If you have not killed me yet, you must have something really twisted on your mind." Lady Gaia replied.
"...and rest assure, I will not help you in any way. So, if you don't kill me now," She continued, feeling braver. "My friends will eventually rescue me and they will destr-"

"Oh, yes! So you do understand why I invited you here..." Lord Theseus smiled malevolently.
"You see, I am hoping they stop by for a visit..." Lord Theseus smiled teasingly. "In fact, my plan would not be quite the same if they didn't."
Lady Gaia was speechless. She was being used as bait... Captain Phoenix and his team were going to fall into a trap!
- to be continued -

Well this was the first chapter, I hope you enjoyed it! I appreciate constructive criticism, so please comment and help me become a better writer! :)

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fabrizioammolloMar 7, 2009

<p>Both set and costumes are fantastic, you really did an excellent job. It had to require a lot of time to build scenaries and to take and to modify the pictures. You are absolutely talented, thanks for sharing your creativity.</p>

mad4u19Feb 22, 2009

<p>Good story</p>

Ultra-VioletJul 17, 2008

I really enjoyed it, and can't wait to read what happens next.\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: A definite 5.0

MotoDJul 13, 2008

soo cool, loved the story\:D

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