The Black Statue Part the Third
Published Apr 13, 2007

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This is the Third Part of my story! Thanks to those who have read my stories so far! If you haven't read the first 2 parts yet, it is highly recommended that you read those first, because you will get confused with this part if you don't. In this chapter, I will introduce you to new characters, and give a hint of the characters to come. This chapter is the longest so far, and to those who are wondering what or who are the people who makes up the Laxia Clan, well, you will see them here! Have fun reading!

A quick recap. We last left Vanessa and Handel at the Balcony, where Vanessa shows Handel her true self. Francis, Vanessa's adopted son, was taken somewhere by his so-called friend, and the statue COMES TO LIFE!

This is the Third Part of my story! Thanks to those who have read my stories so far! If you haven't read the first 2 parts yet, it is highly recommended that you read those first, because you will get confused with this part if you don't. In this chapter, I will introduce you to new characters, and give a hint of the characters to come. This chapter is the longest so far, and to those who are wondering what or who are the people who makes up the Laxia Clan, well, you will see them here! Have fun reading!

A quick recap. We last left Vanessa and Handel at the Balcony, where Vanessa shows Handel her true self. Francis, Vanessa's adopted son, was taken somewhere by his so-called friend, and the statue COMES TO LIFE!
Leila took Francis through a portal to a dark forest. Francis, unknowing of his situation, asked Leila, "Is this the land of the Laxians? The way you told me before, I though it was a happy and bright place full of friendly people. Is this it Leila?" Francis was confused. "What are we doing here, Leila?" Leila suddenly changed. From someone who comforted Franciss a while ago, to someone entirely different. To Francis, his friend became his own nightmare. "We, my dear child, are in the Forbidden Forest! You are in the place where I live! You are in the place where the stench of death and hopelessness, sorrow and hatred, forever resides! You are here, and you will never come back!" Leila's voice sounded different. There was a hint of hatred, of darkness whose depths cannot be fathomed. Francis was terrified. He can't believe what he's hearing. "No, Leila, you must be joking. This is not the Leila I know! The Leila I know is someone who knows how to love... to give... to care... to comfort! the Leila I know is... is..." Francis was at a loss for words. He still cannot swallow what he's seeing. "Leila, I thought you were my friend! I already considered you my sister! Please... don't do this to me!" "You didn't listen to your mother. She told you to stop believing in your imaginary world, to stop mingling with your imaginary friends!" Leila's voice was getting more terrible in every word she says. "You are getting what you deserve for being disobedient to your mother. You are being punished!" "I thought you were a special child. I thought you were smart. But as it turns out, you are nothing but a useless crying brat. I thought you knew what makes you different... you... you disappoint me." Francis cannot believe what he's hearing. "Leila, come back! Come back! Stop it!" Francis was getting more confused and more terrified. He is helpless. He doesn't know where he is. "Please Leila, bring me back! I can't stay here! I... I can't survive here! Please, bring me back to my home!..." Francis said in-between sobs. "This is your home now, you little brat! Stop crying! There is no coming back! I am finally getting my revenge!..." Back at the Gothika House, Handel can't believe what he's seeing. He can't seem to swallow the truth. His wife... his wife... "I'm sorry..." Handel said. "This is more than I ever expected... you... you can't expect me to go on with you after all that I have seen..." Lady Vanessa broke down in tears. "I thought we made a promise to each other! You told me that no matter what, you will love me! Through thick and thin! You will love me! You can't leave me now!" Lady Vanessa's crying became hysterical. "No... how can I trust you now, after you have kept YOUR WHOLE LIFE from me?" Handel was still having a hard time processing in his mind what he has seen. "You... you are mad, Vanessa..." Handel turned away from his wife. "I can't believe I married someone like you. What did I see in you? I always knew you were hiding something from me, but i did my best to ignore that, and now... THIS? This is too much to ask from me, Vanessa..." "All I ever wanted was to live in peace with you and our son! I thought you will understand! Please don't leave me! I need you more than ever! Your love is what gave me the courage to go on, to hope for a better life! I can't survive without you! Don't leave me alone! Please!" Lady Vanessa can't help controlling her tears. After a while, she calmed herself. Her sorrow has turned into anger. "I thought you really loved me. I trusted you. I may have broken your trust, but I never knew you were a low-down, so shallow man..." She approached Handel. "Now I know the truth! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A COWARD, HANDEL! LEAVE! I DO NOT NEED YOU ANYMORE! YOU ARE A COWARD! YOU ARE NOT A MAN!" Lady Vanessa was even more furious now. "YOU CAN'T BLAME ME, VANESSA," Handel shouted back. "YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HID THINGS FROM ME! IT'S NOT MY FAULT!" After this, Handel walked out. Handel left and sat on the main balcony couch. He cannot believe what happened. He must be losing his mind. He is feeling mixed emotions. Love and hatred, sorrow, grief, anger... he can't take it anymore. Lady Vanessa herself felt mixed feelings too. She was outraged and hurt by her husband's actions, but at the same time, she can't control the bursts of love she felt deep within her heart. "This can't be happening..." She thought to herself. She decided that it was time to move on. When she went out the front door, she was surprised to find the statue no longer there. And in its place...

"Leila!" Shrieked Vanessa in a very shocked tone. "What... what the..." She can't believe her eyes.
"What are you doing here? How... how did you break free from your stone prison? The statue! The statue... no... this can't be happening..." Lady Vanessa cannot believe her eyes. "When you decided to change back to your true form, the curse that held me powerless broke. And I know that you changed back for a reason. I happen to know what that reason is. You are not the only one who has the Gift, Vanessa. I still have a hint of it. I too, possess a little of that Gift." Leila said.

(don't worry, readers! You will know more about what Leila said in the later chapters!)
Vanessa replied in a sad voice, "I thought you promised me that you will leave me alone. I thought you told me that you have forgiven me. Why, of all times, did you have to come now! All I ever wanted was to start a family here on earth! Why did you have to come back?" Leila did not answer. Instead, she told Vanessa, "You kept the statue... but why...why...?" Vanessa remained silent. Deep down, she knew that there was a reason, but she can't figure out what it is exactly. Leila immediately changed tones. "Now, we must move. I know who took your son..." Vanessa was taken aback by surprise. "Who took my son?" She demanded. Leila took a deep breath... "The VENGEFUL SPIRIT that came from me ever since that day our mother died." At the same time, the king of Laxia, King Edon, was talking to one of his guards, Xeo. "Your Majesty," Xeo said, "a messenger from the distant mountains of Halith has come with urgent news." "What urgent news, Xeo?" King Edon asked. "Strange," he thought. "It is seldom a messenger from so far away came here in Laxia." "Well, Your Majesty, he won't say a thing about his message. He says he wants the High King to know about it first. But he does say that it is important, my Majesty." Xeo answered. "But Your Majesty," Xeo added, "he did say that the message comes from the Four Great Harpies. And that he must meet you immediately." The king nodded. "Inform this messenger that we will meet him right now. Send him directly to the Throne Room. Now GO!" King Edon also ordered Cecil, one of his closest friends, to inform his wife, Queen Edith, and the other couple ruling by his side, King Jared and Queen Ruby. You see, there are two kings and queens in Laxia. Cecil found Queen Edith, Queen Ruby, and King Jared by the pond, having a good chat. She approached them. "My Queens, my King, I bring news from the High King." "He wants all three of you to go to the throne room immediately. It seems as if urgent business is concerned. I am so sorry to barge in your happy conversation like this." Cecil told them. "I wonder what he wants now." Queen Edith (the one in green) wondered. "Well, what are we waiting for?" Queen Ruby (the one with the hair ornament) followed up. "I believe that my majesties should get going now. It is not a good idea to make the High King wait." Cecil politely said. "We will go there now. Thanks for bringing us the news, Cecil. Your good deeds will be rewarded for sure." Queen Edith said in a graceful manner. "Thank you, your highness," Cecil said, and went away. Outside the palace, word got out that a messenger from far away went to see the king. Almost all the villagers shared their own thoeries on why the messenger was sent. Some said that war was starting, others said that a deadly plague is approaching, others, well, they said that the messenger brings a warning. Inside the Throne Room, Queen Ruby and King Jared asked the king, "We're here. Now what did you call us so suddenly for?" "We were just talking about ponies and lilies when we were interrupted... why did you have to ruin such a colorful conversation?" Queen Ruby jokingly added in. "Xeo, my Head Guard, told me that a messenger from the mountain ranges of Halith came to bring urgent news. He is now guiding the messenger here. And as for all of your little chatting, sorry if I suddenly trampled on those lilies and fell over those ponies." King Edon replied. He seemed amused. Outside the palace doors, Xeo was attempting again to get the messenger to tell him what his message is all about. But it was no use. The messenger will not speak. "I am so sorry, my dear man, I have strict orders." "Well, my friend," Xeo said, "This is the way to the throne room. The king has called in his wife, and the other king and queen that rules by his side. Now, go, and deliver your message." Xeo gestured toward the doors. "Thank you, my dear fellow," The messenger replied in a grateful tone. The messenger entered the throne room. "Your Majesties, I am Gardo, messenger from the Halith mountain ranges from the north. I bring urgent news from my masters." "What urgent news do you bring, Gardo, and who are your masters? I am Queen Edith, wife of the High King that sits in front of you." "Your Highness, my masters are the Four Great Harpies of the Four Gifts." Gardo replied in answer to Queen Edith's question.

"Oh, so you are the new messenger of the Great Harpies!" King Jared suddenly blurted out. "We owe them so much..."

"If you would kindly let the messenger finish, my dear," Queen Ruby said.

"Oh, I am so sorry, you may proceed, Gardo." Gardo smiled a little and continued. "My masters say that an old curse that was made a long time ago has been broken, and threats the very peace and existence of the Land of Laxia."
The two Queens and the two Kings all looked at each other. They never thought this would happen. They never expected the message to be this terrible. "You may proceed, Gardo." King Edon said. His tones have changed. His voice faltered a little. Clear signs of dread began to show. He wasn't prepared for this. "Your Majesties know of the two sisters from long ago. Their tale was filled with betrayal, lust for power, anger, outrage, sorrow, lies, and death. You all know the story, of how the Four Great Harpies punished the wrong sister with an eternal curse. You all know how their mother, Erandya, was killed by one of the sisters. You all know of the gift of the 'Great Knowledge', which their mother possessed and was to be inherited by one of the sisters. This gift that any being will want, a gift far greater than what my masters, the Four Great Harpies, possess." "The older sister always knew that she was the one who will inherit the gift of the 'Great Knowledge'. She was confident that she will inherit the gift. But her mother saw right through her older daughter's heart, and so chose her younger daughter to inherit the gift. The older sister, so enraged at their mother's choice, secretly planned to kill her mother. She murdered her on the night before she was to declare her decision. She then declared to the elders that before her mother died, she told her that she was the one to inherit the gift, and since she was the older one, they believed her." Gardo stopped, and looked at the kings and queens in front of him. "I believe you all know the stories." "Yes," King Edon replied, and continued the story. "My grandfather told me this before. The younger sister tried to tell everyone, even the elders, that her older sister was lying. But for the mere reason that she's younger, she was thought to be lying. On the day of the blessing of the Great Gift, the younger sister went as far as to disrupt the ceremony, which was considered sacred by the Laxians. Because of what she did, she was captured and called a liar and daughter of evil. The Four Great Harpies, the same ones as today, cursed her in an eternal spell." Queen Edith continued, "They cursed the younger sister to eternity in stone. But, as years went by, one of the younger sister's friends came out, and declared the truth. She was there on that night Erandya was killed. She saw the older sister. The friend, named Leah, was sent to the Harpies to know if she was telling the truth. She came back triumphant. The elders were outraged. They banished the older sister, but since she already has the gift, she was also immortal. But the elders were feeling guilty. They have punished the wrong person." King Edon continued. "One of the elders came to the Harpies, and asked if there was a way to reverse the curse. Unfortunately, there was no way. One of the Harpies suggested that there is a way to lessen the gravity of the spell, but it will require all their powers combined. They were successful. There was a way to break the curse. The curse will break once the older sister decides to come back and shed away here disguise on a place called earth, where she was banished." King Edon went silent for a while. He then muttered, "And now it is all coming to be fulfilled... what were the names of these sisters, Gardo? I have quite forgotten it." "Your Majesties," Gardo replied, "Their names were Leila and Vanessa." Queen Ruby and King Jared were disbelieving. "That is just a mere legend. A myth," Queen Ruby said. "Impossible! That cannot be true!" King Jared said. "You will have to show us exactly what happened to believe in what you are saying! We are not fools, you know!" "So," Gardo said, his voice sounding mysterious all of a sudden. "My Majesties want to see?" King Jared replied in a questioning voice. "What do you mean... see?" "So shall my Majesties see." ~To Be Continued~

Thanks so much to for all the wonderful custom content!

Special thanks to all who have commented and read my stories so far, and for their encouraging words that inspired me to keep up with the story! Special thanks especially to estatica (who continues to support and encourage me to finish my story), to blueclarity, and to all the other writers out there who inspired me to write!

Part four will come a little longer since, as they all say, The Plot Thickens!

thanks again!

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Hey!! I had not finished reading this part when I looked at the fourth one. Great story!! \:wub\:

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\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: !!!!!!!!

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\:cool\: BE COOL DUDE!!!!!!!!

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amazing, I have no clue what's going to happen next but I am definitely eager to find out. Love the pics and the flow of the story great job.

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Nice one! Very clever plot & those props are wonderful!\:D

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Great job once again!!\:rah\:

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This is getting very interesting. Keep up the great work.\:rah\: \:rah\:

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