Perfect Gift.
Published May 26, 2007

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This is Prince Akmal Ihab which translates into perfect gift. Hope you enjoy...

Once again many thanks to all the custom creators...

This is Prince Akmal Ihab which translates into perfect gift. Hope you enjoy...

Once again many thanks to all the custom creators...
King Akeem Abdul was a wise king.
He ruled over a prosperous land.
A land where people lived in harmony and never wanted for food or water. He had won the respect of all his people by being a fair and just king.
Despite all this Akeem was a sad and lonely man.

His wife and son had died at childbirth. He had married his young bride , a beautiful princess and his whole life was complete . The day his bride and child died was a day that a part of the king also died.
His dreams and his hopes for the future had all been taken from his grasp...
Anisha was the kings loyal servant. She had been at the palace since a young child and had grown up alongside the king. She knew him well and felt the sadness that she could see in her kings eyes.

Anisha's favourite place was the palace garden . Here she grew exotic fruits to tempt the kings appetite and beautiful flowers to brighten up the palace.

Anisha had a special bond with the king and since the death of his wife several years ago had spent many a night comforting her master...
The King would spent countless hours giving thanks to his Gods for his countrys well being. During all his years on the throne he had never asked for anything for himself.
He had asked for food for his people , he had asked for rain when there was drought . He had asked for his wife to be spared pain, but he had never thought once of himself.

One day he was feeling so lonely he went down on his knees before his God,

" My dear God I have been a faithful servant throught my reign, grant a selfish man one gift, one wish before its too late"...
That night Akeem went to bed thinking how foolish he had been asking his God to help him. His God was there to be thanked not to be asked favours and gifts.

Akeem had a restless nights sleep...
A face appeared and Akeem heard a voice,

" Akeem you have been a wise and generous King. You have looked after your people well. I will grant you what you wish for, you may have one gift so choose wisely",

Akeem was afraid of being in the presence of his God, afraid of choosing unwisely.

" My God I ask of you one thing , bring my wife back to me."

" I can not grant you that gift, it is forbidden to bring the departed back to life , they must not be disturbed from their place of rest"

"Then please let me have a child of my own, a child that I can love and share my life with"

" Akeem your gift will be granted"...
Akeem awoke startled and afraid.

Was it a dream or had his God appeared before him that night.

He tried to put the thoughts of the previous night behind him and carried on with his day...

Several weeks passed and no gift appeared...
The following morning much comotion was heard down in the palace garden.

Akeem looked out of his window to see Anisha waving her hands in the air and shouting

"Your Majesty come and see what I have found in the garden, hurry master come quickly".

Akeem had never seen Anisha in such a state before , she was like a woman possesed.

The king hurried into the garden...
And there he found placed beneath the orchids a baby, a beautiful baby boy.

"Master some one must have placed him there during the night. Are we to keep him and look after him or are we to search for his mother"...
The king picked the baby up in his arms.

Anisha looked into his face and saw a sight that she had not seen for several years. The kings eyes shone and a warm smile came across his face.

" Anisha this ia a special baby , he is a gift from my God, this child shall be known as my son, his name will be Akmal Ihab" Let the whole of the land know that a prince has been born"...
The next few weeks the king did not let Ihab out of his sight. He fed and bathed him . Comforted him when he cried .The only servant that was allowed to help was Anisha, she cared for the baby when the king slept.

The whole country celebrated the birth of the new prince. It made the people glad to see their king happy once more...
Ihab grew into a contented child always happy in his fathers arms... The years went by and Ihab and his father were unseprable. Anisha was always by their side. The king had realised that he could not bring Ihab up alone and Anisha became his governess.
Ihab sat on the throne next to his father and attended all the council meetings with the elders.
His father wanted to teach him to become a good king as he would have to take over the throne one day...
Ihab had brought so much happiness into the life of the king... There was also a srong bond between Ihab and Anisha. She tought him all there was to know about the plants in her garden , the animals in the forest.

Ihab seemed to make all the people that came across his path happy...
Ihab grew into a fine young man, the king had taught him well.
He valued the respect that he was given by the people and loved his country .
He was at one with nature and was often found out in the garden or fishing in the forest lake. Akeem often went with him on his fishing trips.

"My son I need to talk to you, the time has come for me to choose a bride for you. We have three princesses visiting during the next few days. You must be married by the end of the year and then you must become King. It is the law of the land"...

Ihab was loyal to his father and welcomed the first princess.
Her name was Malena , she was the youngest of the three. She was nervous and wanted to please the prince.
They were both ill at ease with each other . She talked about her family and how she wanted to travel to see the world...
Serena was the second princess .
Ihab could not get a word into the conversation , she had so much to say.
She liked fine clothes and jewels and wanted to marry a prince that would buy here many gifts...
The third was Laila. She was very quite and Ihab found it hard work to even get her to smile... When all the princesses had departed Ihab sat down and wondered which one his father would choose.
Deep down he knew he did not love any of the girls . He had to obey his father, it was the law of the land .
Perhaps love was something that would follow once he became friends with whoever his father chose...
It was early one morning when Ihab went into the palace kitchen to look for some bread. He was going fishing and wanted to take some food to sustain him for the day.
It was then that he first set eyes on Adiva new servant girl.
She turned around startled,
" Forgive me your majesty I did not expect to find anyone here so early"
Ihab could hardly hear her words, he was being drawn into her big dark eyes. He had never before seen such beauty.
He felt an urgency within himself , he needed to know all there was to know about this girl.

"Stay and have some bread with me , stay and keep me company on this fine morning"
" Your Majesty I am not allowed to sit with you , I am but a servant, I will find you some bread but I must not stay"

" Then I command you as your prince to stay" I do not wish to eat alone"...
They sat side by side to eat their bread.
Anisha felt very uncomfortable , hoping none of the other servants came in and caught her.
Ihab spoke gently to her about his fishing trip and about all the animals he saw in the forest.
Gradualy she became more at ease and found that she was actualy listening to what the prince was saying and at one time even dared to ask a question...
By the time dawn had broken the two were talking to each other as if they had been friends for life.
They shared palace secrets and found they had a lot in common despite their different upbringing.

"I must go your majesty, before I am found here with you"

"I will see you again tomorrow Anisha, I shall think about you every moment until we meet again."

The prince went off fishing with a happy heart...
They met in the palace garden as often as possible . Their love for each other growing daily.

Anisha knew it was wrong of her to meet the prince in secret but her love for him was becoming so strong she could not resist...
"Anisha I feel so much love in my heart for you , I want the whole world to know. Today I will tell my father about you . Our meetings will no longer be a secret, no longer be something we have to hide"... "My Ihab I have the same feelings for you . My heart is ablaze with love , but my love, it can not be , we have to be satisfied with what we have . We can not expect more."... Anisha stopped,
" I must leave some one is approaching" but it was too late. The king had heard all that she had said...
" My son tell me I am not hearing this conversation , tell me this is not true."

"I am sorry father I can not lie to you Anisha and I love each other .

" This can not be you are promised to another , your wedding is arranged , it can not be changed"...

" Father I can not marry another when I have so much love in my heart for Anisha. Before I met Anisha I was willing to marry whoever you chose and learn to love her, but this can not be ,now I have found true love."
I am sorry your majesty to disobey you but I can not marry another"...
Akkems heart was broken . It was the first time he and his son had quarrled , the first time they had disagreed. Akkem raised his voice.

"I am your king and you must do as I bid. It is the law of the land that no prince shall marry a servant. Anisha must leave the palace and you will marry at the end of the year. I have spoken.

With that the king turned on his heels and went back to the palace leaving Anisha and the prince in tears...
The King was not happy with his decision. He remembered the love he had for his wife. How could he deny Ihab from having the same feelings.

He called a meeting with the elders.

"I call this meeting to change some of the existing laws, one in particular ,that a prince may not marry a servant."

There were gasps of breath as all the elders heard the kings request...
Back and forth the discussion went between the elders.
Some agreed that times were changing and a prince should be allowed to marry the person he loved. Others disagreed and said old values had to be kept to breed good stock.

The discussion went long into the night.
By break of day the chief elder spoke.

"Your majesty , it has been written in the law books for hundreds of years and thus it will stay, The
law on this occassion will not be changed"...
The king ushered the elders away... He did not want them to see their king, a grown man cry.

Akeem felt as if he had betrayed Ihab. Since coming into his world Ihab had given the king so much pleasure, shown so much unconditional love. Now his son would despise him forever if he made him loose Anisha... What was he to do...
Adiva had been listening to the king and the elders. She had waited for the king to stop crying and walked in.

" Excuse me your majesty , I need to talk to you. Please forgive me for what I am about to tell you, I had not meant to decive you....
Adiva and the king spoke for hours, the king was shocked with what was said.

" I must find a way to help my son , help him find happiness, I can not let him waste his life away thinking what would have been. Will I be able to do this Adiva"

" Master you are our king , you can do anything you please...
The king sat up most of the night devising a plan. In the morning he called for the prince.

" Tomorrow I shall be leaving to make arrangements for your wedding . I will be away for several months and I will need a servant so I will be taking Anisha with me".

It saddened Akeem so much to see the hurt on his sons face , would he ever be forgiven...

The kings horse was saddled and all arrangement made for the journey. Adiva came to bid him farewell.

" Remember my king you must be strong, Think why we are doing this"...

Akkem allowed Ihab to say goodbye to Anisha. It warmed his heart to see them together but he knew what was to be done.

"I will never forget you Anisha, my love for you will never die"

With those words she was gone from his world forever...
" My son you will understand one day , hopefully you will forgive me".

Akeem felt so much love rush through his body , so much love for this boy he called his son.
He was begining to have second thoughts about the plan, but he knew he must not falter now, It must be done...
The weeks went by slowly for Ihab. He missed Anisha's voice, her touch.
He also missed his father. It was the first time they had ever been parted.
He had been angry with his father to begin with, but he knew it was not his fault, There was some things not even a king could do.
He had Adiva to keep him company. He never tired of her tales...
Ihab would take himself down to the lake for hours.
He would sit and think what might have been . His love for Anisha was still strong...
How could he love another , could a man love two women, all these thoughts rushed through his mind as the day of his wedding grew nearer... Weeks turned into months.
The king sent word that the day of the wedding had come. He would be arriving back with the chosen princess.
Adiva went out to let the village know that the celebrations were to commence. This was going to be the biggest wedding the palace had ever seen...
Adiva changed into her finest gown, she was going to enjoy this day. The wedding guest started to arrive.
Prince Ihab was dressed in his wedding finery.
Anisha looked upon him with pride . He looked so handsome so grown up . He was still a little boy in her heart...
The trumpets bellowed " Make way for the king , the king is here.

Ihab was standing at the altar waiting for his bride. He had convinced himself that all would be well.
This was just a small sacrifice he had to make .
Even though Anisha was not by his side , she was still in his heart .

He turned around to see which princess his father had chosen...

It was then his heart soared like an eagle...
Walking down towards him was his father. King Akeem Abdul, and there by his side was his beautiful, beloved Anisha.
Were his eyes playing tricks on him. Was this what happened when your heart was broken.
There was a fanfair of trumpets.
The king announced,

" Let me present to you all gathered Princess Anisha Latia , future Queen of our land...
Anisha stood beside the altar not able to take in what was happening all around.

She had gone away thinking that she would never see Ihab again . She had been taken to a strange town and stayed in a large house with the king. There she was taught to read and write, how to dress in fine clothes how to wear the finest of jewels. She had not lifted a finger in the kitchen since the day she left the palace.
She had been told of the kings plan to make her " fit to be a princess" and then taken back to the village to marry his son...
" I thought this day was never to be , am I dreaming or is it real, Is it really you Anisha"

"It is me my love , I have so much to tell you, but now is not the time...
The marrige took place in the forest by Ihab's favourite lake... The crowd cheered as the prince took the princess in his arm and kissed for the very first time the love of his life... The king looked upon his son and his new bride with pride in his heart.
At long last he was able to repay the prince for all the love and kindness he had shown . What a lonely man he would have been without the love of his son.

What a naive king he had been to belive that Ihab had been a gift from his God. True he had been a perfect gift but not from his God but from a woman who had loved him dearly from...Adiva!
Adiva had been heavy with child when she heard the King ask his God the gift of a son. A few days later she gave birth to a baby boy and hid him in the palace garden. She was afraid that she would be sent away for disgracing the king. She knew the king would accept the baby as his own beliving he was a gift from his God.
She could not keep her secret when she saw how unhappy her son was at not being able to marry Anisha, she knew what it was like not to be with the person one loved.
The king had agreed to take Anisha away, then return pretending she was a princess. It did not seem right that Ihab could not marry the one he loved especially as he was not a true royal himself...
The people of the land never found out the truth . Everybody accepted their new King and Queen.
King Ihab was a much loved king the same as his father had been.

Adiva moved into the palace to live, she was happy to be near her son and Akeem.
Ihab was overwhelmed with joy . He had found his bride and mother all in one day.

And true to fairytale stories they all lived happily ever after...

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#120ZumariaSep 28, 2007

Just read this story!!! It was awesome!!!!\:rah\: I love the clothes and setting. Did you design all of it yourself? I would love to get those clothes!!!

#121Oct 18, 2007

Very engaging and what lovely pictures\:rah\:

#122OpheliaNivalOct 24, 2007

Ah, how sweet! I thought for a moment that the prince and his girlfriend would elope, but it seems his father was an old softie after all and he didn't need to... \:wub\:

#123Emilie JolieNov 7, 2007

This story is awesome. You are a great writer, and your custom content makes the stories seem even realer. All of your stories deserve a 5.0 \:rah\:

#124Nov 12, 2007

\:wub\: That was amazing! Such a beautiful story, and all the images were captivating...keep up the good work! Loved your name selection for the 3rd princess....Laila is my name!\:rah\:

#125123456789_1234Dec 18, 2007


#126sweatshirtlover2Jan 4, 2008

I LOVE THIS STORY!!!\:D You take such beautiful screenshots.\:rah\:

#127qasertMar 12, 2008


#128eviJun 11, 2008

such a wonderful story!\:wub\:

#129charraySep 5, 2008

Really nice story. Great job. \:rah\:

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