Sonny and Contessa Return
Published Jun 18, 2007

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Little Seer


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Hi everyone, yep it's me Sonny Day back and coming at ya! I think Little Seer was going for a pretty picture here and I ruined it by jumping in my trunks right away. That will teach her to click pictures faster. If you were following Little Seer's stories about Contessa and I you know it has been a very long time since the last one. Little Seer had a terrible problem with her computer and darn near had a fit when she added a Seasons and her computer wouldn't run the game anymore.

Hi everyone, yep it's me Sonny Day back and coming at ya! I think Little Seer was going for a pretty picture here and I ruined it by jumping in my trunks right away. That will teach her to click pictures faster. If you were following Little Seer's stories about Contessa and I you know it has been a very long time since the last one. Little Seer had a terrible problem with her computer and darn near had a fit when she added a Seasons and her computer wouldn't run the game anymore. Well the poor fleshy thing went right out and bought a new motherboard, processor, video card , disk drive and ram. I'm so happy she managed to save my neighbourhood and Contessa and I. It would have been horrible for me if Contessa was lost because I love that little woman so much. I guess Little Seer is one of those crazy humans that will do anything to keep her Sims and the game running smoothly. Hello my name is Tiffiny Zarubin. I'm with the Veronaville Garden Club. You know with a little work on your yard you would be able to join our club. Really, well actually Tiffiny I have been so busy almost being wiped out of existance and now that I'm back I really want to continue with my studies and max out all my skills. I was recently engaged to a wonderful woman also and we have a wedding to plan. I really just can't see my way clear to join your club at this time. Thanks for your offer and it was really nice to meet you. If I ever change my mind I'll give you a call. Working on my creativity skills. I thought the new spa from Holy Simoly would make a nice painting. Yes sir I think it came out great. I had a brand new visitor that night. I wonder if the werewolf will quit stalking me now? Dear Little Seer, I have now maxed my cleaning, mechanical and logic skills and am working on maxing the rest of them. I learned on line that there are schools for higher education. I really wanted to enroll in University but it seems I am too old. I have to say I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to go. Do you know of anyway I could get a diploma to prove I am educated? Your Sim-friend Sonny. I sure hope Little Seer can help me with this....shucks too old to go to school. I wonder how long it will take Little Seer to get back to me? Time for dinner...I'm not too hungry right now I think I'll just have a bologna sandwich for dinner...lots of mustard yum. I should give my sweetie a call later. Maybe we could go out tomorrow. mmm...good stuff that sure hits the spot. ...lets see did you hear about the little alien that threw a clock out a window? He said he wanted to see time fly....that was a real old one but it helped me max my charisma. Oh good Little Seer got back to me, I can hardly wait to see what news she may have for me. Dear Sonny, There is a game cheat that could make you young enough to go to University. I think it would be interesting to see how you would look as a young adult but it would also mean that you would no longer be the same age as Contessa and you would be away for four Sims years getting your education. I have another idea instead so keep working on maxing your skills and the day you have maxed them then check your mail box. I'll have something special for you. Cheers, Little Seer I sure don't like the idea of being made younger and being away from Contessa. I wonder what Little Seer means she will have something for me? Well I've maxed my Cooking skill now. I still have my body skill to work on, but first it's bedtime. In the morning I'm working out. Yeeee, this just seems to get harder and harder.... Yay I did it! Me Sonny Day, the old TRS Challenge has maxed out all his skills. Where the heck is that wringing coming from....oh it's my cell phone...I forgot I bought the darn one has ever called me on it before. Contessa...where should I meet you? Okay I'll see you there. We met at Sugar and Spice Bowling...I have no idea about bowling but I'm up to giving it a try. I watched Contessa... She knocked all the pins down...that must be a good thing she sure is cheering about it. Aww would you look at that isn't she the sweetest...doing a little dance. I clapped for her, more for the dance than the bowling. Okay here I go... Holy Crow how in heck did I get down here on the floor...the ball is still going straight! I could here Contessa giggling about my bowling technique but I didn't care I got a strike! Contessa cheered while I did a little dance of my own. We decided to get a bite to eat and I decided to try a new joke out on Contessa... Contessa did you here about the two aliens that just got married? No, not really. she replied. Well apparently the male came home and yelled out "Honey I'm home!" "Where are you?" He heard a quiet voice reply: "I'm hiding." He said: "I brought you strawberries." The female said: "I'm still hiding." He said: "I brought you champane." She still replied: "Hiding." He said: "I'm feeling amorous" She said: "Hurry up and find me I'm hiding in the closet!" Contessa laughed and pointed at me: "You wild man you, I'll show you amore!" And the next thing I knew she had me in her arms. Boy did I get a smoochin'. When we got back to our meal she asked me: 'When we get married do you suppose we will be as happy as two bugs in a rug? I told her: "Are you kidding we will be even happier and you will be much better looking than a bug!" She blew me one of her sweet kisses... I pretended it about knocked me off my chair, Contessa really giggled about that. At the end of our meal Contessa made a toast to our future marriage and the happiness we would share. Our time ended with a few more wonderful kisses. I think everyone could see how much we are in love. In the morning I saw something I had never seen before.... Rain...Look at that it's amazing. Contessa was right "Seasons" is a hoot. Thanks lots for creating it EA Sim Gods. Look at that pup he is really enjoying it. Do you think that is getting him clean..or would that be getting him dirty. Contessa called me first thing all excited about the rain. She said it was raining cats and dogs... "Really, oh Contessa" I answered: "Well now that you mention it I did see a dog in a puddle but I think he was just playing in it, I don't think he came down with the rain....but then again you never know what those EA Sim Gods will do next!" After wishing her a happy day... I went outside in the rain. A big jump and... Wow that was a great splash down. One more time... Looks like Little Seer stuck to her word. I wonder it is. Doesn't it drive you crazy how Sims will just show up and kinda wander aimlessly about the yard? It's stopped raining and the sun is shining. It's amazing how the lighting has changed too. One more splash before I check out what's in Seer's letter. This is what I recieved in the mail. It says: quote: "Sonny Day has Graduated from the University of Academie La Tour with Honors Cum Laude in Practical Ability. This Official Honorary Diploma from the above stated University is given to Adult Sims that show oustanding achievement by maximizing all skills in their quest for higher learning and knowlege. Little Seer's note said. Sonny Congradulations you have officially graduated. No Sim in my computer deserves this more than you for trying so hard to be the best and the smartest. Like I said you're my favorite Sim and I can't wait to see what you get up to next. Cheers, Little Seer Hmmm, what will I get up to next? Get married for sure. I have always wanted to have a career in journalism, maybe I'll give that a try. I think it might be a good idea to talk to Contessa about this and see what she thinks about it all. Hi Contessa, listen I was wondering what you might think if I quit my job and tried for one in Journalism? Oh, since you're asking me Sonny I thought it might be nice if you could take time off work and visit me more often so you can meet some of my family before we get married. I mean they will become your family too and it would be nice if you got to know them. I think we could arrange that Contessa. I wish I was visiting you now so I could give you a big hug and kiss, you cutie. Oh Sonny you're always trying to make my head swell up like a ballon. How about I give you sometime to consider it and we can discuss it more when we see each other again. I Love you my handsome gentleman. Hee hee, handsome gentleman. I smiled as I got ready for work thinking of kissing Contessa and her thinking of me as a gentleman. She might change her way of thinking if she knew how close I would really like to be to her. I best contain myself at least until after the wedding. Hey Herb how's it going. Nowhere fast huh. Did you hear about the Alien and the Veronavillian, ya I know that sounds strange Herb but that's not the joke. The two of them were on a wishing cliff. They had to run to the edge, jump off into the air and yell out what they wished to become. The Sim from Veronaville jumped off the cliff and yelled "EAGLE" he turned into an eagle and flew off. The Alien ran and just as he got to the edge he tripped and fell off. As he was falling he yelled out "POO" Herb was still laughing about Veronavillian and "POO" when he dropped me off. In between his laughter he kept muttering "Splat" every so often. I didn't have the heart to tell him I would be quitting my job, he's in such a good mood. Well you know what they say...."Leave them Laughing". I'll see you very soon with "Sonny, Contessa and Family". Till then Cheers!

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lildebbye75Nov 16, 2007

glad you saved Sunny, great job, i love the way you tell Sunny's story.

Aug 18, 2007

enchanting, truly!\:rah\:

jaundyce61Jun 25, 2007

I liked this, hope to see more!\:rah\:

leifofdelJun 23, 2007

I adore the way you write, so cute. I love the way you interact with your Sims, jokes, letters, etc. Keep upthe good work!\:wub\: \:wub\:

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