Sonny, Contessa and Family
Published Jun 19, 2007

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Little Seer


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Good morning Consort how have you been? That's good. You're having a poker game around 1:00 pm.

Good morning Consort how have you been? That's good. You're having a poker game around 1:00 pm. Well honestly I've never played but I'd love to join in your game. A newbie's money is as good at any other Sims is it? Even better. Okay I'll be over then you can count me in. A little breakfast first. Mmm I just love pancakes... I caught some butterflies out in the yard. I bet Contessa would love to see these. I'll have to take them over to her and see what she thinks of them. Hi Contessa my sweet. Listen Consort envited me over to play poker at his house. No I haven't played poker before. You think he's a card shark and asking me over to bleed me dry. Oh gosh, so how much should I take with me so he doesn't get too much? No more than a hundred. Contessa what would I do with out you. After a few whispered sweet nothings I hung up and was on my way. Before I went off to Consort's I managed to swing by and leave some beautiful roses for Contessa. I had to be very sneaky because she was in the livingroom dancing all by herself. I'm too embarassed to tell you what I wrote in the card. "Contessa my bride to be, I hope these roses bloom as magnificently as the love we share." "Aw that Sonny he's such a sweetheart." At the front of Consort's cabin a dog and a skunk were having a game of stand off. I hope the skunk doesn't spray I would hate to smell of it. When they heard the car coming they both took off so I was safe. Consort introduced me to a fella named Antonio Monty. Consort started to tell me the most amazing story about their families. Apparently at one time the Capp's and Monty's were sworn enemies. They had a blood feud that had lasted generations. "What could cause something like that to happen?" I asked Antonio said: "It's best not to open old wounds but someone back in the day felt slighted and that is how it all began." "The whole town seemed to get into the act choosing sides and causing more problems." "Sheesh that sounds like quite the mess, how did you clean it up?" I asked Antonio continued: Well Consort's grandaughter Juliette just happened to not only date a Monty named Romeo but fell in love with him too." Consort laughed: "Ya that Juliette is one head strong little girl." "Since our children from both clans have landed in University and in the same dorm to boot they had to spend sometime together and they became friends." "I guess you could say we learned a lesson from the kids and realized it was time to put an end to the fued." "One way or another it would end in our generation anyway so why not make more friends instead of enemies." That sounded down right sensible to me. My turn to deal. Antonio sure is a good poker player look at his stack of chips! As you can see I didn't loose my shirt in the game. Arrived home still wearing it. That was fun and it was nice to meet Antonio Monty. Oh a new email from Little Seer....I wonder why she's called that anyway...maybe cause she's always peekin' in on us Sims. Dear Sonny, Nothing special is up. Just wanted to share a human email I got from a friend, but I bet it will apply to Sims too. Why is it the entire time you read an email you keep your hand on the mouse? Do you think it makes you read better? Oh well I guess she caught me there. I guess Humans and Sims are quite a bit the same. Who would of thunk it! Time for a shower and off to bed. No peeking now Seer! I made it over to Contessa's house bright and early in the morning. Contessa really laid a big ole smooch on me and wouldn't you know her grandaughter Juliette was right behind us watching. I felt kind of embarassed when I was introduced to her. That was an awkward moment. Hermia showed up next. Contessa was so happy to see her. "Hello Hermia I'm very pleased to meet you." Your Grandmom here has told me all about you and Juliette." I said not wanting Juliette to feel left out. We all got in the hottub to chat somemore. What is it about chatting in the hottub that seems to put everyone at ease? It must be because you feel so warm and cozy. Maybe that feeling transfers some to others who are sharing hottub time with you. We certainly did chat the day away and then Contessa asked: "Well girls Sonny and I have fallen in love and are planning to get married, what do you think." Hermia looked at me stunned. "Really." Juliette spoke up: "Oh for goodness sake Hermia look at all the problems Gran has gone through with coming back from the dead and dealing with Gramps and feeling so lost and lonely." She continued with: "I think if this is what she wants and is happy with that decision, well then they should go for it." "Goodness knows she deserves that and more." "Thankyou very much for what you just said Juliette, it really means alot to have your vote of confidence." Hermia spoke up again: "You know what Juliette I have to agree with you." "I didn't really think of it that way at first I was more worried about how Gramps might take this turn of events." I did get the chance to explain that Consort and I are friends and he had kind of given me permisson you might say to date Contessa. We were hoping he would come to the Wedding ofcourse. Later we had a chance to eat dinner together. I gulped down my salad and said: "Well ladies I should leave you to talk about wedding plans." Contessa nodded and winked at me. Hermia was excited talking about shopping for wedding dresses...what about color? Juliette said she had some wedding books they could all look at together. Contessa was startled: "You have wedding books?" "Is there something I should know?" "Oh don't worry Gran she has been buying them for years....dreaming of someday over the rainbow...well I guess after University anyway." Juliette turned a little red. I did get a chance to get a kiss in before I left. It was a doozie. Whew, I'm really going to have to watch that! I feel totally over heated. In the next few months I met lots of family members I got totally confused there are so many. This is Miranda, and I met Regan and Conwall. This is Tybalt and I also met Goneril, Desdemona, Ariel. Here is Kent and Juliette visiting again. I have to admit I'm very happy to be making friends with everyone. One day I noticed it was snowing out. Hmm what do I think of it. Not sure yet. Contessa snuck up and gave me one of her ever increasingly sweet hugs and suggested we go shopping. We had no sooner entered a clothing shop when a girl came up to Contessa. "Hi, I'm Demi Love" she said. "Hi I'm Contessa Cap" Contessa answered. Demi: "Contessa the Contessa Capp...the one that died and was brought back to life?" Contessa: "Well yes I guess I am that Contessa." Demi: "Ha well how did you like death you FREAK and how did you like coming back to life you Creapy Freak! Demi started to walk away but in an instant Contessa was on her like white on rice. The fists were flying and everyone seemed to be cheering Contessa on. I just stood there in shock. The next thing I knew Contessa had Demi in a head lock and I just could contain myself any more. "Ya Contessa give it to that rotten unbelievably rude little trouble making brat." And it ended as quickly as it had started except with Demi on the floor on her butt. "Come here you little tiger cat." I still couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. "You know I thought she had me there for a minute." Contessa confessed. "Well you won the fight, not that I condone fighting usually but you really gave her exactly what she deserved." "Maybe she will think twice about saying rude and untrue things to people now." I got Contessa out of there and over to Sugar and Spice bowling. Contessa had gone very quiet and even as our food came she still hadn't said a word. I thought maybe Contessa had gone into shock. The food seemed to snap her out of it and when she spoke she said: "It was really wrong of me to fight her wasn't it." "Well I would say it was an unusual circumstance and really she deserved it." "But" Contessa interjected: Maybe she was right maybe I am a freak what if other Sims think I'm a freak too?" "Contessa please don't worry about it." I replied: "You my dear are the least freaky person I know." "Oh you two." a lady at the next table over said. I'm so happy to see you are still together. "I was at the restaurant the night you proposed to your bride to be there." "I thought it then and I will say it now you two are perfect for each other." "I can see love in every glance you give each other." "I wish you both the best."
"Well thank you very much for your kindness." I replied: "it's very much appreciated."
"See honey did you hear what that woman said." "She sure didn't see any freak just two Sims very much in love." We decided to bowl a fram or two and on the way to get a lane I came across Mrs. Crumplebottom looking nasty again. But what on earth is she doing. I watch for a few seconds and then it dawned on me...dancing...she's dancing. Ew well if it makes her look so miserable I doubt she's having fun. I watched her pick up a bowling ball with a terrible scowl on her face. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next as her face started to change. Mrs. Crumplebottom actual smile! Well would you look at that she's even doing the victory dance. and the fun continues ... Wow who would have thought that was possible. Not you I bet, well not with out pictures. She even cheered and clapped for Contessa .... and then me when I got a strike. Contessa and I tried but couldn't contain ourselves any more and guess who quickly came back again. Yep there you go old scowly it is. When we got back to Contessa's house she thank me for taking her out. Fight and all it had turned out to be quite an exciting day. And I'm off again, be back soon with "Sonny and Contessa's Big Day" Cheers!

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Jun 23, 2007

Another great chapter to the story. Can't wait for the big day. Wow! I can't belive you caught Mrs.Crumplebottm smiling!! Oh and could you tell me the cheat that makes sims young eneough so they can go back to university?\:D

Downtimegirl91Jun 21, 2007

a cute old cuple ,great\:cool\:

spacemouseJun 21, 2007

Great story. Thanks for sharing. \:\)

SimsBarbieJun 21, 2007

Very cute.

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