Sunny's Story
Published Aug 11, 2007

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Wow, I can't believe I'm here. Sim State University, this place has a lot of history. I'm Sunny Moon and this is where my parents met and fell in love. I'm even living in the same house that they lived in together. I know my parents hope that along with a college degree I find my wife here but I'm not looking for just one female. I wanna have fun while I'm here and meet as many cute young ladies as I can.

Wow, I can't believe I'm here. Sim State University, this place has a lot of history. I'm Sunny Moon and this is where my parents met and fell in love. I'm even living in the same house that they lived in together. I know my parents hope that along with a college degree I find my wife here but I'm not looking for just one female. I wanna have fun while I'm here and meet as many cute young ladies as I can. My family and I have been through a lot the past few years so for every one to help me move in to my house it felt good. Cloud and I just started getting along. I wasn't always nice to him so we were never close but I'm looking forward to him moving in with me in a couple of years. My mom and I went shopping and left my Dad and brother alone. (My Dad always falls for that he knows Cloud only wins because he cheats.) With Mom and the credit card around I picked out furniture that was more my taste, not that Dad has bad taste it was just boring. Mom also let me go crazy picking out a new wardobe for college. My pad and I are going to be so fresh that the girls won't be able to resist. My furniture won't arrive for a couple of days but before they left Dad promised to come by and help me paint. He does these awesome murals wait till you see my walls when he's done. As eager as I am to be out of the house it was still sad to say good bye to every one, especially my Mom. We've always been close even when she was screaming at me for everything I did to Cloud. But as soon as they left I went and toured the campus, thats Jeannie Curtin. She's got a pretty smile doesn't see? We have a date Saturday. That's Jane Stacks, I met her at the Student Union. We're having lunch on Sunday. College chicks are so easy, There were only two girls all through high school that even gave me the time of day, here it is my first day on campus and I got two dates lined up. (Go Sunny, go sunny go!!!) Dad came over and helped me get everything painted. It only took two days with the both of us working non stop. My furniture arrived on the third day. I can't believe how great everything turned out. The ladies are going to love my house. My first date was with April Despret she's cute but weird there won't be a second date. She was a lot of fun to talk to when I met her in line to get our student ids so I invited her over to watch a movie, but when I got her home she was a little to off the wall for my taste. So after kicking her out I got busy with all the homework I had to catch up on. I'm a Biology major and I ended up pulling an all nighter getting caught up. I was headed to class when this beauty knocked on my door. I wanted to skip class so bad but was already told there was no way we would be allowed to make up a lab class. Why did I have a lab right now? (Think Sunny don't let her get away.) I invited her inside and begged her to stay in my house until I got back but she was gone by the time I got home and I still don't know her name or what she wanted. I called Mom and told her about it and she told me how stupid I was for letting a stranger in my house while I wasn't there with all the expensive things she just got for me. Leave it to Mom to miss the point of the story and find a reason to lecture me. I gotta find a new best friend to tell these stories too. I guess a son and a mother can't tell each other everything for ever. My date with Jeannie was ok. We met at the Roller Rink for bugers and skating. After a few falls Jeannie was ready to go. I gave her a little good night kiss and we ended the date earlier than I would have liked but she's really not that much fun. Oh well maybe the lunch date with Jane tomorrow will be better. What is she up to? I was on the phone with Cloud telling him about her when I saw her sneaking up to the door. I guess she had more fun on our date than I did. My lunch date with Jane was alot more fun. How ever her body wasn't as pretty as her face. I know that sounds bad but hey physical attraction is important to everybody not just me. We'll probably hang out again. She's a fun girl but it will never be anything more than friendship. What is with these girls and roses. I know I'm a good guy but were we not on the same date? Didn't she realize there was no chemistry, no romance? Jane called me up a couple of days later and invited me to a club. I didn't have anything else to do so I went. (I'm not leading her on, she knows we're just friends.) I was glad I did because I met Katelyn and got her number right on the dance floor. Then there was Nina, she was bragging about being the best at riding the sphere so I had to challenge her. Everything started out great. But it didn't end up too well. I may have hurt my back but I got Nina's number so it was worth a little back pain. It was a very good night. Jane even surprised me by giving me probably the best kiss I ever had after we left the club. She saw me get Nina's and Katelyn's number we even talked about them on the way to my house. I guess she doesn't care. Maybe she's one of those friends with benefits type girls. I don't know where that kiss was headed because my Dad called and said Mom was in labor. By the time I made it to the birthing center she had giving birth to my new little brother Storm. I think we all wanted a girl but are extremely happy that Mom and baby are doing so well. We're going to spoil him to pieces and make sure he knows how much we all love him. Dad even took a couple of weeks off work to stay home with Mom and Storm and told me that I could use the Navigator awhile longer. (YESSSSS!!!) I was driving by Sim State Towers on my way home when I saw this angelic beauty making angels in the snow. I couldn't stop the car fast enough so that I could introduce myself and get her number. I was headed back to the car when a friend of hers ran up armed with snowballs. I couldn't believe it was the mystery girl. I couldn't go back and talk to her I had just got Dani's number. They look like close friends too, could I use Dani to find out more about her or should I see how things go with Dani? If I go out with Dani and things don't work out would whats her name even go out with me after I went out with her friend (ARGGGGGGG!!!!) Why where they both so beautiful. Since I was so confused about how to handle the Dani and friend situation I called up Nina to see if she wanted to hang out. She had me meet her at the library and I was disappointed to see that she looked exactly the same as she did in the club. (Is that the only outfit she owns?) Leaving the library I saw Dani walking by and hoped she didn't see me with Nina. When we got to the Towers we did however run into April, talk about awkward. The three of us ended up hanging out most of the day then I said goodbye to Nina and got out of there before any body else I had went out with showed up. After what happen at the Towers I was hesitate to go out again but I got bored a week later and called Katelyn up. We went to Central Quad and I grilled up some burgers for us. The Quad was pretty much deserted so I turned the radio on in my car and we danced together. It was turning out to be the best date I've been on in the year and a half at SSU until... Jane appeared out of no where and lost her mind. That crazy girl slapped me right in front of Katelyn after calling me every name in the book. I wanted to know what her problem was why she was flipping out, Didn't she know we were just friends? I thought I had made it clear to her when we hung out last. She was there when I got Katelyn's number and actted as if it didn't bother her. I don't know what snapped in her head between then and now that made her think I wasn't going to go out with Katelyn or any one else for that matter. Jane was hurt and mad but I was even madder, she had hit me and embrassed me in front of a girl that was really cool. Katelyn left telling me to lose her number. I had no choice but to go home and think about how I got myself into this situation in the first place. I know she didn't just knock over my trash can. "What's your problem Jane? Stop harrassing me. Stay away from me or I'll report you to campus security." I can't believe this mess. I didn't lead her on. I didn't lie to her. I guess that stupid kiss ment something to her. Man I don't need this mess. How can I ask Dani or her friend out while Jane is running around actting like fatal attraction. I still don't know if I am going to try to date both of them or just one, and if so which one. Maybe Jane's behaving this way is the universe's way of saying I shouldn't ask Dani and her friend out. I need some one to talk to about this before it drives me crazy. But who? Why didn't I think of this before? I called up Dr. Wainwright, she helped my family through a really rough time surely she could lead me down the right path when it came to females. She stopped by my house and I told her about every date I had been on, my delima with Dani and her friend and the situation with Jane. "Sunny it sounds like to me you have committment issues not to mention the fact that you can't set appropiate boundries in relationships. If you're going to date alot of people thats fine just make sure every girl knows up front so that she can decide if she wants to waste her time on someone who's not looking for a serious relationship. When you establish a girl as just a friend you can't kiss her and then never talk about the kiss." She was only getting started with her advice for me. So we moved the conversation outside. "You can be attracted to a girl and not act on it, its called self control Sunny. Its ok to be a virgin until you're married." "Woah, who said anything about being a virgin." "Sunny, you don't have to lie to me, is that not the fuel behide how you look at women? You want to date the girl that you see your self sleeping with and not the one who you have great conversations with." What's wrong with being physically attracted to a person?" "What happens when the looks fade?" "You wouldn't date some one who didn't look good to you." "You're right but if all they had to offer was good looks the date wouldn't last ten minutes. Have you even had a conversation with this girl you can't get out of your head?" "No." "With Dani?" "A brief one." "My advice to you Sunny is to have a conversation with both of these girls see who you have something in common with then your decision as to which one to take out on a date will make itself. Who knows the mystery girl may not even be interested in you." "Thanks Dr. Wainwright for coming over here and talking to me. I'm sure my parents will still pay you your normal rates." "This was two friends talking, next time I'll charge you." she laughed. Cloud use to see her in private sessions and told me she was really easy to talk to and he was right. (She didn't look too bad in a bathing suit either. I'm kidding she's my parents age.) My parents moved after the baby was born. Dr. Wainwright had suggested to them that they didn't continue to live next door to Lovely, the woman that almost destroyed my family. My Dad was more than happy to get a fresh start some where else. The day of Storm's second birthday was the first time I got to see the house. I couldn't believe that so much time had passed already Cloud would be moving in with me soon, he graduated high school late because of everything that happened, I still feel bad that the things I said to him messed him up so much. But he's doing great, Storm is getting so big..... and Mom and Dad couldn't be happier. Seeing them together at Storm's birthday party made me realize that I want what they have. I was going to take Dr. Wainwright's advice and find the woman that I could talk to you, that I could laugh with, that when I looked into her eyes I saw her soul. The way My Dad looked at my Mom. A few weeks later my brother moved, I couldn't belive how much he had been working out in such a short time, he didn't look like my little brother any more. I told him I was going to throw him the biggest party to welcome him to college and independence. While he was in class I transformed the back yard and got the word out about the party by hanging out at the student union and telling people to tell people. It was a great turn out and she was there. Qutee Paris, I finally know her name. We danced and talked and Dani was there too I got to talk to her as well and discovered she was a little too high maintenance for me. (I ain't saying she's a gold digger.) I was shocked that Cloud called Pretty and invited her. I was shocked that he even talked to Pretty after everything that happened with our families. I was shocked that she went to school here. I didn't cause a scene I decided that I would talk to Cloud about her after everybody left. And about how much he drank. It was my ideal to get the keg and I wanted him to have fun ..... but he had one to many and was falling down drunk before the party was over. The party ended early due to the police and dean of students showing up. The cops made every one leave..... and the Dean put cuffs on me. Cuffs! On me! I couldn't believe what was happening. "Call Dad, Cloud." "Shut up and get in." I thought I was being arrested for the party. I just knew I was getting kicked out of school. Instead I was a legacy. I knew my parents both had great grades and belonged to Greeks but I never thought that would get me into a secret society. Wow everything was falling into place. My brother was here, my parents were doing better than ever, My grades couldn't get higher, I knew the woman I wanted to get serious about and I belonged to a brotherhood, a family here at SSU. When I got back home I told Cloud what happened and he told me Dad had explained it when he called him to bail me out of jail. I couldn't believe Dad knew this was going to happen one day and didn't tell me. But with that aside I knew I had to talk to Cloud about Pretty. "I don't see what the big deal is, Mom knows that Pretty and I have been in touch. I use to sneak out of the house with her when I was getting into all my trouble." "Isn't that reason enough not to have her in your life." "Do you still like her is that what this is about, after all we've been through you gonna let a girl come between us." Cloud asked. "No I don't like her, and I would never let a girl come between us, you're my brother. I love you. I just don't want you to get too serious with her then expect all of us to sit down for a family dinner together one day it would be too awkward for Dad and Mom don't you think?" "We're just friends, She's like a guy too me, besides she's got a friend she's going to introduce me to so don't worry ok." "Ok." I had no choice but to trust that my brother knew what he was doing when it came to Pretty. I invited Qutee over to hang out the next day and she saw it. I know I should have took it down before I had her inside the house but I forgot about it really. I thought she was going to think I was weird or some kind of stalker. But she was flattered. Dani however didn't bother to hang out with us any more once she saw the painting. I hoped it didn't cause any problems for their friendship. That was the last thing I wanted. Qutee told me they had been friends since jr. high and were roommates now. Pretty came through with what she told Cloud about having a friend she wanted him to meet. She stopped by with Svetlana and I think it was love at first sight for Cloud. She was beautiful I can't lie but for once I saw a beautiful female and I didn't want to get her number. I was happy getting to know Qutee. Cloud talked to her for hours and they really seemed to like each other. I guess I don't have to worry about his relationship with Pretty after all.

Thanks for reading. I didn't intend for the first chapter to be so long but I could never find a good place to end it. The next chapter will reveal if Sunny can focus on only one female and if Cloud and Svetlana start dating. Hope you enjoyed the follow up to Wynd and Skylar's story. More to come.

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#2Dead RockAug 12, 2007

I stopped reading halfway,

but otherwise great!

Love the screenshots.

#3djcryssiecAug 12, 2007

great story. its nice to read one with a decent length!

#4converse02Aug 12, 2007

real good. I didnt know there was a story before this, which would explain why I didnt get some of it \:D I was like huh??\:confused\: But I get it now, sorta\;\)

#5halla07Aug 12, 2007


#6animcflyAug 12, 2007

heey great story, i loved your past one too so really glad to be reading this!
cant wait for more!

#7HanefcikAug 13, 2007

\:wub\: I liked it very much, although it was long. Next time it would be wise to make installments... I liked the shots very much, they were really great!\:rah\:

#8ZayuryAug 13, 2007

\:rah\: Girl, I LOVE to read! More the better!!! Fantastic job on this story! You had quite a lot of funny lines in there, I was cracking up while reading them,"Oh no she didn't knock over my trash can" "She is acting Fatal Attraction" lol!! \:D Hilarious! Of course I'm hooked, just like with your other stories! Keep them comming!! \:wub\: \:rah\:

#9spacemouseAug 17, 2007

Good story, well done. \:\)

#10qvisnAug 31, 2007

Good story,you have worked hard.\:wub\:

#11qasertFeb 7, 2008


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