Times Change...Even In Farmville: Part 8
Published Aug 30, 2007

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Welcome to part eight of "Times Change...Even In Farmville". As I've said before, read the previous parts or I'll eat your babies. Nah I won't really but chances are you'll get confused if you don't and that wouldn't be much fun.

*Also, may I add, this part is a little more adult than the previous parts so parents, you might want to have a quick look first before letting your children read*

So you're back again? I couldn't have bored you enough in the last part! Basically I made up with Archer after our slight disagreement and invited Javier round only to find out he had a bit of a thing for Gill! Oh yeah and there's a virus going around. Not important but just thought you'd like to know.

Welcome to part eight of "Times Change...Even In Farmville". As I've said before, read the previous parts or I'll eat your babies. Nah I won't really but chances are you'll get confused if you don't and that wouldn't be much fun.

*Also, may I add, this part is a little more adult than the previous parts so parents, you might want to have a quick look first before letting your children read*

So you're back again? I couldn't have bored you enough in the last part! Basically I made up with Archer after our slight disagreement and invited Javier round only to find out he had a bit of a thing for Gill! Oh yeah and there's a virus going around. Not important but just thought you'd like to know.
"Sooo Gill..."I grinned.
"Give it up!" He blushed. "It's not that funny!"
"Uhuh. So what is it about her then?" I enquired.
"Well she seems witty and doesn't act like a Barbie I guess."
"This is true. Continue." I smirked as he grew more and more red.
"Well she does have nice.."
"Yeah you can stop now."
"What? I was going to say eyes!"
"Yeah but it's fun embarassing you!"
"Yeah...for you!" He muttered, trying hard not to smile himself.
It started to grow dark outside, unnoticed by us during our talking and occasional fridge raids. Javier glanced at his watch and quickly got to his feet.

"The last bus is in about five minutes! I'd better get going."
"Nice to see you again, Chris", he said, hugging me.
"Yeah, you've got my number now so we'll do something soon....and I'll invite Gill", I grinned.
"Well you've seen how much of an idiot I am around her!" He groaned.
"Aaw but it's funny!"
"I'll see you soon."
"Don't say anything." He quickly added.
"Fine, I won't!"
I waited up for Brad to come home but after a while I just assumed he was staying at Susan's and went to bed myself, smiling at how wrong Arch had Javier. It wasn't until I had made my bed the next morning that I realised Brad wasn't home yet. Even although the chances of anything happening to him were pretty slim, I still felt pretty worried about him. To my relief I found him asleep in the living room. He jumped awake when he realised I was there, looking guilty until he realised it was me that had found him and not one of our parents. "Late night huh?" I asked as he stretched.
"Yeah!" He grinned, lowering his voice. "You know Susan really is great we..."
"Uhuh keep those details to yourself like you prefer me to with Arch."
"Whatever." He said, looking pretty pleased with himself.
"So is no one else up yet?" He asked as i sat myself down.
"Nope, you lucked out on that one!"
"Tell me about it!" He smirked.
"I was talking about no one else being awake yet..." I rolled my eyes at him.
"I'm going to get some breakfast. Want any?"
"If my favourite brother is making something then of course."
"Don't push it."
I gazed out of the window as I waited for our breakfast. Looking at the garden with it's light dusting of snow, It was hard to imagine that it was almost spring. Brad would be leaving his teenage years for good soon and going out to work fulltime. I felt almost sad because it had taken me all this time to really get close to him.

I glanced down at the oven and noticed that I had been dreaming so much that our breakfast was cooked already! Made a nice change from my usual blackened toaster pastries.
"Wait a minute..", Brad gasped, feigning shock, "These are...edible!"
"Don't get used to it, it was sheer luck."
"Maybe we'll just die slowly..."
"I'm not that bad!"
"Whatever you say. Doing anything for your "study day"?" He said, exaggerating "study day" to the limits.
"Don't have any plans really. I guess I might go see Arch or something to finish our school talk."

For some reason Brad's face lit up when I said this. I eyed him suspiciously, wondering what was up.

"Can I come?" He asked, almost spraying me with bits of his breakfast.
"Why?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"I want to spend time with my brother?"
"No you don't."
"Okaay! There's a big game on and I want to see it."
"Fine...I'll phone him when I'm dressed and see if it's okay."
For once it was Arch that answered the phone.

"Hi is that you, Arch?"
"Last time I checked. What's up?"
"Well I was wondering if you were busy today..."
"Is it possible to be busy here?"
"I guess not. Do you mind if I come and invade your house? Things are a bit..funny here."
"No problem! I'll see you soon then."
"One other thing."
"Somebody wants to come over and watch something on your TV, would that be okay?"
"Ah the game...yeah my dad's watching it. It should be fine."
"Great, I'll see you in a bit!"
"We're going to Arch's!" I shouted, just to let our deliberately silent parents know we weren't dead.

Realising we weren't getting any sort of answer either due to them being asleep or still in a mood, we headed out, glad to leave the awkwardness of home.
"...So his mum knows but Mr. Emmett definately doesn't?" Brad asked, repeating what I told him.
"Yeah", I replied, "so please don't mention it."
"I doubt it would come up in conversation during the match..."
As soon as we had reached the door, Arch came round the side of the house and flung himself on me.

"How?..." I asked, confused at his sudden appearance.
"I sneaked out the side door, wanted to surprise you!" He grinned.
"Put my back out more like..."

Brad turned away looking awkward until Arch calmed down and opened the front door to let us in. It did amuse me embarassing my brother, as decent as he was about us.
Brad and Mr. Emmett were immediately engrossed in the idea of watching the game so Arch gave me a knowing grin and we headed towards the stairs. While the "real men" enjoyed watching contact sport..... ....we preferred to participate. Every time I was close to Arch felt just like the first time only without the guilt. The bed was less cramped though. We were both so caught in the moment that anything could have happened and nothing would have stopped us.... ...although we weren't expecting any visitors!

Before either of us even had a chance to stop what we were doing, Paige had fled....okay so almost nothing could stop us.
Arch found Paige sitting on her bed, obviously confused and a more than upset at what she had seen. I stood in the doorway thinking it would be best if Arch handled this.

"Paige..we.." He started.
"I don't want to talk to you..I know what you were doing. I'm not stupid." she mumbled.
"I know you're not", he sighed.
"Dad told me that it's wrong for two boys to do stuff like that and it's...un..un."
"Unnatural? Yeah he told me that too..."
"Why did you do it then?"
"Some people are different..we...Chris and I are different. It doesn't mean we're wrong. Some people just don't understand it, like Dad."
"But he told me bad things would happen if you did it."
"Sometimes they do but it's not our fault. It's just because people think it shouldn't go on because there's less of us than them so in their eyes, we're not right."
"I guess...." she said, hopping off of the bed.
"We okay then?" He asked.
"Yeah, you're still my weird brother...just even weirder now!" She grinned.
"And I'm not changing!" He laughed, hugging her.
"Don't know whether that's good or bad." She giggled.
"One thing though...."
"Don't tell dad you know."
"I won't!"
"Good! You know I love you right?"
"I love you too."
"You'd better!" He laughed.
"That was close..." Arch sighed with relief when we were finally back in his room.
"I know", I replied, "I thought we were done for!"
"Yeah well luckily what Dad said hadn't sunk in too much." He frowned.
"You were really good with her though." I smiled.
"Well she had to find out some now while she's young I guess."
"I know but you handled it really well. I wouldn't know where to start!"
"Really dampened the mood though didn't it?" He laughed.
"Yeah!" I agreed. "Who knows what would have happened if..."
"Can we sit down a minute?" He interrupted.
"Um..yeah sure." I replied wandering what was wrong.
We sat ourselves down and I waited for him to tell me what was up. I had a feeling that I knew what it was but I let him talk first.

"Well I guess it was good that we were interrupted..."He mumbled, looking at the wall behind me.
"How do you mean?"
"Well who knows what would have happened if we had kept going..."
"What are you getting at?"
"Well I'm just glad we stopped there. I'm not ready know. As much as I want it to be you, now isn't the time. It should be special. There's too much going on right now."
"I guess you're right. When we're both ready then." I smiled.
"Lunch is out!" Mrs Emmett shouted up the stairs.
"WelI don't know about you but I'm definately hungry now!" He laughed.
During lunch Paige seemed to be thinking about something quite deeply. Her face was screwed up as she sat toying with her food.

"What's wrong?" Louisa asked. "Is it too hot for you?"
"No... I'm just thinking."
"What about?"
"Well at school they told us all about how men and women have babies but how do two men have babies...."
As soon as we heard that, both Arch and I stared at each other in horror then simultaneously tried to silently signal to Paige to stop talking. The damage was done though. Mr. Emmett's face slowly changed to white and then to a deep purple, rather like Arch's top. "I need to go to the bathroom!" He blurted, quickly getting to his feet.
"Not so fast..." Came Mr. Emmett's growl.
"He stormed up to Arch who was now visibly shaking and stood in front of him looking as if he was about to explode for a few seconds before letting himself speak.

"I take it you have something to do with this?" He said, sounding as if he was trying to stay calm.
"" He stammered.
"Well where else would she get an idea like that?" He asked, patronisingly.
"Okay!" He cried. "She walked in on us."
"We were only kissing..."
"It's okay Dad, Arch told me it wasn't wrong!" Paige called from the other end of the table.
"I can only assume "us" is you and you're little farmer friend over there."
"Nothing wrong with farmers!" Brad chipped in, trying to lighten the situation.
"I want none of this in my house!" He snapped.
"But...that's not fair!"
"It's disgusting! I don't want any funny business going on under my roof. Do you get it?"
After Arch ran to his room , I was next in the firing line. I had got up with the idea of following Arch to see if he was okay when Mr. Emmett rounded on me.

"And come into my house and you do things like that where my daughter can see it!" He shouted.
"We shut the door!"
"I don't care if you boarded the door shut! It's not on! You were a guest in this house and you decided it was okay to run riot!"
"I only..."
"Go home before I decide to tell your parents....and take your decoy with you!"
Once we arrived back home, Brad took one look at the expression on my face and pulled me into a hug.

"Don't worry about him", he said, "the way he went on during the match, it seems like his wife rules him anyway."
"You think?"
"Well put it this way, if it wasn't for her, Arch would be out on the street..."
"He told you all this?"
"Yeah he kept going on about how Arch was a failure and how I'd be a better son...kinda creeped me out..."
"He's lucky to have Arch. No matter how badly he treats him, Arch still loves him."
"Well he is his dad even if he doesn't act like it."
"I guess...doesn't make it right though."
"You're right. Hey I wonder if the parents still hate you!" He laughed.
"Well it doesn't look like we're going to find out any time soon. I'm going to work on this talk."
"On my first visit to the city my boyfriend took a major flakey!" Brad offered.
"I doubt that would go down well." I moaned.

I had been trying to think of what to say for at least an hour and I was yet to write more than a few lines.

"Well how different was it to this place?" He asked.
"Completely! There were cars everywhere, buildings were huge and no one really cared about anyone else! It was amazing!"
"Was that hard? Just write about that and add extra words here and there. If you've not done a full page in the next hour I'm not cooking!"
"Please....don't cook. I'll write ten pages if you don't!" I laughed.
"Hey! I'm not as bad as you..."
Later on in the evening, Mum managed to take some time out while Dad was asleep.

"What is it about men and doctors?" She moaned.
"Well that's quite easy, they have huge needles and enjoy nothing more than sticking great big thermometers up your ar....."
"Okay okay...I wasn't really looking for an answer." She said, cutting Brad's speech short.
"How is Dad anyway?" I asked.
"He's getting there," she sighed, "he'd probably be fine if he would go to the doctor and get put on something."
"He'll be out talking to his trees in no time and you'll miss him." Brad grinned.
"At least I'll get some peace and quiet! I'd better go see that he's still alive." She sighed, getting to her feet.
Neither of us could really sleep that night. I couldn't stop thinking about what happened at Arch's and Brad was worried about Dad.

"Do you really think he's okay?" He asked.
"Of course he is. It's Dad!" I said.
"I know but...he's never been ill before. What if Mum just said he was getting better to stop us worrying?" He replied, frowning.
"She'd tell us the truth surely....we're not kids anymore."
"I guess...let's talk about something do you think Arch is doing right now?"
"I really don't know. He's pretty sensitive, he'll be a bit upset."
"I never knew Mr. Emmett was so bad.... no wonder you're so scared to tell our parents."
"Arch thinks he'll eventually change his mind, I don't know though. He seems too set against it."
"I think you're right, he went on about Arch as if he had killed his grandmother or something!"
"That's one way of putting it", I said, holding back a smile. Brad had a strange way of putting things.
"We should try to get some sleep. I haven't slept in two days!" Brad groaned as he stood up.
"That's you're own fault!" I laughed.
"Night, Brad!" I grinned as I watched him trying to think of a comeback.
The following morning, we got a pleasant shock to see Dad out of bed and looking almost like his normal self. He waved enthusiastically at us, which irritated Mum slightly.

"I'm alive!" He grinned, looking at Brad and I.
"You won't be if you don't take it easy..." Mum warned him.
"I'll be fine. So what've you two been up too?"
"Nothing much." I replied almost instinctively.
"Yeah!" Brad laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. "Nothing happens around here."
"Well like your Mum says, I need to take it easy but I'll get the truth out of both of you soon!" He winked.
"Who's been slipping something in his tea?" Brad muttered.
When I arrived at school, things were just as I expected. The twins had managed to persuade their mother that since it wasn't snowing, it would be a good idea to wear shorts, Gill and Susan were being plagued by Paige, and Arch...well he was sitting on his own looking less than happy. Maybe I'd be able to have a quick word before class started... "Not so fast, Farmboy!" I heard Gill shout as she made her way over.
"What did I do?" I moaned, slightly confused.
"Oh nothing, I just want a word about your little friend."
"Yeah?" I asked.
"Well I've heard of gay but he actually seems scared of girls...well me anyway! What was with that?" She said, raising her eyebrows.
"Well actually he's not gay Gill but I really need to go talk to Arch. I'll talk to you later!" I said, rushing off.
"What? Wait a minute...whatever"
"Hey you", I smiled.
"There's no point..."He sighed, turning away.
"What? What's happened? What did he do?" I asked, fearing the worst.
"One question at a time...Nothing has happened yet. I just got the "You're a disgrace to the family" talk and he's decided that I'm only to leave the house to go to school."
"Seriously? What a narrow minded piece of..."
"He's my Dad so whatever you were going to say, don't. He's trying to do his best for his family."
"If that's what's best for his family then I'd hate to see his worst!"
"Chris...just don't. Look there's Ms. Steele, time for class."
Even during class I found it impossible to bring up the subject with Arch.

"Look, your Dad is just narrowminded and if you listen to him, he'll ruin your life." I whispered
"Save it, I've caused my family enough problems by letting this take over." He replied.
"It's not you that's causing your family problems...."
"Enough already! He said, raising his voice a bit too much.
"Is there a problem over there?" Ms. Steele asked in an irritated tone.
"No." I replied, staring down at the desk.
By lunchtime, Arch was one his own again. Every time I looked round at him, he was looking back but he never came to join us. "Gill will you please go over there and tell him to meet me behind the sheds?"I asked.
"Ooh getting a bit risky now aren't we?"
"It's nothing like that...please?"
"Fiiine but if you two are caught, I'm not taking any of the blame."
I watched from the side as Gill persuaded Arch to talk to me. Eventually she had successfully annoyed him enough to make him give in and he made his way over to me. Getting him to look at me however, would be a much harder task.

"Arch, will you at least look at me when I'm talking?" I snapped.
"Don't make it harder, Chris, do you think I want to do this?"
"If you don't want to then don't, simple as that."
"No. Its not as simple as that. I don't think you get it. It's not right!"
"You were the one that told me it was so I'm not going to stand and listen to you deny it."
"Things have changed..."
"Nothing has changed! Your dad is still an idiot and I still love you!"
"Lay off him, it's not his...."
"You know I'm right." I said, making him look into my eyes.
"I know I do...he's just...well it's my Dad you're talking about. He used to be the most amazing person in the world to me." He sighed.
"Well he doesn't seem too great now so why believe him over what you know is the right thing?"
"Well I..."
"Try to tell me this isn't right...."

....End of Part Eight....

So that was a pretty belated part but I got writer's block and I've been sorting out stuff for college(this Friday!). Hope you enjoyed the part regardless of it's latecoming.

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#27drewsolteszSep 7, 2007

You have created fascinating and charming characters, nice to see! You handle the subject matter very well, with the respect it deserves!\:\) \:rah\:

#28Nik-NooSep 8, 2007

great part! Can't wait for the next part!

#29lightlady2VIPSep 15, 2007

love yor story read all parts today\:wub\: \:rah\:

#30lmfjaxxonOct 8, 2007

Poor Archer! As in the words of Will Smith, "Parents Just Don't Understand". You really can't help who you love and if you find someone to love you, that is a blessing! I rate your story 5*'s!


#31RIDanceOct 12, 2007

Some how, I skipped this one entirely. I thought I was missing something when I was reading part 9. Silly me. Well, great job as always! Very interesting. \:\)

#32civetinjaNov 10, 2007

Great job ! \:\)

#33qasertDec 4, 2007

\:D \:rah\:

#34seelindarunJan 21, 2008

Wow, lots of heartache in this one! Hopefully Arch's dad comes round. \:\(

#35lab9132003Jul 4, 2008

\:rah\: \:D

#36EvaaDJAug 16, 2008

haha i was really laughing when Paige was asking how two men can have kids \:D

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