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The Van Helsing Chronicles~Introduction
Published Sep 5, 2007

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This is the saga of the next generation of the Harker/Van Helsing family from the Dracula stories..
Over 45 years have passed since Jonathan Harker's fateful meeting with Count Dracula, as the family grows, so does the 'Curse of Dracula'.
This is a introduction to aquaint or re-aquaint everyone to the familes..Also the 5 chapters of the Dracula Saga can be found at my mini-site if you wish to catch up..

This is the saga of the next generation of the Harker/Van Helsing family from the Dracula stories..
Over 45 years have passed since Jonathan Harker's fateful meeting with Count Dracula, as the family grows, so does the 'Curse of Dracula'.
This is a introduction to aquaint or re-aquaint everyone to the familes..Also the 5 chapters of the Dracula Saga can be found at my mini-site if you wish to catch up..
Victor Harker is the biological son of Mina Harker and Count Dracula. All his life he has had to struggle with being a *dhampyre*; a Half-human/half vampire.
He has had to fight the vampiric instinct on a daily basis, and learn to cope with the 'Curse of Dracula'. Although Victor is close to 45, he looks 25, and will for sometime to come, as dhampyres live 300 years or more.
Many uneventful but blissful years have passed in the lives of the Harker/Van Helsing families. Victor and Carolina did indeed marry, and they had one son, who they named Victor Jr. or Vic to avoid confusion with his father.
Victor has known true happiness these years with Carolina, and untold joy in becoming a father. They were as close as a father and son could be.
Vic is now 17 years of age. His parents have been honest with him from the time he could possibly comprehend. He is fully aware of what his grandfather was; and what ancient and cursed blood flows through his veins.
He guards the secret closely, and Carolina and Victor closely watch see what influence the curse will bring on his young life.
Carolina, wife of Victor is the daughter of the late Jonathan Harker and his second wife Jane. Now 38, she loves Victor so completely, it does not matter to her that she will grow old and wither before Victor's very eyes. All that matters is she is with him now. She spent most of her young life thinking Victor was her half-brother; happily that did not turn out to be the case. Harrison Harker is now 43 years of age. He is the son of the late Jonathan and Mina Harker. Harrison is a very prominent lawyer in the vicinity, working out of his father's old law office in London. He and his wife Laura after their reconciliation and the turmoil of their early years; have lived a content and productive life raising three daughters. Harrison's middle daughter Sabrina about to turn 18, and is quite an handful. Since birth she has been an obstinate, headstrong child.
The skeleton rattling in the closet is that Sabrina is not Harrison's daughter at all, but his late half-brother's Peter's child. Peter was the second son of Mina Harker and Count Dracula.
So some vampric blood flows through her veins, just how this will impact her in later years, Laura and Harrison shudder to think.
She has a romantic eye firmly fixed on Edward Van Helsing Jr...
Edward Van Helsing died in 1897 at the age of 74, his fragile heart finally giving out.
His oldest son, Edward Van Helsing Jr. is now 25, and a bright young scientist with a great future. He resembles his handsome father, but has his mother's colouring..
He is slightly annoyed and amused at the young Sabrina Harker's crush on him..and he has recently taken notice of oldest Harker daughter Mina...
The rest of Harrison's family: On the left, Mina, named for her late grandmother, is Harrison and Laura's oldest daughter, she is now 21 years old.
Next to Mina is Verity the youngest, she is 16 years of age, and Laura, Harrison's wife now 42, did her best to raise her daughters under sometimes trying circumstances.
Jane Van Helsing is close to 58 years of age. She has adjusted to widowhood reluctantly, and misses Edward terribly, but her sons are the joy of her life.
She also derives great pleasure in her extended family, her daughter Carolina and Victor's son Vic and Harrison and his children. Jane is now the matriarch of the family.
Jon Van Helsing is the youngest son of Jane and Edward Van Helsing. He was a pleasant surprise in their lives.
Not quite as studious as his older brother, Jon nevertheless is a pleasant and loyal young man. He and Vic Harker are extremely close, being the same age they practically grew up together.
The Harker Estate...Harrison and his wife and children moved out years ago, the memories for Harrison were too much, he wanted a fresh start in a new house.
So Edward Sr. and Jane needing a larger home; moved in and besides raising their two sons, completely renovated the stately manor and lived many peaceful, contented years there.
Harrison, his wife and daughters live not far from the Harker Estate in this stone manor.

Our story unfolds as the family gathers at the Van Helsing's for Sunday dinner, something they do at least once a month. It is a custom they have had for many has kept the tightly-knit families more closely entertwined than ever.
It was a beautiful Spring afternoon in mid-April 1905. Some of the family is gathered in the music room to listen to Jane play some Mozart. She has become quite accomplished over the years and there was nothing the family enjoyed more than gathering around Jane's grand piano to hear her play. On the other side of the room, Edward and Mina are having a private chat. Mina finds herself completely taken with Edward, she can barely hear her step-grandmother playing her music.
While Mina and Edward grew up calling each other 'cousin', the were not in fact blood related at all.
Mina has loved Edward secretly for sometime now...
Elsewhere on the large estate, another romance is beginning to bloom. The Harker's and Van Helsing's seem to be chained together by fate or destiny or whatever one may call it.

Whatever the reason Verity and Jon; on the very threshold of adulthood, are becoming quite attached.
Jon quickly looked around to see if anyone was about. Jane's piano playing could be heard faintly in the distance.
"We have a few moments alone," Jon smiled. "I have waited all week to see you." He slowly walked toward Verity and began to pull her in an affectionate embrace.

Verity smiled warmly in return. Her young heart started to beat faster as Jon drew closer.
Jon pulled her close, they stood for sometime in each other's arms. Neither one wanted to let go.
"Do you know how much I care for you?" Jon whispered in her ear.

Verity closed her eyes and sighed. "Me too, too."
After the pleasant Sunday dinner; Edward seeks out Mina, he found her alone in the dining room.

"There you are my dear, I was wondering if you would accompany me to the theatre next Friday in town, George Bernard Shaw's new play is opening, we could have a little supper afterward.."

Mina's heart skipped a beat. "I would be honoured." She demured.
Edward smiled brilliantly at Mina. Why did he not notice her beauty before? All his life he hardly gave her a second thought, she was just of one the 'girl cousins'. But now, as she stood with the moonlight from the window illuminating her glorious face, he could not help but be captivated.
Her gentle and sweet countenance only added to her perfection.
Edward gathered Mina in a friendly, warm embrace. They stood for sometime in each other's arms...unaware they were being watched, very closely.

Sabrina stood outside, watching the tender scene between her sister and the man Sabrina loved with every fiber of her being. She clenched her fists, jealousy and hatred flooded her cold heart.
Sabrina waited patiently until Edward came outside for his walk.
"Edward, I need to talk with you," she said urgently. "I have to tell you how I feel, I cannot keep it to myself any longer...I love you. No one could love you like I do! Tell me you feel the same!" She finished impetuously.

Edward turned away; his handsome face flushing with embarrassment. "I am sorry Sabrina, my feelings for you do not run toward love of any kind, and they never will. But you are still a child, you will get over this silly infatuation in time."
"NOOOO!" Sabrina screamed violently. She stamped her feet; her long ponytail whipping angerily about her head. Edward looked at the childish outburst in disgust.

"Get a hold of your self Sabrina; you are acting very much like the spoiled brat you truly are!" Edward said angerily.
Edward turned on his heel and left. Sabrina watched him disappear back into the house.

'Oh you will regret swatting me aside, Edward Van Helsing...You will regret it for the rest of your life, you and my miserable sister!' she vowed through her clenched teeth. " One way or another, you will be mine...I promise you!!'
As soon as Edward went back into the house, Victor and Harrison called him into the study and shut the door. "Take a seat Edward." Harrison said gravely.

"Uncle Victor, Uncle Harrison...what is it? You both look so serious!" Edward exclaimed.
"It is serious Edward.." Victor whispered. "we have much to tell you, and it is imperative it stay between the three of us. You are old enough now to be told the dark secrets of the family."

Edward looked worriedly between Harrison and Victor.

"We have brought your father's journals, he gave them to us for safekeeping, in it you will find everything you need to know..." Harrison stated.
As Victor and Harrison told a stunned Edward all about Count Dracula and his connection to the family...outside the study door Sabrina listened closely. She could hear everything as clear as day, she always had exceptional hearing.

She would have to read those journals somehow. She would sneak back into the study later when no one was about....
Much later that night, after everyone had left, Sabrina snuck back into the Van Helsing's home when she was sure everyone was abed. She went into Edward's study and after searching for sometime, located where he had hidden the secret journals.
As she began to read the whole sordid tale, her mouth fell open in shock. She was stunned to read that her father was not Harrison Harker, but in fact his half-brother Peter...a son of this Count Dracula!
Well...she sneered inwardly. She always knew she was different from everyone else, superior even. This proved it! But what passage interested her the most was the way Mina resurrected Dracula from ashes remains many years previous.
According to one of Van Helsing's last entries, Uncle Victor reduced the castle in Transylvania to rubble, with the Count and Peter inside!
Her fevered little brain began to process all the possibilities. She immediately got paper and pen and she wrote out the information she needed. Then, just as dawn was breaking, she carefully hid the journals back in the place she found them and slipped out the side door.
Sabrina arrived home. Good! Everyone was still abed. She quickly gathered some travelling clothes and some money she had hidden. There was no time to lose. In a few weeks it would be May 4th, St. George's Day....the very day she needed to perform the ritual her grandmother used so many years before.
She would bring her father and grandfather back among the living, and no one would stop her!
At breakfast the next morning, alone with Edward, Jane leaned in toward him and whispered, "Did your Uncles speak to you my dear?"

"Yes mother, they did. They gave me father's journals. I will start reading them this afternoon. I am astonished at what they did tell me, I haven't taken it all in as yet." Edward said solemnly.
Jane went over to her son. "You have grown into a splendid young man Edward, your father would have been very proud. Your Uncles' value your intelligence and good sense or they would not have revealed the dark past to you. You are the man of this house now my dear.." Tears sprung to Jane's eyes.

"Have no fear mother...the family secrets are safe with me. I pledge that no harm shall touch any of us, I pledge my life to protect us all." Edward said reassuredly.
Later that same morning, it was breakfast at the Harker home. Harrison and Mina sat chatting. Finally Harrison said, "I saw you and Edward alone last night, is there anything I should be aware of or anything you wish to discuss?"

Mina looked at her father. "Only that I love Edward dearly. He asked me out to the theatre and supper Friday night. I believe he is beginning to feel the same."
Verity had come into the dining room a few minutes before and heard Mina's declaration. She ran and hugged her older sister close. 'I knew it," Verity squealed. "I am so happy! Edward is perfect! I have news too!"

Harrison sat at the table, his head hung in resigned sadness. His daughters were growing up, and soon will be gone...where had the time gone?
Verity smiled radiantly at Mina. "Jon and I have grown very close too! Just think, two Van Helsing's and two Harker's!! Isn't this just glorious!?"

Mina smiled at her youngest sister's enthusiasm, it was infectious. "We shall see..." she laughed gently.
Upstairs, Laura has made a startling discovery. Sabrina's bed has not been slept in. A lot of her clothes and a suitcase were missing. On the beside table was a hastily scribbled note saying she had had enough of the family and had run away.

"HARRISON!!!" Laura screeched desparately. Harrison took the stairs two at a time and reached the bedroom. Laura dissolved into tears.
Laura began to cry. "Oh this is all my fault! She is such a willful child, her running away is my fault! Oh Harrison, what have I done? What evil have I brought into our family! What shall become of us all?"

Harrison did not know what to say. Sabrina had indeed run away, but where and why? Tomorrow he would go see his dear brother for advice.
Early the next day, Harrison related Sabrina's behaviour and her flight to God knows where.
Victor turned away and said softly, "She has my brother Peter's blood, I am afraid of the consequences of that sad fact. Let me make some inquires Harrison...I will see what I can discover."

Harrison's voice caught. "I am sorry to lay this on you have your own son to be concerned about..."

Yes...Vic. How will having this same cursed blood affect him as time goes by? It was a worrisome thought.
For a young lady of 17, she showed no fear in her long journey by ship and train, across Europe to Transylvania. Sabrina got many puzzled looks from fellow travellers, "young girl travelling alone" it just isn't done. Sabrina ignored the concerned stares.
At last, she reached the small village of Soltszna, and immediately hired a driver to take her into the mountains. St. George's Day would soon be over, and so would her window of opportunity to perform her ritual.
Sabrina paid the gypsy carriage driver and told him to come back in a few hours. She walked all around the charred remains of the castle. Dusk was settling in. There were ashes and debris everywhere! How could she tell which ashes were the ones she needed?

Suddenly she heard a low growl behind her...she turned to face a vicious looking wolf, who eyes glowed an eerie yellow. He began to lead Sabrina away from the debris, and into the woods toward a crumbling brick crypt.
Sabrina followed the wolf into the surrounding woods. Inside the small, secret crypt were two urns; carefully preserved. She slowly walked toward them. She lifted the covers and peered inside...ashes! The very ones she was no doubt looking for! This must be the remains of her father and grandfather...but who put them here? Sabrina poured the ashes from each container into an empty coffin, conveniently sitting in the crypt. She read the instructions again:
"On the Eve of St. George's Day, the height when all forms of evil are most active, mix a few drops of blood from the line with the ashes remains, and the vampire will be resurrected...

Pricking her finger to supply the 'blood of the line' she quickly finished the ritual and slammed the covers shut, she trembled with anticipation.
Nothing was happening with the coffin that held her father's ashes; however in the Count's the coffin shuddered and shook violently. Then the lid creaked slowly open, and he began to sit upright. Sabrina gasped. It worked! Just as her grandmother had discovered so many years ago!
A satisfied, evil little smile curled about her lips.
Count all-powerful creature of the undead.
His demonic eyes shone with fury; like two firey red coals burning in a pit.
His hard, bleak face borne the corruption of his tomb, but did not hide his handsome features or the curl of his sensual mouth.
Dozens of bats screeched loudly as the sound of their fluttering wings filled the cavernous crypt.
The count looked at the young girl. "Who are you?" He demanded. "Speak!"

"I am Sabrina, Peter's daughter! Your granddaughter!! You're here! But...where is my father?" Sabrina questioned worriedly.

The count looked at the other coffin sadly. "Your father was only half-vampire, he is not powerful enough to be brought back. It cannot be done, he is lost to us forever.."
Sabrina just shrugged at that piece of news regarding her father. 'I didn't even know him', she thought inwardly. She turned her total attention to Count Dracula, her grandfather. She began to smile, pleased with herself for accomplishing his return.

"What is the year?" The count inquired.

" is 1905! May 4th to be exact!" Sabrina began to giggle. "I cannot wait for everyone to see you!"
"We will discuss that later. What of my son, Victor? He lives still?" The Count asked, his voice softened as he mentioned Victor.

Sabrina filled in the count of the ever expanding family tree, she chattered non-stop. Dracula listened intensely, taking in every word. She told the count she read Van Helsing's journal and Mina's letters, hence her knowledge of his existence and how to bring him back among the living.
"So what do we do now? Where do we go?" Sabrina asked.

"My dear, I have not lasted all these centuries without precise and exact plans...I have numerous homes, safe havens if you will all over Europe. I also have my vast wealth tucked away in many secret places. What Victor inherited was a mere pitance to what wealth I have collected over hundreds of years!!" The count boasted.
"We must go to nearby Vojvodina at once..." the Count stated firmly. "There we will rest, collect some of my estate, then we shall go to England. I long to see Victor again..and I wish to meet my grandson."

Sabrina was puzzled. "Victor? But he destroyed you, and killed Peter, my father! Why do you care for him at all?"

Dracula sighed deeply. "He is my son. You have much to learn, like your father you let your emotions and desires rule your head. Come, we must leave at once."
The Count and Sabrina stayed a few weeks at the castle in Vojvodina. Dracula had regained just about all his strength. a fleshtone colour had returned to his translucent skin, he looked almost human, or at least could pass for one.
It would hold for now...until he reached England.
England. Dracula was most axious to see how the world has changed since he last walked among the living. He also longed to see Victor. Victor held a special place in the count's heart.
Dracula secretly vowed to himself that he would do nothing to anger or upset his son in future...if it could be helped. He no longer felt revenge ruling his every thought, it was gratifying.
Yes, the Count wanted to see his beloved had been too long. He already forgave Victor for what had happened so many years ago in Translyvania.
In the Count's desire for revenge he had taken Jane Van Helsing as captive..he sees that Victor had no choice in pursuing him and Peter, nor in the tragic chain of events that occured. Victor did warn him what would happen if he insisted on revenge for what happened to his beloved Mina all those years ago.
"Come my dear," the count said a few days later. "It is time for us to return to England. I have made all the arrangements, I will travel with the cargo during the day. At night I will be free to move about the train." Sabrina could not get over the change in the Count's look. 'He must be very powerful,' she thought with awe. All signs of his passive pallidity were gone. His dark eyes shone with vitality, with a hint of menace.

There was no denying his air of authority, his presence was potent indeed.
Back in England, Victor was blissfully unaware of his father's earthly revival. After being out all day making inquiries about Sabrina's disappearance; he arrived back home to his beloved.
He cherished Carolina more than she knew, she was his grounding force, his strength.
Victor and Carolina's love for each other had not lessened over the years, in fact it had grown.
After more than 20 years of marriage, and their whole lives together, their profoundly tender affection for each other was a shining example for the whole family.
Their's was a true love affair....
Victor's kisses, as always, made Carolina almost swoon with joy. She moaned softly as Victor's cool lips moved from her mouth down to her neck.
As he turned Carolina's head slightly, the pulsing vein in her neck throbbed and beckoned to him. All he could hear was an intense roaring; the blood rushed to his head...all he could see or want was that pulsating vein...and the red elixir enclosed in it.
Victor let go of Carolina so suddenly she almost fell to the floor. He backed up several steps away from her, his dark, intense eyes full of pain and distressed torment.

"My darling!" Carolina cried, her voice laced with concern. "What is it?"

"Nothing..."Victor said darkly. "I...I am not feeling well. Please excuse me." Victor turned and ran as far as he could away from Carolina and his insatiable hunger.
After many, many days travelling across Europe, Sabrina and the Count were back in England. The Count temporarily took rooms at a nearby Inn, and instructed Sabrina she was not to go out until he said so. As Dracula went to rest, Sabrina slipped out and ran all the way to the Van Helsing's.

Through a window Sabrina watched; her stomach churning as Edward took Mina in his arms and murmured lovingly to her.
Sabrina fumed inwardly as she watched her sister's face. It was aglow with love as Mina talked to Edward.

'Things have certainly progressed while I was away!' Sabrina said to herself angerily. She swore aloud. Her heart flooded with jealousy as she watched the young couple.
After Mina and Edward's loving good-byes, Sabrina, quivering with hate and envy, snuck up on the poor unsuspecting Edward and quickly sunk her sharp little teeth into his neck. She could taste Edward's blood; it made the veins in her head roar. She released him at once and Edward hit the floor, unconscious.
Sabrina licked her crimson lips and ran out the back entrance before anyone could see her.
He lay in the solarium for sometime before Jane found him. She screamed in horror. "Edward!! Edward!! Dear God help us!"
Her terrified voice carried all through the house, until at last Jon heard her and ran to her aid. Seeing his brother stricken and his mother in hysterical fits, he immediately ran for the doctor.
Vic dropped by the next afternoon to see how Edward was doing. The entire family was extremely concerned over this sudden illness.

"Is there anything that can be done?" Vic asked, concern in his voice. "Father and mother will be over later to see if they can be of any assistance."

Jon shook his head sadly. "The Doctor has been in and left already. He says we must wait to see if the fever breaks..he is not very hopeful.."
"Mother and Mina are keeping a vigil..." Jon continued.

But Vic did not hear Jon speak. He looked to the heavens, a terrible feeling washed over him, one he had never had before. Dread, foreboding...he sensed a terrible and evil presence in their midst. Something that was unclean, decayed..malignant. An undefinable horror.
Vic inwardly shuddered.
Later that night Edward lay in his bed, feverishly ill and barely hanging on to life. The family was frantic, what could be wrong? A tearful Mina was down the hall, trying to comfort poor Jane.
Sabrina took that opportunity to slip into Edward's room. She watched as he tossed and turned fitfully; the sweat pouring off his pale, drawn face.
"I told you I would make you pay..." she hissed.
Dracula soon noticed Sabrina had left the Inn without telling him. In an instant, the Count appeared in Edward's bedroom in a puff of smoke. He looked at the young man, hovering between life and death. "What have you done, Sabrina.." the count hissed softly.

"I..I...bit him. He made me angry!" she pouted. "I want him dead! If I can't have him, no one will, especially not my sister!"
"Foolish child!" Dracula thundered. "You do not have enough power to destroy him! All you have done is make him very sick, he could linger in agony like this for weeks, months! Now we will have to make a decision...will I destroy him or turn him into a vampire? Thanks to you, there is no other option! I leave that choice up to you!" he glared angerily at Sabrina. Sabrina did not hesitiate an instant. "DESTROY HIM! How dare he reject me? I want him gone! " she screamed.

Dracula's lips curled into a sneer. "Is that so? You will soon see we can't always get what we want..." he said cryptically.
Sabrina began to throw one of her historic tantrums.
Dracula turned away from Sabrina's rants. "Be quiet! Your violent temper will be the end of you. You must learn to control your impulses and select your revenge carefully. This my dear, is careless, not worthy of Dracula's granddaughter. I will have to teach you a lesson..."

Dracula glided slowly toward Edward; who was thrashing about in his bed in a feverish state, moaning loudly.
In one swift movement, the count pulled Edward out of his sick bed and immediately gave him the final, fatal bite.

Edward groaned weakly, the room began to swirl about him, voices from long ago, his father and Jonathan Harker echoed in his head. He could hear wolves howling, a high wind roaring in his ears.
"What have you done?" Sabrina cried. 'What is wrong with him?"

Dracula let go of Edward. "His mortal body is dying, soon he will be re-born as a vampire! He will be around forever to remind you of your childish folly, and I am sure he will hate you for all eternity for what you have turned him into. How ironic! He will be more powerful than you, my dear!" Dracula laughed cruelly.
In an instant, Edward was transformed. Sabrina gasped loudly in shock.

Edward hissed menancingly at the Count.

Dracula began to laugh. "It seems, without even trying, that I have got my revenge on the late Edward Van Helsing after all! His beloved son...his now a vampire! The irony is too much!!"
Dracula turned toward Sabrina. "In future you WILL do as I say; heed my warning! If you want the power of Dracula, you will have to earn it! Now, leave at once! Go back to your home and stay there until I send for you!" he roared in anger. "You have disappointed me deeply!"

Sabrina looked from Edward to the Count, then she quickly left the room.
"What have you done to me?!" Edward cried.

"You dear boy, are now a creature of the night...Vampyre..Nosferatu!!!" Dracula threw back his head and laughed maniacally.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Edward yelled, His blood curdling terrified scream could be heard for miles, along with the evil laughter of the Count...


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