The Murder Of Juliette Capp - Chapter 1
Published Oct 22, 2020

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"This is me Juliette, when I shall die, take me and cut me out in little stars, and I will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night. And pay no worship to the garish sun."

"This is me Juliette, when I shall die, take me and cut me out in little stars, and I will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night. And pay no worship to the garish sun."
This is where Juliette rests in peace now, her body cold as stone but her heart is still warm like fire. Rest in peace Juliette, for you we worship the night, when you shine on the earth as the brightest star. "Is there any other maiden more fair than you Juliette? Why does death lie on you like an untimely frost, when you are the sweetest flower of all the field." "Is love a tender thing Juliette? It is not Juliette. Love is too rough, too rude, too boist?rous, and it pricks like a thorn.
If love was tender, you would not be lying there so cold Juliette".

This is all my fault. I could have stopped this. I am sorry Juliette. I am sorry for many things. I have not known you for long Juliette, but I wish I could turn back the time and save you from death".
There never was a story of more anguish than this of Juliette and her Romeo, so as I heard. They fought for love since they were 13. Now at the age of 17, there she lies with all the love in the world. If you cannot find love, do not blame yourself or anybody else for that matter. Juliette stole it all, so noone shall suffer or die for love.
This story had a very very long history. It has its roots for hundreds of years. This is not where it all started. But this is the day when I became a part of it. This is me, Isabella, and my fiance Rufus and our daughter Isadora in the garden of our new home in Veronaville. This picture is taken the first day we moved in. We were so happy about owning a house of our own and we were eager to see what future holds for us. To me, the neighbours seemed too desperate. Rufus said that they were just trying to me friendly. I was not used to that kind of friendliness. They would not stop calling to invite us for a welcome party. It was as if they were competing with each other. Just as I hang up the phone with Isabella Monty, the phone rang again. As it was getting quite boring, I hesitated to answer. But then again "I have to start from somewhere" , I said to myself. It was Consort Capp just as I expected. He was calling to say that he is throwing a party for our honor, and that we have to join no matter what. "This is going to be a blast, I assure you" he said. "As long as it is not anything formal, count us in" I replied. "No, no nothing formal indeed. The most casual party you can have. And if you refuse our invitation, we will be very dissapointed. Capp's are not used being refused Ms. De LaRosa" he said. Although it sounded like he was too pushy, I said "Okay then, we will see you tomorrow". When I woke up the next morning, I did not think that it was going to be a day to remember for the rest of my life. The smell of the fresh roses filled the room. And the aromas of spices that Rufus planted in the garden were amazingly refreshing. It was the big day for the Capp's, so as I heard from a neighbour. Just because I accepted the Capps welcome party invitation , the Monty's were mad like crazy and things were heating up. I heard there was a centuries long feud between them, but I did not understand why they could not let it go. They all seemed like good people to me. "Enough thinking" I said to myself. I had to get out of the bad fast. I needed to run some arrends before I could get ready for the party. We had to leave the house early to buy some gifts for the host before the party. Isadora was so excited about this new neighborhood and all the new friends she is going to make. She was dying to finish the shopping and join the party. To make things faster I suggested to split into two groups. To save time Rufus and Isabella headed for gift shopping and I stayed home to finish the work. I arrived to the party quite late. It was already dark and I missed most of the fun they had in the afternoon. Now the party was getting quite boring, so I just decided to find a secluded place and watch stars. The Capp's had the best view in town. To my suprise, Rufus and Isadora were having great time and I did not want to end their night early and drag them home. While I was hiding in my secret spot. I heard two people talking. "Romeo my love, I know they are watching us. We have to start meeting in secret. Otherwise, I feel that the things are going to get worser. We have to convince them we are not together any more" Juliette cried. Romeo did not seem to care at all when she said how she felt or how much she was scared. This was quite unusual. I was very suprised. Because the first gossip we learned when we first moved to Veronaville was the big love of Romeo and Julliet. "Like you adviced, I talked to a lawyer today, my love. As of today, you are now my beneficiary" Juliette added happily. However, when she opened the subject about inheritance, Romeo was very happy. He grabbed Juliette and kissed her. This did not look like a very romantic teenage kiss to me. He looked like he was kissing her for a duty or pretending in some way. After their kiss Juliette said that she has to go and help her sister Hermia. When Juliette left, Tybalt came out of the bushes. I figured that he was also watching what was going on. He looked like he was going to attack Romeo, but to my suprise he did not. "I am warning you one more time Romeo, I forbid you to see my sister again. You are not welcomed in this house. I know about all your plans and I am not going to let you hurt my sister" he yelled. However, Romeo did not seem to listen to him, he looked like he was in some other world. Yes he was there physically, but I wondered "where is his mind?" I do not care about what you think Tybalt, wait till I talk to Juliette. I will tell her how you threatened me. You know she loves me and she would believe in every word I say. And there is nothing you can do to change that" Romeo said and walked away. It was just a minute or so, Juliette came to talk to Tybalt. Tybalt was expecting her to come, as Romeo said that he is gonna tell her everything. And he was sure that Romeo would do anything to get what he wanted. "I am telling you sister. You are not going to see Romeo again." he yelled. But Juliette did not seem to care what he thought about her personal affairs. "Don't you see the reality Juliette, he does not love you. He wants to use you. He is after your inheritance. I know the Monty's are broke for a while and he is using you terribly. If you love your family you would believe in me." he screamed. To my suprise she replied calmly "It is none of your business brother. I will see whoever I please and you cannot do anything to change that" she said. And she started to walk away to cut the arguement short I suppose. Then all of a sudden Tybalt attacked her from the back and grabbed her from the neck. "I dont want to hurt you sister. You have to listen to me. Please hear what I have to say to you." he begged. "Leave me alone. There is nothing I have to say to you. From this day, I hate you, You are not my brother." she cried in vein. Romeo is who I love, Romeo is my family. And one more thing don't you dare threatining Romeo again! Do you hear me? Don't you dare!" she yelled. Then Tybalt left her and disappeared in the dark. He seemed upset and terribly angry. Was Julliet really in danger? Or could he be imagining all these? But even before I heard all these, didn't I feel that Romeo did not have any feelings for Juliette? So should I try to talk to Juliette and give her some advice or should I mind my own business?" As soon as Tybalt left, Consort came to talk to Juliette. Consort was the grandfather of Hermia, Juliette and Tybalt. He took care of them after their parents died tragically. "Did you hear what he said, grandpa? This is so unfair. Why is he doing this to me." she cried. "You don't understand Juliette, you are too young and you can not judge things proparly. I have to say this to you. I know it is going to hurt but I will. Your brother is right. They are after your inheritance." he yelled. "Both of you are out of your minds. How could you think of such terrible things and accuse innocent people like that. There is nothing you wouldn't say or do to keep me away from him, isn't there? But this time it won't work out the way you want it grandpa. This is crazy." She said. "You are my blood Juliette, I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. I tried to stay out of this so you could see the reality yourself and make your own judgements. But I am afraid, you are not capable of it. Love has blinded you Juliette. They are planning to kill you right after you get married. I heard it with my own ears, when Romeo and Mercutio were talking in the market this morning" he said. "Now you listen to me grandpa. This is a lie, this is a horrible, disgusting lie to keep me away from Romeo. I know he loves me and we are going to get married no matter what. I don't care about your centuries long feud with his family. Do you understand that sir? Love will give me strength, and strength will help me through" she screamed and ran back to the house. After she left, I saw Consort behind the bushes again. This time he was talking to a police officer. "I am telling you officer. You are going to do something to stop this, otherwise, things are not going to be pleasant for you" he threatened her. Soon Juliette came back. I thought she wanted to talk to her grandfather again and apologize to him. But Consort was not there. All of a sudden I heard a sound in the bushes behind me, when I turned back to see what it is, I heard Juliette screaming in pain. Right as I looked back, I saw her scared to death of something or someone. I could not see clearly what it was. While I was trying to understand what or who it was that scared her, I saw her choking. It was as if someone invisible was holding her neck and shaking her. I heard her saying " Oh Romeo my sweet love where are you now? Will I ever be able to kiss your lips love? These were the last words of Juliette. In couple of seconds she felt down. I did not understand what was going on. I was so scared, I could not come out of where I hid until I saw Grimm Reaper and Tybalt next to her. It has to be Tybalt I thought to myself. He killed her. Did he poison her? He did not want to share the inheritance with Montys and he killed her. Maybe what he said was all a lie. Maybe Romeo did really love Juliette. I was shocked with what I saw at first. I did not know what to do. I can only remember I was shaking to my bones. "What should I do, run away, hide? Would they hurt me and my family, too, if I witness all of these?" I thought to myself. This was a big dilemma, but I made up mind, I pulled myself together and dialed 911. "Hello, yes yes this is an emergency. A murder, a terrible murder has happened!" "I am in the Capp's house, Juliette is dead, Tybalt killed her. Please come quick." I whispered. Just as I hang up the phone, I saw Tybalt running away. Should I do something to stop him. Oh God, where is Isadora and Rufus? Are they safe? We have to leave this place immediately." I thought. It did not take long for Police to arrive. They were already in the door when Tybalt could only make it to the mailbox. He was in shock. It was obvious he did not expect them to come this soon. "Stay there Tybalt, you are under arrest!" officer yelled. "You cannot do this, I didn't do it. I have rights. I did not kill her." Tybalt replied. "There is a witness Tybalt. You did not expect this, did you smart boy? You think you are so smart and you think you could just kill someone and run away like this. You are a murderer and you killed your own sister. Now get in the car." the officer screamed. You are making a big mistake. The killer is somewhere out there, hiding in the bushes. I was running after him to catch him. I was not running away. Please believe me and catch the killer before he runs away" Tybalt cried. "Nice try boy, nice try. Now get in the car" officer said. "Now Miss Isabella, you said you saw and hear everything? I will have to bring you to the Police Station and get the details from you" the officer said. "I am so sorry, I made a terrible mistake officer. I am not sure if I saw the murder. Maybe he is innocent. Please let him go" I asked. Do you think this is some kind of game Miss? Tell me did you see the murder or not? On the phone you said that Tybalt killed Juliette. Now why are you trying to protect him. Let me finish collecting the evidence and don't go anywhere, you are coming to station with me. "I am sorry officer I cannot do that. I cannot testify and put my family in danger. You are on your own in this matter. I know my rights, I do not have to testify anything if I do not want to. If you insist you could talk to my lawyer" I said and walked away. I wanted to leave there right away, but curiosity was killing me. I hid behind the bushes again, to see what Mr. Capp has to say about all these. "You know your son is a murderer and you are trying to bribe me, like all the other officers" he yelled. "Please officer I beg you. Here it is. Take all of it. There is 100.000 simolleans here. I can give you 1 million more in the morning when the banks open. You can go whereever you want with this money and start a new life with your family. Nobody has to know. I lost a child tonight, please don't let me lose one more child." Mr. Capp said in vein. "Your money cannot buy me nor it can save your son from going to jail. Let me tell you one more thing, your daughter is dead and nothing will bring her back. For once in your life do the right thing old man! And if you insist to bribe me, I am afraid I am gonna have to arrest you too" he yelled. I could not sleep that night. I felt like I needed to do something. Should I wait until the morning, or should I take action now? I thought to myself. Why waste time tossing and turning in the bad, while a teenager is in jail, because of me. "Oh God what have I done?" I cried. After some thought, I decided to go back to sleep and think things over in the morning. That was the best thing to do. Think everything over with a clear head. The next morning, I spent hours thinking about what is the best thing to do. I did not sleep a bit last night, so I needed to rest while I was trying to figure out what really happened. I still had a lot of circumstances to consider. I was so worried and upset, I did not know what else to do. The Police would not believe in me. And I had to be stronger. If I wanted to solve this mystery, and find out who is the real killer, I had to be stronger. It was time for decisive action..It was time to take the matters in my hands and be my own investigator. Life was so good one day ago. I could not believe how things changed in one night and how my whole world became upside down. There was a beautiful young girl, who died right in front of my eyes and I could not do anything about it. I was so upset, I did not know what to think of or what to do. I needed to pull myself together and concentrate on my plan. First I have to talk to that Police officer who arrested Tybalt. The same day...
Officer, pssstt! officer? Could you come here, I don't want my husband to see us talking. Could we just keep this conversation a secret?" I whispered.
Officer, sir? I am telling you. I know what I saw there yesterday night. "Look Miss De LaRosa" he screamed. The witnesses say that you were not quite yourself yesterday night. Couldn't you be imagining all these? "Which witnesses? I was the only witness there, I saw everything. Tybalt did not kill Juliette" I replied. "I had enough of you Miss, you are living in this town for only one week and you are causing more trouble than we ever had for like 5 years." he yelled. I am not done talking to you officer. Come back you have to listen to me" I yelled. But the officer just walked away without even saying one last word. Just as he was getting in his car, he turned back and said, I have to warn you Miss Isabella, you have to let this go otherwise, things are going to get more complicated. And I assure you that if you start any detective game and start harresting others, I am going to have to arrest you. Go ahead arrest me! But this is not going to change the fact that the real killer is somewhere out there and most probably after me as I am the only witness. As the police was no help, I decided to start my own investigation. The first thing to observe was the Capp's. First I had to pick to best spot to observe the Capp's house. When I turned my telescope to their direction, I saw Mr. Capp talking to a person, a woman actually who was barely visible, as if she was dead, as if she was a ghost. I tried to see it more but then the woman disapperead. What could it be, or who could it be? I thought to myself. This was getting way to complicated than I imagined. While I was still trying to figure out who that woman was, the door opened ajar and Consort came running to me with anger. "You are going to stop harresting my family. You have done enough harm so far and I do not want you to talk to my family or get anywhere close to them. I will do whatever necessary" he yelled at me. When I least expected it, he pushed me away. I knew he was trying to scare me. But i was not an easy target. I had to prove it to him that. So i pushed him back. "You cannot scare me, Sir. Go threaten the cops you bribe. Don't think I don't know about it. I saw everything, you better watch out yourself" I screamed. This is my last words to you, from this day we are enemies Miss Isabella. Mark my words, we are enemies", he said I was so upset and frigthened, I did not know what to do. After some time of thinking, I decided to talk to the neighbours about the Capp's. But I had to be in disguise. After last night, my life was in danger too. There was a killer on the loose and a mad grandfather who was ready to rip me into peieces. My only concern was for my family. Isadora was not aware of anything and I did not want to put her in any kind of danger. First I talked to Titania Summerdream. She told me what she saw earlier that day, before Juliette die. I saw Consort slapping Isabella Monty, she said. But do not tell anyone about this. He was so furious, I thought they were going to kill each other there. Is that real? Do you know what they were figthing about Titania? I asked. From what I heard, they were fighting over a matter about the forest land Juliette was going to inherit. Isabella was telling him that they are planning to build a luxury otel there. Then Consort got mad, and yelled at her. Let me remember. Oh yes! I remember what he said. He said, "you will not have any of my family's land as long as I am alive. Over my dead body". When I wanted to talk to Curtis Ryan about these, he did not want to say anything. It felt like he knew something was wrong but scared to admit it. He could not say no to my insisting on the matter. I am such a sweet talker, he was ready to spill the beans. So he said, I will tell you what I know but you are not going to tell anybody that you learned this from me. I assured him that he could trust me. When I was going in the market yesterday morning, I saw Consort was coming out of the grocery. Romeo and Mercutio were also there and they were not aware of me or Consort approaching. They were talking about a plan. I knew Consort overheard them. I heard them, too. They were talking about some plan that has to happen yesterday night no matter what. Mercutio was so eager to start the plan right away. But Romeo told him to wait until the night. You could also ask Adrian, he was there, too. He must have heard all of it. There was somebody watching us. I told him, we have to talk more private. Then I pointed to a door, Do you see this room? Come there 5 minutes after me and we will continue to talk about this" While I waited for him in the secret passage of my house, I had alot to consider. I waited there for like an hour but Curtis never came. I guess he was very scared and he ran away. Kendra was Juliette's best friend. So it was a very good idea to talk to her about what she knew. So I invited her over. I don't know much really Miss Isabella, she said. I saw Romeo and Juliette yesterday morning in the market. They were fighting over something and Juliette was very upset. It seemed to me like she was begging for something to Romeo. He did not seem to care to listen to her but she was very upset, Kendra said. I wanted to talk to Juliette, after that but she would not want to talk to me. She just told me to stay out of this. As a best friend, I could not stay out of it. I had to learn more in order to help her. I heard her saying to Romeo that she is going to see the lawyer right away if he forgives her. "I can only forgive you if you finish this today, right away Juliette" he screamed. Then Juliette said to him, she would do whatever he wanted and she left the market. This was the last time I saw her alive, Kendra said. I had to warn Kendra. I knew we were all in very big danger. I told her to go back home right away and I suggested her to be extra cautious about everything. When I told Rufus what I learned about the Capp's and Monty's, he would not believe me. "You are taking this way to serious Isabella. Why wouldn't you let it go? It is all upto the police now" he said. I was not ready to let go. Later that night I tried to talk to Rufus one more time. If I could not get any support I was not going to try again. To my suprise he told me he will help me. "However", he said "I am quite sure nothing is wrong with the Capp's or the Monty's. I am only doing this to make you feel better. I hope we do not get in trouble for this." The next morning, I found Rufus wandering around the garden. "Didn't you listen to me last night, we have to be in disguise" I told him. "Is that why you have been changing your hair style and colour like crazy everyday for the last week" he answered. I am telling you the truth Rufus, believe in me. We have to be extra careful. Somebody is following us. I can hear the footsteps, I can feel the presence of another person. The day after the death of Juliette for example, in every step, I felt like someone was following me. Whenever I turned my back to check, there was no one. But I am telling you, I heard it. "The other day, when we were having breakfast, I knew there was somebody on the window, watching us. Watching our every move". "Yesterday when we were swimming in the pool, I felt that again. Do you think someone is watching us? Or am I really just being paranoid? No matter what, we have to be extra careful Rufus" I said. I don't think they are watching us my love. You are just too scared, that's all, he said. I don't think you are being paronoid, I just think you are too vulnerable right now. Then how can you explain what happened with the ladder. We built this pool just before we moved in. How could the ladder be broken. Isadora was almost going to drown. If the gardener did not help, all of us could have been drowned. "The people who built it probably made a mistake. Don't think about this now, just look around you and enjoy the nature, he said. Whatever you say honey, but don't forget your promise. We are working as a team in this OK? Starting from today, we are expanding this investigation. We have to find out where Romeo is. You know nobody saw him after the death of Juliette. If there is someone who knows something, it should be him.....

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#67Pete789Dec 26, 2006

\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

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Very great story ! Thanks !\:\)

#69manuela55Jan 18, 2007

good story \:D

#70AnniKaynaMay 12, 2007

...for me,Isabella *is* a bit paranoid!!! \:D \;\) Im joking.
I *loooved* this story!!! it so interesting and mysterious!!!
you write superbly,and even if this is just a short story,it seemed to me to be reading a real detective story!!!
cant wait to read more. \;\)
oh,yeah!,and the screenshots are awesome!!! \:wub\: \:D

#71md198Jun 19, 2007

I love Isadora's skirt!

#72spacemouseJun 28, 2007

Very nice story. Thanks for sharing. \:\)

#73Jul 19, 2007

Interesting nice mystery

#74jadespacemonkeyFeb 18, 2008

A modern version of Romeo and Juliet...Wow, this was really extraordinary to read....I hope you continue to writing more amazing tales...\;\)

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Great job on this story \:rah\: \:rah\:

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