Aliens in our niehbourhood.
Published Oct 11, 2007

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Aliens in our nieghbourhood

A short story.

Aliens in our nieghbourhood

A short story.
Marti-An wished she had never taken her parents ship out without permission, she didnt know it was due for repaires but she soon found out when it went out of control and crash landed somewhere in the hills on a planet called Sim Earth. She tried to use the radar to get help but she isnt sure if her signal was picked up before everything went dark and the ships engine cut out. Marti'An sat up on the grass and looked at her ship, it wasnt going anywhere for a long time. She was a great mechanic and she could probably fix the engine but it would take time and money. It was lucky she worked hard at school in science,learning about the Simlings and thier planet. First thing to do was find a place to rent, that done she needed a job. Education it would be and while she was teaching Simings, she could learn from them too. After arranging to start work on Monday, she had the weekend to get organised. Marti-An decided to dig a small pond, it was hard work but she needed to eat. She thought it was a strange planet because when you dig a pond the fish appear from nowhere, she was'nt complaining though, it was good to be able to get food. She caught a few boots and a couple of fish. She sold the old boots at the flea market down the road and put the fish in the fridge for later. There was something else she needed to do first. Get the cookery book out. Oh no, this is one subject i am bad at she thought, how will i ever make any of this stuff. She studied for an hour or so and got up to attempt dinner. She managed to make a salad, that would be easy and she did'nt want to waste time, she wanted to get on with rebuilding the engine, how she would get it back to the ship she didnt know but she had to try, she wanted to go home. Marti-An knew they would be looking for her especially Zalo, he wanted to marry her and he loved her so much he would never give up trying. There was just the job she was looking for in education, what luck. Now she could start earning some money for her means to get back. Work brought the money in and bills took it out just as fast, Marti-An thought about taking a second job,something she could do at weekends. She checked the paper again and saw there was an opening in the local Garage for a mobile mechanic, perfect if she could get it. Ed asked her over for a trial, she was so good at the job he asked her to stay full time. She had to take it because she had access to all sort of bits and pieces to help her with her engine. Marti-An had been on Sim Earth for over a year now and the engine was finished. Now she just had to work out a way to get it back to the site, it had been easy getting it all here one piece at a time but now it seemed impossible. Well she would just have to think about it some more. It had been a hard day at work and Marti-An was really tired, she was feeling a bit tearful and really homesick. She had dinner and was washing up before the early night she had promised herself. She heard her front door open and turned around with a start, Who the heck? OMG. Zano! she sqealed with delight. She ran across the room and threw herself into his arms, she nearly knocked him off his feet. "I knew you would find me, i have been waiting so long," she was laughing and crying both at the same time. "Its alright my princess, i have come to take you home" he told her gently. " I have to tell you that your parents were frantic when you took the ship, they knew they would be lucky to ever see you again. so they called me and i have been searching to this day, I would rather die than be without you", He was getting chocked up himself now. He kissed her tenderly and asked when she would be ready to go. "I just have to change into my normal clothes and i am ready" she told him hardly believing he was really there with her. Marti-An was ready, she told Zano about the engine. "Dont worry, we will beam it up to the ship when were ready to go. "I think i will miss this place sometime" she told Zano, "Well if you ever decide to come back, let me know and i will be with you". "No running off by yourself". "OK" she said" lets get this show on the road" "Ladies first " Zano offered. Marti-An went first , she just faded and was gone. Then Zano followed her like he always would. "Thank you Simlings for looking after my girl"

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chrisa_grJun 30, 2008

I loved it! \:wub\:

JayCazMay 9, 2008

Hey, nice job. Very cohesive and interesting. I hope Marti'An (great name lol)and Zano have a wonderful life together. \:D \:cool\:

cptnemo6Feb 2, 2008

Great story!! \:D

SMB2121Jan 14, 2008

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