NOIR - chapter I
Published Oct 13, 2007

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Welcome to "noir"!

Sorry that I took so long for this new story, but I was very busy last time. Please rate and give a comment - whises and suggestions are welcomed and if you have any questions about the story or where I got the CC, feel free to ask! As always, please don't forget that English isn't my native language! ^_____^


*Thanks to Echoica and the 5thMuse for the brushes!*
*Note: Some thumbnails don't look like the pics they belong to. I tried everything to settle this problem, but it didn't work. Sorry!*

Welcome to "noir"!

Sorry that I took so long for this new story, but I was very busy last time. Please rate and give a comment - whises and suggestions are welcomed and if you have any questions about the story or where I got the CC, feel free to ask! As always, please don't forget that English isn't my native language! ^_____^


*Thanks to Echoica and the 5thMuse for the brushes!*
*Note: Some thumbnails don't look like the pics they belong to. I tried everything to settle this problem, but it didn't work. Sorry!*
Hannah waited.
She stepped from one foot on the other, nervous and a bit scared. She didn't want to stand here, on this old fabric where the only things that were with her here, were rats and other animals. Hannah was waiting since over 15 minutes and began to be impatient now. She wanted to go away from this place, but her older sister had told her to wait here for her, so she did.
Hannah leaned against of one of the metal pillars, that got rusty after the years they had carried the weight of the building.
The cold light of the street lamps casted shadows, where the quiet noises of the animals came out from. The scratching sounds that the rats made, everytime they made a step, made her crazy and two times she turned around frightened because she thought someone would be stand behind her. And everytime there was nothing behind her only big darkness.
Finally Hannah could see her bigger sister walking to her.
"Hurry up, Cloe!" she called loudly. "I'm waiting for a quarter of an hour, I want to go home!"
"Come down, why are you always so finical?" Cloe annoyed her little sister.
"I just don't want to stand here, in the middle of the night, without any idea when you're coming!" Hannah replied. She was a bit angry about Cloe, but more relieved that her sister had arrived finally.
"You were scared." Cloe found out. She couldn't see, what the problem of Hannah was. She hadn't any problems going out at the dirtiest places in the middle of the night.
"Yes, I was." Hannah answered. "But only because you weren't coming!"
"Yeah, sure." Cloe laughted. "Let's go now." And both began to walk over the yard of the shutted down fabric.
"Is this really the shortest way?" Hannah wanted to know.
"Yes Hannah, it is really the shortest way. And you know, if we don't use this one, we will be too late at home." Cloe answered nerved.
"Well...uhm...sis? Can I hold your hand?" Hannah asked hesitately.
"NO!" retorted Cloe. "How old are you? Sometimes I think that you aren't my sister, we are so different!"
"That's right." Hannah thought dissapointed. "We are very different."
Over the two girls, sitting on one dilapidated handrail of the second floor, a person looked down on the sisters. His shinig eyes followed them as they walked along. His tounge dampened his dry lips.
He was hungry.
A squealing sound let Hannah turn around.
"Did you hear that?" she whispered and grapped her sister so she had to wait.
"I didn't hear anything." Cloe meant and rolled the eyes.
"But I'm sure that there was something!" her younger sister replied, looking around in the dark.
One second later she recognized a moving in the darkness, something was falling down on the ground.
Her eyes got wide as she knew finally, what was moving down.
"A man!" she screamed scared. "A man is falling down!"
"That is rubbish". her sister meaned.
"But look!" Hannah told her to do and Cloe looked.
The cold air blowed around the man's ears. He was full of anticipation, adrenalin streamed through his body. His unbelievable big hunger ruled him totally and the only thing he could think about in this moments, was blood. At the top of the old fabric, standing on the plane roof, suddenly appeared two persons, watching what was happening.
"There he is." One of the two diagnosed.
"Seems like he didn't take the tablets for more than three days. His really under the control of his instincts." the other meant.
"Well, then let's go before he makes an even bigger damage than he already had done."
In the meantime, the man who had falling down had hitted the ground without one scratch. Immediately after his arrival, he grapped Cloe.
Cloe was like paralysed. She had never believed in ghosts, vampires or other supernatural beings, but as she saw the pointed and long canines, she discovered, how wrong she had always been.
Unable to move, she got pulled down and then she felt the pain as the teeth of the vampire sank into her flesh.
Hannah could only stare at the scene in front of her, but then she began to drum with her hands on the vampire. Although she was scared, she tried to hit and beat him as hard as she could, with her only whish to resuce her older sister.
But the vampire didn't stopped himself with caring much about her. He only punched Hannah hard in the stomach one time, so she got hurled back and felt into the old stuff that was lying around.
Hannah couldn't breath for some moments, and she began to feel very weak suddenly. Her eyelids flittered a bit and then she closed her eyes.
The vampire let go of Cloe and she felt next to her sister, with closed eyes, snowwhite face and declined breathing.
A quiet noise startled the vampire and with his dark eyes he searched for a thread in the darkness. He didn't want to be disturbed, he was still hungry.
Hannah opened her eyes a bit again. Everything was like behind a haze, blurred and cloudy. Black spots appeared slowly and reduced her field of vision; she knew that is was only a thing of time and then she would pass out.
Suddenly another person stood next to the vampire and gave him a hard kick that he felt down. Hannah couldn't see only shades, like moving shadows, nothing was clear.
"Can you hear me?" from one moment to the other a guy in Hannah's age stood in front of her.
She tried to nod but her body didn't want to obey this order.
"Can you stand up?" the boy asked again and hold his hand out to her.
Hannah saw worser and worser with every second, the black spots got bigger and began to grow also faster. She couldn't move any muscle now, her body felt unbelievable heavy.
"Don't worry, everything will be alright." she heard the guy saying. She tried to concentrate on his face, but the black parts didn't stopped growing.
The boy moved his mouth, but she couldn't hear anything anymore. His face came nearer to her and she knew that he was trying to tell her something, but it was useless.
Everything got even more fuzzied and then ...
... everything was black. Birds. Singing birds.
That was the first what Hannah thought as she woke up. The bright morning sun shone through her window and everything was dunked in its light.
Hannah sat up confused. She recognized her room at home, but she had no idea how she got here. She was dressed with her pyjamas, but couldn't remeber that she had changed her clothes. Hannah couldn't remember at nothing. The last thing that she had seen was the face of the guy, who had appeared with this other man suddenly. She tried to find more memories in her head, but there were none.
"Cloe. What happened with her?" she thought scared and ran out of her room, into the one of her sister. Without knocking she entered, but the room was empty. The bed looked like no one had slept into it this night.
Hannah began to be scared. She ran into the kitchen.
In the kitchen Hannah's mother was making some dounuts.
"Mum where is Cloe?" asked hastyly.
"Good morning." Hannah mum replied as if she wouldn't have heard her daughter's question, and continued making the food.
"Mum where is my sister?" Hannah repeated. "She isn't in her room!"
Her mother sighted and laid the things she had have in her hands back on the counter.
"Hannah, I know that you and your brother do not like yourselves very much, but is that a reason for inventing a sister? I know that you would like to have one, but you have a brother and nothing will change this fact." "What?" Hannah was unable to understand what her mother had said. "What are you saying? Of course I have a sister!"
"Stop fooling around, young lady. That is not funny."
"But mum! Her name is Cloe and she is one year older then me. You can't have forgotten her!"
One second after Hannah had said this, the door of the kitchen was opened and a guy stepped into the room.
"Good morning." he greeted mother and daughter and then he closed the door behind him.
"Good morning." Hannah's mother said hello back and turned around to the counter again. "Do you see him, Hannah?" she wanted to know. "Your brother, you do not have a sister."
Hannah stared at the boy and she couldn't understand what was going on.
Why did her mother say such things? And how was the guy?
"Hi little sis." the boy greeted Hannah now, too.
She didn't answered and made a step back. She tried to realize what was happening, but she couldn't.
"I know that we don't have the best relation, but am I so terrible that you have to say that you don't have a brother?" he asked.
"Maybe you should talk about it in private." Hannah's mum proposed.
"Good idea, mum." The boy agreeded, tooked Hannah by the hand and pulled her during her shouting in her bed room.
"How are you? What the hell are you doing here?" she yelled again as both were in her room. "Where is my sister?"
"I'm the one who saved your and your sister life, if you want to know it exactly." the boy said grinning and sat down in Hannah's desk chair.
Hannah stopped screaming and looked at the guy, who she didn't know, how seemed to be her brother and rescued her and her sister.
"Alright, it's only a dream." Hannah decided. "I will wake up in some minutes, because Cloe listens to music too loud and everything will be like always."
"Nope, it isn't a dream." the guy suddenly said as if he would know what Hannah had thought and looked up to her amused.
Hannah gawked at him like he would be a ghost. "How did you know?"
"It wasn't difficult to guess." the boy answered smiling.
"Stop beating about the bush and tell my me why you are here! Where is my sister? And why doesn't know my mum her anymore?" Hannah replied angry. She didn't like it like this guy sat there, cool and relaxed.
"My name is Aiden." the boy began. "And I'm here because you sister can't be here. She got hurt last night and needs special supply."
"She got hurt by this...this..."
"Vampire. Right."
Hannah made unconscious a step back. "And you are a ... vampire, too ... ?" she asked with shaiking voice, but she didn't know if she really wanted to know the answer.
"Yep." Aiden answered and bared with his smile his long teeth. "But you don't need to worry, I won't lay one finger on you."
"Really?" Hannah wanted to know. Aiden didn't seem to lie, he was totally relaxed and ready to answer all her questions.
Aiden nodded. "Your sister is in a special ... " he considerated shortly " institution. There're a lot of people how know how to handle this kind of cases. You can visit her if you want."
"Of course I want! As soon as possible! But you didn't answer one question: My does my mother thinks that you are her son?" Hannah repeated her question.
"It was easier to handle. We changed her memories so the thinks that she has one son and a daughter, not two daughters. It makes it easier to handle, because it throws up questions, if somebody is suddenly missing. I replace your sister for the time your sister can't be here. After you sister is healty again, we diversify her memories back and disappeare of your lives."
"So you are going to live here as my brother until my sister alright again?" Hannah asked Aiden.
"I will." He confirmed and then he stood up. "If you want to see your sister come to this adress and ask for me." he pressed Hannah a piece of paper into her hand. "I'll go now because I have to handle some stuff there. Come before 8 pm, because after they won't let you in. See you." And then he left the room.
Hannah still stood in her room as she could hear the house door banging as Aiden went outside.
She was worried about Cloe, about the fact that this guy - how was her brother for some time suddenly - was a vampire, she was worried that he could harm her mother or her, even if he said that she shouldn't worry. But could she really trust him? Why should she trust him?
The answer was easy to find: She could see her sister only with his help.
After Hannah had put on her clothes and had said goodbye to her mum, she left and began to walk to the bus station. She wasn't sure what was expecting there her sister was, but she kenw that she would find it out. As Hannah arrived at the right address she had to be astonsihed first. She know the huge sky-scraper. Not long time ago she had seen a report about the company that owned this building, the MVF company, a very successful firm that searches for new, better and cheaper medicine.
Hannah entered the sky-scraper hesitately.
Hannah stepped into the huge lobby. Everything shined and looked unpayable expensive, so she was afraid to break something.
She went to the receptionist.
"Hm...excuse me?" Hannah spoke to the formal dressed woman, who sat in front of the computer and hammered on the keyboard.
"One moment, please." She answered with a cold voice and starred at the monitor without looking at Hannah for one second. Hannah waited and watched the receptionist, who seemed to don't take no notice of her anymore.
"Sorry, but could you help me now?" she asked as the woman had let her stood in front of the reception for two or three minutes.
The woman pulled up one eyebrow but turned around to Hannah finally.
"Yes, sure." she sighed and it was no question that she wasn't very interested in helping a teenager.
"I'm searching - " Hannah began but got interrupted shortly after she had started talking.
"Do you have an appointment?" she wanted to know rudely.
"Yes, she has." suddenly a voice meant and then Aiden climped down the stairs. "Aiden!" Hannah said loudly and went to him fast. "How is my sister? Is she alright?"
"She is doing well under the circumstances." he just answered.
"What do you mean? Is she okay or not?" Hannah repeated nervous. "And why is she here? This building belongs to the a medicine company!"
"Well, then it should be the right palce for your sis, shouldn't it?" Aiden replied smiling. "Come, I bring you to your sister."
Aiden climbed up the stairs fast and Hannah followed him. She was amazed how fast he went upstairs, so he had to wait for her until she was upstairs.
"I hope that you understand that we go to a part of this building that normally no human is allowed to go into." he told her as she next to him again. "There work only vampires, and even there shouldn't be any dangerous things for you, you should stay at my side."
Hannah nodded, though she couldn't understand why the vampires wouldn't be a thread for her, but it seemed like Aiden wouldn't be one, too, so she trusted him.
Aiden leaded her to one elevator and both stepped in.
"How high are we going?" Hannah asked as she saw the many buttons.
"33 floor." Aiden told her, then he pressed the button, the door closed and they drove upstairs.
As they arrived the door was opened with a sliding move and both stepped out. They stood in a small reception room again. "Isn't she the receptionist from downstairs?" Hannah wanted to know from Aiden but she took care that she spoke so quietly that the woman couldn't hear her.
"No, she isn't." Aiden laughed as if Hannah had done a good joke. "She is her twin. One of them works downstairs, one here, and they take always care that no one gets into this area, who shouldn't be there. That is also the reason why the twin downstairs was so unfriendly to you. She didn't know that you would come."
"Hello, Mr. Davis. I will open the door, if you want." The lady said and began to work on her laptop.
"Yes, thanks." Aiden replied and then they could hear a quiet "pling" and the locks of the doors behind the receptionist were unlocked.
"Good day, Mr. Davis" the woman greeted him one more time and Hannah and Aiden walked to the doors.
"Why does she greets him this way?" Hannah wondered. "Is he the son of the boss?" She decided to ask Aiden later because of this.
The vampire and Hannah walked through the door and stepped into a white, cold floor.
"This is the most important part of the MFV company." Aiden explained. "Here we produce the SSGB - tablets and take care of the vampires who didn't use them like they should."
"The SS ... what tablets?" replied Hannah totally confused, but before Aiden could answer her a vampire came around the corner.
"Mr. Davis? Do you have one moment?" he asked politely.
"Your father wants to talk to you." the man began. "He's waiting for you in the big living room. He said it would be urgent and that you should hurry up."
"Alright, thank you." Aiden replied. "Did he tell what it's about?" he added then.
"No, he didn't. He only said that it's important." the man answered and began walking on.
"Why is everyone so ... so polite to you?" Hannah asked after the vampire was out of eyespot.
"That is a bit complicated. I'm going to explain it to you later, alright?" Aiden meant and then both went on.
But they didn't come far. After some meters Hannah stopped and starred through a huge window into one completly white room, where a red headed vampire was lying on a bed.
"Isn't he the one who had attacked my sister and me?" she said and it sounded more like a realization than a question. Aiden nodded.
"But why is he in that room? It looks like a sickroom. What is he doing there?"
"I told you over the SSGB - tablets, didn't I?" Aiden began. "These tablets are a special development of this firm and the real reason why this firm was founded. These tablets make us vampires immune to sun, silver and garlic, the things that can be most dangerous for a vampire."
"I understand nothing." Hannah interjected.
"Just wait till I told you everything."
"These tablets are Sun, Silver and Garlic blocks, that means if we vampires use them, these things can't harm us. These tablets allow us to live like humans with humans. Do you undestand?"
Hannah nodded one time and Aiden began to explain more.
"Another big advantage of this tablets is that they suppress our natural thirst for blood. You have to know that we don't need blood for survinig, it's only a kind of instinct that let us think that we need it right away. And if a vampire forgets to use the tablets and hurts humans, because his natural instincts told him to do, we give the vampire a short therapy and heal the human."
Aiden walked along and Hannah followed him.
"So that is what you are doing with my sister now? You're healing her?" Hannah wanted to know.
"Yes. The firm cares for its customers and erases their mistakes that are attributed to the wrong use of the SSGB - tablets." Aiden told her.
" you use them, too?"
"Everyone uses them." Aiden replied and stopped walking in front of a tall man, who stand in front of another big window.
"Hello Mr. Davis." the man welcomed him and then he added smilling "also a big hello to you Miss."
"Stop flirting, James." barked Aiden at the man. Hannah really couldn't understand why everyone in this building seemed like he would kiss the foots of Aiden if were allowed to do.
Aiden looked through the window in the room behind an watched what was happening there for some moments. "How is she? Better than this morning, right?"
James nodded in agreement.
Hannah could only starr at the things that happened behind the glass of the window.
"What is he doing there?" she stammered and her eyes followed every movement in the room.
"He is healying your sister. Like I told you." Aiden said.
Blue flashing lights, white sparks dominated the room. But what Hannah really scared was, that her sister was flying.
Cloe was suspended over one meter over the floor, nothing material hold her there.
The slim man in front of Hannah's older sister moved his hands without any interruption and violet beams shooted out of his fingers, surrounded Cloe's body and disappeared in the blue cloud after some time.
Hannah grapped Aiden's arm frightened.
"I thought she lost only blood! What is this for?"
"It stopes the change to a vampire." Aiden explained quietly, trying to calm Hannah down. He began to like the human girl and didn't want that she worried about her sister.
"It's possible that the bite of a vampire turns a human into a vampire and what you see here" he pointed to the room "makes sure that your sister won't be a vampire. Alright?"
Hannah looked into the room again.
It was a strange feeling to see Cloe there, flying, in the middle of this bright light.
Hannah wondered who the man was, who let the beams come out of his fingertips.
As if the man would know, what Hannah had been thinking, he suddenly turned around.
He stared out of the room, deep into Hannah's eyes.
Hannah was like hypnotized and saw into his face.
Then the man suddenly broke up the eye contact and turned around to Cloe again.
"Hannah?" Aiden's voice broke through the silence. "Hannah, we have to go. My father is waiting."
Hannah nodded and followed Aiden.



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Great story!! \:D

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Very interesting and unusual storyline. The shots are spectacular! Both the interior and the exterior sets are perfectly designed and furnished. Extremely impressive work!\:rah\:

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