The hermits hut. A short story about losing and lo
Published Nov 4, 2007

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The Hermits Hut.
A short story about losing and loving.

The Hermits Hut.
A short story about losing and loving.
Harry (the hermit as he was known locally) stood looking down at the grave, tears in his eyes,pain in his heart.
Kate was gone and he could'nt bear it. They had only been married a year and moved to the little log cabin as a starter home until they furthered thier careers and had enough money to buy a bigger home.
Harry went to the cemetary every day.
"Why did you get sick and leave me Kate, it should have been me, i can't go on without you and live this life without the children we were going to have?" He thought to himself about the plans they had made, nice house,big garden, two children. If they had had a child he would have a reason to keep going, but for now he felt his life was over.
He went back to his empty cabin and tried to read for a while ,but he couldnt settle down to anything.
He just did'nt know what to do, he had'nt eaten for three days and was feeling weak, not that he had an appetite, he wished he could go with Kate.
Harry slept fitfully that night, he dreamed that Kate was handing him lunch,she had been a great cook, he could see her looking down at him saying,"its your favourite honey, eggs and bacon,you need to keep your strength up"... Harry sat bolt upright,Kate was here! ,he looked around the room then realised is was just a dream.
It broke his heart that she was'nt here anymore, but it seemed so real and he could even smell the perfume she used to wear. He realised that she had really been talking to him.
Harry went across town to the beach where they had married last year, he just sat all day remembering the good things about Kate. She would not be happy if he didnt look after himself.
"OK Kate, I will try harder but i miss you so much."
They had had a lot of fun on this beach, building castles, digging for shells, kissing in the moonlight to the sound of the waves, walking home holding hands and thinking they would have a lifetime together.
Harry got back home and decided to do supper, he was'nt very good at it but he tried. He dropped an egg on the floor and had to clean up, he scorched the toast and overcooked the bacon, " How did you manage this and get it right all the time" he said out loud to Kate,he could imagine her smiling to herself about his efforts. Once Harry started eating he realised how hungry he was.
He felt like he was just doing it for Kate, going through the motions but he still did'nt feel like going to work, he just did'nt want to face everyones sympathy. Although it was late he was'nt tired enough to sleep yet so he decided to do some fishing.
There was'nt much money to start with and he had'nt been to work, so stocks were low.
He stayed out half the night but did'nt catch many, still, it was better than lying in bed and not sleeping. Eventually, Harry slept liked a baby. It was the first night he had slept like that since Kate had gone.
He was exhausted, but he felt a lttle more at peace nowing Kate would always be in his heart.
A few months later Harry was still going to the grave to talk to Kate, not every day, but now and then, he was going back to work to try and get his life back on track, he knew Kate would be happy with him. Harry went home and wrote in his diary, ( Going back to work, still feel bad but must make an effort)
It was not coming to him easily but he would do his best, he would do it for Kate.
Harry got up and went to work, his collegues were happy to have him back, they all asked how he was, but did'nt talk about Kate
He did'nt understand that they were a bit unsure how to deal with it.
As the weeks flew by Harry started to feel better about life and was glad he had gone back to work, it had forced him to interact with people again, he really needed that.
Jane had been good to him, she rang him often and they had lunch together sometimes. They worked together, they had been good friends for a long time.
Jane Williams, sports columnist for the Tifftown Mail. Her husband had also died before they had much of a life together, thats why she was so understanding about what he had been through.
A few weeks later Harry got a call from Jane, "I have a report i want to go over with you, do you have time?" she asked him. "Sure thing " he told her to come right over, " Im just making some toasties if your hungry." Jane said she would be there in five. As Jane was talking about the article she was writing, Harry was thinking how pretty she was, he had'nt really noticed before because he only had eyes for one woman. They talked work a while longer and Harry gave her a few ideas, Jane was grateful and thanked him for his help. "anytime" said Harry. After they had eaten, Jane started to dance, "come on Harry,let your hair down. Harry joined her and was really having fun, he had'nt danced for so long, not since... " I am sorry Jane ,i cant, i dont feel i should be having so much fun know how it is.
Harry was feeling bad about being happy without Kate.
Jane got her coat and was leaving when Harry followed her outside, "Look im sorry Jane but" before he could say another word, Jane snapped, "Its time you pulled yourself together Harry, you did'nt die that day, Kate did, and i know how you loved her, and i know how she loved you. She would not have wanted you to make yourself suffer forever, cant you see that?" With all that said ,Jane walked away. Harry followed her out of the gate and watched her go.
He thought about what she said and she was right, he was being silly to himself and to her. He realised how she felt for him a long time ago and he had given her hope of somethiong more from him, not on purpose, he just had'nt thought.
Harry got the urge to make a snow angel and fell backwards into the snow. He wondered how Kate would feel about him and Jane. He looked at the stars twinkleing above him and the moon, he imagined he could see Kates face in it, she had a big smile across her face, she was saying, "Be happy my Darling, Have a wonderful life." The next time Harry saw Jane he apologised for being such an idiot. Jane forgave him instantly and told him there was no rush, she just wanted to continue thier friendship.
Harry said " I dont want to be friends anymore Jane, i want more than that, starting with, how about that dance now?" and as he held her he knew this was right and thier lives were starting again, together.

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maxi kingMar 9, 2009

<p>\:oso sad!Great story!\:rah\:</p>

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cptnemo6Jan 26, 2008

sweet story!! \:rah\:

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