The Story of Letta Divine -- IV --
Published Nov 25, 2007

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This is the 4th chapter of "The Story of Letta Divine". I want to thank, a very special thanks that is, to Forwardmotion for the Atlaua collection - without it my story wouldn't be the same and to all of the fantastic creators out there! It seems that in this episode we have a little tummy problem...

This is the 4th chapter of "The Story of Letta Divine". I want to thank, a very special thanks that is, to Forwardmotion for the Atlaua collection - without it my story wouldn't be the same and to all of the fantastic creators out there! It seems that in this episode we have a little tummy problem... - It hurts so bad Grandma! I wish it would stop... - I know sweetheart, that pill I gave you will make you feel so much better! - I know Grandma. Next time I won't eat so many sweets...I promise! - There, there! I know what would make you feel better! - Not another cup of onion tea! said Stella. Minerva laughed and told her that what she had in mind was to tell her more from Letta's story. -Yes Grandma, you can tell me, I will feel much better, replied Stella.
Grandma got confortable and started her story:
After the episode with Carmine, Rufus drove Letta to her hotel suite.
- I'm so sorry for what you have to go through, he said, I wanted this night to be magical for you!
- Don't worry Rufus! It is all I have ever dreamt of...did you see those reporters and photographers and all the people in the bar?
- Oh yes! Tomorrow every single newspaper, magazine and TV show will have you as their topic! I can bet all my money on it! I'll let you rest, you must be tired.
- Thank you! Goodnight Rufus!
- Goodnight my little shining star!
Letta wanted to go to sleep, but she couldn't help crying. She had everything she ever dreamt of, in so little time! And now this...How could she fall in love and let him hurt her? When she woke up the next morning she found a big bouquet of flowers on the desk, just like the one Carmine had sent her before. She took the card and read it:
" Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you are in love everything changes, the whole world spinns around the one you love. In love there is no more I, there is always us. I love you and I am sorry we have to go through times like this one. I am sorry I haven't told you more about me, about who I am. I didn't want to anything from you, I wanted to take everything slow, I didn't want you to feel pressured by the situation. Forgive me, Carmine"
Letta was out of breath. She now knew she was wrong when she walked away on poor Carmine last night. She wanted to make things up, but she had no idea how to find him... There was a knock on the door and when she opened the door Letta was in for a big surprise. It was Farah.
- Hello Letta dear! she greeted her with a big smile on her face.
- I'm warning you, replied Letta, if you are here to start a fight you can leave immediately! - No Letta, I'm not here to start a fight! I am here to appologise! I guess i couldn't stand the fact that Carmine really found happiness and I didn't. Rufus made me realise I was wrong and that I should mend things!
- I don't know what to think....
- Listen, Carmine is a great guy, he is everything a woman could want! He didn't do anything wrong, he just wanted to take things slow, I guess. And I ruined everything... I'm such a numb sometimes. Forgive me please!
- Oh Farah! Do you really mean that?
- I want you and Carmine to be happy! I gave him your hotel adress, I hope you don't mind...
-I don't, in fact, he already sent me flowers. I guess I should thank you then...
Farah hugged her and said:
- You have nothing to thank me for dear! I was the one who was wrong!
As Farah was on her way out, Rufus came to tell her something very important.
- Letta!! You know that guy who was standing with me at the table last night?
- I saw him...
- Well, he is an important executive at one of the most successfull magazines in Las Vegas and guess what?
- What?
- He wants you to be on the cover of his next magazine.
- Oh my God! Are you serious?
- Yes, the only problem is that the magazine has to be on the stands tomorrow and that you will have to wear glam undies.
- Glam undies? I don't know...
- You don't have to, but trust me, it would be fantastic for your career! Trust me on this Letta! nothing like this has ever been done before, you have to do it!
- Today?
- Now! Farah will fill your place tonight so you don't have to hurry.Won't you Farah?
- Of course dear! Just go and get pretty on the cover of that magazine!
- Ok, I'll do it!!
- That's my girl!
- I can't stand Farah, Grandma, she should mind her own business...
- She should, but she feels threatened by Letta as she has more success than she does. It's like when someone comes and takes your place...
- Forget the place, tell me more...
- Letta rushed to the shoot. When she got there everyone was waiting for her and they were all very nice to her. They signed a contract and after that photographer started his work. She was so beautiful in that glam underwear and the camera loved her!
Meanwhile at the bar Farah and Rufus were having an argument:
- You were the one who told me to change my attitude!
- With Carmine, not with Letta you fool! Now you messed things up!
- Don't you yell at me!
Rufus didn't say anything else and left. He went by the magazine to pick Letta's photos and get them to her. - Rufus! It's so nice to see you again!
- Guess what I have?
- What? No... don't tell me! The photos!
- Exactly!
- So fast?
- Well they had to be ready by tomorrow as I told you so i had them make me some copies.
- You're the best!
- Come on let me see them! I am very curious!
Rufus started showing her the photos.
-Here you go... You look so so sooo different, at first I couldn't believe it! - This is my favorite! shouted Rufus. - Oh I like this one! said Letta. - You look wonderful in every single one of those pictures! I am so proud of you! Congratulations, you made it!Wait till the magazine hits the stand tomorrow!
- It's still a dream to me you know...
- It's not a dream, beautiful, it's living in a dream.
- That's true! I don't realize it yet...
Rufus gave her a hug and told her that she has to get used to her new situation, that everytime when she wakes up she will be a star. He was readu to tell her something when he was interrupted by a knock on the door...
- CARMINE! Oh Carmine! shouted Letta.
- Now that's what I call a warm welcome! replied Carmine.
Rufus on the other hand didn't share their happiness and left without saying a word.
- Carmine, I am very sorry about last night! I was was just that..
- Don't say anything about last night, let's leave everything behind and have a fresh start now!
- I agree with you! No more problems and worries!
- Deal!
- So what have you been up to? asked Carmine.
- I will appear on the cover of "Sim Showgirl" tomorrow in some very glam undies!
- Wow! Boy do they move fast! Congratulations! My girl is a star!
- I like it when you call me that!
- That?
- Yes, that...
- My girl...
- Yes, your girl!
Carmine grabbed her by the waist and kissed her passionately. that night was the most wonderful night of their entire life! While Letta and Carmine were together and had a great time, one can't say the same thing about Rufus and Farah. They were arguing again:
- You really messed things up Farah, said Rufus while shoving her.
- Rufus!! How could you?!
- Get out of my sight, now! before I do something I regret! GO!
- What happend? asked Ava.
- Farah can drive me nuts sometimes, she thinks she is a big diva and has all these tantrums.
- Ohh, poor baby, the things that you have to go through!
- If you only knew! I just wish there was someone in this world who could help me and care for me...someone who would do this without asking for something in return or asking questions, replied Rufus.
Ava looked at him, she was so in love with him!
- I could be that person Rufus, if you would only let me...
- sweet and dear Ava...did I ever tell you you are the most beautiful?
Rufus had a plan and it was working. He grabbed Ava and kissed her.
- I don't want you to think about my problems, he said, you have to...
- Stop it Rufus, Ava interrupted him, I want to be there for you, no matter what your problem is. I don't care! I know you for quite a while and I know that everything you do is always for the best interest of people around you and frankly I don't care how you do it! - Do you really mean it?
- I do!
- Hmm... what if I kidnapped someone?
- I don't care, I'm sure that they deserved it! I'm here for you and as you always say " Your wish is my command"!
His plan was working once again and he couldn't be more happy about that.
He dismissed Ava telling her that he has some urgent business to take care of and he left. He was very upset with himself, with the fact that he let things go this far. He had to admit that he was in love with Letta, with her sweet voice, her beautiful face, her soft skin and with her purity, honesty and dignity. He had to have her, no matter what! When he got to the end of the dark alley he was walking he was greeted by two men:
- Hey boss! What are you doing here at this time of night?
- Shut up Stanley. I'm the one who is asking the questions here. How are they?
- Hungry and crazy boss!
- Crazy?
- Yes, one of them lost it...
- That may be good news. i will go and see what I can do this time and depending on that I will let you know what to do.
- Sure boss.
- Wait here.
As soon as he entered the room Greta shouted at him:
- You bastard! Look what you have done!! Let us go! Why are you keeping us here
Rufus didn't say anything, he just slapped Greta and told her to shut up and listen. She started crying as Rufus asked her one more time:
- Are you willing to sell the bar?
- No, that is not going to happen!
- Look at your sister there, she could really use some help, you know. And both of you could use some food, a good bath and your life back! All you have to do is sign that damn contract!
Greta looked at her sister and knew that selling the bar was their way out, the last alternative!
- Ok Rufus, you win! I will sell the bar to you, just let us go!
- It's 5 o'clock in the morning right now, at 10 a.m. someone will bring a contract for you. After you sign it I will let you go.
- I hope you are not fooling me...
- If I have the bar, I don't care about you.
- Ok...
- How did it go boss?
- Great! Just great! At 10 a.m. I will bring you the papers they each have to sign. They must not read the papers though. The crazy one has to sign the contract in which she leaves me the bar, without money of course, and the other one must sign a "Goodbye Letter" for someone. Got it?
- You are very clever boss!
- After they each sign the papers they are supposed to, get Kara in the mental hospital. When you check her in tell the staff there you found her on the street and you couldn't just live her there, after all you have a good heart.
- And what shall we do with the other one boss?
- Get rid of her.
- How boss?
- I don't care, it's up to you, I don't even want to know!
- Don't worry Kara, you will soon get well..I hope! - As days passed things were great for Letta. She was the topic of everyone in town and boy was Las Vegas a big town! Her shows were the best of the best. Everyone wanted to see her... night.... after night.... after night.... after night.... Her relationship with Carmine couldn't be better! She would still wake up and couldn't believe all of this was true! - I'm sorry I have to go, it's important that I attend to my duties as a soldier!
- Don't worry, I understand, besides you will only be gone for two weeks, I think I can handle that! I will be busy with more shows and magazines...
- Yes, I know, my girl is a star!
- I love you Carmine, more than anything in this world! Don't you ever forget that!
- I won't because I love you the same way!
- Are you sure you're going to feel better? Did you see a doctor about that the other day?
- I didn't have time to see a doctor, it must have hurt because I was very tired and I hadn't eaten anything all day...
- Don't you ever do that, ok? I am worried about you! I want you to be ok. Don't get sick!
- I won't, I promise I will behave!
- Good! I have to go now!
- Take care Carmine!
- I will, you too!
And he left...
-Autch! Grandma now that you mentioned "hurt" ... aautch!! My tummy! --- TO BE CONTINUED ---

Will the plan of our beloved Rufus succeed? And what will he do about Carmine and Letta now that he has admitted to be in love with her? Will Carmine get home safe? Is Letta's health problem serious? Will Stella be ok? That in the next chapter of "The story of Letta Divine"

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#53BoodaMaeNov 29, 2007

What a GREAT story--I just can't get enough! The CC is a BIG part of the story...I don't what I'd do without it! \;\) Well, good job, yet another 5.0 from me! \:wub\: Oh yea, thanks for giving me the heads up on the story being out--I really loved that! Happy simming with Letta && the others!

#54balletdanzNov 30, 2007

I love the storys you wright. GREAT JOB cant wait until next chapter!!!!!!!! \:rah\:

#55Nov 30, 2007

I adore this story! Where do you come up with all these twists and turns?\:rolleyes: They are making my heart jump and hide when I see Rufus...I hope he doesn't harm anyone, it would be a shame...I can't wait for the next chapter - even though I got a glimpse yesterday \:D \:D

#56mnlynnMar 10, 2008

Great story. Keep up the good work, I will be looking forward to more stories from you. \:rah\:

#57monnie06Mar 28, 2008

that was great \:D

#58MattMackay2006May 10, 2008

where do u get those outfits!!! \:wub\:
ur stories are amzing!!!

#59May 12, 2008

Coool\:\) \;\)

#60May 12, 2008

OHH NOW!! Dont sey its over!! I whanna see more!! Tel me when you have the next!! I must her!! It was soooo goooodd\;\)

#61van!aDec 24, 2008


#62MangioMar 13, 2010

Rufus... why kidnap the Rosa's - all you ever want is that bar which you could have plenty of.. grr. \:mad\: Letta is certainly gaining popularity - she looks beautiful \:wub\: dances of to the next part :P

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