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Simple Life [chapter 4]
Published Nov 29, 2007

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.:: Simple Life ::.
[chapter 4]

.:: Simple Life ::.
[chapter 4]
Melody went to met her mother. They were at hairdresser... yes, again. She decides to back to her natural colour. "I am sure that Mike will like it. He always loves me as a blonde. But I am curious if he will notice this, because he is a man... and they don't spot things like that!". She got warm shower. She needed this, because for few days she has got some weird feelings about what is happening to her. She thought that she is pregnant again. "I can't. We can't. We don't have enough money for another child. Besides we don't sleep together for a long time... So what it could be?" she asked herself. Finally, late at night, Mike arrived to home. Not alone. His friend was with him.
- You can't go inside. What would my wife says? We need to keep it in secret for some time...
- How long do you want to hide it from her? - woman was looking a little bit frustated.
- Only few days. I want to prepare her...
- Whatever.
- Meody... Oh, forgive me-I didn't want to woke you...
- Is't nothing. I was waiting for you, but you didn't show up... so I felt asleep.
- Honey...
- Yes?
- I must tell you something... My friend from work... she...
- Yes...?
- Well... she... helped me with our problems with bank... and maybe we can get back our money.
- What... but how... really?
- Yes. Maybe not everything, but some...
- Oh Mike... I don't know what to say... I was thinking that you...
- What baby?
- Nothing. Thank you.
"How can I even thought that Mike was cheating on me! He was just trying to provide us a better life...". She was feeling ashamed about accusing him. She didn't want to think about it anymore. But she told him about her suppositions.
- ... What are trying to say?
- I think that I am pregnant.
- What?! Are you sure?
- No... but I have the same sympthoms which I have when I was pregnant with Hayden...
- You need to see doctor.
- Yes, I know... I will go tomorrow.
And she went... and now waiting for results... - Mike was very excited and when she arrived home, he asked her:
- And?
- And-what?
- What doctor said?
- Oh, don't worry... I'm not pregnant.
- Well... what a pity...
- What are you trying to say?
- That I want another baby...
- But I don't think that this is a good time for it.
- So when it will be?
- I don't know...
It was Hayden's birthday. They only invited Melody's mother and celebrate this moment in family. When finally party was over, Melody wanted to make this evening special... - Mike, I know that you wanted another baby... maybe it isn't a bad idea?
He didn't look happy about this - Well... I am a little bit tired. Maybe we should talk about it later?
- But Mike...
- Please. Not today.
"He is hiding something from me! I know it! He never acted like that! But what I have to do to know what it is?" Melody asked herself. [The next day]
Young and chic lady was standing outside Collin's house. - Nice house... but I always liked something more... stylish, he he - she said to herself.
- How can I help you? - Melody asked her.
- Well... is Mike at home?
- Yes, he is. And you are...?
- Brittany. Brittany Kingston. I am Mike's... good friend.
- So come inside, Mike is preaparing breakfast.
- Oh, I don't want to interrupt you...
- It isn't a problem for us. Mike don't have much friends, so I would love to know one.
- Darling, who is it? - asked Mike
- Your friend, come here quickly.
- My... FRIEND?! Mike was shocked - What are you doing here?! - he yelled at Brittany. - I always wanted to know your family. You told me so much about your wife and your son... But I didn't think that she is so beautiful. Man don't cheating so pretty wifes...
- Cheating? What are you talking about? - Melody didn't understand what Brittany was talking about.
- Well, my sweetheart...
- Didn't Mike brag about us? I thought the fact that he is sleeping with me...
- He what?!
- Wait a minute... I don't understand anything... Mike is a kind of a guy who will never cheat his woman...
- But he did. And you must reconcile oneself with it.
- No... please tell me that you are jocking... - I didn't jocking. And I must add one more word. He told me that you have some financial problems... So I offered him a deal: I will be paying him if he will stay with me. And he took money from me but... didn't tell you that it means that he must stay with me, because we have a deal. Melody was devastated. Nobody ever make her felt worse. Man that she loves more that life cheated her. For money...
- How could you do this to me?! How could you even think that a wanted you to get money in THAT way!
- Please calm down and let me explain you everything...
- No, I don't want to listen to you!
- I haven't anything to do with you... I don't want to be with somedoby like you. - Melody started.
- Honey... what are you mean?
- That I am leaving you!
He couldn't belive his ears - What? Please, let me explain you everything... PLEASE! Don't leave me, I love you! I will never cheated you!
But she didn't want to listen to him - I have nothing else to say to you...
So she started to packing her bags. "I can't belive that he did this to me! My God... how he even could think that I am so desperated to have a beautiful house and clothes! But he just ruined everything..." Suddenly Mike get into the room, turned her around and gave a romantic kiss. But she didn't kissed him back. - Please, Mike...
- Can we just sit and talk like adult people?
- Please... Don't make it any harder. I have made my decision. I don't know how soon it will be but I want a divorce...
- A divorce..?!
- Yes. I can't stay with you if you cheated me. And of course I am taking Hayden with me...
- Please, don't take him from me!
Melody decided to stay with her mom. She thought that it will be the best solution. - Are you sure that you did right thing? You didn't even listen what he was trying to say to you...
- Mom, please. I don't want to talk about it now. Can I stay with Hayden here for a while?
- Of course you can. This is still your house too.
"What I am going to do with my life? With our life... I still can't even imagine how he could did this to us... When I was leaving this house I didn't think that I will be back here so soon..." [Two weeks later]
Melody and her mom were eating lunch. They didn't talk yoo muchabout all tht situation.
- So what are you going to do with this?
- Err... with what?
- I am talking about your marriage. I think that you should talk with Mike...
- Mom, please. I can't even think about him and you want me to meet him? It is not a good idea.
- Think about your son.
- I will never be with somebody who cheated on me just because we have son together!
- As you wish. But I tell you that you should listen to his version.
- Thank you, but no - Melody ended their conversation.
- Mom, can I use your computer?
- Of course, darling. I am washing the dishes and it isn't necessary for me.
- Ok, I just need to check my e-mails.
[30 minutes later] "I know that I shouldn't, but..." "... Melody is having a bath..." "...and I must help this girl to fix her life!" "Dear Mike, I want to meet you tomorrow at 4pm..." [Next day]
- Melody, can you get it? I am taking a shower.
- Of course, mom. I am coming!
- Mike?! What are you doing here?
- You wanted to met me, isn't it?
- But how...
- It doesn't matter. I am here so let's go inside, sit down and talk. Please, listen to me for the last time and you will understand everything... - I never slept with Brittany. Yes, she proposed me a money for being with her. But I will never betrayed the one I always loved. But I had a plan how to get the money... I go on a date with Brittany. When we were in her house I add some sleeping pills to her water and she felt asleep. When she woke up in the morning, we were lying in her bed and she thought that there was something between us that night... so she gave me the money. - But she wanted more... and when I told her that I didn't want to have anything with her she got furious... she told me that she will tell you everything. My friend told me that I should tell you everything before Brittany or you will never belive me... and she was right. I know that you won't belive me, but I just wanted to make things clear. - I don't know what to say, Mike...
- You don't have to...
- Is this true? I am so confused...
- You know that I never lied to you. Why should I? I love you more with all my heart...
- And what should I do now?
- Do what your heart tells you...
- Mike... I am so sorry that I suspected you of cheating me!
- It's nothing, baby. I am so happy that you finally know the truth...
Melody's mom smiled with relief - " finally everything is getting back to normal..."

Thank you for reading another part of my story :) Hope you will like it! I think it will be the last part, but if you want me to go on with Mike, Melody and Hayden - you can always tell me this ;). Happy Simming everyone :)!

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wewe78Nov 23, 2008


Nov 10, 2008

got to have a few more that story rocks my socks off i is so good i love it \:wub\:

brkertffny VIPDec 4, 2007

I love chapter 4. I really think you should continue the story. I'm can't wait to see what happens next.\:rah\: \:rah\:

BBKZDec 3, 2007

Alez oczywiscie, ze chce wiecej \:D Kolejny nieoczekiwany zwrot akcji, ciekawa fabula, genialnie zrobione fotki. A przy okazji: ten top niebieski z koncowych scen - mam identyczny (na zywo), ale w innym kolorze, hihihi \;\) Pozdrawiam!

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