Times Change...Even In Farmville: Part 10
Published Jan 3, 2008

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Welcome to Part 10 of "Times Change...Even In Farmville". As I always say, please read the previous parts if you haven't already done so or you will get incredibly confused. I can no longer threaten to eat family members in order to scare you into doing this because I'm on a diet so please just do it anyway.

Nice to see you back yet again. As you probably realise, this is Chris. In the last part Ms. Steele persuaded me to apply for college to do Literature. I wasn't really sure at first but it paid off and I was accepted! Now we've got a holiday to plan!

Welcome to Part 10 of "Times Change...Even In Farmville". As I always say, please read the previous parts if you haven't already done so or you will get incredibly confused. I can no longer threaten to eat family members in order to scare you into doing this because I'm on a diet so please just do it anyway.

Nice to see you back yet again. As you probably realise, this is Chris. In the last part Ms. Steele persuaded me to apply for college to do Literature. I wasn't really sure at first but it paid off and I was accepted! Now we've got a holiday to plan!
Brad decided that it was part of his role as responsible adult of the holiday party to tell our parents what the plan was. As far as I was concerned, he was welcome to this as I was never sure what Mum's reaction would be to anything these days.

"So what was it you wanted to tell us?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Well know with me moving out and.."
"Susan isn't pregnant is she?" She cut him off mid-sentence.
"Noo..well I hope not...anyway with me moving out and Chris going to college, we decided that it would be fun to have a bit of a holiday before everything got...serious."
"So you plan on spending your last few days before moving away from your family, am I right?"
" suppose. Chris and his friends are really looking forward to it and Susan and I would be there to make sure nothing goes wrong." He stammered.
"Doesn't sound like much of a problem..." Dad muttered.
"Really?" She snapped, turning on him.
"I'm going out some gardening." He said, quickly getting up from his seat.
"Do what you like," she sighed, "just forget about us as usual."
"That's a yes then?"
"If you can find the money then go ahead, we won't be helping."

I quickly retreated back to my room before Mum noticed that I had been listening in. We had our answer and that's what counted.
Brad caught up with me almost as soon as I had left.

"Well it seems like we'll be going!" He grinned.
"I know," I laughed, "I was watching the whole thing. You were so scared!"
"You're lucky that you don't have to deal with angry women as frequently." He scowled.
"I don't know...I've got Arch. Mum's bound to be a bit mental at her age anyway."
"Don't let her hear you say that! You'd better think about calling your friend to see if he wants to come."
I waited until later that afternoon to phone Javier. I was really hoping he'd agree if anything, to stop Gill from moaning about being a lemon.

"Hello?" Came the familiar girl's voice.
"Hi Ardiana. Is Javier in?" I asked.
"Unfortunately! I'll just go get him....JAVIER! PHONE!...He'll just be a second."
"Hi! It's me, Chris."
"Oh, hi! Long time no speak. How're things? Arch's dad still a bit of a...."
"Pleb? Yeah. Things are sort of okay though.
"Good to hear I guess. Shame he won't come round though..."
"Anyway! What did you drag me away from Final Fantasy for?" He laughed.
"Well we were all planning on having a holiday before we went off to college and Brad started his new job. Wondered if you'd be up for it."
"I don't know... we usually go on a family holiday with dad. I'd need to ask him. I don't think he'll mind much. I'll talk to him about it and get back to you."
"Gill's going." I attempted to persuade him.
"Weeell...I'll need to get back to you on it."
"No problem. Just let me know and then we can all get together and sort it out!"
"Will do!"
"Talk to you later."
By dinner, Mum was still giving us the silent treatment and I could have sworn it was deliberately overcooked but said nothing. Brad and Dad also seemed to have trouble keeping the food down. It was one meal I was glad to finish. I wondered how long it would last for. On the bright side, we wouldn't be shouted at as much, on the other hand, meals could cause death. Brad and I stayed outside for a while after dinner. It was such a nice night and it would give Dad a chance to attempt to calm things down.

"I don't envy you at all!" Brad announced out of the blue.
"Having to tell know. Especially when she's acting like this."
"Thanks for the vote of confidence." I sighed.
"Sorry.... I'll help you if you want. I could um..drop hints and stuff." He suggested.
"Better not, you've not mastered that ability yet" I laughed. "Sorry I know you're trying to help."
"Probably was a bad idea. We could tell them before we go on holiday, give them a couple of weeks to get their heads round it."
"Or a couple of weeks to think about it and hate the idea even more..."
"Yeah, there's no good time is there?"
"Would seem that way..."
"CHRIS, Someone's on the phone for you!" Dad shouted from the back door."
"Coming...I'll think of something." I said, turning back to Brad.
"Well let me know because I'll be there whether you like it or not." He smiled.
"Hello?" I said as I moved out of earshot of the kitchen.
"Hi Chris, it's just me!" I heard Javier's voice. "Good news and bad news. Which one first?"
"Good news I guess," I replied.
"Well Dad said he'd be glad to get peace from us for a while and would happily pay for it."
"Bad news?"
"Bad news is the 'us', being Adriana as well as myself."
"Doesn't affect me!" I laughed. "Gill will have someone to bitch to instead of at!"
"Make it sound worse why don't you?" He laughed.
"We'll try to sort it out after school one day or something. It'll be at Gill's since she's got a PC."
"Cool, just let me know when."
"Will do, it's great that you can make it! Talk to you soon!"
After a good amount of rearranging plans, we finally managed to meet up at Gill's to look at potential locations and hotels. Wefound out rather quickly that not everyone had the same ideas.

"I don't know about camping, Chris... I mean we could just go down the road and do that. It's really not the most exciting holiday idea." Gill sighed.
"Yeah that and no electricity..." Arch muttered.
"Yeah you can't go having nowhere to plug your straighteners in!" I laughed.
"He's not the only one", Javier added.
"God not you as well!" Groaned Gill. "Honestly, I sometimes think I'm the guy!"
"You wish!" Grinned Arch. "Anyway, we totally have to have a beach holiday."
"I don't know... I liked the idea of Asia." Gill replied.
"Too much walking about", Brad chipped in. "Kinda ruins the idea of a holiday."
Meanwhile Susan and Adriana sat at the other side of the room, completely oblivious to the discussion. It made a difference for Susan, having someone girly and into fashion to talk to, not that she didn't get on with Gill, she just couldn't find much in common with her.

"Beach holiday or Asia?" Brad shouted over.
"Um... beach?" Suggested Adriana.
"I'm fine with that", Susan added as a groan could be heard coming from Gill.
We kind of lost intrest as Gill got to the booking stage and the technical stuff. She found a nice resort called the Twikii Islands that seemed perfect for our holiday. Everyone seemed pleased with the choice so that was it sorted as soon as Brad managed to type his bank details into the order form(he felt that this was a big achievement). After we sorted out the booking, we went out into Gill's garden for some fresh air. The constant fear of telling my parents seemed to slip to the back of my mind as I relaxed with my friends, talking excitedly of our upcoming holiday.

"Well at least the hotel has electricity." Gill smirked, glancing in Arch's direction.
"You wouldn't want to see me if it didn't!" He replied.
"I'm sure."
"You're just miffed about not getting your way!" He laughed.
"One word, Blondie. Sunburn." She grinned.
It was pretty late when we finally got home. Just before we arrived at the door, Brad turned to me, looking serious.

"You thought much about when you're going to tell them?" He asked.
"Not now, Brad, you're like a stuck record!" I sighed.
"Well someone has to be. They deserve to know."
"I know..."
"What about just before we go? Maybe the break from seeing you would.."
"Yeah because that would really help me relax on holiday."
"Don't be so sarcy, I'm only trying to help. It's hard for me too you know."
"I know, I'll think of something."
"Don't leave it too late though."
"Chris, Brad! I'm glad you're back!" Mum smiled as she ran up to us, looking a bit manic.
"Um...okay." I said, trying to hide the confusion in my voice.
"I just wanted to let you know that your Dad and I are going to pay for your holiday and I'm going to buy you some new clothes for going!"

I looked over at Dad who simply raised and eyebrow and then at Brad who could hardly contain his amusement.

"Um...thanks Mum", I replied, "I don't know what to say."
"Well, anything for my two boys!" She beamed.
"What was that about?" I laughed, once we had escaped.
"I don't think we really want to know", replied Brad, almost doubled over.
"I think I liked angry Mum better." she'll be wanting to go on the holiday!"
"Then again, if she stays like this...."
"You like boys Chris??? Here's some money!" Brad mimicked her between laughs.
"If only!" I giggled, catching my breath.
In the meantime, all we could do was wait. Now that school was over, it felt like we had all the time in the world to do whatever we wanted. It felt different from old school holidays. I knew who I was and felt like I was going somewhere with my life instead of being stuck in the village forever. Gill would sometimes take time out of her newly parent-appointed job of babysitter to join us but we didn't see much of Javier since he had taken on a job to help save for the holiday. Everything seemed just right. The days just flew by and before we knew it, Brad and I were in a taxi and heading to the airport...well after a bit of a wait outside the house, feeling like idiots in our new shorts while Mum fussed over us, making sure we had everything we needed. Our holiday was finally happening*!

*The long wait is actually Hellfrozeover's fault because she's been working/ at college/ spending a ridiculous amount of money on Asian Balljoint Dolls/ lazy.
After a long time stuck in customs(when asked, Brad told them that Mum had packed our bags, not us and the rest you can guess for yourselves), we finally arrived at our hotel. For the first time since seeing them when Mum took them out of the bag, I was greatful for the shorts. "I don't know", Arch grinned, "I think you suit shorts."
"Yeah well....I don't trust your taste at the best of times!" I laughed.
"Because hoodies are just so fetching..."
"Right, let's go get checked in!"
"You know I'm right."
As we approached the check-in, the receptionist's smile became rather forced as he took in the size of the group.

"Can you please hold for one second?" He said down the phone. "Are these children all with you?"
"Yes, they are." Brad replied, trying to stay polite.
"And the booking is under?"
"Someone will arrive soon lead you to your rooms." He told Brad as he continued to draw us daggers.
After about five minutes, a porter came to take us to our rooms and away from the glaring receptionist. Javier was quick to start as soon as the porter was out of earshot.

"Did you see the look on the guy at the desk's face? I think he thinks we'll throw the TVs through the windows or something!" He snapped, half laughing at the idea.
"Yeah but we're here now, let's enjoy it, I mean look at this place!" I replied, hardly able to contain my excitement.
"Yeah but still...what a di..."
"Look at the size of these beds!" Arch shouted, bouncing himself to test it out.
"We'll get to see the beds later, come on, let's check out the beach!"
Arch and Javier made a b-line for the water followed soon after by Brad but I wasn't as easily convinced. I had been swimming once before and couldn't exactly remember much about it.

"Come on in!" Javier called. "The water's warm."
"I don't even know if I can swim." I shouted back.
"Don't worry, it's shallow. Arch will hold you up!" He laughed.
Next thing I knew, I was under the water. I jumped to the surface in shock, not noticing the slope.

"Yeah you'd better watch out for that drop." Javier laughed.
Susan and Adriana decided to make the most of the sun without getting their hair wet.... .....while Gill("I'm a red-head!"), stayed on the lounger, coated from head to toe in suncream. Javier noticed that she was alone and decided to go over and keep her company.

"Um... guys, I'm just going over to see if Gill's okay."
"You go ahead!" I laughed, taking in the confused look on Arch's face and watching Javier edge towards the shore nervously.
"You'll see soon", I told Arch.
To be fair to Javier, it didn't take him long to find something for them to talk over! We decided to stop swimming when the afternoon Arch began to deep-fry in the afternoon sun. A lot seemed to have developed in that last couple of hours though and it wasn't the rather unimpressive sandcastle("Glad it's not the sandcastle's tower in question", Brad had said. He was then hit by a mystery lump of sand which co-incidentally came from Susan's direction.) After our swim, we went back to our rooms to change out of our wet clothes and have a break to get over the flight before heading out for something to eat.

"Well you didn't drown", Arch smiled, looking genuinely happy about it.
"Yeah, thanks for not warning me about that drop!" I laughed, drawing mock-evils at Javier.
"Well I had to have some fun right?"
"I think you've had enough fun today!" I grinned.
"You and Gill!"
"Ah....yeah!" He replied, his face turning red.
"I need to shower before dinner!" Javier said, jumping off of the bed and heading to the bathroom.
"I think I know why she likes him." Arch grinned, thinking he was out of earshot.
"Oi! I can still hear you guys! Seriously!" Javier whined from the bathroom.
"How red do you think his face is now?" I laughed.
"Shut uuuup!"
We soon found out that Javier wasn't the only one with a red face...Susan's sunbathing didn't exactly go to plan.

"Don't say anything!" Brad whispered, rubbing what I imagined to be a fresh bruise on his left arm.
Before dinner, finding a table to eat at, we watched the local firedancer. Everyone was amazed that he managed not to light himself or anything else for that matter! He managed to persuade Javier to take a few lessons although he definately wasn't a natural. We were just glad the pole wasn't lit at this point! "I don't know about the whole fire-dancing thing but I wouldn't mind you in one of those costumes" Arch whispered, causing us both to double over as Javier sent the pole flying again. The very limited food menu included hotdogs and hotdogs so we had just that! We were too hungry to really complain though. We'd have more time to try the local food later. The next morning we were up early and ready for whatever the island had in store for us, however Javier had different plans.

"Um, I don't want to ruin what you guys have planned but..." He began.
"We were just going to explore a bit, nothing serious." Arch interrupted with a smile.
"Ah cool. I was just going to kind of...hang around here I guess." Javier continued.
"You want to stay here with Gill." I laughed.
"That's not...well yeah."
"We're fine with that, aren't we Arch?"
"Yeah sure!" Arch agreed, trying to keep a straight face.
"It'll be nice to have some time on our own anyway." I said to Arch as we waited in the hotel foyer for the others so we could arrange to meet up later.
"Yeah, as much as I like the others it's nice to get away for a bit." He agreed.

Soon we were joined by Susan, who continued to maintain a bright pink tone and Adriana who, much to Susan's annoyance, actually managed to tan!

"Right so what's the plan?" Susan asked.
"Well we're just going to have a bit of a look around the island and then head back in the afternoon." I told her.
"Fair enough. I think we're just going to stick around here for the day and relax a bit. We'l see you when you get back." She said, turning and heading down the hall, leaving us with Adriana.
"I guess I'll just come with you guys then." Adriana announced as we were about to leave.
"Um...well..." Arch began.
"Well everyone else is either sunbathing or getting off with each other so.." She continued.
"Well the latter was our plan..." Arch mumbled.
"Never mind. Let's get going." I said, feeling a bit dissapointed.
Our first stop was the Numchuk Tomb, found by our deep exploration of the hotel's leaflets. Arch and I were all set to explore it. For someone like me who had hardly set foot outside of Farmville, it was an entirely new experience and I was raring to go. Adriana wasn't too impressed. Noticing her lack of intrest, I tried to share my excitement with her.

"Isn't this great?" I grinned, hoping she'd lighten up.
"Well it's definately big....and old." She replied.
"Um, you knew we were going sight-seeing so if you weren't intrested then why did you bother?
"Well it was either that or stay at the hotel while the others stuck their tongues down each other's I thought I'd come with you guys."
"What if we were going to 'stick our tongues down each other's throats'?" Arch cut in, still clearly annoyed that we had an extra on our trip.
"You guys are different...I mean it's all a laugh with you two. Nothing serious and meaningful or any of that crap."
"If you think that then you're..."
"Come on both of you, we're on holiday" I sighed, "let's try to enjoy ourselves."
"Whatever." Arch muttered.
"I was just saying..."
"Yeah I know what you were 'just saying', let's leave it and try to have a nice time." I snapped.
Our first stop was the food bar, on the line of thought that if Adriana's mouth was full, she wouldn't be able to wind anyone up. Sure enough, she managed to bug Arch by sitting between us. I hadn't seen him this annoyed since he thought that Javier had a thing for me although this time, I sympathised with him. After we had finished eating, we found somewhere to sit and admire our surroundings. It would have been pleasant if it hadn't been for the comentary in the background ("Isn't this just magical...woo."). I gave Arch an apologetic look even although I knew I wasn't to blame. When we looked round the opposite side of the tomb, we found something that actually did take her intrest.

"Wow! The natives had hottubs! I respect them a bit more now! We have to go in!" She cheered.
"Fine." I agreed. It would be nice to have some peace.
After dumping our clothes at the side, Arch was first to get in, possibly in an attempt to evade Adriana who seemed to be waiting for him to get in first. "Um...Chris?" She asked. "Would you mind putting suncream on my back?"
"Okay I guess." I replied, wondering why she couldn't do it herself.
I felt a bit embarrassed as Adriana seemed to be enjoying it so much. I was glad Arch had his back to us. Adriana telling me what to do wouldn't really have cheered him up much. For me, the hot spring helped to relieve the stress of our expedition but i could sense that Arch wasn't feeling the same relief. Once the hot spring began to bore Adriana, we decided to dry off a bit before getting dressed again. Arch and I got talking to a local boy to pass the time while Adriana moaned about being wet. "Shall we call it a day then?" I asked Adriana.
"Ooh i thought you'd never ask!" She gasped with complete sarcasm which seemed to draw Arch's attention.
"I've just about had enough of you!" He snapped, causing her to turn and face him.
"All you've done is moan and make sarcy little comments all day and there's only so much anyone can take!"
"Oh lighten up! This place does suck a bit, you have to..."
"No i won't lighten up, we wanted a day alone and instead we get you basically telling us our relationship is a load of crap! No wonder you're single!"

At that, Adriana fled round the corner, Arch had obviously touched a nerve (or awoken her inner attention-seeker).
"Arch are you okay?" I asked.
"I'm fine...I guess." He sighed. "I shouldn't have snapped like that."
"It's not your fault, I mean I didn't know she was..."
"Princess of Hell?" he suggested, smiling slightly.
"Well yeah." I laughed.
"Well I'm going to see if...Princess of Hell is okay. Go find somewhere to sit down for now. We can talk properly later on tonight." I told him.
"Okay.... just don't be long." He replied.
It didn't take me long to find Adriana. She had found a bench near the front entrance on which to put her annoyed and disgusted self on display to all who walked past her. I went to sit next to her and she was quick to start again.

"So I guess your 'boyfriend' doesn't like me then." She sniffed.
"Well the first impressions weren't that great." I admitted.
"I get that a lot." She sighed, slightly over-exaggerating it. "First impressions are everything."
"Well he didn't get on with your brother at first either and now they're fine." I quickly added.
"I suppose."
"Look we'd better head back to the hotel." I said, standing up.
"Yeah. I should have stayed there in the first place." She moaned.
"We should probably pretend that today never happened!" I smiled.
" know, you're nothing like other boys I've went out with Chris, you're so much more understanding." She smiled, making me feel a bit uncomfortable.
Next thing I knew, Adriana was all over me and my first reaction was to push her off as quickly as I could. I was starting to think she might have been decent deep down but I soon realised I was wrong. I felt terrible even although I hadn't done anything and was glad that Arch hadn't been there to see it.... .........or had he? "I came looking for you to check that SHE was okay, I was worried because you were away for as long! I didn't expect his!"
"Arch...nothing happened, you saw it, I pushed her away!"
"Just forget it, I'm going back to the hotel."
"Why the hell did you do that?" I yelled at her.
"Do what? I could tell you wanted it." She smiled. "Now you don't have to pretend anymore."
"Get over yourself. I love Arch. I thought I was getting through to you." I sighed.
"Likewise." She mumbled.
"What's that meant to mean?"
"Well you're with Arch because you didn't get the chance to be with a girl right? You chose to be with him. I'm giving you the chance to do things properly. I can forgive whatever you did with him because...well you're fit as." She laughed.
"God you're shallow. I'm going to find Archer and try to sort out what mess we have left." I snapped, walking away from her.
"You'll be back!" She called after me. "I mean what can two guys do together? Actually not I don't want to know!"
I ran back to the hotel as fast as i could, not really caring whether Adriana knew the way back or not. As I approached our room door I could hear Javier and Archer's voices through the door.

"Don't worry, you're not the only one who wants to give her a good slap!" I heard Javier tell him.
"I feel so stupid, I should have known what she was after all along." I heard Arch reply, I could hear that he had been crying.
"It'll be fine. I'll tell her what's what when she turns up. Come here, you'll be alright."
I made my move when I thought it sounded safe enough to go in. Javier gave me a look to say that it was under control as I stood quietly, feeling slightly confused at the speed of which things had happened. "Go and sort yourself out and I'll talk to Chris." He told Arch.
Arch simply nodded and headed towards the bathroom. I hadn't seen this side of Javier before. He always seemed awkward when it came to the emotional side of things yet here he was sorting out Arch and I.
"Okay, so to cut a long story short, my sister is a bit of a dillusional slut." Javier said, slightly tonelessly.
"Don't worry, she knows I think this. I love her to bits but I think the relationship bit in her brain is slightly broken. She thinks anyone is fair game really."
"Okay...What about Arch?"
"He just seems a bit shocked and upset. I don't think he blames you. I didn't get much out of him other than the basics."
"For what?"
"For looking out for us, I heard you talking to Arch before I came in. I...appreciate it."
"Oh.." He blushed. "No problem..."
" guys are the best friends I've, well I've ever had..." He mumbled.
"Same to you." I smiled.
"Well, I'll go and see what the rest are up can talk to Arch I guess."
"Arch?" I said gently, pushing the door slightly.
"I'm fine..." He replied.
"Arch it's me. Can I come in?"
"I guess..."
I felt slightly nervous as i saw Arch standing there. I knew I should have looked out for him and not Adriana and suddenly began to feel guilty.

"Arch listen, I'm..." I began.
"You don't need to say it. I'm sorry, Chris. I promised you that I wouldn't go off on one like that again on you. I'm so sorry!"
"I'm the one who's sorry. I should have just left her alone."
"Don't you start too!" he laughed, wiping my cheek, "Let's forget about it, we're on holiday!"

...End of Part Ten...
Sorry that it's so late! I'll admit, I had a bit of a hard time writing this one but I've made sure that i know almost exactly what's going on in future parts ;) ! Thanks so much for being so patient! I've got a bit of a surprise for you in the next part! I don't think anyone will get it!

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great story, looking forward to next chapter!

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\:wub\: Sweet update! I loved it. Can't wait for the next! \:D

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\:wub\: Sweet update! Can't wait for the next! \:D Loved it! \:rah\:

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very cool story \:cool\:

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Loved the story!! You always keep me wanting to read forever...and then it has to end\:\( \:D Great job!!!!!

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Awesome story! :3

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Good story! Thanks for sharing !\:\)

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Just read all of the parts so far... Now I'm impatient for the next one! Love it! \:wub\:

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