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Garage Doors and Headlights Part I: Dreaming
Published Jan 14, 2008

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Garage Doors and Headlights
Part I: Dreaming

*Note: Written by an aspiring author.*

Garage Doors and Headlights
Part I: Dreaming

*Note: Written by an aspiring author.*

Hi! I'm Sawyer Parker. I'm 16...and well I want to tell you my story.
This is my sister. Her name is Claire, after mom. She's 11. I like her, but I think she isn't exactly thrilled to share a room with me. This is my dad, Nolan Parker (38). He teaches 8th grade English. Mom died when we were little, so he's all we got. Me and dad are tight though. And how could I forget Plexi, our evil little cat. Chapter 1: A Strange Girl

It was about 8am., on August 12, when I met her. School started tomorrow. I went out to get the paper. And there she was. A girl, probably close to my age, leaning against our garbage can, crying. Simple as that.
"Hey. Are you ok?" I questioned.
The girl stood up and wiped her hands on her jeans. "Yeah," she choked, "I'm fine." She stared at her boots, the girl wouldn't look me in the eye. Her hair covered part of her face. She just looked so bedraggled, so.......down.
"I'm Sawyer. Do wanna come inside and use the phone or something?" I asked nervously.
She looked up at me. "No. I'm alright, really," she smiled, "My name's Marla."
Even with mascara smudged all over her cheeks, she was beautiful.
And she was talking to me ! ME!
I've never been, exactly what you'd call a 'Babe Magnet' or anything close to it for that matter.
I'm kinda of a dork, so pretty girls always reject me...
...anyway, back to the point, we ended up talking for about half an hour. Before,... ....she gave me her 'card' (This photo with her name and cell number scribled on the back)... ...and hugged me and vanished. I went back inside and (finally) brought the paper to Dad.
"What took you?" he inquired.
"I..uh..was talking to this girl, um, Marla."
"That's good."
I was so certain he'd be mad.
"I kinda peeked out and saw. Marla, eh?"
I shrugged, "That's what she said. Here." I showed him her picture.
"Oh! Wow, Marla Emery! She sure grew up pretty," he gushed.
I was confused, "Wait. You know her?"
"Yeah," Dad smiled, "She's the same age as you. I had her as a student, many years ago. She was a really troubled girl and not the best student ever. But, man, that girl, sure as Hell, could write."
I didn't really know what to say. He never really talked about his students.
"Oh. Cool," I said casually, "I think I'd better go write that essay."
It was a lie, but it got me out of thinking of something. I spent the rest of the day veging out. But Marla was never far from my mind.
And even that night, as I was falling alseep, couldn't stop thinking of her. The next day, I called her almost immedately, after school. The phone rang and rang, but nobody picked up. I tried back in hour, two hours, three....and everyday. Until, finally, at 10pm, on Friday, she answered.
"Hello?" her voice sounded distant and sleepy, there was a dreamy quality to it.
"Hi," I said, struggling to fight my nerves, "It's me, Sawyer.....Sawyer Parker."
"Oh! Sawyer, right," she sounded excited, "What's happening?"
I thought for a moment, "Uh....well, nothing, I just wanted to see you, again."
My heart skipped a beat. She wanted to see me, too. I didn't even think she'd remember, let alone care. Her voice brought me back to reality.
"So, where do you wanna meet? I'm free tonight, but then, not 'til, uh....Monday, after that."
"Oh." I wasn't sure what I should say. "Uh, yeah, tonight's great. Why don't you pick the place?"
"Ok. How's midnight?"
"Do you drive? I know this awsome park, downtown."
I responded and scribbled the adress on my palm. Then we said goodbye and hung up.
The park was beautiful, and she looked even better. "Hey."
"Hey," she smiled, "So, what happened, man? I mean, well, why did you wanna see me?" She sounded unsure of herself.
"You seemed really upset. I just wanted to be sure you were ok," I explained, softly.
Marla looked shocked, "Oh. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to concern you or anything. Damn! I hope you didn't freak out, too bad. You must've been worried, huh? I was outta town and my cell didn't work...and," she looked down at her shoes, she was talking really quickly,"I'm really sorry." The words were slowed and soft.
I smiled," It's alright. I didn't worry too much. I just thought that it'd be nice to meet up. That's all."
Marla smirked at me, "I see...."
We spent maybe hour walking around the park, chatting. I did most of the talking, though. Marla just listened and avoided talking about herself. We came to a stopping point and somehow, there was this awkward silence. We just stared at each other. "So," I said, "is this the part where I kiss you? I'm not all that great at the whole 'date' thing." I instantly regreted the words.
She giggled, "Awww, that's cute."
"I think that's kinda sweet," she laughed, "Me too, by the way."
We both laughed.
And then,it happened, we just kissed. It's not like I've hadn't kissed a girl before. There was that one chick at that party, but it was nothing like this. It was so....nice. I hoped she'd never stop. It felt like an eturnity. But, before I knew it, it was over and then it felt like it went so fast.
"I'm sorry," she sighed, "I need to go."
I nodded.
We hugged and parted ways. It was almost 2am, when I got in. I'd never stayed out that late, before. I hope my Dad didn't know, if he did I was in deep shit. But, I think, that deep down, Dad did know or at least, that I'd left and come back, late last night. He didn't say anything to me, at all over breakfast and neither did Claire. I was feeling weird, about the night before, so I called. I thought I should at least say "Hi".
"Hi?" It was a girl's voice, but higher and louder than Marla's. There was blaring music in the background and the distortion, of her speech, made my skin crawl.
"Hello, Marla?" I inquired, with caution.
"No, this is her roommate. She's...not here, right now."
"I see."
"You wanna leave a message?"
I hesitated. What could I say? "Uh...yeah, please."
"Uh'kay...." she fumbled with something crunchy, "Hang on," there was a lot of wrinkling and rustling, finally, I heard a pen click, "Name, number, shoot."
"Sawyer.....769-931-4562....." I paused, " you just write, 'Please call me, whenever you're free.'? Thanks. Bye." I hung up, before the girl said anything. Now, I felt ever weirder than before. What would she say? Would she call? Did she care? Would the loud, strange-sounding girl even give her my message?
"Please call me, whenever you're free." What kind of message was that?
And I waited and waited for her call. Then, when I'd basicly given up, my phone went off in the middle of the night.
"Hello?" I managed drowsily.
"Hi. Sawyer? It's me, Marla......"

Thank you, so much forn reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it. Please comment, if you like it.


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civetinjaMar 6, 2008

Thanks for sharing !\:\)

Frog_man05Feb 12, 2008

Wait... Is she a cutter? I guess I will have to read on.\;\)

Frog_man05Feb 12, 2008

I loved your story. I always look at the name and picture in the index and if they look interesting I read them, and I loved yours. I am so glad I did because I really liked this story. Keep writing.
From another aspiring writer.\:P

tasha4ever92Jan 22, 2008

5.0\:wub\: \:D \:rah\:

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