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Published Feb 10, 2008

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Because I'm a hopeless romantic, I thought it would be fun to write a Valentine story this year. I haven't written anything in a long time, so this was a great experience for me. I must warn you, if you don't like fluffy romantic stories, please avert your eyes or you'll end up scarred for life. The rest of you who do, I hope you enjoy reading! :)

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Because I'm a hopeless romantic, I thought it would be fun to write a Valentine story this year. I haven't written anything in a long time, so this was a great experience for me. I must warn you, if you don't like fluffy romantic stories, please avert your eyes or you'll end up scarred for life. The rest of you who do, I hope you enjoy reading! :)

Custom furniture by cashcraft:
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Our story begins on the first morning of Spring, when Henry Arrington decided to visit his old friend Christine Dickens and invite her for a walk by the pond. Henry had been friend of Christine for many years and had been alone with her counteless times before, but this morning was different to him, for he had finally realised he could no longer hide his true feelings. He was in love with Christine and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Now the question burning inside of him was... did she feel the same? Henry was a brilliant man, but very insecure in matters of the heart. He was afraid that all this time Christine only saw him as a friend, and because of it, he could not see what was obvious to everyone else: Christine loved him back and wanted nothing more than to share her life with him. She sensed something different would happen today and was anxiously expecting for Henry to say something that would change their lives. Henry was shaking a bit, but he managed to face her.

"My dear Christine, I don't know exactly how to say this, but I feel I should be honest with you once and for all." At this point, they both blushed. And then, much to his surprise, he found it would be easier to express himself if he not spoke of her directly... surely she would understand what he meant just the same.

"You see, I am deeply in love with someone. She's beautiful and bright and everything I ever dreamed of..."
"And I want her to know my feelings because... well, I..." At this point, he stoped. Christine's expression had dramatically changed... oh no, what had he done?! He had ruined everything!

Christine herself couldn't believe what she was hearing. All this time, he was in love with another woman!
"Please, not another word about this, I beg you!" She said, as steadily as she could manage. Her heart was breaking inside, but she would not let him see how much he was hurting her.

"I'm sorry, Christine, I didn't mean to insult you!" Henry tried to mend the damage, but it was too late.
"I don't know what ever possessed you to address me like this. I thought you at least respected my feelings, not mock them!" Christine said trying not to cry. "We've been friends for years and yet, after all this time, you decide to invite me for a walk and say these awful things."

Henry, on his part, could not utter another word, even if she somehow allowed him to. He was deeply embarrassed and just wanted to take back everything he had said.
"I considered you a good friend up to this point, but clearly I was wrong. I do not want to see you again." She said, showing him the exit. If he was in love with another woman, he better leave her alone once and for all. Henry was deeply hurt by Christine's words. He knew there was a possibility that she didn't love him back, but he didn't expect her to get so offended by his words and end their friendship in such a cruel manner. He felt numb and suddenly exhausted, as if he had walked too much for too long. He was so absorbed in his own pain that he didn't see or hear Christine crying as he was leaving. Later that day, Christine was visited by her cousin Eleonor Crawford. Truthfully, she was glad to see her best friend in a difficult time like this. Eleonor had been married for three years to Leopold Crawford, a wealthy businessman who, coincidently, was also a very good friend of Henry.

"Thank heavens you're here, Eleonor. I'm having a terrible day and I begin to fear it will never end." Christine said anxiously.
"What happened?" Eleonor asked very concerned. "I've never seen you like this!"

"Well, Henry... he just, he.." Christine stuttered, trying to form the words. "Well, he told me he fell in love with another woman!"
"He did what? Wait, are you refferring to Henry Arrington... our Henry?!" Eleonor could not believe what she was hearing. She always thought Henry was in love with Christine. In fact, she was pretty certain he had been for years, even before she and Leopold got married. Only Christine failed to see it... Surely something terribly wrong must have happened between the two. "Yes, that Henry Arrington..." Christine slouched on the sofa, feeling defeated. "The same Henry I wanted to kiss and hold and marry and have babies with. The Henry I hoped would care for me as more than a friend told me today that he is in love with another woman." "Oh dear, I don't know what to say to that." Eleonor said, still not quite convinced of this turn of events. "But my guess is he has a terminal disease or something very wrong going on in his life..."

"You are not helping Eleonor..." Christine knew her best friend was trying to cheer her up with her twisted humour, but the idea of Henry dying was even worst than him falling in love with someone else.

"I know, dear I'm sorry. I wish I could say something, but I can't think of anything. Men are indeed very unpredictible!" Eleonor replied.

"Indeed they are... " Christine and Eleonor sayed together in silence looking at the ceiling and pondering why were men so complicated in the firt place.
Meanwhile, Henry was being visited by his best friend Leopold, Eleonor's husband. But unlike Christine, in a time like this, he would rather drown his sorrow in a bottle of scotch rather than talk about what happened earlier that day. The only problem was, Leopold knew Henry was supposed to meet Christine and confess his feelings. In fact, it had been Leopold's idea to confess his feelings to the woman he loved.

"Henry, the man of the hour! I was expecting you! So when is the wedding date?" Leopold asked excitedly.
Henry figured he couldn't hide something like this from his best friend, so he decided to tell him everything. He began to explain how he had revealed his feelings and how she rejected him.

"So you see," he concluded, feeling devasted "she got so offended with my words that she will never speak to me again. Now I lost her forever Leopold and it's all my fault!"
"Well, if she gave you that answer, she is completely insane!" Leopold was very confused at this point. He always thought of Christine as a woman who, unlike others, was emotionally stable. "Don't let this upset you, Henry. Women were always umpredictible and complicated, I'm positive it is nothing personal against you!"

"I really don't know, Leopold..." Henry was hurt with Christine, but he still disliked hearing someone speak of her as if she was crazy. Deep down, however, he was beginning to agree with his best friend. Women were indeed complicated.
In that moment, Henry's mother, Abigail Arrington entered the office. She saw her son was quite upset, she had never seen him like this. Even his best friend seemed to not know what to say. "Henry, are you alright dear? I've never seen you like this..." She approached her son carefully, she knew he could be extremely reserved sometimes.

"Yes mother, I am fine, just have a terrible headache, that's all" He said trying to sound reassuring to his mother. "I think it's because of these glasses, they need to be fixed."
"Well, I suppose you have those for quite some time, surely they need to be fixed..." She said feeling more relieved. "Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you Henry, Sir Richard Dickens invited us to dinner at his house, isn't it wonderful?"

"Yes, he is always an excellent host." Henry said, not knowing how to refuse his mother. It was the last place he wanted to visit at the moment. Not because of Sir Richard, who was indeed and excellent man, but because now he would have to face his daughter... Christine Dickens.
When his mother left, Henry remained quiet, not really apying attention to what Leopold was saying. All he knew was that he would have to face Christine on the same day, even thought she asked him not to.

"You know Henry, maybe this is a good thing. You know how women are strange, she probably forgot everything that happened in the morning already." Leopold said.

Henry, however, could not disagree more.
Christine returned to her chambers after Elenor left. Contrary to other occasions, she did not feel any better. She had still not touched her tea or cookies. The morning events made her feel like she would never be hungry again in her life. Sir Richard Dickens entered his daughter's room and realised she was not in a good mood. He was a man of few words and never understood women and their mood swings, but he knew just the thing that would make her feel better. "Here you are, I've been looking for you everywhere!" He said smiling "I thought you would like to know that we're entertaining special guests..."

"Oh... we are?" she asked, feeling even worse." She was really in no mood to host, but she didn't want to disappoint her father.
"Oh, don't look so sad child..." He chuckled, knowing his daughter would be happy to hear the rest. "I invited Mrs. Abigail Arrington and her son for a dinner at 5, I'm sure you don't mind to have them as guests!" Christine closed her eyes and for a few seconds thought of running away. Henry had openly rejected her that morning and now was invited to dinner at her house. This was clearly the worst day of her life.

"I don't mind father, but I suppose I'll have to dress for the occasion" She said resigned.
After her father left, Christine pondered what to wear for dinner. Even knowing that Henry didn't love her, this was probably the last time he would see her and she wanted to look her best. After dinner, she would tell her father that she did not wish to contact Henry anymore and hopefully he would spare her from these frequent encounters with the Dickens. When they finally arrived at the Dickens Mansion, Henry considered no to enter. In one hand, he was still very embarrassed and didn't want to upset Christine more than he already had; on the other hand, he did not want to affront Sir Dickens or concern his mother even more. In the end, he decided it was best to attend dinner and pray it wouldn't be as bad as he imagined. Sir Dickens greeted Henry and Mrs. Arrington efusively, as dinners were always wonderful whenever they were present. Henry and Christine, however, only exchanged formal greetings and remained oddly silent.

"I'm glad you and your son could join us on such short notice!" Sir Dicken said.

"Oh, I wouldn't miss this for anything, you and your daughter are always excellent hosts" Mrs. Arrington replied.
As always, before dinner was served, they waited in the living room and continued to socialize. Everything was progressing reasonably well, except for Christine, who could not hide how she felt. Henry tried not to look at her, but it was a difficult task. "Are you feeling alright, dear?" Mrs. Arrington noticed Christine was sad and started to suspect that both her son and Christine were looking miserable for a similar reason, but decided not to voice her own thoughts. "You know, I must confess I invited you both here today partially because of Christine. I too noticed she was a bit sad, and what better way to get rid of sadness than to invite our favourite guests for dinner?" Sir Dickens said. Christine was touched by her father's words. He was really the best father in the world and that was part of the reason why she didn't want to disappoint him. In other circumstances, she would have refused to host and simply lock herself in her bedroom ...but now she couldn't hide how she felt and Henry was right there staring at her. Oh, she hated being so transparent! No matter how much he tried, Henry could not avert his eyes from Christine. He knew it was wrong to stare at her, but he couldn't help it. To make everything worst, she was looking as beautiful as miserable. He just hoped dinner would be over soon so he could leave forever. Dinner progressed as well as it could be expected. Mrs. Arrington was a great conversionalist and she alone could turn even the worst parties successful. Even Christine couldn't help feeling captivated with her subjects.

"You know dear, you are not the only one feeling sad today. My son Henry has been miserable all day and nothing I could say to him made him feel better." She said, finally deciding to break the ice.
"Yes, don't look at me like that Henry, you know it's true. I carried you for nine months and know you better than you know yourself." Mrs. Arrington said, feeling bolder. "We're among friends Henry, surely something is bothering you and I am worried. There, I said it." "Henry, you mother is right. I hope you consider yourself among friends. If something is troubling you, maybe we can help." Sir Dickens said, genuinely concerned. He always liked Henry. Not only he and his mother were excellent people, but Catherine seemed to have only eyes for him. Secretly, Sir Dickens hoped someday Henry would become his son-in-law, but never dared to voice his wish and put such pressure on Christine and Henry. Henry felt like he was being pressed against the wall. He did not know what to say to that. Wait, maybe he did know. If this was going to be the most humiliating day in his life, then be it. He drank a bit of wine and cleared his throat.

"I'm not the one who needs help," he said. It seemed to be easier to express himself in the third person. "I'm just concerned with a friend, because today he confessed his true feelings to the woman he loves and she accused him of mocking her. He didn't mean to hurt her, but now she doesn't want to see him again."
When Christine heard this, she almost jumped from her chair. Why was he speaking of himself in the third person?

"Oh my goodness," she thought, her heart beating madly "this morning expressed himself the same way... he was trying to say that he loves me and I sent him away!"
"Ah.. young love!" Mrs. Arrington said to Sir Dickens "I would dare say that this story could be almost funny if there wasn't so much suffering involved on both parts."

"Funny, mother?" Henry said, his cheeks burning.

"Well, yes." She laughed. "Your friend probably did not say the words his beloved was expecting to hear. Now, if the girl is feeling mocked, it's clearly because she reciprocates his feelings but thinks he does not love her. Otherwise, why would she care so much about how he feels?"

Henry and Christine exchanged glances and blushed, but remained quiet through the rest of dinner.
Meanwhile, Leopold arrived home to find his beloved wife expecting him.

"How was your day, Leopold?" She asked "I was anxious to see you, I have bad news..."
Quickly, Eleonor told him what she knew about Christine and Henry.

"...and now Christine is certain that Henry is in love with another woman!" She concluded.
"How could she think that?" He asked confused. "Henry went over to her house today to confess his feelings for her, he is not remotely interested in anyone else!" "Oh... I see," Eleonor sighed in relief. "this was all a missunderstanding, thank goodness. He probably didn't express himself as he should. Men can be so complicated sometimes..."

"And women can be completely crazy too..." Leopold muttered under his breath.
"What did you say, dear?" Eleonor asked.

"I was just saying that I missed you very much today and that you make my life complete." Leopold said cheekily as he scooted next to his wife.

"Yes, I thought so..." She said before she leaned in to kiss him. "I missed you too."
When dinner was over, Henry tried to leave as quickly as possible, but his mother was still talking to Sir Dickens, so he had to wait a bit longer. Much to his surprise, he saw Christine running down the stairs to meet him. "Henry... I... I..." Christine was trembling, she never thought she would ever have to declare herself to a man, but she the had been the one to cause all this trouble and heartbreak, so she would have to put things straight. "I wanted to say that I didn't understand what you meant this morning, I thought you had met someone else." "I'm really sorry that have said those horrible things to you. I couldn't bear the thought of being seen as just a friend of yours while you were married to someone else. I was selfish and I didn't listen and... I'm really really sorry!" Seeing this had all been a mistake, Henry decided he should profess his feelings right there and then to Christine.

"What I wanted to say this morning was that I love you. In fact, I have always loved you and I always will. It's just impossible not to, you are a part of me already."
Christine approached him and when he got up, she timidly caressed his face. She had always wanted to do that since she met him. He was timid and insecure, but brilliant in so many ways and she wanted to tell him that, but this time without using words, as they have proven to cause too much confusion and heartbreak.

Instead, they stared at each other for a long time, trying to figure out the next step. It was only then that they discovered they both wanted the same thing. They always had.
- The End -

Well, I warned you it was going to be fluffy and romantic, so don't complain! :D

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keishafellerApr 14, 2012

Wow! Just wow! I wonder why she escaped.

klbjcbAug 5, 2010

What a pretty story.  Thanks for sharing! 

MangioMar 19, 2010

what a silly misunderstanding - glad they could resolve it in the end \:rah\: gorgeous setting

rizo1996Jan 27, 2010

i loved it so much.... im wondering though where u got that clothing its beautiful and i like olden times clothing i just think its neat and fun to play \:D

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