Mommy And Me: Forever Joelle Howard A Side Story
Published Feb 26, 2021

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This part 2 of Mommy And Me: Forever. It is a side story really. This is Sterling's oldest daughter Joelle.

This part 2 of Mommy And Me: Forever. It is a side story really. This is Sterling's oldest daughter Joelle. Hi there! My name is Joelle Howard. My Dad, Sterling, didn't have a lot of money for university. I did so well in school, I received enough scholarships to rent a house. No dorm life for me! This is the little house. Isn't it adorable? NIce and quiet. I don't have to put up with all those college pranks. With all of this peace and quiet I have plenty of time for studies. I will graduate Summa Cum Laude. I am very determined. I need to select a major. There are so many choices! I think history looks interesting. Yeah, history. This is Celeste. I wonder where she got that blazer? This is BJ. Everyone hangs here because it is the only place so far. The university wants to build more shops and hang outs... but there is a lack of funding at this time. I love to browse.... what do they have? This looks worth trying on. I know I don't have much money.... but who can resist new clothes? I think I need to ask Dad. It's expensive, but it looks lovely on me. How much is this perfume? A girl has to have the necessities. Alright! I'll take it. One of my professors told me to begin working on my thesis. My Junior year final is soon, and I need to get ready for graduation. Hmmm...... how about Sim Masterpieces Throughout History?
That sounds good to me.
Great! Now, I just have to squeeze writing it into my busy schedule.
I decided the library was a good way to start. I think this book will help. I had no idea there were so many artists. So many masterpieces. This is going to take an eternity. Time for internet research now. Hmmmm.................. this information looks useful. OH! It seems like the information is endless. I will never get this thesis done. I am getting a headache from all this reading. There should be laws against so much studying. Ok.... now I got it! YES! The draft is finished. Thank goodness. I decided to go bowling to relieve some stress. I met Gary, with a blazer, and we hit it off. He wouldn't tell me about the blazers though. Just some club thing. Exclusive to members only. I invited Gary and Emily to join me. I love college! Ok, just breathe. I feel a strike coming on! Come on baby! A STRIKE!!!! YES! YES! YES! Who's the master? ME, that's who! Hey! My name is Joelle.
I'm Pierce. Nice to meet you. Some friends of mine said we should chat.
Pierce and I had a nice long talk. He seems really nice. He has one of those blazers too. What is that all about? Curiosity is killing this cat! Where on Earth did that Limo come from? Hey! It's one of those blazer guys. What is he doing here? Whoa! Back off! You are invading my personal space! Uh...... have you lost your ever loving mind? OUCH! You don't need to be brutal! I'll go with you. Sheesh. Man, I hope they aren't some kind of psycho killing club. Maybe curiosity IS going to kill this cat. I should have let the blazer thing go. Oh my gosh! Check out that castle! Oh, thank goodness! They just wanted me to join. I am a proud member of the Ultra-Secret Society. Silence is my bond. Has anyone noticed that plant has teeth! That is some crazy mutation! I have met two other members. That is Erik in the back and Pao. They are both really nice guys. This is Elizabeth. I wonder if she stuck her finger into a light socket? Nice hair.... not.
That's Gary in the background.
This is Nolan. He is not a funny guy but he is nice enough. I had no idea there were so many of them! This is Tamara. She's a little confused about some video game. I'm afraid I can't help her. I haven't played video games in a really long time! Not much time for that with all the studying. Is Celeste counterfeiting? NO WAY!!! I hope the cops don't bust her. I didn't know illegal activities went on here. Last but not least.... Amin. He is really nice and I enjoy his company. That's all the members that I know of. This looks like some sort of torture device. I'll have to ask some time what it's for. Celeste told me this is a plastic surgery machine. You have to be careful though, it can really screw your face up. A really cool camera. Looks like something out of the 18 th century. I'm not sure I want to know what this is for. I hope no one's into devil worship or anything like that! Today I met Ravi. He is a funny guy. Great sense of humor! I also met Pong today. I wonder how many more there are? Excuse me! Has anyone noticed the mutation has a piece of cake in his mouth? What is that all about? I also met Allison. She is really nice too. Rosemarie is a member too. How do they stay secret with so many members? Alright, I admit it. I have to see if this machine really does screw up your face. This is so strange. It feels really weird. Whew! I don't think I want to do that again. I'm afraid to look. Oh thank you! THANK YOU!!! My face is as it should be. All is well with the world! I think I have lost my mind. Everyone here said you can't lie to this machine without punishment. I think they are pulling my chain. The only way to prove them wrong is to try. Whoa! That hurts! Well, that was a shocking experience. Remind me not to do that again. I have to know who this phone calls! I have never been so curious before. What compulsion has taken over my body? Wow! Step back! I just called the Grim Reaper?! Alright, which one of you was that? No one can talk to the reaper. Give me a break. Hmmmmmmmm................ Celeste made money with this thing. I wonder if I can too. Oh yeah! Look at the cash flowing! Ohhhh! I wonder how much I made? Yeah.... looks good. I better quit before I get busted! Here money, money, money! YES! I made funny money! Oh dear..... I just committed a crime! What will my Dad say? He won't have to know. I'll get rid of it. No one will ever know. Secrecy is key to being a member of the Ultra-Secret Society! As the newcomer, I got elected to feed the mutation! Oh please! Don't eat me! Nice mutation! Good mutation. I'm outta here! That was one of the strangest experiences of my life. I'm not sure if I wanted to know all that or not! Well, I guess curiosity brought this cat back. Oh! Hi Dad! How's it going? I haven't talked to you in a while. You have something you need to tell me? Ummm...... did I hear you correctly? A baby! That's great! Well, what's...... What do you mean that's terrible? I'm afraid I don't understand. Dad.... you can't be afraid forever. What did you tell the mother of that baby? That is really sad. Listen, I'll be home soon and maybe I can help you work this out. I love you too Dad. I will see you soon! How will I ever help my father get over my Mom? This is all so upsetting. I feel really badly for my Dad. He never got over my Mother leaving. I'm not going to be afraid to live life to the fullest! Heck, I already faced a fanged mutation! How many Sims can say that? I really have to stop worrying about Dad. I need to finish my thesis. The final draft is due. Hmmm..... is there any better way to word it? I got it! This will be so much improved! I will get an A+ for sure. This is taking forever. I'm never going to finish this. Oh yeah! I'm done! A pat on the back for me! Good job. The homework here is endless. I have class in a few hours and I really need to get this done. I feel like I have been studying all night. OH! I'm so stupid! I better pay more attention. Mistakes, mistakes. Great, eraser dust all over my paper. I feel like a kid. Finally, I'm getting it right. Done at last. Now, what am I going to do? I love painting. I think I'll paint... a portrait of me. I think it turned out rather nicely. Well, I did it. I am through. Tomorrow I will invite my family for my graduation and a party. I knew I would succeed. I'm so happy I feel like dancing! Graduation is behind me. My family are on their way for the party. This is my Dad, Sterling Howard. He seems to be holding up pretty well. These are the twins, Jacob and Josie. They have grown since I last saw them. I love you Dad. We'll talk later ok?
Ok, honey. I'm so proud of you. You did it!
You know a party is never complete without the Smustle! Josie appears to be having a little problem. It looks like Josie is just winging it! Poor thing. Dad really didn't teach her well. I will remedy that when I move back home. If Josie breathes a word of this hug in school... she's dead.
Be nice Jacob. I'm sure she won't say a word. Thanks for taking such a big risk for me.
No prob.
Hmmm... jell-o. It reminds me of our nanny. OH! Jacob HUGGED Joelle! I am so spreading that around school. He will be so humiliated! Thanks for the ammo. brother dear. Ha ha ha. Hey, you don't have any plans of embarrassing Jacob do you?
Uhhhh.... no, of course not!
Josie! Be nice. Guys don't want people knowing they hugged their sister.
Yeah, but it would be SO funny! Come on. Admit it.
Funny or not, it is unkind.
Oh, alright. I'll think about it. That's my girl. I knew you would see reason.
Does Joelle honestly believe I am going to pass this up? She's crazy. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
I am all grown up now! Everyone had a good time at my party and now it's time to begin my life. I'll move in with Dad for a little while until I have a decent job. Sounds good to me!

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