Samantha's Arrangement Chapter 4
Published Apr 8, 2008

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Samantha finally admitted that she really does love Blaze, but Gary thinks she may have room in her heart for him.

Keep reading and please comment I really love your suggestions!

Samantha finally admitted that she really does love Blaze, but Gary thinks she may have room in her heart for him.

Keep reading and please comment I really love your suggestions!
"Gary?" I asked softly as I tapped on the door, "I really think we need to talk..."

"Come on in," Gary called out, "What's up?" He layed down on his bed.

"Um.." I looked down at him laying there. He looked as if nothing was wrong.
"Wow, you look like someone just killed your cat. What's the matter?" He chuckled.

Sighing and slumping my shoulders I said, "Well, we really need to talk about what happend last night. I just think we need to get this all smoothed out before Angie gets here."

"What's there to talk about, babe?" He asked with a smile creeping up the corners of his mouth.

"Gary, please don't call me that," shaking my head, "I'm engaged to Blaze, after school is over we'll be married. I can't believe that you can dismiss all of that so casually."

He stared at me looking puzzled, "I can't believe you are taking your arrangement so seriously."

He wasn't going to listen, so I shrugged, gave up, and left the room.
Later that evening while we were getting ready for bed Blaze asked, "Did you get a chance to talk things over with Gary?" He paused, "You know since his fiance is going to be here tomorrow?"

I sighed, "He didn't want to listen. He doesn't get that I'm not comfortable with him making advances like that."
After laying down in the bed I said, "Maybe Angie can set him straight when she gets here. I dunno."
Blaze nodded and then wrapped his arms around me, "I love you Samantha...goodnight."
Smiling back at him, I fell asleep.
The next afternoon Blaze and I went out to meet the new students. This would be the last bunch to move in before the start of the term which was in two days. After two other students, out stepped Angie.... "Welcome..uh..welcome to Steinhurst," studdered Blaze at the sight of Angie. Then he smiled a really stupid smile when she thanked him.

"Are you the house master?" she asked.

"Yes, anything you need...I'm the one you come to," he smiled at her again. I cleared my throat to get his attention off of staring at her. "Oh, uh...this is my fiance Samantha. She can show you where your room is. "

Trying not to be jealous of his obvious physical distraction I took Angie's bag.
Just then Gary came from around the corner of the house, "Finally you're here my sweet."

"Yes, sorry I made you wait so long. I just needed to get everything taken care of at home before moving in down here," She replied.

He wrapped his arms around her, "Well, you're here now, that's good."
With that he gave her a big kiss, probably more to show her off than for any other reason. After kissing him she nodded at him and backed away.

Trying not to roll my eyes at the non-relationship before me I started back into the house.
"So have you made any friends yet?" asked Angie as she followed Blaze an I into the house.

Gary shrugged and replied politely, "a few I guess, I'll introduce you."

This time I did roll my eyes.
While Blaze was taking Angie and Gary around the house, showing Angie where everything was I took a call from my mom.

"Hey mom, how's it going?" I said picking up the reciever.

--"Everything is going really good here, we've started to ask around town for your little brother. He's really getting excited about all the preliminary stuff that goes along with arranging marriages. I still feel bad that you didn't get to do much of that."---

"Don't worry about it mom, I don't like huge parties it's a waste of money. Money I'd rather spend on the wedding," I said with a chuckle.

---"How are things with you dear? The term is starting soon, are you excited? How's Blaze, is everything still working out for you two?"---
"Yeah, everything is fine, except.." I hesitated, I didn't know what she would think if I told her about what Gary had been doing.


"Well, there's this guy that moved into the room next to us, he's already got a contract with someone else, but he...well the other day he tried to kiss me, and.."

---"What? What did Blaze think of this!"---

"Mom, it's not like that. I didn't kiss him. Plus I talked to Blaze right after. Everything is fine," I stopped to catch my breath, "is it normal for guys from Alphalville to not take thier contracts seriously?"

---"Well, hun...sometimes you get the occasional young man who doesn't like who his parents have chosen for him. The same goes for girls, I guess. But hun, the best arranged marriages are those where there is actual commitment between the two people involved. I hope that you have that with Blaze."---
"Yeah, me too." I answered, "thanks mom, I gotta go. There's some new people here and I should be helping Blaze show them around."

---"Goodbye sweatheart"---

"Bye mom," and I hung up the phone.
"Samantha?" Gary had walked into the room, "I didn't mean to be listening in but..."
"What exactly did you hear?" I demanded.

"Sam, come on, you wanted to talk. Here I am, really don't think I take my arrangement to Angie seriously?" He looked genuinely hurt.

"No, I don't think you do," I was trying to be honest, "I think she respects it much more than you do."
"Sam, you barely know her," he threw his arms out, "she doesn't love me," He shook his head and looked at his feet, "She's got some boyfriend back in Alphalville. She wanted her parents to arrange her marriage to him, but my family has more money and since we could offer to give her a better life, her parents chose me instead."

"You can't be serious..." I was shocked.

"I am serious, all of this happend without me knowing anything about it, they made the arrangement, all the preliminary stuff was done. We've barely gotten a chance to get to know eachother. I met her once before the contract was signed. Now we're at Stienhurst together," he shrugged, "She calls whats-his-name almost every night. That's why she was so late coming here. She wanted to be with him. To say goodbye I guess."
"But you don't love her either do you? If you don't put anything into your relationship, nothing good is going to come out," I offered, "She's not going to respect you if you completely ignore her." "Yeah, that's what they all tell you in school, you know..." he shook his head, "Before we came here Angie and I talked about all of this and decided that we'd honor the tradition for our parents, but that doesn't mean we have to be miserable the whole time. We just don't want to be together. I'll allow her to have her boyfriend as long as she doesn't get in the way of my happiness." Looking up at me he said, "And Samantha, you make me very happy."

I didn't know what to say, or how to tell him that I was trying to stay devoted to my fiance, devoted to Blaze and our contract.
He lifted his hand touching my face, "I think I make you happy too."

Giving him a smile, "Well, I really can't argue with that," I reached up and took his arm, "But Gary, we just can't..."
"Shhh.." he quieted me. Moving his hand to my chin he pulled me closer. His lips were soft and inviting, I melted into the embrace. Tingles ran up and down my back, knowing that all of this was so wrong seemed to make it feel so right. I wrapped my arms around his back letting our kiss get deeper and more desperate. Time seemed to stop while all I could think about was his deep embrace. Finally pulling away after what seemed like days he smiled at me and whispered, "Yeah, you really do make me happy." Coming back to reality I realized what had just happend, "No! Gary...get off me." I pushed him away, tears stinging my eyes. "Wha?" he backed off, "Sam...please.."

"NO! Don't you understand? You can't fall in love with me! I'm in love with Blaze!" tears streaming down my face and with my heart starting to break I kept going, "I'm...I'm," too choked up to talk now I turned to go.
"But Samantha...I love you. Angie doesn't love me back, but I think you do..." Gary whispered.

Taking a deep breath I replied, "I can't love you back either, Gary. I'm so sorry." Then I left to cry alone in my room.
Opening the door I found Blaze daydreaming on our bed. I hastily tried to wipe my eyes but it was too late. "Samantha, you've been crying? What's the matter?" He stood up looking concerned.

Wiping my eyes hastily, "Nothing, I'm fine."
"I'm not buying it, what's happend?" He put his hands on his hips looking very resolute.

"Alright I'll tell you, but please don't freak out," I resigned.

"Uh...okay, what's up?" He answered.

"Gary kissed me, and..." I began.
"WHAT!?" his face turned to a grimace, "Haven't you spoken with him? Told him that it isn't okay for him to go kissing someone else's girl. Especially you!"

"Blaze, I..." I said trying again.

"Samantha! He's engaged! WE'RE engaged. I don't care who you call a friend but you can't go around letting every guy..."

"Blaze, please listen to me...I'm sorry, I tried to talk to him, I mean," the tears started again, "I, I don't know what to said you wouldn't freak out!"

"You kissed him back this time didn't you?" Blaze's face fell when I didn't answer, "Oh, did, I can see it in your eyes."
He walked past me headed for the door tears in his eyes.

"Blaze, I'm so sorry...Please don't do this," but he didn't want to hear me this time.
He slammed the door behind him leaving me enveloped in nothing but a cloud of loneliness.

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#20mimi0892Apr 10, 2008

\:mad\: I think Blaze should find another girl.He is older than Samatha and has experience with love and should let her try love with Gary then come back to him with more experience.\:\)

#21vicarious37Apr 11, 2008

Great update\:D Can't wait to see whats gonna happen next.

#22Frog_man05Apr 12, 2008

Love this addition!\:wub\: Can't wait for the next one!\:rah\:

#23HiPiApr 13, 2008

Hey I love this story!
I hope Samantha and Blaze will stay together!

Can't wait 'till the next chapter!

#24fieldhckylova25Apr 19, 2008

love this series!!\:rah\: really love your hairs, especially Samanthas cant wait for more!!

#25LillyKPApr 25, 2008

Great work, this was very spicy.

#26civetinjaApr 28, 2008

Good story ! Thanks for sharing !\:\)

#27sims2fan671 May 5, 2008

I think that Samantha and Blaze will break up. After that Samantha will be engaged to Gary and Blaze will be engaged to Gary's fiance. (Since Sam said that there was a physical attraction between them.)

#28arc1801May 24, 2008

\:P \:P \:P

#29halfasian751VIPJun 16, 2008

Aww...i hope they patch things up\:eek\:

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