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Published Mar 8, 2015

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Hello all and welcome to the fourth part of 'All About...', the one and only place where you, our readers out there are able to get the real 411 on the cast of Cheers...To New Beginnings!

The only reason why I said the 'real' 411 is because we do not get our stories from sources; we actually sit down and have a nice talk with the cast members who have newly been introduced to the story!

Since we last had our chat, our two A-list stars Gabriella and Malik have finally got married so congratulations from all of us here, but as well as celebrating their recent nuptials we have also seen a few more people added to the cast, so we thought it was time for them to have a seat on the hot seat!

Hello all and welcome to the fourth part of 'All About...', the one and only place where you, our readers out there are able to get the real 411 on the cast of Cheers...To New Beginnings!

The only reason why I said the 'real' 411 is because we do not get our stories from sources; we actually sit down and have a nice talk with the cast members who have newly been introduced to the story!

Since we last had our chat, our two A-list stars Gabriella and Malik have finally got married so congratulations from all of us here, but as well as celebrating their recent nuptials we have also seen a few more people added to the cast, so we thought it was time for them to have a seat on the hot seat!
IV: Today I am here with an eligible bachelor; he's an artist and has a history with the newly married Gabriella Austen! It's Dean Parker!

Dean: Why hello there!

IV: Hello Mr Parker, how are you feeling today?

Dean: I'm feeling very good! And you?

IV: Oh I'm doing good myself thank you for asking, though now it's time for me to be asking you some questions, so our readers out there can get to know you! How does that sound?

Dean: It sounds fantastic, bring on the questions!

IV: Ok so first of all, could you tell us your five traits and why you feel you have developed them.

Dean: Right, well I am a photographer's eye, I am artistic, I'm very ambitious, I am a schmoozer and a hopeless romantic!
IV: Ooh really?

Dean: Yup! I love being in love and I love witnessing love; it's one of the greatest inspirations for me!

IV: Aww that's nice! So were you quite the romantic when you were in a relationship with Gabriella?

Dean: Oh yes I was very romantic!

IV: Tell me one of the romantic things you did for her if you can still remember.

Dean: Oh I remember everything! I could not forget anything from when we were together, so the one romantic thing I done for her is when it was very early in the relationship; we weren't calling each other boyfriend or girlfriend yet, but we were on a date and I cooked a very nice meal and I had candles and had scattered red rose petals from the main door to my apartment to the dining room table.
IV: Did she like it?

Dean: Oh she loved it! It was like being in a movie but it was for real.

IV: Well that sounds very romantic! So you have proved that you are a hopeless romantic to me at least, now you also said that you are schmoozer? Do you care to explain?

Dean: I am a schmoozer because I love to talk and meet new people and discuss many, many topics with people; I enjoy flattering and praising people 'cause I know how to talk to them and if it's for my benefit; for example, when I used to talk to my boss, I would use techniques that I could get something that would help me!

IV: I see! So being a schmoozer has many perks?

Dean: It does indeed!

IV: Interesting!..So now let's talk about your other traits, you said you are a photographer's eye, you are ambitious and artistic! Now we know that you are artistic because we found this out when you appeared at the exhibit and when you surprised Gabriella and Malik at his mother’s house! So tell us about them.
Well they are all connected for me because I love painting and taking pictures of the photos that I have taken! I also enjoy painting things that just comes to my head, but these two traits are very connected! Now the ambitious side of me that comes out more with my art!

I am a very ambitious person because I am always dreaming big when I'm asleep and when I am painting; I get very excited as I always think about the possibilities of them becoming a masterpiece and letting the whole world see it!

IV: So would you say that your biggest dream has come true?

Dean: It has! I have many dreams but my main one has!

IV: What was it?

Dean: To be successful and to be recognised as an artist..I am very proud of my work and it makes me happy knowing when other people appreciate my work!
IV: And I looked up on your work and you are really good! You deserve to be where you are now and I feel that what you are doing with your fellow partners Rita and Caroline will help to further your career as well as theirs!

Dean: Thank you very much!

IV: You are very much welcome! Now how did you get into art?

Dean: My mother was a painter! So I was highly influenced by her; she encouraged me a lot in my artistic skills so much that I fell in love with it as much as she did!

IV: So as your artistic trait developed your other traits soon blossomed?

Dean: I guess so!

IV: Well now I'm going to ask you a few, quick and personal questions about you, they're not extremely personal so don't worry!

Dean: Okay. *he nervously smiles*

IV: Now what is your star sign?
Dean: I'm a Sagittarius!

IV: What is your favourite colour, your favourite type of music and your favourite meal?

Dean: My favourite colour is black, my favourite type of music is R&B and my favourite meal would be key lime pie!

IV: Out of all of the beautiful bright colours there are in the world, why is black your favourite?

Dean: Because it is mysterious and you can do a lot with it when you are painting! Black is a useful and special colour!

IV: I see! So now that we have got that part out of the way, let's talk about something your relationship with Gabriella!

Dean: Well I'd be happy to talk about Gabriella!

IV: Well that is music to my ears 'cause I've got a lot of questions!
Dean: Fire away!

IV: So, we know how you two met and we know that you two were friends before you officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, so how long were you together before you proposed to her?

Dean: It was our first anniversary when I proposed to her.

IV: How did you do it? Set the scene for us!

Dean: *laughing* err..I have a vacation house that I go to every year in Twikki Island and that year we went on the week of our anniversary! It was the first time that she had been there so I showed her around and we had a great time!

Now the evening of our anniversary I threw this small party and invited some of the locals who were my close friends so they could meet my future wife to be! So the party was going well and then it was time; a few of my friends had a little performance going on and in between it I-knelt down on one knee and proposed to her in which she said yes!
IV: Aww how sweet! So she said yes and as soon as possible you began to plan the wedding?

Dean: Well we both wanted to enjoy being engaged before getting our heads into the planning!

IV: So how long was that? Was it as long as Gabriella and Malik's friends Jules and Garret which is almost a year? Or was it less than that?

Dean: It was less than that because the date we planned was to be next year in the summer! So when that was decided we began to get a crack on it and hired a wedding planner!

IV: Adrienne?
Dean: No someone else, it was early in their friendship at the time and Gabriella did not want to impose.

IV: I see! So it seems that summer is Gabriella's favourite season then as her recent nuptials took place in the summer!

Dean: It seems so indeed! I think it worked for her and her husband..because during the season there is hardly any time to do anything; it's very- random..and the only time you will know your schedule is like I think just before the season begins! But even then anything can happen!

It's not a steady few months where you can say okay we're gonna get married on this day and then we have to reschedule for another time because so and so is going to happen, so I think Gabriella and Malik made a right decision to set their date in the summer!
IV: You seem to know a bit about this!

Dean: Well I'm a fan of the sport! But I don't really have a team that I support; I just watch whatever game and shout at the screen to the ones who are making mistakes!

IV: I see! So Gabriella told us about a girl name Aubrey which is your daughter; was you aware that there were some problems in their relationship?

Dean: Well I know it was tough when Aubrey came to live with me on both parties because I never knew that I had a daughter and now I had to be getting to know her and introduce her to my future wife!

IV: So this happened after you got engaged?

Dean: Yes!

IV: Okay, go on!
Dean: Yeah so- it was hard and it took some time but eventually their relationship grew and I was very happy about this!

IV: So we know that Aubrey was one of the people who knew about the affair that Gabriella was having, at that time did you notice anything strange in her behaviour?

Dean: Nope! She was lovely with Gabriella! They went shopping together...

IV: So basically she was putting on a brave face while you were around but when you weren't in sight it was the complete opposite with them!

Dean: Well for what happened, I understand 'cause Gabriella was doing something very wrong and she couldn't believe that she was doing this to her father!

IV: Okay so, instead of telling her father about his fiancé though I can understand why she wouldn't, but rather than doing that, what was the purpose of her not saying anything and just pretending that everything was alright?
Dean: Well she was one of those children who wanted her parents to get back together and it turns out that she had told her mother about the affair which brought her into my life more than usual!

IV: So she told her mum and her mum thought that she had a chance when this all falls through?

Dean: Yes!

IV: Okay so now after the rehearsal dinner as we know all about that, though she was also in the wrong, why didn't you try to work things out? If you loved her and was ready to marry her the next day why didn't you go and get her?
Dean: Because I was stupid! And what was more stupid was I gave me and my ex another try, where we got married!

IV: On the day that you were supposed to marry Gabriella?

Dean: *scratching his neck* That's correct!..I'm not proud of my actions but don't worry that ship has long sailed!

IV: When did you two end the marriage?

Dean: Less than a year after! She was pregnant and I believed it was mine which in fact it was none other than my brother!

IV: Wow!..What a life!

Dean: Indeed!

IV: So after that shamble what happened with your love life?
Dean: Nothing much. In the end me and Gabriella managed to meet up where she handed me back her ring and that was it.

IV: No romances after that?

Dean: Not really, the romance I have had is with my paintbrush and a canvas!

IV: Aww well I hope love comes your way soon!

Dean: Thank you.

IV: Well thank you for telling us about you and your past and I hope nothing but the best in your new endeavours with Ms Caroline Austen and Rita Davis!

Dean: Thank you very much!
IV: I am now here today with Gabriella's's Amy Louise-Simpson!

Amy: Hello!

IV: Hello, how are you?

Amy: Oh I'm good thanks!

IV: Well that's good to, Gabriella's joined the club and is now a married woman!

Amy: And it's about time too! She was waiting for this and finally it happened for her.

IV: And she's married to the perfect person for her which makes it extra special!
Amy: Yeah..she's been through a lot so she definitely deserves it!

IV: She does..but why are we talking about your BFF when it's our time to get to know you! So why don't we start by asking you a few small and quick questions, then we'll get on with the more- serious questions! How does that sound?

Amy: Lovely!

IV: Okay so first question. What is your star sign?

Amy: I am a Leo; Leo the lion!

IV: Nice, okay now, what is your favourite genre of music?

Amy: I love my pop music; that's my favourite and no one can tell me otherwise! She laughed briefly. Though there are a few good children's tunes!

IV: I'm sure! That's what you've been hearing more than anything I'm sure, but tell me what your favourite meal is!
Amy: Well that would be ceviche! It's delicious!

IV: I actually haven't had that before!

Amy: Oh you need to try it; as long as you don't have any seafood allergies!

IV: Nah, none at all so it's all good; now that we know you love ceviche, pop music and that your favourite colour is lime, it's now time to talk about those five traits that made you the lovely lady that you are today!

Amy: Oh you're too sweet!

IV: When you're ready Mrs Simpson!

Amy: Okay so the five traits that I would say that I have is that I'm friendly-

IV: Which I can tell!

Amy: With a smile she answered: Thank you; my next trait is that I am very family oriented and it's not because I have kids-

IV: You're a family oriented person at heart; it comes first in everything!
Amy: Exactly! I am a caring person who will do anything for my family..even my friends they are also my family!

IV: You guys are very close!

Amy: We've been through a lot together; Gabriella is Keira and Kieran's godmother!

IV: And I won't be surprised if she'll be Abigail's one either!

Amy: I know, I've noticed that she's been very broody lately, so...

IV: So do you think there's a little Gabriella or Malik on the way soon now that they are married?

Amy: I hope so; I can tell she'll be an amazing mother!

IV: next trait please before we get off topic again! What other trait made you who you are?

Amy: I am an animal lover, I am ambitious and also a perfectionist!

IV: Right. So your ambitious personality, what are your ambitions?
Amy: To have everyone see my art and automatically know that I put all of my heart, my sweat and my tears in creating the masterpieces that they are to me!

IV: That's a similar dream that Dean had, but how has that been going for you since having your three beautiful children?

Amy: It has caused delays for me as majority of my time is for the kids; the only time that I would say that I have had the chance to paint was whenever I was pregnant!
When I was first pregnant with the twins, it was lovely; I didn't have the same amount of energy as before, but I had lots of time to paint!

Derek hardly wanted me to do anything when I was pregnant such as cleaning, so all I could do was do my paintings!

IV: So are you still ambitious about your lifetime wish?

Amy: I am! It's just gonna take some time now that I am a mother!

IV: But I know you can do it and you will do it because you are ambitious so you will never give up and you have a lot of support from your 'family' that surrounds you!

Amy: Thank you!
IV: Now you also said that you are a perfectionist, do those traits come out just for your work or does it branch out for everything?

Amy: I would say that I mostly come out as a perfectionist with my work, but it does come out sometimes for non-work related things!

IV: Such as?

Amy: Erm...well when I'm cleaning the house, sometimes when I'm cooking, and when I dress the kids though the twins have started dressing themselves!

IV: But you are still the overseer of their final look?

Amy: Yes! That is why I enjoy dressing up baby Abigail; I have no one talking back to me!

IV: Aww; is that the same feeling for your pets?
Amy: Well we have one dog, her names Fifi and I've had her since I graduated from university; she is part of the family and I will truly miss her when she departs, so I hope that doesn't happen for many years!

IV: Have you had any pets previously?

Amy: I had a bird when I was a little girl but rather than telling me that he died, my parents told me that he got out of his cage and flew away.

IV: Aww, so when did you find out?

Amy: When I was much older! But I understand why they didn't tell me 'cause I was very attached to that bird!

IV: So would you do the same for your kids?

Amy: Well..yes and no; yes because they might not be at a certain age to understand and no because if they are at an age to understand, then I would sit down and talk to them about it!

IV: I guess that is fair as you have to take certain things into account when going through certain situations!

Amy: Most definitely!
IV: So, now that we know about your traits, and a bit about your children and your dog, let's talk about the main man in your life which is your husband Derek! Now we've briefly seen him at the bachelor party and at the wedding, but he is a very handsome man and we would love to see more of him!

Amy: Thank you might see more of him and I hope you do 'cause he is one of the sweetest men I know!

IV: So when did you and Derek meet?

Amy: It was at this restaurant in downtown Los Angeles and I was there with the girls; I can't remember why but we just arrived and was entering the restaurant where this man who was badly dressed had the courage to come and talk to me!

He was sweet with all of the compliments he gave me and when he asked me for my number I happily gave it to him; you see..when I met Derek he was going through some- financial problems so I helped him out!

IV: How did you do that?
Amy: We were mostly friends when I gave him a place to stay and bought him clothing; he was homeless you see and the least I could do was help him any way I could! Though our friendship quickly turned into something more, behind all of that he was a sweet man and there was something about him that made me fall deeply in love with him!

IV: So as you were helping to bring up his confidence and self-esteem, you were also partaking in a whirlwind romance?

Amy: Yes!

IV: Through your support it is obvious that he is a much better man as he is now a husband, a father and a working man! I congratulate you because I'm sure that was a hard thing for you and Derek to go through.

Amy: It was, but we got through it and after all these years we are still together!

IV: So do you have any plans in the future to have more children or is three enough for you two?
Amy: Oh three is more than enough for us, I would love to focus on my career first and when I'm in a place where I want to be maybe then we'll have another one!

IV: Okay Amy, so when did the two of you get married? Was it a year into your marriage or longer than that?

Amy: We got married quite quickly actually and my friends did have some concerns-

IV: Which friends were concerned?

Amy: All of them! Our relationship blossomed quite quickly and they felt that we hardly knew each other and should take things slow; I weren't the marrying type like Adrienne, we never thought about that type of stuff because for me I was interested in partying, having fun and focusing on my art!

IV: So you never thought about getting married at all?

Amy: Yeah I did! I just thought that I wouldn't be married until I was like in my late twenties, early thirties! But when you meet the one I guess that's it!
IV: So do you think that might happen to Adrienne with Michael?

Amy: You just never know; I was quite surprised to hear that she was in a relationship with someone so I don't know; probably not for now though, it will take some time for her to get over her problems and take that next step when she's ready!

IV: Well I hope she does and I'm sure you wish nothing but the best for her!

Amy: I do.

IV: And I hope nothing but the best for you and your family! Thank you for being here Amy and giving us the opportunity to get to know you!

Amy: It was no problem at all!
IV: Hello Mr Dyno Marks!

Dyno: Hello, hello! How are you?

IV: I am very well thank you; I am here today with the man that plays alongside Malik Austen for the Roaring Heights Dolphins! And former love interest for our former socialite Ms Rita!

Dyno; Yeah well it was fun while it lasted.

IV: But it ended because of you! We all witnessed it!

Dyno: I know..that wasn't really smart!

IV: So if you were smarter you would have been more discreet and still be cheating on Rita?

Dyno: I would have told her eventually!
IV: Wow okay..but was the feelings that you had for her real?

Dyno: Yeah they were real! I like her very much but things were not going to get very serious between us anyway!

IV: And why is that?

Dyno: Well I am a man who has issues with commitment; I was hurt once and I kinda promised myself that I wouldn't get serious with a woman ever again! I'm also like that because of my fame and how desperate most of these women are just to be in the high life!

IV: Wow so there's one of your traits! But..I know you shouldn't give up on- I don't know how to word this..erm, okay if you have promised yourself that you are never going to be in a serious relationship with a woman, then why bother be in a relationship at all?

Rita was very interested in you and-

Dyno: But how do you know that? I know she liked me very much but there was another person in her life that she also liked..'very much!
IV: Her ex-husband?

Dyno: So you know!

IV: When you love a person it is hard to forget that love; it will always be there and there's nothing that you can do about it but accept it and move on!

Dyno: But I don't think that she has fully accepted it; she loves her ex-husband and wishes that they were still together, when she is now in a relationship with someone else!

IV: I understand and see what you mean but, no one ever wishes that their relationship will end and though we know that them getting back together is not a good idea or that it will never happen, in Rita's case she just hoped that things happened differently between her and Mark!

Dyno: Okay let’s just agree to disagree because we're not going to settle this!

IV: *giggling* Okay moving on!
So as we know about one of your traits, what are the other four?

Dyno: I am charismatic, I'm a true party animal, I am a great kisser and I am childish!

IV: No kidding! She thought to herself. Okay so you are a party animal so that means you like to party, you say that you are a great kisser? Why would you say that?

Dyno: Because a girl is always mesmerised after a kiss from me! *laughing* Nah I'm kidding..though it's true!

IV: Do the girls comment on it?

Dyno: Oh yes they do! That's why I know I am a great kisser!

IV: Well okay then! Let’s move onto the next trait which is the childish trait!

Dyno: I have the childish trait because I like to feel young; though I am the oldest out of my brothers I still feel like I am the baby in the family!
IV: But we know there are times when you are serious as these are times that you should be if you still want a career!

Dyno: Of course! I never joke about my work; it's been hard getting to the point where I am now and I would never do anything to jeopardise it! I am very sensible with my behaviour.

IV: Well that is good to hear; at least you are sensible with your career unlike how you are with women! And speaking of women, does your charismatic charm help you out when chatting to them?

Dyno: It does! It's a confidence boost for me you know as my physique is not ripped like me fellow teammates, so I am very thankful for this trait!

IV: You are more handsome now than if you slimmed down my love! I would say that if you got help about your commitment issues then you would be a full on catch!

Dyno: Oh you are too kind! Thank you my dear!
IV: You’re welcome! So now that we know about your traits, I'm gonna ask you a quick few questions is that okay?

Dyno: Sure!

IV: Great! Okay, so what is your favourite colour?

Dyno: White!

IV: Okay..what's your favourite food?

Dyno: A very nice an' cheesy cheesesteak!

IV: What's your favourite kind of music?

Dyno: Electronica!

IV: Really? Why has that type of music caught your interest?

Dyno: Because it's very upbeat and fresh and it just makes you want to move! If anyone who hears that music and just stands there is just..not alright!
IV: Well you heard it from the party animal himself guys! So we've got music, food, and colour so one more thing!

Dyno: What's that?

IV: What is your star sign?

Dyno: Oh! Well I'm a Sagittarius!

IV: Ah really? I just spoke to a Sagittarius not too long ago!

Dyno: Really?

IV: Uhuh! But anyway, I'd like to say thank you for your time and thank you for giving us the chance to get to know you a bit!

Dyno: Thanks for having me! It was no problem at all!
IV: Well I am here today with one of the new cast members who is a new love interest of Miss Virginia Supine; it's Kaitlin Rodriguez!

Kaitlin: *in a chirpy tone* Hello!

IV: And how are you?

Kaitlin: Oh I'm very good thanks and you?

IV: Oh I'm very good thank you! So are you ready for some questions?

Kaitlin: Isn't that why I'm here? For an opportunity to hear my side of the story?

IV: And to get to know you as we don't really know much about you! We've seen you briefly in the series; the first time being when you came to Rita's exhibit as Virginia's date and the second time which was at Gabriella and Malik's wedding as well as a few mentions of your whereabouts and now here at 'All About' it's an opportunity to get to know all about you!

Kaitlin: I see; okay well let’s get started!
IV: Okay so I'm gonna start off with a few small questions and then we can go onto the other ones; so..what is your star sign?

Kaitlin: I am a Taurus.

IV: Okay, what is your favourite colour?

Kaitlin: Err..grey!

IV: Why is that your favourite colour?

Kaitlin: I don't know, I just like it! She smiles.

IV: Grey it is then! So what is your favourite genre of music?

Kaitlin: My favourite genre of music would be Latin; I am part latino on my mother’s side and the music is always playing at my mother’s house so I just grew accustomed to it and I love it more than anything!

IV: The music is beautiful; it just makes you want to move!

Kaitlin: Exactly! It just lights up your mood and makes you feel good.
IV: It does, it really does..but anyway, moving on before we get carried away what is your favourite meal?

Kaitlin: Well other than my delicious Latin food my favourite meal right now is Egg Rolls!

IV: Well they are delicious!

Kaitlin: They are!..Though I can cook as my mother made sure to teach me as she told me that, that's the way to a man’s heart; I live in New York and with my work I hardly have time to cook something for myself as I am so tired when I get home! So egg rolls have been my best friend lately.

IV: What is it that you do? Because we know that you were touring with Virginia during her book tour.

Kaitlin: Yes I'm the one who basically makes sure that everything goes according to plan, I make sure that our clients get to places on time and are pumped up and ready to be themselves and do their job! I'm basically an assistant really but I am an Entertainment Tour Organiser.
IV: So do you just do book tours or..

Kaitlin: I do book tours, music world tours; I deal with the sports industry most times when there are Olympics or other tournaments that are occurring abroad!

IV: Wow! You have quite an interesting job; getting the opportunity to meet all sorts of amazing people!

Kaitlin: I am very lucky and thankful to have this job; it is a job that I love doing and I feel great at the end of it knowing that I was a part of making their tour successful, organised and enjoyable!

IV: Well now that we have heard about your amazing job that we wish we all had, before mentioning your job you briefly spoke about your mother; you said that your mother always told you that food is the way to a man’s heart, when did your mother find out about your sexuality?
Kaitlin: Well not at that time of course butuh-- she found out after I graduated from university! I knew I had these feelings when I was in high school, but I did not know what to do with them, so I just kept it to myself until when I went to uni I kinda let go and experimented!

IV: So did you not have any interest in men at all?

Kaitlin: Well when I was in high school I tried the whole dating thing but it just wasn't right, but at uni I did give it a go which lasted for a very short while until I met this girl and I just knew!

IV: It felt right?

Kaitlin: Yeah.

IV: So how did your mother and your family react?

Kaitlin: I think they kinda knew..I don't know why I thought this but I did, but they were o-kay..they were my biggest supporters, they weren't comfortable to talk about it much at first but they're fine now which is great!
IV: Well I'm glad to hear that they didn't abandon you; do they know about Virginia?

Kaitlin: Well we've been seeing each other for just over three months which is still early in the relationship; when I feel like things are settled and we're really serious about our relationship, I will then tell them about Virginia.

IV: That sounds sensible; do you feel that the relationship is getting there?

Kaitlin: ...Well I hope it is! We've been having a great time getting to know each other and we get along well; I guess it's just a matter of time when we will have the talk about the next step!

IV: Well we look forward to that day, but until then- let’s talk about your traits!

Kaitlin: Okay!
IV: Now all of us have at least five traits; what are your five traits?

Kaitlin: ...I am eco-friendly..I have the equestrian trait..

IV: Really?

Kaitlin: Yeah I love horses, ever since I was a little girl!

IV: Do you still go horse-riding?

Kaitlin: As much as I can! I actually have a horse in New York! He lives in a stable in the quiet suburban area!

IV: Oh that's nice! I would love to go horse-riding; do you take part in any competitions?

Kaitlin: Yes we do and I have won all of the races we have taken part in!

IV: Aww..what's his name?

Kaitlin: His name is Rodriguez.
IV: Your surname; that’s a good name!

Kaitlin: Thank you!

IV: Your welcome!..So now that we know you have a love for horses and that you are eco-friendly, what are your other three traits?

Kaitlin: I am a vegetarian, a bookworm and charismatic!

IV: Well I understand the charismatic part because it is important for your job; you have to be persuasive and creative to get your point across on certain things to help your client to understand. So you are a vegetarian? Have you always been one?

Kaitlin: No, I used to love my meat like how a dog loves his bone day I just had a bad reaction and was scared to eat meat again so I became a vegetarian!
IV: I see..okay, so you said that you were a bookworm? Have you got a favourite genre?

Kaitlin: I love my romance, I like humorous books and some action here and there; if a book has any of those I would give them a chance!

IV: Have you read any of Virginia's books?

Kaitlin: A few of them and I am not just saying this because we are dating, but she is an amazing writer!

IV: She is indeed! Well Kaitlin thank you so much for being here, we have learnt a lot about you and I hope we continue to along the way in your future appearances in the series!

Kaitlin: Thank you very much!

IV: And for you readers out there I'd like to say thank you for reading the fourth part of 'All About...' I hope you have enjoyed learning about these very interesting characters and I'll see you in the next part! Bye!

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