Aurora High- Ep. 4.1: Roots of Seige
Published Oct 22, 2015

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Hello Everyone~ I'm back after 6 months, lol! Real life took me for awhile, but now I'm going to be active again. It just sucks that the story momentum is so down. So I highly suggest to read the back chapters. I started a story and I wanna commit in finishing it, anyhow without further adieu, I present Chapter 4 <3

Hello Everyone~ I'm back after 6 months, lol! Real life took me for awhile, but now I'm going to be active again. It just sucks that the story momentum is so down. So I highly suggest to read the back chapters. I started a story and I wanna commit in finishing it, anyhow without further adieu, I present Chapter 4 <3 "It all started 18 years ago when my Mom and Dad crossed paths in a place where love is hardly found.. Yep, in a bar. Both with their own issue to mind but that night it became an issue they shared..."

*This episode will have a different writing style, I will do my best to make sure it is not confusing*

"I am so stupid... " the drunken guy said

"You sure are" replied the mysterious lady

"I didn't ask for you opinion" the drunken guy rudely replied

"You do not use that tone on me! You don't even know me!" The lady got annoyed

".. Just leave me alone please" drunken guy started sulking

The mysterious lady sauntered to the empty seat beside the drunken man.
"Oh. Look who we have here, no wonder that voice sounded so familiar.." The lady smirked

"I don't know you." He replied

"Take a good look at me Seth honey" She confidently presented herself

"Ohhh.. Amber. The odds of seeing you here in Bridgeport"

"This is my soil sweetheart, you are just a visitor" she smugly replied

"Great now I have to skip to the next town." Seth tried to stand up but was too tipsy to even carry himself up.
"This is just awesome. First, the girl I love is getting married to my beloved cousin. Next is I just saw a familiar face when I really just wanna be lost and lastly, I'm too drunk to even carry myself out of this place. I am one unlucky guy..." Seth then laughed like a crazy person

"You are so pathetic, look at you. Crying over a girl that you knew will never be even yours" Amber rolled her eyes. "What's so special about this Keira, you and your cousin Ric drop dead inlove with her.. she just a plain girl, nothing unique nor attractive" Seth cut her off

"Just shut up! You don't know her!" Seth angrily replied.

"So annoying, the only words you and Ric knows is Keira this and Keira that. Unfortunately for you Ric's love was not unrequited. Oh well Seth you are way hopeless than I expected, cant believe I thought you we're better than Ric turns out you're not even close to how he is, guess that explains why Keira only wanted Ric." Amber teased

Seth clenched his fist.

"Now that I think about it, Ric was fun to be with. A little psychotic but definitely fun! I mean who would have thought to make a rival out of yourself? Speaking of, you we're never his rival anyway.. You we're just the Bestfriend. Cause you are too nice that's what nice people get.. nothing" Amber continued

Seth still silent

"See, this is exactly what I mean. You do nothing but just wait around. Oh well. Bye loser!" Amber stood up
"Wait! Don't go. I wanna... forget. Please, help me." Seth stood up like nothing was wrong

"Temporarily forget you mean? What do you take me for?!" Amber turned her back and started walking away

"I'm sorry, I just so desperate. It's so painful... "

She continued walking away.

"Amber, please." Seth begged

"I thought you were better than this Seth, I'm disappointed. I can't believe I tried to push you to my sister"

"Just pretend we just met here in the bar.. forget each others background just for tonight." Seth suggested
"Hmm.. well since you begged.. then okay. BUT, just wanna let you know if you are hanging out with me dropped all that sappy stuff you keep talking about. The only emotion we wanna feel tonight is happiness from the drinks and each others company."

"Deal" Seth tried to smile

"Can you wash your face first? I don't wanna be seen with someone who looks like a wreck. I have a rep to take care here" Amber bossing around as always.

"Alright, gimme a sec and I'll get myself ready" Seth sauntered to the bathroom

Few moments later...

"I'm back, show me how to have fun the Amber Foxx way" Seth grinned

"There you go Seth, that's how I like it." Amber smiled "In celebration of you breaking free from you emotional attachment, I suggest you have a drink on the rocks! Woo!" She passed the glasses of drinks and screamed her lungs out to the sound of the loud music.

"Let's drink til we cant drink anymore! Woo!" Seth lighted up and started dancing

"Cheers to that!!" Amber agreed

"Seth, this is the side of you that I will never forget.."

"Are you getting drunk by any chance?" He just laughed

"I'm just getting started!"

Seth and Amber danced and drank the night away.
Music was playing so loud that it started to create vibrations throughout the whole bar. It's kinda like you can feel your heart beating to the sound of the music.

People shouting and screaming for more drinks..

People dancing like they never danced before..

People who just wanna have fun...

and People who just wanna forget..

even just for one night.

"I can't feel my feet anymore, you did your part of the deal Seth, I'm proud of you!" Amber just stared at Seth

"Well, you're the best, what can I say" Seth smiling like an idiot "You know what, let's sit down for a while." he continued.

"So this is your life here in Bridgeport, Always having the time of your life." Seth started

"Welcome to my world!" she boastfully said

"Well.. uhh.." Seth scratching his head "Thank you, for real" Seth blushed and looked away

"I told you, no sappy stuff!" Amber moved an inch away from where Seth was sitting

Suddenly Ordinary People by John Legend started playing...

The air between the two became awkward as it will ever be.

Quiet mouths but loud minds.

Seth scooted closer to Amber, he placed his arm around her shoulders.

"Just tonight" he smirked
Seth kissed Amber hoping, wishing and thinking it was the woman he loves.

but for Amber it was totally the opposite.

Hoping, wishing and thinking..

why not me?

It was a deep dark secret.. that will forever be hidden in the depths of her heart.
Both had left the bar and went straight to Amber's pad

Flirting, kissing and caressing are the only thoughts that was running in both their minds and bodies.
Two different people

two different personalities

two different love

two hearts beating loudly

Thinking they only have one thing in common

Both sober

both pretending to be intoxicated

both moaning

both wanting more

"I hope this changes nothing" Seth whispered

Amber ignoring Seth

"Don't stop" she moaned
Seth continued kissing Amber this time he kissed her hard, just letting go of his self control.

Amber responded to Seth's movement as if it was dance they practiced over and over..

That it had peaked perfection.

It was madness and passion that controlled these two..

and it was fine with them..

not a hint of care to any consequences that this passionate night might bring.

and the rest of the night was a blur..
Next morning

"Amber, It was an amazing night.." Seth started

"I don't need any of that Seth..You can leave if you want" Amber coldly replied

"What is your problem?" he replied

"I don't do this.." Amber sighed

"Do what?" Seth's brows raised

"This emotional sappy stuff you are trying to do!" She snapped

"Is it because of Kylie that's why you are holding back?"

"It was only one night Seth get over yourself!" Amber hissed

"This night never happened." She continued

"Amber.." Seth was cut off

".. I dont.. care Seth, just leave" Amber hesitantly said

"You helped me alot.. and I don't wanna this to anybody else.."

"I don't want be to your rebound Seth! Just leave me! Please!"

Seth surprised and guilty just followed what Amber wanted.
Months later...

She was feeling different from the usual..

Frequent visits to the bathroom

Morning Sickness

and Craving..

which made her realized that one night with Seth had something to do with the changes.
"This.. is just complicated" she told herself. TIME JUMP to 5 years after the Seth and Amber re-meeting.

"The doctor said I don't have much time Seth" She coarsely said

"Stop saying that! You will be fine!" Seth argued

"I've really been happy Seth, 5 years together.. I never would have thought that you would actually love me.."

"It's fine, you don't have to bring that up, we can talk about that later.." Seth getting teary eyed

"We don't have much time left..." she smiled

"We will still get married.. and have kids. Stop saying that please" Seth holding back his tears

"I want you to be happy Seth.. "
"I know.. deep in your heart something is still missing."

"Kylie.." Seth crying quietly

Kylie tried to smile

"Listen, tell My parents that appreciate everything that they have done for me and tell them please that l love them to the moon and back"

Seth just quietly crying and nodding

"Tell Keira, she was the bestfriend I ever had.. and she will always be my bestfriend".. she continued..

Seth just listened

"To my sister Amber, tell her I'm sorry for everything that I had done.. and tell her that I still love her. I also want you to go to her.. she will need you Seth. Knowing that I'm gone, it will break her. She may appear strong.. but deep inside she's softer than me...Promise this to me Seth." Kylie's voice cracking and tears running down her face

"Yes I promise.."

"Wait Kylie.. I never told you what happened 5 years ago.. Listen to me, I can't see your sister.."

"Bye... "
Seth guilty and heartbroken..

"Kylie, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I love you, I hope you'll forgive me.. " Seth bawling..

*Stomach growls*

"And now let me cook dinner, I am starving!" Seige grabbing the hotdog and heading for the grill

What the actual heck, too intense to stop on that part of the story..
Now that I think about it, I can't help but think if his parents actually ended up together.. He told me earlier that his dad would take him to camping, not mentioning whether his mom was with them... I get it now, Seige wants a mother figure, someone different from all the girls he has met, unfortunately for me... he wants me.. I still can't say til' he actually finishes the story..

I'm getting worried for that fact that he's been making me blush, this blushing thing and heart skipping a beat.. this is bad bad news!
I just hope that after this night, my feelings for him wont change.

I hope.


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