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Published Dec 16, 2009

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Part 3. Let me know what you think :) And as much as I love Audrey, even I laughed when she jumped - poor girl. Read on to understand what I'm talking about :)

Part 3. Let me know what you think :) And as much as I love Audrey, even I laughed when she jumped - poor girl. Read on to understand what I'm talking about :) I felt the warm sun playing on my face when I woke up. I stayed in bed, not wanting to move, not wanting to open my eyes. This way I could imagine I was in my old room in Bluewater Village and that it was a beautiful summer morning. No school. But even without opening my eyes I knew it was not true. I got out of the bed and was surprised that the night had passed without nightmares. They'd been haunting me for almost a year already, or actually, there was just this one horrifing dream, night after night - Grandma calling my name, crying as someone invisible is dragging her away from me. And me, standing helplessly, crying, too. I shuddered. Maybe this nightmare had stayed to Bluewater Village. Exactly like my friends and home and everything I loved. I guess that would make living in Pleasantview a bit more bearable - at least I could sleep at nights. I made me bed carefully, sometimes looking out of the window. The weather was really nice today. There was still a bit more than an hour left before the school bus arrived, so climbing to the roof of the house seemed like a good idea. The view from the roof was breathtaking. I could see all Pleasantview from here and as much as I hated to admit it, it looked lovely. Everything was so calm. It was a really beautiful morning - the birds were singing and warm wind was gently playing with my hair. I sat down and took a deep breath, closing my eyes. It seemed unbelievable that only yesterday it had been so cold. Everything looked so different now. My father had been right. I felt happy and smiled. Unfortunately, I could enjoy feeling happy only until I remembered the school bus would arrive soon. I got up and looked around one more time. From this moment on, this would be my favourite place in this house. Or well, on this house. When I got to the third floor, I noticed something small and golden on the floor next to the door that had appeared to be locked last night. Could that really be a ... key? I got closer and picked it up. I couldn't believe it - it really was a key, right next to the door. It must have fallen down somehow. So there was no mysterious room. I probably just hadn't noticed the key yesterday because it was so dark. Though I knew I had to hurry to catch the bus to school, I was curious to see what was hidden behind the door. I unlocked it and stepped inside. What a disappointment, I thought. The room was full of old furniture and all kind of stuff that no one needed anymore. How boring. It turned out the Goth manor was as usual as any other house. I walked out of the room, not bothering to lock it. I couldn't decide what to wear on my first day at the new school. I wanted to look like the other students, I wanted to fit in, but I had no idea how to do that. Finally, I chose the clothes I had often worn on usual school days before moving here. I went to the bathroom to gussy up, telling myself that I needed a mirror for my room. I wondered where my Dad was - I hadn't seen him this morning. Maybe he was still sleeping.
"Well, have a nice day, Audrey!" I told myself, looking worried. I hoped Dad was right about people being nice here in Pleasantview. I sighed, but then I heard the school bus coming and hurried downstairs.
I didn't have time to have breakfast but I remembered there wasn't anything in the fridge anyway. The bus driver smiled at me. I smiled back at her, thinking I was probably worrying for no reason. The more I tried to stay calm, the more nervous I got. When I got to school, I almost turned around and went back home. A hundred questions ran through my mind...What if they won't like me? What if I'll never fit in? What if they say something about me or my family? What if... I was really surprised that at first, no one seemed to notice me. I heard someone whispering my name but I didn't dare to look who it was. I found my class and took a seat. Someone was giggling but I didn't think I was the reason, so I didn't let that disturb me. I hadn't done anything worth laughing for. "Audrey Goth?" a boy sitting next to me asked and smiled then, looking at me.
"Yes?" I answered and had to clear my throat.
"Welcome to Pleasantview"
"Thanks," I replied and smiled.
We chatted a bit before the lesson started. Then our teacher, Mr. Green asked us to be quiet and started his lesson. I did my best to pay attention on what the teacher was talking about molecules and neutrons and things like that, but I found it dead boring. I heard my classmates whispering and I wanted to know what it was they were talking about, but as soon as I turned my head, Mr. Green noticed I wasn't paying attention.
"Audrey Goth!" he said my name angrily. "It's your first time here and you're already interrupting my lesson!"
"I'm so sorry, that won't happen again," I apologized. I was so ashamed, though I hadn't been the one whispering... I didn't want to have problems with the teachers... Someone was laughing. I felt even more ashamed...
Great, I thought with sarcasm.
I was even afraid to move, because the teacher was constantly looking at me like I was somekind of a trouble-maker. I couldn't wait for the lesson to finish. It did finish finally, though I'd already thought it will never happen. Suddenly, all the students seemed to be very busy. I felt like a jerk, standing there like that. No one bothered to talk to me. Some students were laughing and this time I suspected I was the reason. I found a quiet corner where no one was looking at me and decided to buy something to eat. I felt hungry as I had skipped breakfast this morning. Feeling unhappy and lonely, I sat down and started to eat.
"Audrey?" a soft male voice asked.
The boy was standing not far from me, staring at me.
My mouth was full of food. How embarrassing! I covered it with my left hand and tried to chew as fast as I could.
"Do you mind if I sit here?" he wanted to know.
I couldn't reply, I was still busy chewing my mouthful of cookies.
"How are you?" he asked, sitting down next to me.
My mouth was finally free for talking, so I told him I was OK.
"My name is Darien, by the way. Darien Dreamer." he said.
"Erm...It's nice to meet you, Darien..." I replied, feeling a bit confused. It seemed like he knew me, but I had never heard his name before. "My mom knows your family," he said, maybe because of the confusion on my face.
Oh. Okay... "And your mom asked you to talk to me and be nice?" I guessed.
"No, no...well, yeah, kind of..." he finally admitted.
"Well, tell her I said thanks, okay? And don't worry, I'm fine."
"You looked kind of lonely..." Darien told me.
"Oh, well, it's my first day here and I don't know anyone yet..." I said and immediately regretted it. Maybe he'd think now that he has to become my friend to please his mother or something. "Hey, what's your mother's name?" I asked, trying to change the subject. "It's Lilith Dreamer" the boy replied politely.
I had no idea who Lilith Dreamer was. "I'm sorry but I haven't heard her name before..." I shrugged.
"That's okay. She knew your parents before you and your father moved away and before your m- " he suddenly stopped.
"M-my mother?" I asked, barely getting this word out. I never used it when I was talking about myself.
"Ermm... I should go now. It was nice to meet you," he said and got up.
"Wait!" I almost yelled, startling myself and probably him, too.
"What do you know about my mother? Damien, please tell me..." I begged.
"It's Darien," the boy said and smiled, but his face turned serious then. "I know nothing, Audrey."
"Please tell one ever talks about her, please..." I kept begging. I knew nothing about my mother, I had no memories of her and everyone refused to talk about her. "You should talk to someone else about that. I really don't know anything. I only know she left when you were little, that's what I've heard..." Darien explained. "Oh...okay. Thanks anyway, Darien..." I finally said and gave up. This much I already knew about her - my mother had left when I was a baby.
Darien smiled kindly and said we should get to class for not to make the teachers angry. I sighed, agreeing with him.
The lessons were quite okay, all except the last one. Swimming. Ugh. I could swim, sometimes I even enjoyed it, but I have never understood why people have to jump into water... My legs started shaking the moment I got on the diving board. Knowing that other students were watching me made it much worse. I had told my teacher that I wasn't really into jumping, but she didn't care and still made me do it. Finally, I took all my courage and jumped. It was horrible... I landed on my stomach, hitting the girl who was swimming close to me... ...and almost drowned. I wished I could just disappear. Later the same girl was telling her friend how I'd landed right on her back and had tried to drown her. They didn't seem to care that I was still in the pool and heard every word they said. The incident seemed to entertain them. Their laughter echoed all over the swimming pool. Then another girl appeared and wanted to know every single detail of what had happened. All three of them were laughing now. I felt so embarrassed that I was having hard time keeping back the tears. But I didn't want to cry, not in front of them. Hot shower helped me to calm down a bit, and I was glad that swimming had been the last lesson. As soon as I got dressed, I ran towards my new home, not wanting to see anyone anymore. I was hoping my Dad wouldn't be at home, because if he had asked about my day I would have just burst into tears. I was lucky - Dad wasn't at home. Nevertheless, the tears still came. My first day at school had been even worse than I'd feared. My self-pity only made me cry more. I hated Pleasantview.

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Midnight222Mar 4, 2010

Great chapter and very realistic. I hope she makes some good friends \:\)

artsysimaddictFeb 23, 2010

Poor Audrey! It's always hard starting at  a new school, where everyone is friends, and everyone knows each other. I hope things turn around in Part 4, for her.

bellezDec 19, 2009

Very interesting storyline \:rah\:  

-kalisa-Dec 17, 2009

The same thing is with part 2, I'm sorry about that...

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