Best Friends VI
Published Feb 1, 2012

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It was Saturday afternoon and the phone rang in the Allen House. Brooklyn, Aj, and Sophia had just come from shopping and walked in the door. Brooklyn raced to catch the phone.
Brooklyn: Hello? TRAVIS?! Goodness honey, we miss you. We've been so worried.

It was Saturday afternoon and the phone rang in the Allen House. Brooklyn, Aj, and Sophia had just come from shopping and walked in the door. Brooklyn raced to catch the phone.
Brooklyn: Hello? TRAVIS?! Goodness honey, we miss you. We've been so worried.
She went on talking to Travis on the phone while Sophia and Aj had put away the items. Travis had told her how the fires were spreading but it looked like they were finally getting it under control. By now he had been gone for a little less than 2 weeks and he was anticipating to be there for another week.
Brooklyn: I love you too.
She gave the phone to Sophia.
Sophia: Hi Daddy. When are you coming home? Oh! I miss you daddy.
She walked around the room with the phone talking about school and the many activities she had done since their last talk.
It wasn't long before Brooklyn got back on the phone and they said their goodbyes again.
It was hard each time Travis called. She truly missed him. It was good that Aj was helping but the more they spent together, the less she thought about Travis. She let the tears fall from her face as she was torn with emotions. But when she heard Sophia's footsteps walking back into the kitchen, she quickly wiped her face. Brooklyn: What are we here for?
Aj: I just wanted to get out of the house. Just you and me.
Brooklyn: I don't get it.
Aj: You spend so much time worried about Travis that you don't stop to smell the roses.
Brooklyn: I have plenty of those in my garden.
Aj: I'm serious. There is nothing wrong with you having fun. And sometimes I think you feel guilty if you are having it without him.
Brooklyn: He is my husband.
Aj: I know. And do you think he wants to see you miserable all the time.
Brooklyn: Thanks for the compliment.
Aj: You know what I mean. I am here to take care of the both of you. Not just Sophia. So let's just sit here and eat.
Brooklyn wasn't going to fight it. She did like the time they spent together. It was like old times when they were teenagers. She had almost forgot about how caring he could be. How loving he was then. She slowly shook the thoughts out of her head. The waiter had came and the two of them enjoyed their lunch together. In the morning, at breakfast, she watched how Aj and Sophia interacted with each other. They were like two peas in a pod. Always giggling and sharing jokes across the table. They even made her laugh at some of them. At night, after playing at small gigs in the town, Aj would lay down in deep sleep. He worked to try to keep him away from being alone with Brooklyn. As much as she loved his best friend, he still loved Brooklyn more. He was slowly feeling more guilty for having thoughts about them being together. He knew that it would only be time before Travis returned home, back to his family and Aj would leave to go back to the city. Sophie: I beat you Aj.
Aj: Wow! You are good at this Sophia.
Sophia and Aj were racing to the end of the pool. She laughed as they splashed around in the water.
Brooklyn was relaxing at the poolside. She enjoyed the warm summer sun against her skin. She watched the two of them continue playing in the water. She watched Aj most of the time. She watched as the water glistened on his body as he dove in and out of the pool. Her heart began to pound faster as she kept watching him. It was hard to not look. She tried her hardest to get him out of her head and to think about Travis. But when she did think of her husband, she felt guilty. Guilty that she was enjoying her time with Aj and not him. It was so easy for Aj to fit in to the life with Brooklyn and Sophia. In the morning he would fix Sophia's breakfast and send her off to school so that Brooklyn could sleep in. He helped with the housework and even did outdoor labor. They would go on outings around town from the zoo to the arcade. Sophia loved the arcade.
Aj: Turn to the right, turn to the right. You got it.
Aj cheered on Sophie as she played the arcade game. She was jumping and yelling at the screen as she played.
Sophia: I got it!
She was always excited when she won.
Later on that week, Aj had a small gig playing at the beach. There on stage he began to play all the songs from his list. The crowd was enjoying the music and dancing. At first he was a little timid about playing after he had stopped for weeks to help Brooklyn and Sophia. But the sounds from his guitar were beautiful.
Brooklyn, like the rest of the crowd was mesmerized by his music. She listened as the soulful sounds came from the band playing. His voice tingled her back as if he himself had touched her. Aj: I want to dedicate this song to someone special. Someone that has been a great influence to me. She cared for me when I didn't care for myself. She is more than my best friend and I love her. This is for you.
He gave her a small smile as he looked at her through the crowd.
Brooklyn turned away from looking at him. She could feel his eyes on her but she could not return to look at him. Her face was turning hot as she began to blush. She tried to not look nervous but it was evident by her body language that she was uncomfortable in the crowd. The three of them sat on the couch one weekend. It was quiet in the home that night as they sat watching the television. There had been small tension building up between Brooklyn and Aj the days that followed the small concert. They could barely look at each other without their hearts pounding faster. The past few days had been challenging for both of them. Sophia: I love Dancing with the Stars!
Her favorite was Maksim Dash. She watched almost without blinking as he would glide across the ballroom floor. And when his turn was over she clapped in delight.
Sophia: Isn't he dreamy mommy?
Brooklyn: Yes he is pretty handsome.
After the show was over Sophia was growing tired. Aj picked her up and carried her to bed.
Aj: Good night kid.
He took one last look at her before turning off the lamp and closing the door.
Back in the living room, Brooklyn had turned to another show on the TV. Aj walked towards Brooklyn and sat next to her on the couch. It was silent for a while. Then as something funny happened they both laughed. It was a good laugh. Aj: You look nice today.
Brooklyn: Thank you.
Aj: I can't believe how I'm acting. You'd think I never talked to a female before.
He looked over at her.
Aj: You and I have known each other for a long time but somehow I feel like, I'm back in high school again.
Brooklyn: I know how you feel. I have appreciated your help these past weeks. I don't think I could have done it alone. And Sophia, she really loves being with you.
Aj: I love being around her too. She's a good kid. Who would have thought so much can come from someone so little.
He began to laugh to himself.
Aj: This one time---

He stopped in mid-sentence.
Brooklyn: What?
Aj: Nothing.
Brooklyn: What?
Aj: You would always look at me like that....when I was talking. I just haven't noticed it in a while. It's like you were hanging on to my every word.
Brooklyn: Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't.
She looked away before he could say anything else. There was another silence between them.
Brooklyn: What we had back was real right?

Brooklyn: I mean... what we had years ago. It was love. Was it real for you?
Aj: As real as anything I have ever experienced.
Brooklyn: I've been thinking about us back then lately. And how we were. You were my world.
Aj: And you were mine. I remember passing your house at night hoping to get a glimpse of you through your window.
Brooklyn: Yeah. It was good. We did love each other.
Aj moved in closer.
Aj: I still do.
Brooklyn: Aj.
Aj: I do Brooklyn. I can't help it.
He put her hand on his chest.
Aj: Always.
Without saying another word he held on to her and kissed her. She didn't have time to react. She didn't want to react. She returned his kiss. Brooklyn: Wait. I can't do this. I can't do this.
She got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen.
Aj: Brooklyn wait! I'm sorry. I was out of line and I should not have done it. But I don't regret it. I've wanted you for so long and now I can't help it.
Brooklyn: Why?
Aj: Why what.
Her face hardened.
Brooklyn: Why did you just leave?!
Aj: You know why I left. Because I wanted to make something for you and for me.
Brooklyn: But you didn't call or anything. You just left. You left me alone. I thought we were more than that Aj.
Aj: I know what I did was wrong. I know. There I was in Sim Angeles, thinking if I stayed out there for a few months I was bound to find something. But it wasn't easy. I went months living on the streets. But I wasn't going to come back, to prove my parents wrong I had too much pride for that. Aj: It took me a year before I started playing at bars and small gigs. And then life started to pick up for me. But I promised myself I wasn't going to come back until I made it big. I was still living check to check and was so wrapped up in making it that I forgot about everything else. And when I finally called, you weren't there anymore. So I kept going, knowing that once I made it big that we would be back together. Only fame didn't last long and well....tabloids tell the rest. Aj: And when life finally broke from me and the fame got too much. I was left with the only thing I had love for you. All that time I thought I was doing it for us when I was just doing it for myself. When I came back, I didn't even expect you to be here. But here you are, and here I am. Aj: I promised that if I did have a second chance to make things right I would.
Brooklyn: There is no second chance Aj. We are living two different lives. I am MARRIED Aj. I knew this was not going to be well. You and me here together. It's not right.

Brooklyn looked down at the floor in frustration. She didn't know how to feel. There was a lump in her throat. She was torn between what was right and what was wrong.
Aj: I knew I wasn't ready for the love you had for me. Not then. It's not over for me Brooklyn. And I am not going to stop loving you. Never.
And before she could say another word, he grabbed her again. He kissed her more and deep this time. She tried to resist but deep down she did not want to. He lifted her up and brought her to the bed. Their bodies were hot to the touch as the tension between them melted away. She pushed him up.
Brooklyn: Wait. I can't do this. Sophia.
Aj: I don't want to hurt you or her. I'd love her as she if she was real daughter.
He moved to kiss her again.
She pushed him up again.
Brooklyn: But she is. She is your daughter.
His body jerked up from over her. His eyes widened in disbelief.
Aj: She's what?

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MangioFeb 21, 2012

What a surprise.. although i did think Sophia was AJ's for a long time. I'm glad they're pulling through this difficult time together.. Brooklyn must be feeling so guilty right now, i hope Travis is alright \;\) \:wub\: Congrats on the feature \:rah\:

DooderBeeFeb 4, 2012

Ughh. I <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">hate </span><em>&nbsp;no </em><strong style="font-style: italic;">despise AJ! </strong>Travis deserves the girl, he was nice and treated her the way she deserved it. He was the perfect father, only working to help their family. \:\( this stinks.

fabrizioammolloFeb 3, 2012

I did suspect that AJ was Sophia's biological father. I'm also convinced that Travis is awere of that, but poor man: over the years he probably convinced himself that the family they built was strong...

urm0mFeb 2, 2012

I knew she was his \:\)

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