Chap 1 - Why now?
Published Sep 21, 2016

Written By

martina hj


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- '' What's the worst part in life? ''
- '' Not knowing. ''
- '' And the best part? ''
- '' Not knowing. ''

- '' What's the worst part in life? ''
- '' Not knowing. ''
- '' And the best part? ''
- '' Not knowing. ''
- '' Mr..Ch..Christopher Wilde? '' - ‘’ I didn’t get any sleep last night thinking about it…
But I just can’t make sense of it. ‘’
- ‘’ what do you mean? ‘’
- ‘’ That I contracted a disease that’s hard to cure with current medical technology, and that I don’t even have a year left to live.
You don’t know how healthy I keep my body, right?
I can run 100 meters in 11 seconds , and it doesn’t even take me 30 minutes to climb the black mountain! I sleep well, and eat well , and I’m fine, except for some chronic pain that I feel sometimes! ‘’
- ‘’ Yes. ‘’ he simply answered me
- ‘’ you didn’t misdiagnose me because you got me mixed up with the character I’m playing who ends up dying, did you? ‘’ I jocked
- '’ No, I didn’t ‘’
- ‘’ if that’s not the case, maybe you misdiagnosed me? I heard that a lot of stupid doctors do that. ‘’
- ‘’ Shall I find another doctor for you, if you don’t believe me ? ‘’
- ‘’ you know, what would happen if I refuse to die? Do you have the final say just because you’re a doctor? How could you know when I’m going to die? If I said, ‘’I , Christopher , refuse to die ‘’ ?
What happens then, huh? ‘’
- ‘’ Can you just die without putting up a fuss, just this once?
They already filmed the scene where the female lead scatters your ashes!
If you really refuse to die, things will get really out of hand !
The episode is supposed to air tonight, too!
Do you really want to see this show ruined?
I’ll be sure to only get you scripts with happy endings from now on
So please, concede just this once. ‘’ My manager said
‘’ so this is where DL industry dump their wastes ‘’ - ‘’ what ? did someone tease you and call you a fatty, again? Write their names down. I’ll totally kill all of them—‘’
- ‘’ Christopher died , Elena !! ‘’ Crying Amanda on the other line shouted
- ‘’ Wha..what? ‘’
- ‘’ The last episode of ‘’ Eternal Love ‘’ just ended…and he—‘’
- ‘’ how old are you, exactly? Are you at the age when you should be crying over some drama character dying? Unbelievable. You—If you call me again, I’ll kill you ! ‘’

'' Wh..Where did they go? ''
- ‘’ who do you think you are, raising your hand in my face? You people, who illegally dump waste, you’re just human trash and forcefully took my belongings! Are you planning to commit murder, too? ‘’
- ‘’ Of course not. Here’s your belongings . I’m director Scott of DL industrial by the way, you seem like you’re only a freshman in college, but you’re quite notorious—PD Elena of FDC productions.’’
- ‘’ wow , you erased all the footage that I struggled so much to get. ‘’
- ‘’ oh, you recorded something? ‘’ he mocked
- ‘’ it’s all right. I had more than enough material to make a show anyway but I came today to shoot just one more time, in case I needed more footage. You illegally dumped your waste on the 3rd, 10th and 18th of last month and the 5th, 13th, 19th of this month. So, 6 times in total. ‘’
He was pretty shocked I could tell
‘’ if you’re not going to kill me , can you show me the way out? If I get back too late, my staff may report me missing to the police.’’ I laughed
- ‘’ what is it that you want? Go ahead and tell me ‘’
- ‘’ the ultimate amount of justice, common sense, and rule-abiding in this world. A world where people like you can’t even show their face, due to utter humiliation. ‘’
- ‘’ would 1 thousand $ be enough for you to forgive us this time? We’ll be sure to never let this happen again.’’
- ‘’ wow. You must think that I’m a damn fool , do you think that life is this simple? And that money can solve everything? Do you think that I could cover up the truth with this little amount of cash? ‘’
- ‘’ I just sent 5,000 $ to your account, so I only owe you 32.20 thousands $ now. Make sure you’re keeping track of my payments.
What the hell does it matter to you where I got such a huge sum , this late? It doesn’t matter to you loan sharks, as long as you get your money, right?’’

So yeah, I maybe did cover up the truth for a larger amount of money.
- ‘’ yes, lawyer Pyo ‘’
- ‘’ were you in the middle of a workout? It’s quite late. ‘’
- ‘’ yes, I was, since I want to live a nice, long life. ‘’
- ‘’ that’s good. Now, about the woman whose name and age you sent much should I look into her?’’
- ‘’ Where she’s living now, and what she’s doing for a living.
Whether she owns the place she lives in, or if she’s paying rent.
How much money she has. Whether or not she attended college.
Whether or not she’s married. And if she is, what kind of man she’s married to. ‘’
- ‘’ if I do find her, should I bring you up? ‘’
- ‘’ No, don’t say anything about me. And don’t tell her I was looking for her. ‘’
- ‘’ you aren’t planning on seeing her? ‘’
- ‘’ No, not at all. ‘’ I smiled
- ‘’ I understand, I’ll call you as soon as I find her. Don’t overwork your body, have a goodnight. ‘’
- ‘’ you too, sir. ‘’
- ‘’ I’d like 100 bowls of spicy beef soup, please.
What, you don’t think I can eat 100 bowls?
Bring it on, and see for yourself whether I can or not. ‘’
- ‘’ we don’t sell spicy beef soup here, sir. ‘’
- ‘’ how can a place that specializes in spicy beef soup not sell spicy beef soup?’’
- ‘’ it’s up to the owner what this restaurant sells, all right? If you really want spicy beef soup go and eat it somewhere else. ‘’
- ‘’ I’m too lazy to go somewhere else, so give me some spicy beef soup , already! ‘’
- ‘’ I told you already that I’m not selling any to you! ‘’
- ‘’ then give me anything to eat, at least! ‘’
- ‘’ if you keep interfering with me doing business, I’ll call the cops! ‘’ she shouted
- ‘’ then I’ll call my lawyer for unfair discrimination! ‘’
- ‘’ Hey, hurry up and leave Chris. There’s no use in being stubborn’’ uncle Edd said

- ‘’ Edd ! when this customer leaves pour a bucket of salt to purify this place. ‘’ she said glaring at me
‘’ Can someone just toss a wad of cash my way, please?
I only have 230$ left in my bank account.
I have to help my younger brother get an education, and send him off to college.
And I have to feed him some meat.
And his sneakers are worn out. ‘’

‘’ you don’t need to come to work anymore! our company doesn’t need trash like you ! ‘’
That’s the text message my boss sent me.

- ‘’ you really are too much. Despite everything, he’s still your son, you know! ‘’
- ‘’ is he gone? ‘’
- ‘’ of course he is! ‘’
- ‘’ you’re the one who forced him into that position in the first place!
You think celebrities are still looked down on like they were a long time ago?
He earns so much more money than the judges you were trying to force him into being
And he’s so much more famous than they are, Too!’’
- ‘’ you’re getting your saliva everywhere , so shut your mouth! ‘’
- ‘’ Emma , you’re not in a position to be ignoring him right now.
What are you going to do if he ignore you later on, like you’re doing to him now? Huh?’’
'' I failed today, too. '' ‘’ should I just tell her the truth? That I’ll die soon, so she could give me some spicy beef soup if she doesn’t want to regret it? ‘’ I thought - ‘’ Don’t even ask for a bite. There isn’t even enough for me. ‘’
- ‘’ what’s this all about? Why are saying that you can’t do the documentary?’’ My manager yelled.
- ‘’ just because I don’t want to. ‘’
- ‘’ stop spouting nonsense again! Don’t you know how much money and how many people’s jobs are on the line, here? Other celebrities are fighting each other for a chance to shoot this, and you—‘’
- ‘’ Great . have one of them do it, then.’’
- ‘’ Are you in freaking middle school?! A couple of days ago, you said you wouldn’t shoot the last scene in a drama and put such a goddamn fuss over it! ‘’
- ‘’ But despite that, I did it, didn’t I ?
From now on, I’m not going to do things I don’t want to do. ‘’
- ‘’ damn it. ‘’
- ‘’ This is all you could come up with, after thinking about it for a week? Don’t you have more sensational stories? ‘’ our head team leader was yelling at the crew when I entered

- ‘’ I’m so sorry I’m late ! ‘’

- ‘’ Elena ‘’

- ‘’ yes, sir? ‘’

- ‘’ what are you doing ? didn’t you hear that you were fired? I’m sure you got my text yesterday. ‘’

- ‘’ oh, yeah. I found a totally hot topic for us to cover, SOL pharmaceuticals just released a new diet pill, but apparently, there was a huge mishap during their clinical trials, they’re trying really hard to cover that up—‘’
- ‘’ so, just how much more money are you going to accept, this time around? ‘’ My good-for-nothing-coworker said
- ‘’ those guys from SOL are really evil! They’re trying to cover up the mishaps they had with a pregnant women—‘’ I added ignoring what she just said
- ‘’ Getting that much money from DL industrial and covering up their illegal dumping wasn’t enough for you? ‘’
- ‘’ I didn’t get as much as you all may think I did. ‘’
- ‘’ hey, Elena ! you call yourself a PD? Have you no integrity or sense of duty, as a person who works in media?’’
- ‘’ of course I do. I mean, I can’t literally show it to you, but I do.’’
- ‘’ what the hell is wrong with you? Leave, right now! Return all the money you got from DL before I report you to the cops and get the hell away from me.
Don’t dirty our company name any further, and get the hell out of here!’’
Should i leave this quietly?

- '' But didn't you accept a bribe of 100 or 200 thousands $ for covering up the incident with Assemblyman Harold during the nomination, Anna? ‘’ I teased
- ‘’ hey…hey, are you out of your mind? ‘’ she yelled
- ‘’ And you too, sir. Didn’t you get company stocks and a car for covering up that corruption scandal regarding HD Auto’s supplier?’’
- ‘’ hey, you! Are you finished?!’’
- ‘’ come on, let me off the hook, just this once. I promise I’ll be careful to not get caught like you two did! ‘’
- ‘’ Damn it…those jerks! ‘’
- ‘’ who’s jerk, now? ‘’
- ‘’ everyone. Everyone on this damn planet is rotten. ‘’ I was maybe, kind of feeling tipsy
- ‘’ Why is everyone on this planet rotten? People like you who are investigative PDs who go wild over money are the bad ones, so why are you shoving the blame on the innocent people in the world? ‘’
- ‘’ They took so much more in bribes than I did!! But I’m the only one who got fired ! ‘’
- ‘’ I’m glad that you got fired , at least ! They say that small-scale theft leads to large-scale theft!
If you hadn’t been fired this time, you would’ve accepted huge bribes too. And you would have kept your head high while doing so!! ‘’ he yelled at me
- ‘’ where are you leaving, have a seat I’ll go bring you a drink’’ told him Erika, the owner of this place.
- ‘’ No, I don’t want to drink with this lady today’’
- ‘’ yeah, don’t hang out with her today, she needs to be punished a bit. ‘’
- ‘’ Erika !! ‘’ I shouted
- ‘’ what are you yelling about, when you didn’t even do anything right? Why do you live like that? Do you think your parents in heaven would be proud if they saw what you’re doing now? ‘’ she said
- ‘’ damn it, why do you only pick on me?! ‘’
- ‘’ screw you Christopher ! he thinks he’s all that because he’s a top star ! can you just go around changing contracts as you want just because you’re a star? ‘’
- ‘’ we invested so damn much into shooting this documentary of Christopher. He was fine up until yesterday, and now he suddenly says that he can’t? what are small fries like us supposed to do? ‘’
- ‘’ want me to convince him for you? ‘’ I said
- ‘’ who are you? ‘’
- ‘’ I work in media, too. I’m sure you heard, I got fired for accepting bribes, for the 5th time.’’
- ‘’ And? ‘’
- ‘’ I’ll convince Christopher Wilde to shoot that documentary‘’ I confidently said
- ‘’ We’re not in the mood to hear out your drunken nonsense right now, okay? So go home. ‘’
- ‘’ And what will you do if I can actually convince him? If I convince him, get me a job as a PD somewhere, please. I really won’t accept bribes and I’ll do honest work this time! ‘’
- ‘’ Girl, you’re drunk! Go away ! ‘’
- ‘’ Are you still stalking that famous guy you’re so obsessed with? ‘’ our housekeeper asked me
- ‘’ The one you’re talking about is Christopher Wilde, right? You know, the one that my Audrey is such a crazy stan for. ‘’ Dad addressed her.
- ‘’ don’t call me a stan! I’m a passionate fan, all right? ‘’
- ‘’ you really do like him, don’t you? ‘’ he glared at me
- ‘’ totally ! I love him so much that I could just die!
Make him marry me, dad ! ‘’
- ‘’ I don’t really want a guy like him as my son-in-law, though. ‘’ he laughed
- ‘’ Morning ‘’ my mum joined the table
- ‘’ did you sleep well, ma’am? ‘’
- ‘’ yes, thank you. ‘’
- ‘’ This is Mr. Wilde’s home, right? ‘’
- ‘’ what with this girl ‘’ I thought
- ‘’ oh my gosh! That girl really came, after all! ‘’ my manager said
- '' I’m not a peddler! And I’m not one of your stalker-fans, either! I’m not a weird person, I promise! I’m just a pretty, kind, and righteous citizen of this country! ‘’
- '’ I met that girl while I was out drinking and she said she’d convince you to shoot the documentary you refused to do. She said she used to be a PD, but got fired after accepting bribes. She seemed like she was crazy—‘’
- ‘’ I’m not crazy !! Shouldn’t you be helping me instead of harming me, right now?you said you were pissed that he said he wouldn’t do any dramas, movies or sing and that you’d be unemployed soon. You also told me that he has a nasty temper, like a child and that you wanted to beat the crap out of him ! ‘’
- ‘’ wow, what a psycho! That’s not true, Chris. I never said that !’’
- ‘’ can I have a moment with you? Please Mr. Christopher !let’s talk face to face! And if you really feel like I’m a psycho after that , feel free to kick me out.’’
- ‘’ Never mind that, because I’m kicking you out right now. Goodbye. ‘’ he coldly answered me
- '' Fine then, i'll be quietly waiting outside until you change your mind '' i added
‘’ it’s so cold in here, and it’s getting pretty late, I should maybe give Jay a call. ‘’

- ‘’ I told you to send me a photo of what you ate for dinner, so why didn’t you? You’re eating bread again, aren’t you? Why won’t you listen to your older sister, you little punk?’’

I had to leave and go check on Jason, so I left a message for that jerk that said
‘’ I will be back  ‘’
The next morning I waited for him to leave the house, open the gate and forcefully entered his car
- ‘’ Good morning ! ‘’ I said smiling
- ‘’ what are you doing? ‘’ he asked with the same cold tone
- ‘’ wow, you’re heading out so early! ‘’
- ‘’ do you want me to drag you out? ‘’
- ‘’ no, not really ‘’ I said putting my seatbelt
- ‘’ I’ll count to three , and give you the chance to get out of your own volition. One. ‘’
- ‘’ stop ignoring me , already! Please shoot the documentary Mr. Wilde! ‘’
- ‘’ Two. ‘’
- ‘’ I’ll do amazing Photoshop work on you. All of your pores will be gone! ‘’
- ‘’ Three. ‘’ He said before taking the car speed to a higher level
- ‘’ can you slow down a little, you’ll get in an accident, at this rate! ‘’ I yelled
- ‘’ want to get out? ‘’
- ‘’ No ‘’ so he raised his speed more
I was vomiting when he stopped the car throwing some money near me
- ‘’ here’s money for medicine. Let’s never see each other again. ‘’ he said before he left
‘’ we received a report about an accident as the rain started to fall more heavily.
A truck that was heading on highway 6 slid on the road due to the sudden rainfall and accidentally hit a woman in her 20s who was passing by. This woman, whose identity has yet to be identified…she’s on her way to the hospital now, and she is in critical condition.
So those of you who are driving please be extra careful. ‘’

so I changed the car destination after hearing what the reporter just said on the radio.

i returned to the same spot where i left her, but there's no trace of her
- ‘’ I’m in a bit of a rush right now, so can I talk to you—‘’
- ‘’ I found the woman you asked me to find’’ Lawyer Pyo said
- ‘’ I…I think I found her, too. ‘’ i said as i looked at her
- ‘’ ‘Did you change your mind? That’s why you came back,right?‘’ she asked with a weak smile on her face
‘’ you know, I’m not only doing this for me, so that I can get a job, or something, I think that this documentary can really help you break free from this image that you’ve crafted for yourself, And honestly, wouldn’t it be nice to earn tons of money from it—‘’
- ‘’ Do you not know who I am? ‘’ I interrupted her
- ‘’ of course I do ! even my landlord’s little kid know you—‘’
- ‘’ Elena! Do you really not know who I am? ‘’ I yelled
- ‘’ … I do know who you are. You jerk. ‘’
* End of chap 1 *

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#1Eliana_96Sep 27, 2016

beautiful story \:wub\:

#2RubrielDec 17, 2016

Really hard to figure out who is speaking. I'm confused.

#3FlowerShyNov 18, 2017

beautiful.....absolutely beautiful\:eek\:\:rah\:\:wub\:

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