Chap. 13 - What About Yesterday
Published Jun 7, 2013

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(Loading. . .) “Thousands of years ago a young, powerful archmage—The Philosopher—created a stone. And within this stone he imbued all of his vast knowledge and power. But he realized he made a mistake creating this stone—creating this device which would essentially allow him to be immortal; his mistake was greed—he knew they would come for it: greedy beings who would steal the stone away—hide it in darkness. So, the young philosopher decided to create protectors for the treasure, and he created an entire race.

The Verismili.

Eternal creatures that rose and fell with the seasons.
And when the young archmage became old, they still guarded the stone. And when the old man’s body withered to dust, they still watched. And when Jean Henri Glueck was forgotten and his stone no more than a myth, the soldiers of spring still stood vigil. "But then, there came a day of reckoning: a necromancer gathered both the dead and the living, demanded they find the Philosopher’s Stone—he led them with promises of immortality and wealth. . .

"And so they set out; and so the Verismili and the Necromancer’s army fought. . . . . . None survived.” The oven thudded close; Theo settled on the words: “Wow. I mean—the things you can find on the internet. “Ugh. Just go back to making me a sandwich if you’re going to be so closed minded.” “Ha. You still lose: I’m not making sandwiches. –What even got you thinking of the Philosopher’s Stone, anyway?” “Pumpkin Pie, don’t ask me questions I don’t have the answer to—but I do have one wicked headache.” “Hmm. Not the answer I was aiming for, but an interesting one in its own respect…don’t I just love hearing about your every little—” “No need to be cras, Theo.” Then abruptly, “If Lucian Carter is Queen Evelyn’s father and Oren’s grandfather, does that make Demetrius Carter the queen’s brother and Oren’s uncle?” He moved to the other side of the oven and took a seat atop the counter: “Slow yah roll, Mar-mar. What’s this sudden interest in Vampire Lineage?”

“Ugh.” She pressed a hand to her forehead, “Carter. I need to find Demetrius Carter, Theo!”
“Marisa, Marisa—calm down.” There was a hollow look on her face when she spun her chair around. “It’s this damn headache; I feel like an elephant is stepping on my brain…” Theo stared at her for a moment, then returned, “I never did tell you much about Lucian’s son the other day—at the Toadstool—did I?” “Not much more than—debt: he had a lot of it.” “We’ve got around forty-five minutes to waste, anyway, until the Dim Sum is ready.” “Dim Sum?” Dim Sum. Basically, after the story I told you, he became a kind of traveling doctor. The Good Doctor. He scours the globe and whether you’re a fairy or a werewolf, a wizard or a genie, a ghost or a vampire, a mermaid or an alchemist—if you’ve got a problem, he’ll fix it. Medical problems, to be precise.” Respect came to a crescendo in his voice: “He’s saving beings that have no charities and no commercial pity, and what’s more he’s doing it all with only his wits and a steady hand at potion-making. Incredible. Y’know what I’d do to be that guy’s appren—uh. Never mind. "What’s this all about, Marzipan?” “Queen Evelyn; she’s dieing and—I don’t know exactly why—but we’ve got to find Carter and convince him that his sister’s cure exists. The Philosopher’s Stone.” Theo blinked at her. “What.” He blinked once more, “How do you even know this?” “I-I…I don’t know.” “Wanna hear guideline number three-fifteen?” “Will it cure my headache?” “Perhaps—Don’t worry so much…we can ask the Bombastic Blondes about it when they pop up next.” That… did not help my headache, but good idea.” Theo beamed, “I’m full of them—are they always that rude and pushy?” Marisa grunted a laugh, “I don’t know either of them well. But vampires as a whole? I assume so.” “You know, before you came back into my life, it wasn’t nearly so interesting; for instance, I had never met a vampire before your friends showed up.” “Not my friends, and isn’t there some bat-hangout lost in the mists of Moonlight Falls?” “Oh, I’m sure.” He said nicely, “But you wouldn’t catch me there without a pocket full of sunshine and a backpack full of garlic, mon ami.” “Nice. —I can see all those French classes you took over the summer didn’t go to waste. And you dragged me along, and it was all for a girl…Christine, was it?” Chrisee. And she was the most beautiful French-summer-exchange student that had ever walked the tired sidewalks of Moonlight Falls!”

Marisa waved an indifferent hand.
“Anyway: now that we’re done reminiscing my lovelorn past.” He threw out a curious arm, “I still don’t get why they’re so fixated on bringing you along. If they’re in such an anxious hurry to rescue their friend why lollygag around here only to wait for you—not that you’re not somthin’ worth waitin’ for.” He added in a rush. “Oh, I don’t pretend to understand vampires—I guess diplomacy isn’t their forte, so they want a nice, docile, humanly human to…translate for them. And thanks for the compliment, Theo.” “Oh!” A smile broke across his face and a laugh jerked out of him: “You! My Marisa? Nice? Docile?human! . Oh, Marzipan, you sure know how to— you weren’t joking, were you? “I was not.” “Are they even aware that your not some girl-next-door floozie who makes a habit out of traveling the world with some stranger after her closest relatives die?” “Oh-kay. I’m not even sure what that was, but…no, I have not yet broken the news that I am a Supernatural.” “Ooo, how do you think Witches compare to Vampires on the Vampire Hunter’s hate-o-meter? Wanna Plumbob it?” “Not really, no.” “You’re such a no-curiosity-Kate.” “Hey, Theo…” “Yes, Mar-mar?” “…I’ve been having some really strange dreams…” That godforsaken noise invaded her dreams—tugged and tore at her awareness. Gah. Why me? Marisa sat up, blinking in the darkness— Meow.

—“Luna.” Marisa growled.
As she rolled off the bed and onto her feet, sense crashed upon her: “What the hell are you doing on the—” She realized it was late at night and her voice was unnecessarily loud “—Luna, what are you doing here? In my room?” Then some more sense crashed down on her—I am talking to a cat. And expecting an answer… “Huh.” Marisa gathered the feline into her arms: “Y’know, you and me haven’t really gotten along…”

The animal gave an affirmative meow.

“Maybe it’s because I don’t like cats—” the cat emitted a mocking yowl. “—No offence.”
Marisa starred out into the night and wondered if her life would ever be anything close to ‘normal’ again. She said, almost wistfully, “I think we should bury the hatchet and forgive each other for—uh. Hey!” Luna leaped from her arms and skirted toward the door to scratch on the wooden surface, meowing urgently.

“That’s not the way to the litter-box, Luna.” But she opened the door anyway.
Immediately, the feline loped down the stairs and Marisa dutifully trailed behind. The cat passed, un-inquisitively, through the house: all the way out the front door.

And Marisa followed, a step behind.
“Don’t you have a job?” “Nah. The snow’s too deep.” The snow was deep. Theo shrugged. Marisa cast an uneasy glance at Luna. Sitting up, “Do ya think she’s trying to lead me somewhere?” Marisa threw an arm toward the cat lounging languorously on the coffee table, but her question was aimed at her closest friend. “Well. If she is, you guys better hurry up and get to your dream-destination: we’ve got five days left until Blood-sucker Squad comes crashing down my door—and we’re no closer to accomplishing whatever you need to accomplish to get Grandma Louise to move on.” “We haven’t seen her in a while.” Doubtfully, “Maybe she already has?” “She’d say good-bye before leaving—your grandmother may not be the finest being this side of the void but she never shies away from a good-bye. Of that much, I can assure you.” “So, the only clue I’ve got in ever figuring out what exactly I need to do is by following dream-Luna to this mystery destination in my dreams, correct?” “Copasetic.” “Then, there’s only one clear course of action.”

“Enlighten me, oh wise, knowledgeable sorceress…”
“A catnap.” "On the couch?” Theo asked hopefully. “Uh, no.” “You just want to see my bedroom; what’s it matter to you anyway? I told you I don’t even sleep in there—I sleep in—” “Yeah-yeah, you sleep on the benches in that alchemist den of yours. Nevertheless, I still want to see what you’ve done with my grandmother’s place.” It always started the same way… That godforsaken sound invaded her dreams—tugged and tore at her awareness. Gah. Why me? Marisa sat up, yawning in the darkness— “Good, you’re up.” Marisa jumped—shouted angrily, “The hell are you doing here—the hell are you doing in my room!” He walked over and sat at the edge of her bed, refraining from looking at her, “Marisa, this is a dream.”

Uncomfortably, Oren rose, returning to the foot of the bed.
Something unfathomable took over Marisa for a moment; she shook her head—“I don’t care! Get out.” “That’s another thing, Marisa, I’m stuck here until you understand what exactly—” What?” She interrupted, and then repeated: “I don’t care; get out. Luna is supposed to appear on that chair and take me somewhere. And I have to find out where. So go: get. Out.” He said very simply and almost sadly, “Luna’s not coming. I’ll take you where you’re going.” She threw off the sheets and stood before Oren; he wouldn't quite look at her and the words he wanted to speak seemed to be caught in his throat.

Marisa was not entirely convinced. Until—
Oren held out a hand, looked her in the eye, and then rose an eyebrow, “Will you let me?”

And there was something about his smile.
In case you were wondering, this chapter's name is:

"Information From the Internet, a Tangible Dream, and a Matter for the Mind"

Never forget: I Hope You Enjoyed!

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