Cheers...To New Beginnings: Chapter 6 P2
Published Feb 26, 2015

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Hello my fellow readers, I hoped you enjoyed the wedding but now it's time for the honeymoon! Are you guys ready? Let's begin!

Hello my fellow readers, I hoped you enjoyed the wedding but now it's time for the honeymoon! Are you guys ready? Let's begin! - 20 Hours Later -

After a long, nerve-wracking twenty hour flight they had eventually arrived in the Maldives just after six o'clock in the morning (Maldives time), but they still had an hour boat ride to the Suvadiva Resort where they will be staying for the duration of their honeymoon.

- An Hour Later -

Upon arrival they were very nicely welcomed at the port as they made their way to the 'Royal Resort' to check in.

As soon as they were officially in the Maldives, they went to the dockyard next to the airport and took the boat that they needed to get to their final location.
Manager: Hello and welcome to the Royal Resort Mr and Mrs Austen! Congratulations on your nuptials! They both thanked her. Let me just check you lovebirds in and while I do this someone will take your luggage to your luxury suite!

Malik: Thank you very much.

Manager: And how are you enjoying time here so far?

Gabriella: Well we've been on a plane for twenty hours and then been on a boat for one hour...but it's been lovely! She exaggerated; she did enjoy the views on their way here as well as the sunshine, but she was jet lagged and just wanted to relax and be comfortable.

Manager: I's a long journey but it is well worth it! She handed Malik the key card. I hope you enjoy your stay here and if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask! Gabriella and Malik thanked her as they followed the bellboy to their luxury suite!
The bellboy moved to the side so Malik could go into the room first; he put the key card in the slot and let Gabriella go in first, as she looked around the room Malik thanked the man and gave him a generous tip before leaving.

Malik: So what do you think?

Gabriella: *turning around* I was expecting it to be a little more modern but, it's perfect! She went and gave him a passionate kiss. So what do you wanna do first? She asked, getting all excited.

Malik: Slow down! I thought you were tired?

Gabriella: I am!..But there's so much to do and I don't want to stay in the room right now, I wanna be outside in the beautiful sun with my husband! And Malik couldn't say no to that.
They had a shower before changing into their swimwear and decided to hang around by the pool; they took a swim and played about in the water, then lounged around where they both had a nap.

Their nap lasted for quite some time as they were exhausted from the flight and went a little overboard with the swimming and playing about in the pool. They woke up after twelve when their stomachs were growling at each other, so they went to the food hall to get something to eat.

They had a lot to eat but Gabriella had the most out of both of them, it was as if she had been starved since the wedding! So to burn off those calories they took a nice stroll around the small island before returning back to their hotel suite, where they cuddled and watched TV for the rest of the afternoon.
Later on in the evening after dinner, they went back to their suite where Malik took off all of his clothes except for his boxes to relax on the bed and watch TV, whereas Gabriella took a thing or two to the bathroom with her to also change into something more...comfortable.

When she eventually came out she stayed by the bathroom door and did a sexy pose waiting for Malik to notice.

Gabriella: So what do you think? Malik looked at Gabriella then looked away to search for the remote to turn off the TV.
Malik: Sexy. Very sexy!

Gabriella: like it?

Malik: I like it very much, get over here gurl! And Gabriella did just that; she gave him her sexy walk over to the bed where she climbed over him and crawled up reaching his face where she gave him a kiss! Malik kissed her back and things went from one level to the next..let's just say they had a very special night their first day here!
- Day 2 -

The married couple woke up fairly early in the morning and ordered room service before getting washed and dressed to go to the hotels gym and spa.

While Gabriella was relaxing in the infinity hot tub Malik was getting a workout in; once he got his quota he joined his wife in the hot tub where Gabriella then insisted on making a lot more bubbles!

It was a good thing that nobody came in to catch them 'cause it would have been quite embarrassing for the both of them! When they came out they went back to the room to get a few things before making their way to a nearby beach.
They swam and played in the ocean like a couple of kids, then when Gabriella was feeling a bit tired she got the floatable lounger, found a nice spot in the water and hopped on and read one of the books that her aunt Karma brought back for her from Egypt.

Malik decided to do snorkeling where he managed to find some nice shells!
They stayed at the beach until the evening when it began to rain on them; they would have stayed a while longer if it didn't but they went home anyway because nobody needed to have a cold on their honeymoon!

They stayed in their suite for the rest of the evening where they ordered room service once again, but instead of cuddling up while watching TV, they did some other things that were more..entertaining for them!
- Day 3 -

Today they were more constructive of their time as they branched away from the hotel and went for a lovely boat ride in the morning; as Malik is soo good at driving a boat he took Gabriella for a spin around the island and came back. Afterwards they went windsurfing!

Malik was looking a bit shaky to start off with where eventually he turned too quickly and the windsurf board flipped over and had Malik up in the air and flopped right in the water; Gabriella noticed nothing but the sound of his screams cause her to turn and see him inches away from being underwater.

He was fine, just a little dizzy, but it didn't stop Gabby from having a try and it was a good thing that she did 'cause she was a natural!
They were out in the sea for hours taking part in their activities and when they eventually returned to shore, they went to the spa and had a nice couples massage, then had something to eat before Gabriella called it a day when they went back to their suite and fell asleep; she was knackered once again, but Malik didn't mind!

For the past three days that they have been here they have been at it with each other like dogs on heat! So when Gabriella went to bed early he was kinda thankful so he could catch a break and let his body heal after his freak accident.
- Day 4 -

The next morning they took it easy again as Gabriella wasn't really feeling herself but she didn't say that to Malik as she didn't want him to worry too much, so she used his accident as an excuse for him to relax.

They stayed at the hotel and used some of the amenities there such as the spa, (again) the pool and the bar!

Gabriella: I'm gonna go and relax..enjoy your game!

Malik: *playing a game on his iPad* Okay baby..I'll join you in a min! But Gabriella did not hear him as she was already out of the dining area.
Her intention was to relax on one of the loungers by the pool but she wasn't in the mood for the sun right now, she just wanted to be somewhere comfortable, cool and sitting on something soft so she went to the suite where she continued reading her book. Forty-five minutes after he said that he'll join his wife in a minute, he then finished playing his game and went to relax by the pool with her; when he got to the pool area Gabriella was nowhere to be found and there was only one other place where she would be!

He went upstairs to their suite and found her on the bed sleeping! Well that's what he thought anyway; he didn't want to disturb her so he sat on the couch and watched a movie with the volume low.
Malik hadn't even been in the room too long and Gabriella got up and ran into the bathroom covering her mouth; Malik had no comment, he just waited patiently until she came back out. Five minutes had passed and Malik was beginning to have some concerns when he could hear her coughing and throwing up.

Gabriella: *thinking to herself* Why does this have to happen now? I was fine before! *flushing the toilet* I can't keep it a secret anymore...I have to tell him!

Malik: Babe..are you okay? But there was no response...things went quiet. He muted the TV and walked towards the door. Babe? She quickly washed her face with cold water and gargled her mouth before coming out of the bathroom.
Gabriella: I'm fine..

Malik: Are you sure? You didn't sound too well in there! He looked at her with his concerned brown eyes as he placed his hands on each side of her waist. What did you eat?

Gabriella: It's not that...I'm pregnant!

Malik: How can you be pregnant? I know we've been at it a lot since we've been here but-

Gabriella: Don't be silly Malik! I'm over four weeks pregnant!

Malik: For real?

Gabriella: For real!..I didn't want to say anything yet..not at least until we got home.
Malik: But why?

Gabriella: Because I wanted us to have a nice wedding and a nice honeymoon without you worrying about me!

Malik: But I always care about you!

Gabriella: But I knew that you would be even worse; if you knew that I was pregnant yesterday after your accident would you have let me have a go?

Malik: ....

Gabriella: Exactly!

Malik: Because it wouldn't be safe! Thank goodness it was me and not you! But let's not think about that..we're having a baby!

Gabriella: I know right!..But you can't get too excited and tell the whole world, we need to be patient!
Malik: Why? He knelt down and put his ears to Gabriella's belly. Hi baby it's your daddy speaking!

Gabriella: Oh my gosh! *laughing* It can't hear you baby; it hasn't developed any ears yet!

Malik: I know..but I can still talk to him!

Gabriella: So is that what you are hoping for?

Malik: Of course! So he can follow in my footsteps in being a handsome NFL player!. What about you? You want a girl don't you?

Gabriella: I don't mind! I don't mind at all, all I care about is his or her's health!
Malik: Me too! But you've been drinking alcohol!

Gabriella: Since I found out I am pregnant I have hardly drank! I've only had one on our wedding day and one since we've been here! I've been a good girl!

Malik: Uhuh..but why can't we tell anybody?

Gabriella: It is best to wait until I'm at least thirteen weeks and then we'll be in the all clear, though anything can still happen afterwards!

Malik: Well let’s not think about that, we need to think positive! He gave her a smooch. We need to celebrate! Let’s go out to eat!

Gabriella: Tonight? I don't really feel up for going out right now, I think I need to be near a toilet.
Malik: we can eat downstairs then! And when you feel the need to go, we'll go! Gabriella went and slumped onto the bed.

Gabriella: But I don't feel like it!..I want to stay in bed and cuddle up to my husband and try to enjoy this moment though I feel so ill!

So Gabriella got her own way of course and Malik made a compromise with her so that they will go out to eat tomorrow night to celebrate, so in the meantime Malik did what she asked for and they cuddled up and watched the rest of the movie that he was watching previously.
- Day 5 -

Gabriella woke up later than usual the next morning as she wasn't feeling a hundred percent herself, but when she did she was greeted with an enticing smell of pancakes and fresh fruit!

Malik: I came just in time! Morning; I made you breakfast!

Gabriella: You made it?

Malik: You wouldn't believe what you can do when you are rich and/or famous!

Gabriella: Well thank you, they look delicious! She picked up the small vase with the rose and gave it a whiff before putting it back and taking a sip of her breakfast drink.

Malik: I thought maybe you'd like to join me afterwards for some meditation!

Gabriella: Seriously?
And Malik was actually serious! She took him up on the offer but was in no rush as she stuffed her face in those pancakes and fruits until she was more than full up and went to have a shower.

When she was all dressed in the appropriate attire, they walked to the public pool nearby and meditated on the beach.
Because they were so focused and relaxed they managed to meditate for over an hour! After feeling serene they spent the majority of the day at the pool sending messages to their friends and family back home to let them know they are okay; this should have been done the day they arrived but they were tired and excited to venture out on the island. In the evening as they both agreed, they went to a restaurant (outside of the hotel) and had a very nice meal.

Malik: So when is your first scan?

Gabriella: The week after next.

Malik: Do women usually have a scan that early?

Gabriella: Not really, but because of my previous miscarriage the doctor advised that I have an early scan just to be on the safe side!

Malik: Right, so when will we get to find out the sex of the baby?

Gabriella: Well it's yet to be booked but probably about seven weeks after the scan! I have no idea!

Malik: That's a long way away! And you want me to keep quiet for seven weeks?

Gabriella: I know it's a long time, but I don't want to tell everyone and then something happens!
Malik: But we don't have to tell everybody!..Just our mum's..and-

Gabriella: Then they'll tell their friends and so on and so on!...You can do it! Please?..For me? It's hard for me too! I wish I could go to the highest mountain and scream it out loud but it wouldn't be very wise!

Malik: I'll try my best babe.

Gabriella: Thank you..and I promise when the time comes you can be the one to tell our family the news!

Malik: I look forward to it!

Gabriella: I know you are! They continued to talk about baby stuff and what they'll be like as parents throughout their dinner and dessert; they then called it a night when Gabriella was feeling quite in the mood for something that wasn't on the menu!
- Day 6 -

The next day they were going scuba diving which was planned almost at the beginning of their honeymoon, but now that Malik has discovered that Gabriella is pregnant he is not so comfortable having her diving underwater around certain sea creatures.

They were already at the beach which was when he brought up his concerns.

Malik: I'm not sure if we should do this again!

Gabriella: Why not? Are you scared?

Malik: I'm not scared!...But I could never forgive myself for allowing you to! Gabriella's smile from her face disappeared; she knew he would be like this, she wished she had sucked it up and just told him she ate something bad the other night.
Gabriella: You see I knew you would be like this! That's why I never wanted to tell you until after our honeymoon!

Malik: I would have concerns for your safety even if you weren't pregnant!

Gabriella: You would have had concerns for my safety but still let me go, but now cause there is a child involved you draw the line at me doing this! Am I right or am I wrong? Malik was trying to find something convincing to say but it would be a lie.

I'm going to put on this suit and I am going on that boat and then I am going to jump in that water and go scuba diving with or without you because I am not going to let a small foetus at four weeks ruin my fun! I have concerns myself but I have been waiting to do this...everything will be fine and we'll have a good time okay?
Whatever Malik said she would go anyway so he just followed on and was going to make sure that he will be by her side like a fish is with a shark! So they put their gear on and hopped onto the boat with the scuba diving instructor and when they arrived he had a quick talk with them before they dived down to the bottom of the ocean. The time went fast when they were diving below while they looked at the beautiful corals and the school of fishes as they passed them; Malik even managed to find a chest that he opened and found some treasure! (Curiosity even caused him to forget about guarding Gabriella!)

Three hours later and it was time to return to the surface and head back to shore.
Soon after they were back on the shore, they had a nice picnic on the beach to build back up some of their energy; even the ants were enjoying the food!

Malik: I think I know what tattoo I'm gonna get!

Gabriella: Yeah?...What are you gonna get?

Malik: I'm not telling ya! You'll see tomorrow!

Gabriella: Is it something to do with us? Is it something to do with the baby? Malik shrugged his shoulders.

Malik: I dunno..maybe!

Gabriella: I'm jealous!..But as soon as this baby is out I'm going to get mine!

Malik: Is it really? Haven't you got more important things to be doing like taking care of our newborn son?
Gabriella: You are so certain that it's a boy aren't you?

Malik: You gotta be optimistic! Gabriella giggled.

Gabriella: Okay mister! Then twenty minutes after letting some of their food digest they went and splashed about in the sea together before they decided to return back to the hotel.

They took it easy for the rest of the day.
- Day 7 -

For a while now Malik has wanted to get another tattoo and Gabriella was going to get one as well before she found out that she was pregnant, but she can't now so this afternoon she followed Malik to the tattoo parlour as support while he got his!

It took about an hour and a half to go through what he wanted and how he wanted it to getting it tattooed onto his skin; it cost $300 dollars to get this done but at least Malik was pleased with the final outcome. It was a tattoo of two owls with a heart in the middle that had a small scroll in front of it so a name could be added there.

It was a very nice and thoughtful tattoo that had Gabby a little jealous but she was okay as she was very certain about getting hers after the birth of her unborn child. After their brief trip to the parlour, though Malik was advised to stay out of the sun they went to the beach anyway where they relaxed and took in the sun (with his top on) and enjoyed the most of what they could as they'll be returning home tomorrow evening.
- Day 8 -

Eight days went so quick but it was time to go home; they spent the day packing and buying souvenirs for some of their friends and family, then they had one last walk around the island after a tasty lunch.

As the daytime came to a close and the evening made an appearance, they cuddled up on a nearby beach to look at the stars an hour before they had to board the boat back to the main island to catch their twelve o'clock flight back to Roaring Heights, Miami.
And this is where chapter 6 of Cheers...To New Beginnings has come to an end! I hope you have enjoyed their honeymoon at the Suvadiva Resort and Chapter 7 will be out soon! Thanks for reading!

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#1taj39759VIPFeb 27, 2015

like the honeymood scenes! Can't wait to read the next installments

#2daniluvsims22Mar 6, 2015

Great chapter as always!!! Awww, a little baby is on the way! Congrats!!!!\:\)

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