Dear Jayden, Chapter 6
Published Dec 10, 2012

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Dear Jayden, Chapter 6 is finally here! Took me long enough right? I just kept putting it off and putting it off and putting it off

Dear Jayden, Chapter 6 is finally here! Took me long enough right? I just kept putting it off and putting it off and putting it off December 10th:

It had been a few weeks since I found out I was pregnant. I would not say that life had changed all that much. Other then the fact that I had ran away from Denar, and had been staying at a Motel not far from my doctors office. My doctor had called me asking me to come see her as soon as possible, she had gotten some test results back, and it was urgent that I come to speak to her. And so, now I was sitting in an examination room, waiting.
I listened ,as she tapped her fingers against the keyboard. The clock ticked upon the wall, and I wished that she could just tell me what was going on.

After several minutes of her mumbling under her breath as if to work out an equation she turned and smiled t me.
She helped me off the bed, and smiled again.

"You are a very lucky woman" She took my hand, and patted it.

"What are you talking about?" I questioned, a vague expression upon my face.

"It seems that while doing some tests, we have discovered that.." She paused, I looked at her with eyes of concern.

"You're having twins!" She smiled again, patting my shoulder, as if to congratulate me.

At that moment I looked down to my stomach..twins..I thought to myself..I was having twins..
A few days later Tami and I started to go house hunting in Jersey, it was going to be impossible to raise 2 children in a tiny studio apartment. And so we drove down to Jersey, where there was a quaint two bedroom house for sale. When we arrived at the house, Tami and I stepped out of the car and out onto the lawn, we could see that the Realtor was standing on the poach waiting for us. She greeted us and began to walk us through the house. As we stepped into the entry way, I was amazed with how beautiful the house was. The Realtor walked us through the house, and pointed out only the most beautiful features, which turned out to be nearly everything. As we walked through, I began to imagine myself living there, and it became very clear that this is where I was going to live. The house was listed at a reasonable price, with most of the furniture included, after we had finished walking through I pulled the Realtor aside and asked her if I could purchase the house. Only 2 days later I was able to move in. it was amazing, my tummy was growing, I could only think about how big I was going to be with twins on the way. Tami and I managed to move all of my things into the basement of my new house, and I simply couldn't wait to start unpacking things. I hooked up one of my old televisions, and began to flip channels, i was looking for a holiday special when suddenly a familiar face appeared upon the screen. It was Denar! He was with the horrible Italian girl I had met at the photo shoot not so long ago.

And then I read the headline underneath their picture.
"Famous Rockstar Dear, is Enageged!"
I gasped, I couldn't believe it, he was engaged..and to Martina.

For some reason I felt sad. Maybe it was the fact that I possibly had feelings for him, maybe it was just the hormones. But I felt something.
Denar/Jayden's POV:

I walked away from the TV camera, and sighed softly. This is not what I wanted. I didn't want to marry Martina, I didn't love her. But ever since Eve ran away, I hadn't felt the same. I made this stupid decision, what was I going to do? I looked down to my phone, and sent Eve a text, this had to be the 50th text I'd sent her.
Eve's POV:

After a few minutes. I was so upset I could hardly keep my face straight. Tears slipped down my cheeks, as I sat turned away from the Television. What was I going to do. I was carrying his children, they were the only things keeping me from going insane.
Later that night, I got online for the first time in what seemed like months. I had received many messages from Jayden. I noticed that he was online and I started to chat with him.

Evening92: Hey Jayden, How've you been?

BlueJay5: Not bad, and you?

Evening92:Well, You could say I've been much better.

BlueJay5: What's wrong Eve is something going on?

I closed the chat, and rolled over on my side, propping myself up against my arm. I just didn't have the heart to tell him, I had been with another man and was now pregnant with that man's children. I cared about him to much to let him know what I had done.. I slowly stood and wandered my way over to my vanity. I sat down and looked into the mirror. I was beautiful, in the eyes of many people, but right now, all I could see in that mirror, was a failure. I looked down at the vanity, and noticed some hair dye I had gotten many months ago for a photo shoot. I took it in my hand and walked over to the bathroom. I wet my hair and began to apply the product. Dying my hair a dark honey brown. While my hair was setting I went over to my vanity, pulling out some old make up, a straightener, and some old jewelry from when I was younger. I was going to completely change how I looked. For hours, I plucked, and pulled, brushed, and placed. Until and entirely new me appeared in the mirror. As I looked at my new reflection. I was stunned. I looked so different, and yet so much like my old self. Things were going to be different, that much I knew. What I didn't know was that they would change for the better...

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cat1999Dec 27, 2012

\:D pleaseee keep writing ...i dont read many stories at tsr but when i read them is because they are amazing and i cant wait to see chapter 7

KarinaRockssDec 16, 2012

cant wait for the next one these are getting better and better

jadababy2003 VIPDec 15, 2012

Oh my goodness, this is getting good.

Hottiesheldon VIPDec 15, 2012

Really great story loving it can't wait for the next part! I hadn't read this story and finally I clicked on chap 6 and had a flick through and fell in love so I read all of them amazing \:\) can't wait for chapter 7!!

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