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Forgotten Redemption: Chap 1, Part 1
Published Feb 2, 2009

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Hi everyone! Wow, how long has it been since I posted up a new story?! Sorry about that guys, I pick some of the worst times to post stories up. Why? Because school is starting and I'm going to be working a lot more. But I hope you like this story though! Read on...

Hi everyone! Wow, how long has it been since I posted up a new story?! Sorry about that guys, I pick some of the worst times to post stories up. Why? Because school is starting and I'm going to be working a lot more. But I hope you like this story though! Read on... She felt sad as she sa on the swing, no one to talk to... "Hello, do you want a push?" She looked up to see another girl walk past her to behind the swing. She felt confused... The next thing she knew she was in the air swinging back and forth. She laughed in joy... "My name is Samantha, what's yours?" the girl asked. "Lilly..." she replied Huh? What? Oh, I must have fallen asleep Funny, I haven't had that dream in a long time. It was one of my childhood memories from when I was six years old. It was confusing because I couldn't remember it all. I just remembered Lilly. Ah, Lilly, I missed that girl so much when she moved. But now ten years on and I still don't know where she moved to... Now, where was I before I fell alseep. That's right, cleaning the house and aunt Holly going out to find clubs. I guess this was kind of typical, my aunt messes up the new house and then leaves me to the cleaning. Not that I have a problem with that of course, I don't mind doing all the house chores and cooking. I got to work cleaning the counter tops in the new kitchen. See, me and my aunt had just moved into a new house here at Botany Beach a few hours ago. It was originally owned by my mum's great grandmother, but Holly kind of renvated the whole place. Oh mum, I still miss you so much. I still have her ribbon in my hair, it makes me feel better knwoing that I have a part of her with me. I missed my dad a lot too, he and my mum were invovled in the same accident four years ago. Ever since then I have been living with Holly and cleaning the house. I was so thankfully that Holly gave me a roof over my head. I didn't have the best clothing or the best bedroom, but at least I was in a house. I was so lucky to have this, being in this house and not in the streets somewhere cold and alone... A few moments I did wonder though, as I finshed the last counter top, what it was like out there. No, I shouldn't leave the house. But then again, I could go out for a little while...NO! Who was I kidding, I knew I wanted to go outside and explore the beach so badly. But surely I couldn't go against Holly, that wouldn't be right...I could just take one step outside. I walked over to the door and opened it. I took one step outside. I felt the wind blow gently in my face and the smell of spring in the air. I then found myself walking down the steps and on to the path outside. I rose my head to the sky and closed my eyes. For some reason freedom smelt nice, very nice. I guess a quick trip of exploring couldn't hurt. I looked ahead and began walking down the path not knowing what to expect.
SEVERAL MINUTES LATER... WOW! I had walked into a market place, it was so strange and wondeful. I could hear all the calls for peopel to go to the stalls. "Seven years bad luck? Not anymore! Buy one of Ray's mirrors and you'll be as lucky as the next person!" Fresh fruit and vegetables, get your fresh fruits and vegetables right here!" "Get a green thumb with Amanda's pot plants!" I stopped in front of an art stall. I loved to paint and admire other peoples work. I could see a woman near the back painting on a canvas, she didn't seem to notice I was here. I was amazed by her paintings, she was really talented. "You're so talented!" "Huh?" She turned around to look at me. She seemed like a nice person.She put her brush and pallet down and walked over to me. "You're really talented! I mean it, I love your painting style and the colours you used. You really quite are the artist..." "Oh, well, um...thank you!" She grinned happily. I really meant it, she was very talented. "It's just a shame I don't have any money to buy one of your paintings...So, what are you working on back there?" "That, I'm not sure yet, I'm thinking abstract!" she said still girnning. "Sounds wonderful, I hope you finish it soon so I can see it!" I said with a smile. She then pointed a finger at me "You know, um...what's your name?" "Me, oh, it's Samantha." "The name's Lucy. What was I saying before? Oh yeah, you know, Samantha, you're the first person to notice my stall. Everyone passes this place and doesn't even take a glimpse at it. But, in the end, I don't really do it for the money." "That's a real shame I guess. But the good thing, I guess, is that your still paintign even though no one buys your art. It's really good to see an artist doing something they love doing it for what it is and not for the money..." She sighed and looked at me strangel, her grin gone. Oh no, I must have said something wrong! "Oh, I'm sorry!" "No, no your right...That's...That's the answer I was looking for..." She looked back up me with a smile "Thank you, again..." I smiled back and... Something off to the right caught my eye, something purple and shiny. I felt my face form inot curiousity. My eyes locked on the person at the flower stall... There was a girl my age with long, shiny, purple hair talking to the owner of the stall about something. She had the same hairstyle as...No, it couldn't be, could it?
(Okay, for some reason this thing says that if I upload too many images it will abort, so I guess this is going to have to be part on of chapter 1. I'll get to part 2 right away!)

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justvexApr 20, 2009

<p>Good job</p>

Murphy75Apr 13, 2009

<p>Great start...I just found your story and I'm going to start from the beginning and read on!\:D</p>

mpattonApr 6, 2009

<p>This looks like it'll be an interesting story.&nbsp; On to Part 2 then.</p>

~wyldchyld~Feb 10, 2009

<p>Good start!&nbsp; Off to read more...\:\)</p>

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