Gardener's Dream - Chapter 40
Published Jan 22, 2011

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It's time for party!

It's time for party! Dommithilde couldn't believe how quickly time had passed. It seemed like Elderberry had born only the day before but already it was time for her first birthday. On the other hand it filled Dommithilde with sadness, her precious little baby was getting bigger but then it also meant more happy moments and less waking up in the middle of the night. Dill wasn't sure if the Dommithilde's idea of having a big birthday party was wise, considering that there had never been birthday parties when he and Dasheen had been children. For some reason their mother had simply hated the idea of having a proper birthday party and Dill knew Cherry would be turning around in her grave.

But then, Dill agreed with Dommithilde that their little baby princess deserved a big and fancy party.
Dill and Dommithilde had invited only Dasheen and Diego, who had brought their neighbor along as well. Diego's sisters were babysitting little Jere so that Dasheen and Diego could have a night out.

Everyone was in a great mood, although the older ones seemed a bit absent-minded, as if they had forgotten why they were there. Or then it was just the shock of seeing in what conditions the infamous Garden family lived.
Dill helped Elderberry to blow out the candles and then he placed the little girl on the ground. He couldn't help feeling sad, his little baby girl growing up so fast. Where had all the time gone? How would their lives change now?

Dill took a deep breath to calm down. It was his daughter's birthday, he should be happy instead of worrying.
- This cake is delicious, Dommithilde, what poison did you put into it?
- Umm...
- Dasheen, love, she isn't an alien, I would've noticed already.
- How can you be so sure?
- Aliens are stupid but not stupid enough to invite two alien-hunters to their offspring's birthday party...

Dommithilde sighed. She couldn't say she loved her sister-in-law's obsession with aliens.
Little Elderberry was wondering the big hassle. It was just her birthday but was it a reason to bring awfully lot of scary sims to their home? Elderberry would have preferred a nice stroll to a deserted beach.

She didn't like this party at all, it was much too wild. Even the gnomes were going loose!
But once Dommithilde had helped Elderberry to unwrap her birthday present, the little girl started playing with her brand new xylophone. To everyone's surprise Auntie Dasheen joined Elderberry and together those two produced awful noise that could hardly be called music. Dommithilde smiled at those two, how alike they looked. Elderberry had certainly inherited some Garden features, although Dill said the little girl looked more like her grandfather than grandmother.

Dommithilde just hoped that the likeness to Dasheen would be only in looks.
- I 'ave to say, Dasheen, I am surprised to see you playing with ma petite Elderberry
- I like kids, you know... Jere is still a bit too small to play but soon he will grow up
- Maybe we could arrange a play-date for the children?
- Maybe...

Dommithilde and Dasheen were both just as surprised to find out they actually did have something in common.
Later that night Dommithilde was on a stroll in a park and she came across something that she just couldn't leave standing alone there... Meanwhile at the Garden bunker Dill woke up hungry and so he walked to the fridge for something small only to find out that Dommithilde hadn't prepared anything.

Dill didn't notice that someone had come to see him.
- I was wondering if I was going to see you at all tonight... Greetings from your father
- M-mum?
- Yes, it's me... Now what kind of behavior is this Dill? The garden is wilting and do you have any idea how your wife spends her nights?
- Umm... She likes to go on a walk, to have some time of her own... How so?
- I'm amazed Dill! I thought you would make a great private investigator, you were always the first one to notice things but obviously it's not so anymore...
- How do you mean?
- You have to find it out yourself, pumpkin... But the real reason I'm here is that terrible party! How could you host a birthday party in this house?!
- Mum, this is hardly a house...
- Nonsense.. However, I will be keeping an eye on you, dear..
- But mum!
- Good night Dill
Dill had decided to not mention Cherry's visit to Dommithilde, mostly because he wasn't sure how she would react to the fact that her mother-in-law was haunting their home. Another reason was of course what Cherry had said about Dommithilde. What had she meant with it?

So Dommithilde had no clue about anything and she was happy to take care of little Elderberry.
Elderberry loved being outdoors and Dommithilde didn't mind being out of the bunker either so the two spent most of their days outdoors, practicing walking and taking care of the garden together. Often Elderberry would play outdoors till the sun went down and the night fell. She loved it, the breeze in her hair and the sound of the sea and seagulls. Being alone in the nature was so soothing, Elderberry always felt at ease when she was all by herself. Usually when Dill got home from work he would first take a quick shower and then he would go to Elderberry who without a doubt would still be in the garden playing. Dill loved picking his daughter up and cuddling her after a long day at work.

Dommithilde and Dill had decided that since Dommithilde took care of Elderberry during the day, Dill would take care of the "evening shift". That of course included some not-quite-so-pleasant duties but Dill had to just deal with it.

Besides, potty training was much less messy than the other option.
Elderberry was also happy to spend time with her daddy, even though they spent their evenings mostly underground in the bunker. But playing with Dill and learning to walk was fun and interesting. Elderberry couldn't wait to be able to run around and chase butterflies. Dill and Dommithilde weren't the only ones watching over little Elderberry. When the parents were too busy with their chores, Cherry would come and look after Elderberry, who had gotten used to her ghostly grandmother very easily. Every morning Dill would kiss Dommithilde and Elderberry good bye and head to work. He jumped on his scooter and rode to solve some curious cases on the always so busy Galaad. But as well as these small cases paid, Dill couldn't help wondering if he was ever going to solve the big theft case. Lately the thief had moved from park benches to more valuable things such as statues but Dill couldn't find any leads to help him forward.

And what had Cherry meant with her words?
Time passed swiftly and before Dill noticed it, it was time for his birthday. This time he decided it was best to not throw a party as he didn't want his late mother to haunt them constantly. Every morning before Dill and Elderberry woke Dommithilde hurried to the garden to pick up the morning paper. Lately Dill had been making a bit too much progress despite of the fact she had been careful. Nowadays it was also much harder to go on her nightly walks as Dill had become suspicious. Perhaps the silly sim thought she was having an affair! - Yes Mister Garden, I came to work this morning and someone had stolen all my tattooing tools...
- Well, I checked the door and no-one had broken in and all the windows are perfectly fine
- I never lock the doors Mister Garden, why would someone even want to steal tattooing tools? Do you think someone is going to open a new tattoo parlor and now this sim is trying to get me out of the way?
- I don't know... Yet
Dill went through the whole building, finding many fingerprints and footprints. Unfortunately the whole place was such a mess that it was hard to tell whether or not the fingerprints and such had something to do with the theft.

- Excuse-me Ma'am, but when was the last time this place was cleaned?
- Hmmm... Let me think... I think it was about 10 years ago, when the health inspectors came for visit..

Dill shuddered, trying not to throw up on the floor. He was going to take a long bath once he got home, and tell all his friends who considered getting a tattoo to not visit this place.
Dommithilde had been so busy with the garden that she had forgotten about Elderberry's birthday. Elderberry didn't mind, this birthday was better than she could ever hope for. Almost by herself, under the stars. - Mum...
- What eez eet, chérie?
- I'm scared
- What is it, pumpkin? Tell daddy everything...
- I don't want to go to school tomorrow
- Why not? You'll get to meet other children!
- That's the problem.. I don't want to
- Mais, ma petite, eet will be fun
- Your mother is right, princess, go to bed now
Elderberry did all she could to avoid going to school but Dill was determined, the girl was going to school. So in the end Elderberry had to run to the bus, to face all the other children. - I am so proud of you, mon amour, you 'andled Elderberry very well
- Thank you, dear... How about I take a day off today?
- Oh?
- Well, it's been a while since we had the bunker entirely for ourselves...
- What do you 'ave een mind, chéri?
Dill didn't answer anything. He simply dragged Dommithilde to bed and showed just what he had in mind. - Mum! Are you ill or something?
- 'Ow so?
- Well, it's 4 pm and you still haven't dressed up...
- Eh...
Later that night Elderberry headed to Auntie Dasheen and her cousins. Very red-faced Dommithilde had called Dasheen and asked if Elderberry could come over and play with Jere and to meet her new cousin Rafael.

Elderberry was excited, Aunt Dasheen was so cool.
In all the hurry and business Dommithilde realized she had forgotten something. Her own birthday! Not that she felt much like celebrating, she didn't want to get older. Soon she would become all wrinkly and old.

How was she going to keep up with her busy life when she wasn't as young as she used to be?

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#3martoeleJan 23, 2011

Ooohh.... it was about time that they had another story of yours featured! \:cool\:  Congratulations my dear. A nice chapter and a very special one as well because I think it's the first time that we see a birthday party Lol. Waiting for the next chapter.\:D

#4Midnight222Jan 23, 2011

Hahaha! At last Dill had to do potty training! Elderberry is so cute! Will Dill find out about his wife or will the case never be solved ..... Im looking forward to the next chapter! \:rah\:

#5spitzmagicJan 23, 2011

(((Senja))) congrats on this featured chapter. Wonderful chapter. I can't wait to meet Dasheen's kids. Good that Cherry came for a visit, maybe Dill just doesn't want to know what his wife is up too....\:rah\:

#6Ben72006Jan 23, 2011

What a story and Dill still can't connect the dots about this wife.

#7Anakin StupaineJan 23, 2011

Awwww our non-party girl got a big party \:P Little Elderberry is so cute, yet she's growing up SO fast! \:wub\: To school already? \:P She didn't seem too happy about meeting others.. lol Domm is getting old too! Yet another very interesting generation \:P Great chapter once more, keep it up! \:wub\: x

#8sunshinebearJan 23, 2011

great story.\:\)

#9spladoumJan 24, 2011

Oh my ... Dill is such a goofball!  Something tells me he'll never figure out the theft ring in his wife's lifetime. :P

#10Jennifer_RFeb 5, 2011

Yey, yey, yey! Finally a proper birthday party was held! \:rah\: \:P Elderberry is just adorable and I love that you showed her as a child in this chapter too. My they grow up so quickly. Lol to Dill at the tattoo place.....ewww, 10 yrs ago! \:P I'd be telling my friends too. \;\) i will be back to read the next few chapters later! *hugs* \:wub\:

#11RatRaceRobFeb 16, 2011

A Garden party!  And as it turns out, it was of course thrown for a Garden loner who didn't enjoy it!  Lol, I love eet, as always  \:rah\:

#12MangioFeb 27, 2011

Congrats on the feature \:rah\: I guess no one likes celebrating their birthdays in this household \:D I hope with the clues from Cherry, Dill could connect the dots. I guess he is so blinded by her love \:P Off to read more \:rah\:

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