Good Vs. Evil: Chapter 11
Published Nov 27, 2010

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. A few months had passed since Dan and Henry had their confrontation with neither realizing who the other was. Dan and Jacque have been making plans for the arrival of their baby, as well trying to find out Captain Hero's true identity. Henry and Jane have been making numerous wedding plans, and they've decided to have a small wedding with just the immediate family. There was a knock on the door and Jane sprung up to answer it. She was getting excited at the prospect of going dress shopping with Henry's mother. Jane greeted Margaret with a kiss on the cheek "How are you?" she asked.
"Well I can't complain" she replied beaming "Sorry if I'm a bit late, public transport is a nightmare at rush hour"
"Oh, if I'd known you were taking the bus I would have come and picked you up!"
"That's alright dear. Anyway no time for chit-chat we've got a wedding dress to shop for!"

Jane turned on her heel and quickly picked up her bag, then left with Margaret.
"What do you think of this Dan?" Jacque said smiling as she picked up another onesie.
"I think it looks the same as the other hundred odd you've bought for the baby" he replied after glancing over his shoulder.
"Oh nonsense!" she retorted "This one has a duckie on it!"
"Oh well then, excuse me I didn't realise" he said sarcastically while smiling.
Jacque knew that he was teasing her but she ignore it. "Come on, let's go check out the cribs, it's the last thing we need" she said whilst walking further into the shop.
"Do you have any idea what sort of dress you're looking for?" Margaret asked.
"I was thinking something strapless, and definitely white" she replied while glancing at the models in the shop.
"They just don't make things like they used to" Margaret sighed while scanning some of the dresses.
"Where did you get your wedding dress?" Jane asked.
"Oh, my mother made mine, as her mother made hers" she smiled.
"It must've been nice, to have a dress that was hand made" Jane said while inspecting some of the fabric on one of the dresses.
"You know I could always make yours, if you'd like" Margaret offered trying to hide her excitement at the prospect.
"Really?" Jane asked getting excited "Oh no, I couldn't possible ask you to do that"
"If you really want me to, I'll be more than happy to make your wedding dress" she beamed.
"Are you sure?"
"Oh of course I am!!" Margaret beamed.
"Okay!!" Jane said excited and hugged her tightly. "Thank-you so much!!!"
"I can't believe we bought all this stuff" Dan said whilst looking around the nursery.
"I can't believe we're not in our old house" Jacque replied "but that's what happens I suppose" she said as she walked over to the shelf and started unpacking some more of Taylor's items.
"It's finished!" Jacque said smiling. "Finally we're ready for our little girl!"
"Our little boy" Dan chimed in.
"I didn't think I could get it done in time to be perfectly honest" she smiled "two weeks isn't that much time" "I hope it didn't stress you too much" Jane said apologetically.
"Oh nonsense!! It was the best thing I've ever made" she beamed "a wedding dress for Henry's wife to be"
"I can't believe we're getting married tomorrow, everything's coming together perfectly"
"Jacque? Are you alright?" Dan asked worried.
"Not entirely" she replied through struggled breathing "I think it's time"
"Time?" Dan asked trying to think what she meant.
"Time to go to the hospital"
Dan rushed for the keys and helped Jacque out to the car, then drove like a maniac to the nearest hospital. They arrived at the hospital in record time, and Jacque went straight into her room. They were waiting for hours, and Jacque's contractions were subsiding when the doctor entered. He flipped through his chart. "Everything appears to be normal, we'll just have to wait for nature to take its course" he said looking up. "Alright." He added and left as quickly as he entered.
Dan was getting nervous, not only about his impending fatherhood, but of someone recognizing who he was. There'd been hundreds of news stories about what had happened, and surely one person out of the hundreds he'd passed at that hospital would recognize them. With every glance from the doctors and nursing staff he became more paranoid. Jane woke up and looked at the clock, it was five am. She couldn't possibly contain her excitement for what was to take place that very day. There was a quick knock on the door. "Come in!" she replied to the knocking.
"Did you have a good night's sleep?" Margaret asked when she entered.
"Not really" Jane replied. "I was too excited" she confessed.
"You didn't mind sleeping in Henry's old room then?"
"Oh not at all" Jane smiled, taking one last glance around the room.
"Come on then, we've got to get you ready!" Margaret said excitedly.
"You look so beautiful" Margaret smiled at the finished project. Jane twirled in her dress, and it floated around her. "I love it! It's absolutely perfect!" She beamed "Thank-you so much"
"That's alright dear" Margaret replied "Oh my goodness!" she said looking at her watch "We better get you there or you're going to be late!!"
"Dan get the doctor!" Jacque yelled. Hurriedly Dan ran out of the room and grabbed the first doctor he saw, which luckily happened to be their doctor, and dragged him back into the room. Dan and the Doctor came back to find Jacque sitting on the floor unable to move.
"We really need you to get back onto the bed" the Doctor said looking down at her, but Jacque just shook her head in reply, wincing against the pain. Dan went and sat behind her, to give her some support.
"We're staying here." Dan stated bluntly to the doctor and held her hand as she delivered their baby.
Seconds after their baby was born a nurse rushed in and took it away, to clean it up and make sure he or she is breathing properly.
"You must get some rest now" the Doctor said "the nurse will be back with your baby in a few minutes" and with that, he left.
Dan helped Jacque back into the hospital bed.
"Dan" Jacque said exhausted "Tell me"
"It's a girl." He replied smiling, Jacque returned the smile.
The Nurse returned with their baby daughter all cleaned up and dressed in one of the onesies that Dan and Jacque had brought with them. She handed Dan his daughter. Their daughter, their little Taylor was beautiful. She had her father's eyes and her mother's fair hair. There was something different that he'd never felt before. There was this immediate unconditional love he felt for her. For the first time in his life, he was truly happy. The wedding march started playing and Jane made her way down the aisle. Henry was standing on the other side of her endless journey and she couldn't get to him fast enough.
Henry waited for her to come to him, he was happy beyond words, he couldn't believe the pure happiness he felt in that moment. The whole world slowed and it was only them, making their way towards each other.

Jane was now inches from Henry and he took her hand in his and they both turned toward the priest.
He went through his sermon and Henry and Jane exchanged the traditional vows and their rings. Finally the priest asked the dreaded question "If anybody here has a reason these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace" silence filled the church, it lasted forever. Having no objections the priest continued.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride" he smiled.

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tcancelOct 21, 2011

A baby\:wub\:and a wedding\:wub\:all in one chapter, moving on to the next part right now

dsrhnryDec 13, 2010

awwww, just a wonderful ending. loved this one too. dang i can't pick a best chapter, the story is just amazing. thank you.

MangioDec 2, 2010

Aww \:wub\: What a sweet chapter, congrats on having it featured \:rah\: Off to read the next one \;\)

fredbrennyNov 30, 2010

Yeah! \:wub\:  married! And a Baby!!! \:wub\:  I can go on and read the next part right away! \:rah\: Romantic Chapter!

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