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Good Vs. Evil: Chapter 3
Published Aug 20, 2009

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Change is inevitable. We have little control over it. We can only go about our day and hope that at the end of it we all turn out fine. But what if we don't? What if we change so much, that that person staring back at you in the mirror isn't you? What if the person you've become is the very person you vowed never to be? Would you trap yourself in a spiral of self loathing or would you rise above it, and be something great?.....

Change is inevitable. We have little control over it. We can only go about our day and hope that at the end of it we all turn out fine. But what if we don't? What if we change so much, that that person staring back at you in the mirror isn't you? What if the person you've become is the very person you vowed never to be? Would you trap yourself in a spiral of self loathing or would you rise above it, and be something great?..... Henry slowly awoke. His head was pounding and he couldn’t see straight. He slowly began to realise a strange scratchy kind of motion on his forehead, he cautiously raised his gaze to see Mittens, lovingly licking the top of his head. Henry tried to sit up and focus his vision. How long had he been out of it? He started searching for the remote to the TV, hoping to catch the news, and the date. He found it eventually and flicked it on. “The health departments warning anyone that was in the vicinity of Veronaville last week to report to a hospital. A deadly toxin was released into the air, and any exposure could be considered lethal. In other news, we have a report of a man who believes he can fly, over to you Tom.” Henry carefully clicked off the TV and stared at it in disbelief. He was in Veronaville...when he picked up the mulch for his mum. By all accounts he should be dead. He did feel strangely woozy, but by no means near death. Perhaps it was a mistake? Or maybe his mind was playing tricks on him. Both explanations were perfectly reasonable. Henry wasn't particularly fond of hospitals and he didn't feel unwell, so decided if he started getting worse he would go to a hospital. He did feel different, like something that wasn’t there before had suddenly appeared. But he didn’t think it was enough to head to the ER for. He circled his apartment for a while. Mittens stared at him from across the room with a strange expression on her face, as if questioning his sanity. Henry didn’t notice of course, he was too wrapped up in his thoughts as he headed for his answering machine. “You have three. unread. messages.”

“Hey honey it’s just mum, I haven’t heard from you. Thought you were coming by yesterday to help with the mulch. Don’t worry about it though I got Jake from down the street to help for some pocket money. I’m just calling to make sure you’re okay, call me back.”
“Hey Henry, I guess you’re not home. It’s mum, I’m really worried about you. Could you please give me a ring when you get this?”
“YOU are the biggest SCUM on this planet!! I can’t believe I fell for it! Nice guy invite’s you out for dinner, you at least expect him to show UP!!! It’s Jane from the coffee shop by the way if you hadn’t realised. Well good RIDANCE! I never want to see or talk to you AGAIN!”
Henry was left with his mouth open, how could he have missed his date?? His date with the most perfect girl he’d ever laid eyes on? The only girl that didn’t seem to turn her nose up by Henry’s dorky-ness??
“How could I have been so stupid?” Henry said aloud to himself as he leaned up against the wall and slowly slid to the floor.
Meanwhile in a Hospital Downtown…
“Where am I?” Dan groggily asked trying to focus his vision.
“You’re in a hospital, you’ve been unconscious for just over a week. How are you feeling?” Jacque asked.
“I’m fine. I want to leave.” He said sharply.
“The doctors are still waiting on some tests Dan, we can’t leave”
“I don’t care about the stupid doctors or their tests, I’m going HOME!” he yelled.
“Do you know how lucky you are to even be alive? That’s how serious this is, you’re not going home” Jacque replied angrily. But Dan was never one to listen and he got up off his bed to leave.
Dan grabbed a singlet from a pile of clothes sitting in the room and chucking it on made for the nearest exit. Jacque used herself to barricade the door to stop him from leaving.
“MOVE!” he shouted. But Jacque held her ground.
“You’re not leaving!” she said staring into his deep eyes. She saw a glimpse of something…..unexplainable, but in a flicker it was gone again. Dan shoved Jacque out of the way and started walking down the halls to leave.

Henry heaved a deep and sorrowful sigh. He couldn’t figure out what he could possibly say or do to make the situation better. Without meaning to, he stood up his first chance of love. Apologizing profusely might be a good start. It was the right thing to do, let alone the only thing. He called his mum first, so she knew he was okay, and then proceeded to dial the numbers he spent hours memorizing. “Hello?” the phone spoke after 3 or 4 rings. Henry gulped.
“Hi, it’s uhh…..Henry….from the coffee shop. I just wanted to apologize to you”
“No, I should be the one apologizing to you. I didn’t mean to blast your answering machine like that”
Henry didn’t know what to say, he was at an absolute loss for words.
“I had had a bit to drink….waiting. I don’t usually drink so I think that’s why it affected me so much” she nervously laughed. “But I’m sure you must’ve had a good explanation, as to why you didn’t show” she gently probed.
Henry thought about what he should say. The truth….he’d been passed out on his floor for over a week, didn’t sound too believable. Half the truth, he’d passed out made him seem too…..I don’t know…too much like an alcoholic. And so began the harmless ‘white’ lies that would soon consume his life.
“I’m really sorry, I just got so swamped with all this personal stuff. I should have called.”
“it’s alright, no harm done. We’ll just have to reschedule. Today’s Tuesday….umm how about this Friday 8 o’clock?”
“reschedule? Uhh yeah of course! I’ll pick you up then”
“Don’t be late!”
Henry was on a cloud, walking on air, floating. He was so caught up in how outrageously happy he was that he didn’t notice his feet weren’t touching the ground. His feet literally. Weren’t. Touching the ground. As soon as he realized this fact he started to panic, normal people don’t float, how could this be happening? He thought. He tried to think of how it could even be possible. But when you’re floating towards the ceiling, you don’t have the most reasonable explanations. His first thought went to helium, maybe someone had slipped him helium when he was asleep? But helium only raises the vocal chords, not one’s entire being. And what possible motive could someone have to feeding him helium while he was unconscious? He didn’t know nor care to the reasons or explanations anymore, he just wanted to cease raising towards the ceiling. Meanwhile outside a hospital Downtown….. “Dan!” Jacque squealed at him as he started crossing the car park. He, of course, ignored her.
“You can’t just walk out of a hospital like that! There’s forms that need to be signed!!”
For the first time in Jacque’s life she actually sounded the tiniest bit intelligent…apart from her high pitched voice, Dan thought to himself. He was about to speak his mind, when at the last minute he thought it better to remain quiet. After all the ignoring was working pretty well.
Although after a few minutes trying to find the car, with Jacque’s yelling following behind him, he had to break his silence.
“Where’s the car?” Dan huffed,
“Did you hear a word I’ve been saying?”
Dan stopped and turned around.
“I’m fine. I know when I’m fine and when I’m not. I don’t need to be in a hospital with blood and drips and being poked and prodded, sick people walking around coughing and wheezing, when I’m perfectly healthy!!!” he started to yell.
“You’re scared of the hospital” Jacque nearly laughed.
“No, I’m NOT!” He said through gritted teeth “now where’s the damn car?!”
Dan found the car but left Jacque to find her own way home. Driving along the highway though, he started to feel an odd sensation seeping through him. The steering wheel started to get out of reach as Dan went upwards. His fairly new convertible slowly rammed into a stray tree, as Dan started flying toward the sky. Dan was in every sense of the word flying high.
By willing himself to go one way or another he did. Within minutes he was….flying. Up, Down, left, right, somersaults midair. Dan was having the time of his life. After a while he started flying upwards, wind blowing through his hair and face. Then he tried and succeeded to fly home, reaching some impressive speeds.
Henry on the other hand was having difficulty finding the off switch. Every thing he tried didn’t work. Pulling the air along didn’t get him anywhere and wasn’t the brightest idea. Henry then tried to visualize himself slowly floating down, when he opened his eyes he found his feet firmly planted on the ground. At last he thought, he had some control over what was happening to him. Or so he thought…..

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kanzenApr 3, 2012

this is by far the most excellent story I've read here in years xD

tcancelOct 21, 2011

wonderful chapter and cool\:cool\: pictures\:rah\:

dsrhnryDec 13, 2010

great chapter, love dan flying, great picture taking.

oldmember_gip-kNov 2, 2010

It just keeps getting better. =) It's funny how much fun Dan had flying while Henry was just totally freaked out. Do they perhaps have super powers now, or is it something more ominous and less fun? I guess I'll keep reading to find out!

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