Gossip City : Act 1 Mortality
Published Feb 2, 2011

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GG fans please don't kill me ^_^

Thanks to all the CC featured, you're all amazing artists XD

C&C appreciated...




That's what we are.

GG fans please don't kill me ^_^

Thanks to all the CC featured, you're all amazing artists XD

C&C appreciated...




That's what we are.
We spend our lives differently... There are those who love. The worried wife... And the loving husband.. But there are those who enjoy independence. Self made men who likes to control everything. Suffocating everyone to the point of no fixing. There are those who pretend that everything's okay. But some would rather play along than to get played by the game. There are those who embrace change, starting a new somewhere far. But there feelings still lingers deep, within the darkest of songs. Time moves so fast that we can barely feel it moving. Dreams today, can be the nightmare of tomorrow. The distant first kiss that could not compare to the last. The need to hold on, no matter how useless it seemed. But you let go... and leave it to the fate you no longer have. Alex is the only daughter of Fashion icon/designer Lola Spencer, living with a well connected mother gave her many opportunities to meet Bridgeport's most elite, but non of them took her interest. All except one.

Mathew Carvel, the only son of Michael Carvel and heir to a multi-billion empire the Carvel Shipping Co.. He was quite a catch for being rich and fairly handsome, but that's not what she liked about him, no.

What she liked was the challenge he presented.
It's no secret that Mathew Carvel is dating yet another one of the richest heirs in Bridgeport, Christina D'Luca.

No one knew how or who took it, but a picture of the two spread like wild fire, on the news paper, the internet, everyone was talking.

Was there really going to be a joint between the two rivals in the business, the Carvel and the D'Luca?

Though rivals, good business was good business, and Michael Carvel knew it was good for business.

When he found out about it, he was rather impressed as he said. "I couldn't be more proud of you as a father than i am today."

Though Matt denies the rumors as did Christina, pictures spoke louder than words, since then, they were know couples.
As everyone else found it cute, Alex saw it as a challenge. "Christina D'Luca huh?" She thought. "She's cute, i think i found a new plaything."

Months had passed since the news broke out, people were already silent about the rumor, but Alex was looking forward to making one on her own.
Careful Lex, you're plan maybe working all on it's own, but if you serve your heart in a platter, don't expect the hungry to leave it untouched. Christina was at the Butterfly Esplanade that night, she was with her good friend Beau when she had an urgent call. Her expression could not compare to what dreadful message she has received.

"Are you sure?? What do you mean by that?"
Alex got the same call that night, she didn't look to happy. Upon hearing the news, she tries reaching Christina through phone but fails. "Hey Mom.. have you heard from Chris? No? I'll call you back..."

There are times in our lives when we do things just to satisfy our greed.
But once it's already done, theres no turning back.

"Hey, is there anything wrong?" Matt asked.

"You need to go, i'll call you in the morning."
Once things are done, they will remain that way.

"What's wrong?" Beau asked, seeing the sudden change in his friend.

"I... I'm sorry i need to go."
Sometimes, all we need is a shoulder to cry on.

"Hey, hey now, im here." Beau said.
But sometimes, we choose to fight reality on our own.

"I.. cant... I'm sorry Beau."

Running away is always an option. But theirs always a point when we reach a long runs end.

At some point. Were always forced to make a tough decision, even if it means changing our selves completely.

"So this is it huh?" With a dark tone, Christina sarcastically mocks the world. "You should just wait and see, i wont give up. Mother..."
After a long day before us, we retreat to a nights sleep. We wake up everyday just to repeat the same process of life over and over. But sometimes, life surprises us with sudden news so early in the morning.

"Is that so? It's been that long, hasn't it... You think... No forget that i opened it up. Yes, i'll be right there."

Ending the call, Matt walks towards the window and thinks to himself with a smile. "So she's finally returned... After a year of no contact... that girl..."

-To be continued

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NemelieJul 5, 2013

I really love the way you write your story, and I've read GG, and I don't mind at all that it's based on that a little, cuz i loved that story!
Now I'm quickly going to read the rest of the story haha \:wub\:

mogan44Feb 7, 2011

Very interesting.  I can't wait to read on!

demonangel26Feb 7, 2011

Thanks for all the comments everyone, the 2nd part just got approved, hope you guys like it just as much as this one ^_^

ohgodcaitlynFeb 6, 2011

So intriguing, nicely written (:

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